Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet Wendall…

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  1. It’s the last sentence that makes it beautiful.

  2. So, I’m guessing he wants to buy a car?

  3. First

  4. Maybe his mom will let him borrow the minivan.

  5. Nvm.

  6. Oh. my. fucking. god.

  7. This is just sad.

  8. I think the references to “Little Compton, Rhode Island” and “Crisps” should tip everyone off that this is some white kid trying to be funny.

  9. Exactly, bela, it’s obvious this isn’t real. Which does make it lame, but doesn’t make it funny. Can we at least get back to real posts made by real idiots so we can be entertained for a few minutes??

  10. many bells down

    “Little Compton Rhode Island” about killed me. I choked on my tea.

  11. The real original fagg steveeeeeer

    Steeeveer is a pathetic looser n likes it up the ass ….

  12. fake.

  13. theREALfakeSTEVER

    e-THUGLIFE niggaz! my fo fo make sure all your kids wont grow

    I like this open commenting thing. Now we can troll those “superior” lamebookers like wandr,soup,vaginalroundhouse,hawkbit and those other bitching ass,nagging ass lamebook members without having to register. Stick it up your ass bitches.


    Im flattered by all the imitators, wanting to be like me! Keep up the good work lil guys; and maybe (just maybe) one day you will be as awesome as me!

  15. I wish there were a “too dumb didn’t read” button.


  17. Wendell ain’t bout shit, Stever da biggest pimp dey is.

  18. yodawg diz ish iz straight up gangsta,i knoe a gangsta when i see one. we too hardcore to spell right yknawmean? soo woo!

  19. TLDR

  20. altho it isnt real, this guy’s a retard.

  21. 15<3

  22. I meant 13, but that worked, too.

  23. Anyway, that’s obviously a joke. You can see that the effort of purposefully mangling his English and the like.

  24. This is just some white kid trying to be hilarious.

    Good job, lamebook.

  25. Jesus!
    TLDR also.

  26. Not Wendall Supagangbang Cunningham

    Have you guys been to this dude’s page? Apparently he plays cricket and lacrosse, and likes Harry Potter, Golden Girls, Frasier, Murphy Brown, Will and Grace, and a fictitious book called mein Kopf (translation: “my head”).

    Wigga pleaz…

  27. #26 nah dawg we aint been on his page cuz stalking aint gangsta nahmean

  28. Not Wendall Supagangbang Cunningham

    He isn’t gangsta either.

  29. Black people are fucking dumb, idiots like this do nothing to further their cause. Uneducated, illiterate black fool, as a black man I feel so embarrassed by his post, it sets us back so far, gang culture is tribal and futile. Fuck you fighting brother killing wannnabes.

  30. ben… what are you talking about. a) this is obviously fake b) obviously done by a white kid and c) your presuming, yes presuming, that he’s black and d) embarrassing yourself “as a black man” by coming to a forum and saying things like “black people are fucking dumb.” how about you think on that for a second. you sound like a real cunt.

  31. WELP…the next few days we’ll probably start seeing Amy Winehouse statuses from people saying something to do with her song “rehab” and her being dead.

    Let it begin..

  32. hehe… i em liek reaaalie lyk dis guy, he spheilz lyke mie.

  33. I hate it when cereal jumps me too.

  34. I think he’s Jewish. Or he’s a black Jew pretending to be a white guy pretending to be a gangster.
    What’s up with the Steever bashing?

  35. Rhode Island??? Really??…. Doesn’t get much more “gangsta” than that…

  36. Rollin’ through Rhode Island, gangsta leaning out his mother’s mini-van, listening to the soundtrack to the Sopranos.
    Dude’s fucking hardcore.

  37. This niggah aint shit, soo fake. Will the real steever please stand up?

  38. Really? In conclusion your essay is bs. A lot of those gangs above don’t even get along with one another. I think its fake.

  39. Little Compton? Thats one of the whitest towns in rhode island. and oh yes gangbanging in rhode island, smh, __-

  40. Dis souf ho don wan no upnorf gangbanga….no thncs.

  41. nah bros little compton may be white as shit, but right next door we got dat fall river ghetto shit polluting the youth.

  42. Im flattered by all the imitators, wanting to be like me! Keep up the good work lil guys; and maybe (just maybe) one day you will be as awesome as me!

    STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! is a big fucking faggot who likes to suck on mucho grande cock-eh.

  43. I’m too white to understand pretty much all of what he said but I’m ok with that.

  44. ParasiticDaemon

    Wow…this guy is REALLY trying to buy a car.

  45. Do not question this man’s gangbanging-skills.. they are apparently ‘supa’!

  46. This is obviously fake because you can’t be a blood and a crip at the same time! Duhhh!

  47. @ Amanda it IS the whitest town..there are no gangs unless you count the “gangs” of cows and chickens. I lived in LC and that is about the funniest thing I’ve ever I’m trying to figure out which 15 yo kid from “Compton” put that up. LC is so gangsta and small they don’t have their own high school…and the police force consists of like 10 cops – maybe his gangsta form is cow tipping.

  48. littlemissgenius

    @ Me. I don’t that mistake prove this is fake, it just proves this idiot doesn’t know anything about being a “supa” gangbanger. He’s probably a 14 year old white kid from the ‘burbs who watched Blood In Blood Out at his friend’s house one night.


  50. leave steeveer alone!

  51. It will have to be ur car tho… LMFAO

  52. I earned the title of “superior” lamebooker? Exceedingly super, now i can finally crawl off to my hole and die happy…By the way this had better be fake or I am going on a gun-toting rampage tomorrow, schedule permitting

  53. Right then, how do I become a superior lamebooker? I’m jealous.

  54. HA!
    I like that when theREALfakeSTEVER made his/her list, I CAME FIRST (I like coming first or, ideally, simultaneously)

    So fuckyall! I’m the superiorest lamebooker ever!

    The world has been owned by a Canadian!

    *Gone power trippin*

  55. this kid is obviously the coolest kid i ever seen b4. every gang ever, wow. wonder if he’s a don in the mafia too

  56. We all know thay I am the superior force here. No one else!

  57. Vader? Are you implying that you intend to betray me, throw me down a chute and become the ruler of the empire with your son? …I’m keeping an eye on you for now.

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