Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Michael’s Got Balls



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  1. faaaaaaaaaaaaaake

  2. Meh. They’re both idiots.

  3. Seems a bit fake bit still pretty hilarious.

  4. ha. azns

  5. They seem like friends just teasing each other. I dunno, its kinda lame but kinda cute too…?

  6. i loled at the hogwartz line

  7. I don’t really know if I should laugh or cry at this.


    Patrick, you tool.

  9. Yeah casual racism ftw lol…I DON’T THINK SO. Some of the people who comment on here seem to be as brain-dead as the original facebook posters that we are supposed to be satirizing/exposing.

  10. It was funny right until ‘everyone with a myspace acount can read..’. After that kind of weird and indeed maybe fake. Who shoots someone with a paintball gun for this? And who whines for getting written up?


  11. @Hakan

    Don’t bitch about “casual racism” being evil. You’re not even Asian. If you were, you would be driving poorly and doing well in Math class… not sitting here on lamebook. Therefore, you need to lighten up, before I lighten you up!

  12. I agree with skokeloor #10. After the myspace comment it got weird… and yeah, honestly, it took 20 minutes to go to this guy’s house, get shot by a paintball gun, come home and log back onto facebook? Unless they’re next door neighbors or something, that’s doubtful.

    When he starts the “calm down or I won’t let you copy my homework again,” it’s like a bad sitcom script. Just weird in general. Are they quoting from some movie I don’t know about?

  13. So fake. I can’t figure out if Michael was intended to be the lame-o with this submission or if it was a ruthless critique of the entire post as a horribly staged, poorly executed attempt at fighting.

  14. i believe that it’s real.

  15. Fake or not, it’s funny.

  16. I think it’s also suspicious that Patrick comments ONE MINUTE after Michael posted his status.. it’s an afwul big coincidence that Patrick sees his status right away.. unless he only has one Facebook-friend, what are the odds?

    And someone also seems to have ‘printscreened’ it only four minutes after the discussion is over..

  17. I post comments sometimes a minute after a status update. But I have no life, so there you go.

  18. Haha sorry bro!

  19. Fake or not, the Hogwarts comment made me giggle.

  20. Skoleloor, I agree. They’re probably sitting next to each other in a computer lab the entire time.

  21. ditto

  22. LOL At least Patrick is true to his word.

  23. @mcowles:

    Congratulations, you are a prime example! I laugh all the time, at things that are funny. So how do you propose to “lighten me up” exactly, would you care to share with us?

  24. Yeah man it’s totally his fault that you copied his homework


  26. Wow, these guys are definitely queer.

  27. Since when is saying “Asian” racist?
    I swear… Some folks go out of their way to be offended.

  28. Damn Lamebook tempting me in by showing the only funny bit on the front page.

  29. Dirty pirate hooker


    Calling someone an “illiterate Asian” and then saying “the other Asian bitch” will let him copy his maths homework is, without a doubt, intended as racism. There was no need to even mention the fact that anyone was Asian, it’s pretty obvious what he’s doing.

    Although I do believe this is fake, it’s too blasé especially at the end, so we can probably let him off for the racism as it’s blatantly between friends who don’t actually mean it.

  30. Haha, good to see that Patrick followed through on his word. Mike deserved it after bitching when he wasn’t supposed to be copying someone else’s homework in the first place.

    The Asian stuff kinda made it less funny so I ignored it.

  31. I can understand where you’re coming from, and all, but “Asian” is being lumped in with nasty racial slurs.
    I guess I just see a HUGE difference.
    If he would have said something nasty like “illiterate g**k” I would see the point.
    Just saying.

  32. The Hogwarts line kicked ass and I plan to use it in everyday conversation in the near future.

  33. this was definitely staged.

  34. lol i loved the hogwarts bit
    allow being racist tho :S

  35. omg i just read the rest of the post

    haha owned!!

  36. @Brandi

    It’s OK to be racist about Asians; they don’t care. The only people who really go mental about that sort of thing are black people and Jews.

  37. It’s not that they’re faking. It’s just that they are joking around with each other. This is stupid, sure, but it doesn’t belong on lamebook.

  38. @Boz

    Seriously? People like you are the reason why racism is still thriving in this country. You’re saying that being hateful and discriminatory is okay as long as you don’t get sh*t for it.

    Not only are you racist, but also a coward. You’re the type of person to talk behind someone’s back because you’re too scared to speak to their face with your idiotic comments.

  39. lol @mcowles

  40. Everyone knows that only the fake ones are funny.

  41. @brandi by calling someone an “illiterate asian” you are implying that all asians are illiterate, which is in fact very racist. i cannot believe you do not understand this.

  42. @41 while I agree that bringing up the fact that the person was Asian is not necessary, calling someone an “illiterate Asian” does not in any way imply that the person believes all Asians are illiterate. It implies that the person is Asian and illiterate, nothing more.

  43. these two really want to fuck each other

  44. Garat, are you serious?

    He called his friend an illiterate Asian; you were the one who interpreted that to be a slur against Asian people fullstop – which says more about you and your perceptions of racism than it does the guy in question.

    Outside of that, if he’d called him an illiterate fatso, or an illiterate ginger, something like that, you wouldn’t give a shit.

    Fucking PC bitches.

    Brandi, I rate you btw.

  45. On the Asian thing…I’m Asian I wasn’t offended. They’re clearly mates having a dig at each other. Meh, no biggie, the Asian kid clearly doesn’t care what the spoilt brat white kid is saying and it looks like the Asian kid handed the white kid his arse on a platter anyway.

    I’m sure it’s all these nerd kids sitting on their PC’s having a “virtual” fight, but the imagery of the spoilt brat white kid wandering up to the Asian kid’s house like a hardarse then getting shot is just too funny…I do believe in fairies, I do, I do.

  46. I’m asian and I would be offended if I could read what he wrote.

  47. @wow

    No, not seriously. That was satire; I was trying to be funny. I know it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. It’s my fault for being too subtle. Sorry.

  48. @stephanie, you made me laugh more than the post

  49. Well I’m a whitey and I can clearly see that it’s racist. You see race has nothing to do with it. That’s the point!

    For the record referring to someone in a derogatory manner based on their race = racism.

    It’s not PC gone overboard if anything some of the replies here clearly demonstrate that it hasn’t gone far enough! Stop using that to hide behind and defend your own ignorant and backwards attitudes!

  50. I’m sorry. I just don’t see the racism/hatred in these dorks comments that have gotten some of you so worked up. My best friend is a lesbian. I call her a “d*ke” and she calls me a “c*cksucker”. There is no hatred intended in our remarks, & since Patrick didn’t call Michael a racist, I would say that he is ok with these remarks & it is a part of their quirky friendship.
    BTW, thanks Lamebook for adding to the quality time I spend with my husband. I choked on my drink at the “Hogwarts” comment & my husband asked what was so funny. Now we’re perusing the site together & giggling like a couple of potheads at a Kevin Smith film.

  51. It’s funny because all Asians are illiterate.

  52. Why would you copy off of someone who is illiterate?

  53. @tweakers I would consider those derogatory statements about a class of people (specifically Ginger and fat) which is also not something you should do. You seriously need to reconsider your view if you can’t see why “illiterate Asian” is a racist remark.

  54. To expand, whether or not the target of your slur is offended has no bearing on whether something is racist or not.

  55. Racism issue aside… the Hogwarts comment made me lol foreverrrr.

  56. Ehm, I’ve never heard of illiteracy in Asians being a stereotype. Then again, racism is cool because you can be as stupid as you wanna be! Go racist, go!!

  57. lol @46

  58. @stephanie lol

  59. Facepalm

  60. hahaha love the hogwarts line and the racism was pretty classy too. I must say even if it is fake its pretty funny.

  61. @54 shut up you pan-faced chink

  62. @28 LOL

  63. fake fake

  64. illiterate asian.. just another oxymoron to add to the list.

    patrick = EPIC.

  65. i feel for those people who are arguing whether or not it’s fake: you people belong on youtube!

  66. yeah the ‘fake!’ arguing is annoying. it’s not that odd to reply to something a minute after it’s posted, you get a little notification come up, most people click it right away.

    and 20minutes is quite enough time if the guy only lives like a suburb away.. which is pretty likely if they go to the same school.

  67. FAIL!

  68. Aah, young love. (:

  69. It’s the kind of fake that doesn’t even make you laugh.

  70. I frickin’ laughed. OUT LOUD! :P But, I am an insomniac who is verrrry tired.

  71. Lol Patrick is awesome.

  72. two idiots with too much time!!! I wonder if anyone ever got around to doing the mathgs homework again!!!


  74. John Players Standard

    I’ve shot my friends with pellet guns before. This isn’t necessarily fake.

  75. Patrick’s a cold motherfucker.

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