Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mefinks This Stinks

Mefinks This Stinks

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  1. 60% of the population needs to be sterilized

  2. Aw, I wish my boyfriend would put a smell on my face.

    Hehe, and he can’t wait until she “cums” back. That sounds painful…

    It took me a while before I figured out this was a guy writing this.

  3. Ugh, another one procreated. Fellow Lbers, I think it’s our duty to get to them BEFORE they breed. For the good of the world!

  4. I don’t even want to know what kind of smell he’s talking about.

  5. “U put a smell on my face” is the single greatest line I have ever read in the English language.

  6. What’s up with Facebook recently? The guy who posts a picture of his dick covered in shit, then the other guy who wants to stick his dick into his girlfriend’s ass, and now this: “u put a smell on my face”… How about calling it Fecalbook?

  7. Lmfao, the commemts were funny than the post. xD
    that boy needs to go back to i dont know… Grade ONE.

  8. “im so happy dat im avein a baby with u i fout i wd never find a gal like u.”
    Seriously? This idiot’s going to have a kid? Someone needs to put a crapload more chlorine in the gene pool.

    …but “u put a smell on my face”…that’s epic.

  9. Stop posting these. A few were funny, but not original any more. You guys can do better.

  10. What if the poster’s first language isn’t English? It might it explain, in fact I’d be impressed. However, which foreign country is ‘Terry’ from then?

  11. What if the poster’s first language isn’t English? It might explain it, in fact I’d be impressed. However, which foreign country is ‘Terry’ from then?

  12. I loved how he decided to just randomly put in a punctuation mark about 3/4 of the way through.

  13. If the poster’s first language isn’t English wtf do they insist on typing in it??

    Terry is short for Terence btw Mr Toad; an English speaker’s name strangely enough.

  14. I don’t know this for sure, but I would think that “getting butterflies in one’s stomach” is an English idiom.

  15. Correction, Chip. He only gets a single butterfly.

  16. This post is a gold mine. I’m in awh right now.

  17. Oh… kind of like this guy:

  18. Terry,

    stop breathing.

  19. write it on a postcard

  20. Should not be allowed to breed


  22. With a name like Terrence in no uncertain terms must he be English speaking! Ha ha STC, I have a friend called Kifah which is an Arabic speaker’s name yet he was born in London and speaks with better diction than most people I know. Your post is pathetic…

  23. at a loss for words….just like Terry….

  24. It’s not even that this person failed at English (for all you people who think we’re making fun of non-English speakers), but that he failed at spelling and putting letters in the correct order. I have a friend who speaks broken English, but she can still string words together to make a coherent sentence.

    My guess is that this guy IS a native English speaker, and he’s just in that phase (please, God, let it be a phase) where he thinks it’s cool to leave out vowels and come up with “cool” abbreviations of words.

  25. Although you’ve blurred Terry’s surname, I think we all know it’s Fuckwitt

  26. Idiocracy? Anyone?

  27. I agree with Julie; English speaking but thick or ignorant. I also think that the comments are better than the posts the majority of the time!

    P.s. I agree with Bryan also…


  29. oh god, the stupid … it … it burns

  30. What is it with most British (my assumption?) people with the “xxxx”?

  31. They mean “kisses”, surely everyone knows that universally?

    Didn’t mean to call you Shirley…

  32. What if all these TXT SPK people actually spoke like that in real life?

  33. OMFG soooo gay! At first I thought it was a chick! Gay needy retard… want me to put a smell on your face!?

  34. I’m amazed at the fact that he can actually spell “stomach” correctly. Aaah… that puts a smell on my face.

  35. @Sixkiller:

    If you try to put a smell on the face of a gay needy retard, you’ll end up with half a tongue up your ass. Then again, maybe that’s what you want.

  36. Hey baby, is that a new perfume?

    Because you just put a smell on my face.

  37. @franzfergidon and Narna: Actually, I think x’s mean hugs. I think o’s mean kisses. So xoxoxo is hugs and kisses. And I don’t think that’s a British thing…

  38. @ 32 Boz .. they do.

    This looks like working class yobspeak.

  39. If she put a smell on my face, I’d put a taste on hers.

  40. I like this site but the biggest crime that keeps pissing people off is spelling and grammer , its a bit bully book , people that cant spell still may have great qualities

  41. wait, wait, wait. there’s reproduction going on between these 2? jesus christ what fucking retards.

  42. This dude spelled “thought” like this: “fout”

  43. “fout”? is this guy trying to program in C++?

  44. HAI GUYZ
    I actually know what the x’s and o’s mean. :/
    I was actually trying to say why is it more seen in British people’s status… updates? And much less here. It’s just me wondering.

  45. Close Julie, but no. “x”‘s are kisses and “o”‘s are hugs… coming from a British person :-)

  46. I’d literally strike this person if i knew her.

  47. “Put a smell on my face” WTF??? Also shocked by the fact she’s breeding :S Oh.My.God.

  48. Ooops! Should have said “He”…read the post again, mistake made out of pure disbelief.

  49. Read all about it, censored lamebook entry (no spam):

    Jason’s Monster Fail, best entry ever, deleted by lamebook for privacy issues!

    Get it while it’s hawt, lol.

  50. I am in love with immaculata, that was fucking funny!

  51. I’m surprised this berk hasn’t Darwinned himself. Should be castrated.

  52. “Ohh that smells nice what is it?” “A hard on but I didn’t know you could smell it” HrHr

  53. Uncle Harry Feltersnatch

    What is up with this stupid fucking phonetic spelling? Hell, even phonetically it’s wrong.

  54. @ 40 aka Simon

    It’s grammar that pisses us off, not ‘grammer’.

  55. fanks for finking about me!

  56. I can’t stop laughing, this is the most funny thing I’ve read in a long time. Thanks Terry you have made my morning.

  57. aww. but he loves her!

  58. He should not be allowed to breed.

    I hope for the sake of the child that he is over 18, he sounds about 10.

  59. AHAHA! my fave bit is when he says “you put a smell on my face” :D

  60. I don’t even read this negriod txt messaging slang garbage. Please quit posting it as something that could be possibly considered “funny”. Thats racist! Thats just how they talk apparently.

  61. Oh, wow, #60. Did you really post that?

    I browse the net a lot, and work in retail, so I consider myself to be pretty jaded to the stupid things humanity comes out with, but every now and then…

    I didn’t realise people like you knew how to use the interwebs. I thought you be too busy making sure your plantation workers aren’t slacking of, what with the whole 2p a week you pay them.

    And the “that’s racist” bit?

    Kinda hilarious.

    But in a bad way.

  62. I love it when my boyfriend puts a smell on my face!

  63. i feel like i just played wayyy too much mad gab

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