Friday, October 16, 2009

Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmas?

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  1. This belongs on for sure.

  2. nephew? who cares? Sounds like her brother (I am assuming John is her nephews father, therefore her brother or brother-in-law) probably has an annoying child that he is trying to force on his relatives.

  3. WTF, LB? Let me post!

  4. Oh, sure, that one got through. -eyeroll- Not the three legitimate posts I tried to make.

  5. what an incredibly inappropriate place to bring up family issues. sounds like her brother or brother in law is a total douch-y asshole. Definitely LAME

  6. John is a prick.

  7. I think it’s funny

  8. I’m amazed anyone thought Miss March was funny.

  9. Miss March was hilarious.

  10. Will the real Boz please stand up!!!

  11. Eh, Miss March was mediocre.

  12. I actually never saw the movie. I hate movies.

  13. I’m guessing the context is something like this; he keeps asking her to babysit and she keeps begging off saying ‘no time’. That’s the only way I can make sense of it, at any rate.

  14. @Boz – You hate movies? It’s a fairly diversified medium appealing to many different tastes though, isn’t it? What is it which holds true for all movies which you don’t like: the length?

    It’s like saying you don’t like music; with very few exceptions it’s true of all people that they like at least some types of music.

  15. Eh, music is overrated.

  16. @Duncan

    That’s not me. I had put that thing in my Website box to dissuade pseudo-Bozzes, of which there are at least three so far. I think it’s encouraging that people would want to copy me, and I fully support the anonymous nature of this site. But it’s also amusing to me to deal with it.

    Hm. Let’s try this. I’m putting my livejournal in the Website box this time. This way, even if they do copy it exactly, more people get to see my LJ. Free advertising.

  17. What a jerk John is.

  18. As inappropriate and ugly that last comment is … I’m strangelyn still more annoyed by her. For reals.

  19. strangely*

  20. Holy Damn thats hilarious. The movie, and the nephew.
    WKUK forever.

  21. @Duncan

    Music is great. Movies suck.

    Stop posting my livejournal on the internet. I don’t know how you got it, but that’s meant for my friends.

  22. Also, I can’t believe it’s 2009 and I’m still on livejournal.

  23. lol @ “the Boz’s”

  24. why should she care about the kid? it’s not hers. john needs to shut the fuck up and take care of his own.

  25. I love that movie, Interracial Facials and that other one, Ebony and Ivory Make a Porno.

  26. Christ. How many people are posting as me now? I thought it was just two groupies. Dammit people, watch the quality control!

  27. I am the one and only Boz, I just finished rubbing wrinkle reducer on my sack. Next Im going to rub epoxy hardener on my German helmet.

  28. You forgot to put the site in the Website box. You have some stiff competition you know, with the other Boz impersonators. You’ll have to step up your game.

    You just can’t make that sort of mistake at this level.

  29. @28

    Gayest comments ever…

  30. brother/brother in law is an ass, fuck family like that for real, I got little cousins and wtf do I care about them? Theyre kids, if anything theyll try to get me to take care of them, fuck that.

  31. Menace to Society

    Trust John to spoil the mood. I bet at at Christmas Dinner he’ll remark on how many starving people there are in the world, while we sit here stuffing ourselves.
    The “love you” bit seemed the most unreal.

  32. Jesus fucking Christ this Boz impersonation shit is classic!

  33. Ugh, this post belongs on STFU, Parents. No one loves your kid as much as you do John, he’s just a kid among the swarms of kids out there. Deal with it.

  34. Makes me think of all my bastard kids that I deny.

  35. Since when did your sister / brother knockong a kid out make it your responsibility?

  36. Gee John, let’s look at this rationally. It probably took her 30 seconds to post her status and 30 seconds to respond to Sean. You said:
    maybe if you spent the same amount of energy…we would have a more stable relationship.
    Really John? If she spent just 60 seconds loving and appreciating her nephew, it would change everything?
    I’m doubtful John. And I think Erica is too.

  37. John needs to go fuck his mother some more, its not her god damn job to play with her fucked up, mental, hermaphrodite, bastard shit eating nephew.

  38. Are you guys kidding? That was probably the worst movie I’ve seen all year.

  39. District 9 was the only movie I saw this year, and it’s probably the last movie I’ll ever see in theaters. they stopped making good movies after 1979.

  40. @Boz

    I totally agree.

  41. “See you at christmas, love you” has to be the weirdest part of it all. Talk about manic!

  42. Too many Boz impersonators… I’m having trouble keeping up!

  43. stop fucking pretending to impersonate yourself. no one actually gives a shit.

  44. 24. RZ

    I certainly hope it’s not.

  45. hey…you should totally read this conversation i totally almost peed myself reading it!
    have a great christmas!

  46. I think it’s two or three impersonators taking their jobs too seriously. I used to be able to tell the difference because fake Boz only says how small his dick is and how much he loves it up the backdoor. I’m lost now.

  47. I’m lost myself. District 9 was in fact the only movie I’ve seen this year. This is weird.

    I would never post anything as inelegant as @34 or @37, though.

  48. miss march was one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen. anyone who enjoyed that has brain damage

  49. I’m Spartacus!

  50. @Boz
    Assuming that that’s your real Livejournal, I was very entertained by the posting about the cat because it sounds 100% exactly like mine.

  51. Wow, John is a bitch.

    Hey John, it’s not her fucking kid, it’s YOURS. She doesn’t have to “love and appreciate” him unless she feels like it.

  52. Except for me, I apparently give a shit.

  53. @Emily

    I’m the real Boz, yes. The good news is that ANY of the Bozzes will have to link to my LiveJournal (and not a fake one) because I’ve put it in the Website box for verification.

    It’s almost too easy.

  54. I am also really into mythology???

  55. @Boz

    Yeah. You can read. Well done.

  56. You guys should have a Boz off to see if people can pick out the original.

  57. Mr Haiku saw
    Miss March and really wants those
    ninety minutes back.

  58. Aunty Erica,
    Daddy says you don’t love me!
    And he touches me.

  59. I want to kidnap Mr Haiku and keep him for my own pleasure.
    I would treat him very, very well. :-)

  60. *blush*,*blush*,*blush*,*blush*,*blush*,

  61. Lol, John sounds like my sister.

  62. Alright guys, it’s time to come clean. This is the real Boz here. I’m actually the only guy posting as Boz. I just like to think that I have friends, but I don’t. I’m just too busy sucking cock for money. I am a sad, sad little man.

    I am so sorry for the deception, but it was good while it lasted.
    Your friend,

    By the way, if you want your cock sucked (or know anyone else that does!) near the Los Angeles area, please send me a message! I LOVE COCK

  63. Oh, just fuck off, you halfwit non-Boz. We’re all over it.

  64. I changed my mind. We love it.

  65. I’m actually Boz

  66. I didn’t write the last two posts. Obviously. And that’s all I’m saying now because I’m not playing this game.

  67. Wow, what did I miss by not looking at this since Thursday?

  68. haha I thought Erica was like 14..

  69. Uh… Wut?

  70. Maybe she said she was to busy to babysit and went to see Miss March.
    I have never heard of that movie before in my life either. I need to get out more.

  71. There used to be ads for that movie every ten minutes all over the TV box before it came, and it looked like the lamest POS ever. Something about the dudes prom date, and then he hits his head and goes into a coma, and then she’s in playboy and some other crap. It’s got one of the dudes from the Whitest Kids U Know. Anyway, as soon as the movie came out, all the ads ceased immediately. I wonder why.

  72. John’s lame… her nephew? It’s not her effing son is it? Yeesh!

  73. I’m guessing John’s her brother, who wants her to spend more time with her nephew.
    Now, in my own experience with siblings that have kids, this all translates to “I want you to babysit for free cause I don’t like my own kids enough to dish out moniez.”
    If this is the case, I’d just like to say: Fuck you John, fuck you.

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