Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mama’s Boy


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  1. Annie needs to go postal on her kid and Tarran needs to mind his own business…

  2. I would kick his ass out.

  3. Gotta say…..I’m definetly siding with mom on this one. And contemplating boarding school when mine reach that age. :)

  4. She’s being way too kind.If my son talked to me like that (I have 2,16&12)he’d not be posting on FB whatsoever,because his hands would be broken.

  5. I fear for Tarran’s children.

  6. Also, “agro bitch”? Matthew needs to lay off the WoW.

  7. a) NOT the place for that discussion.
    b) Annie sounds like a normal mother who needs to kick Matt into touch.
    c) Matt sounds like a extreme version of the normal teenager. Let’s hope it’s just a phase and he doesn’t turn into an douchebag adult too.
    d) Tarran… I am lost for words. Fuckin’ peasant

  8. I like how Clare likes this, then she put a sad face. Dumbass.

  9. oh yeah, and why the fuck do you click ‘like’ when the status made it look like he was suicidal?!!?

  10. I wouldn’t fear for his children so much as I would the other children and parents that are going to have to put up with his undisciplined crotchfruit.

  11. Its really Sam's Choice.

    Wow, that kid would be kicked to the curb.

  12. I had a buddy who’s dad married this woman who had three girlsand one of those girls used to scream bloody murder at her mother. Calling her a bitch, whore slut….etc. It was spectacular drama to witness, I never knew some people released such pent up anger on their parents.

  13. Annie FTW. Calm, cool, collected, but needs to kick her son in the teeth.

  14. I love that Tarran believes Mom is a bitch for scolding her son for his language and disbehavior, yet seems to be perfectly fine with Matthew saying “fuck u” to his own mom.

    Wait, did I say love? I meant to say that this is why Tarran should eat shit and die.

  15. Lack of sleep, extreme aggression, a stupid skank (girlfriend maybe?) willing to go to town publicly on the mother…yeah I’m gonna go right ahead and call “meth” on this one.

  16. I don’t see what the problem is. I don’t think the mother is being ridiculous or rude. She needs to give a smackdown to her son AND his friends. What losers.

  17. And by “disbehavior”, I clearly meant “disrespect”.

    Fail :-(

  18. Does anyone hope that Tarran was being facetious?

  19. Tarran sounds like a right c**t. The rest is tyupical spouilt brat/parent… funny how fb has brought the standard, mother/son relationship out into the open.

  20. I will personally donate the gun to Matthew so long as he uses it on Tarran before himself.

  21. Gojira Supernanny

    Sadly no one has considered that it was probably the mothers life long inability to be consistent that allowed her son to grow up and be the worthless piece of shit he seems to be here. But not to excuse him in any way, he’s old enough to know better and if he hates his Mother that much he should move out and try life without her for a while. Or, he should just follow up on the suicide, which seems like the best thing for this useless asswipe.

  22. What a big baby.

  23. Matt: So I get home and leave the door open for like 10 seconds and my mom is suddenly 100% aggro’d onto me. I tried to lesson my threat level, by shutting the door, but I accidentally used my door slam ability and my threat level actually INCREASED.

    So I cut her hamstring and ran out back. Her movement speed was reduced by 30%, so it was easy to escape. I’m now crashing at the inn in the neighboring town (Pete’s house) until things die down. At least I’m building my rested xp, even if Pete’s couch is uncomfortable.

  24. I would go and fuck Tarren’s mother up the ass.

  25. @ Zarggg-that’s what that means? I wondered;never have played WoW.
    And (speaking from exp) it doesn’t always matter how you raise them-some kids turn out to be douchenozzles.My father is case in point.

  26. I hope Annie is still with Matt’s father because if anybody talked to my wife like that, whether they be my child or not, I would beat the shit out of them.

  27. These kids are cowards. You know damn well that Tarran fellow wouldn’t have said a thing to the woman’s face.

  28. They’re both fuckheads, but honestly even when it’s some stupid middle schooler whining about life and saying he wants to kill himself, it never makes them feel better to say “Get over it, it’s the real world”. Probably regardless of age actually, nobody wants to hear that when they’re upset.

  29. I was keeping an open mind about this, in spite of the melodrama, because hey, some mothers really are just bitches.
    After reading what the mother had to say though, and the way she wrote it, I’m defo on the mom’s side on this one. Matthew is a spoiled, ungrateful twat.

  30. @15
    you could be right. Or they’re just Australian- agro is short for aggressive. I actually think Tarran made a fair point.

  31. KIDS THESE DAYS??????!!!!!!!!!

  32. @mcowles

  33. I’m wondering why Matt would shoot himself instead of his mom if he hates her so much…

    I definitely am not taking his side here, but I wonder if there isn’t more to the story. Parents have a way of being completely ridiculous to their kids, and then acting cool and rational to the general public-or on their kids’ facebook. Here’s how I imagine the scene might have gone, if my theory holds true.

    :Matt walks into house, doesn’t shut the door completely:
    Annie: “Shut the door! I don’t pay for heat so it can just rush out the door because you can’t be bothered to close it!”
    Matt: “Sorry, I’ll do it in just a second, I need to (insert any reason, such as put down stuff he’s carrying in his arms, finish taking off his shoes, etc).”
    Annie: “Do it now! You’re not the one who pays bills around here…(a long-ass rant on how he takes her for granted, how she busts her ass so that he can eat blah blah blah.”
    Matt: “Why are you being such a bitch? Chill the fuck out.”
    :Annie proceeds to yell and/or scream at him for at least 10 minutes:

    Of course, either way you look at it, he shouldn’t be talking to his mom like that, especially since he’s living at home and not paying rent. But, believe me, I know how awful it can be to have your mother be crazy over the most trivial things.

    And yeah, Tarran is a cunt.

  34. If I was Matthew’s dad, I’d wait until he was asleep then beat him to within an inch of his life, bag him up and drive him out to some fucking swamp somewhere and leave his little ungrateful ass. That, or borrow Doc Brown’s DeLorean and head on back to the night he was conceived and punch myself in the taint.

  35. @30
    How does Tarran have a good point. Where was the mother rude? Telling the kid to show more respect while he lives at home?

  36. Man, why does everyone here hate Tarran? Tarran is awesome. When someone airs that kind of shit in public, it takes balls to stick your nose in with a completely unsolicited opinion – but, you know what? They had it coming.

  37. @eldan.. Would be easier to give him the gun he wanted…

    Tarran is a cock.

  38. @Iwonder: Yea, but imagine having to clean that up, or even if you’re not going to, the smell will NEVER go away. I’d give him the gun only if I could coerce him outside and lock him out.

  39. The Fallen Madonna

    @Jane (#30)
    Aggression? Not agriculture?

    And here I am, thinking he’s accusing the mother of being an over-gardener.

    These crazy Australians!

  40. @35
    there is probably a reason why her kid turned out so crazy. She sounds like a cell warden, not a mother. Tarran was pointing that out to the best of his ability.

    haha! You never know they might all live on a farm and scream at each other all day

  41. @Danielle

    I see your point, but any kid that would post that kind of suicidal crap on their facebook probably wouldn’t be that cool and calm.

    Anyways, had I been the mother, regardless of the entire story, he would not have had a chance to post this on facebook. I would have taken away his computer (which obviously means way too much to him) right away. Or, as Umm..Yeah… said, broke his hands.

  42. If I had a gun a bullet would be in Matthew’s head.

    Also, being Australian may be an excuse for many things, but not being this much of an uber douche.

  43. @33 I wondered that too.
    @bueller – uber douche is such a fantastic phrase!

  44. Wow Tarran, your just a stupid idiot too.
    Calling the mother rude and a bitch?..If it wasnt for her, this little mathew punk wouldnt be here whinning about how shitty his life is. Which probably isnt true due to the fact that he has a free roof over his, free food on table and doesn’t have to pay for shiiit.
    Props to the mom, if my daughter ever grows up and calls me rude names like that, she has one thing coming, and thats the door!

  45. Annie, you ought to throw that boy OUT ON HIS ASS.

    How dare he speak to his mother like that… and on a public forum????

    What a pathetic piece of shit. And Tarran is another worthless little cunt.

    Someone ought to kick the both of you in the teeth.

  46. Tarren is a douche. Matthew just seems like a whiny attention seeker. Whatever the case, he should at least be respectful to his mother.

  47. I would never speak like that to my mother. The belt thought me that sort of thing is unacceptable. You also never talk about someone’s mother where I’m from….yeah we do but not in a matter that the mother would know about. My thoughts on it is if you don’t know their mother and she can’t hear you it’s an insult to the kid. Stupid kid. Stupider friend.

  48. Annie’s pretty cool, in my opinion. She can spell pretty well and is embarrassing her douchey kid on Facebook in front of his friends.


  49. I hate children.

  50. I’m with Gojira Supernanny. There’s a reason this kid is like this in the first place.

    And the fact that his mother chooses to engage in a lecture/argument with her son on facebook, no matter how reasonable she sounds, she’s a fuck-up too.

  51. Yeah, as is my wont, I’m agreeing with a majority of you here. I think flips at #7 put it about right.
    I just want to add that I got unusually angry at that little bitch tarran. I wanted to rip his head off and scream down the bleeding tubes.

  52. I wanna kill my mom, and I wanna kill my dad.

  53. This sounds familiar

    His moms bipolar….this is the exact same shit my mom would pull and guess what disease she has….

  54. its obvious the kid is a teenager, they all rage like this… I know I did.

  55. HAHA @ 53. Are you like, 13? Maybe she shouldn’t have replied on FB. But maybe she just wanted to emphasise his douchery. Mums aren’t meant to be perfect you know. I don’t have any idea why you are BAWWing about YOUR mum AND his mum when the real idiots of the post are obviously tarren and matthew.
    PS bipolar isn’t a disease lovey. If you’re gonna act like you know about it so well that you can diagnose people from a paragraph then maybe you should have known that little fact.

  56. @ 53 – Your logic sucks. My mother is French, and she would get angry about me leaving the door open, too. No reasoning with those people.

    Or else it COULD be that natural gas is fucking expensive, and letting the heat out drives up the bill. I get the feeling that you still live at home.

  57. Did anyone else notice that Clare likes this?? haha

  58. Her son would have copped a beating in my household. You got one warning then BOOM! thundrclap of fury and that was just my mum, if he set my dad off he’d need to emigrate.

  59. ^ Same here! But it was the other way around.
    I used to get chased through the house for being cheeky. The obvious escape is to run to your room and slam the door, but that made it worse, because ducking punishment and (particularly) slamming doors were my mother’s absolute pet hates. It never did me harm, I fucking deserved it most of the time, I have an amazing relationship with my mother these days (she is, without doubt, one of my favourite people), I’d bring up any child of mine in the same way, and I rarely slam a door…

  60. A bullet would be in his head? 5150 his ass and then see if he spouts off like this again.

  61. @ flips I could almost say the exact same thing :) especially this bit “It never did me harm, I fucking deserved it most of the time, I have an amazing relationship with my mother these days (she is, without doubt, one of my favourite people), I’d bring up any child of mine in the same way” Exact same thing here.

  62. Dear Matthew

    Why threaten? Do. Go find one and do everyone – especially your poor long-suffering mother – a big favour.

    Tarran, you can be numnber two. No good can come to the world whilst the pair of you are still alive.

  63. My brother must have changed his name to Matthew McG something.

  64. It would have been funnier is Matthew had protected his mom after what Tarran said..but really Tarran is a jackass for butting in. And I;m sure Matthew’s life is great.

  65. Matt and Tarran need to go for 6 weeks of basic training and see what happens when they mouth off like that to a drill Sgt.

  66. Wow – he needs less ADD meds and more military school. I was raised with a healthy dose of respect for my parents and their authority. If I had pulled a stunt like this I would STILL be grounded, and I’m 30. This kid’s behavior could be marketed as birth control, this is exactly why I’m not having children.

  67. somebody give this guy a gun so he can get it over with, no one will miss him

  68. What kind of name is ‘Tarran’ anyway?

  69. Nerd rage…

  70. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    I truly find it difficult to believe that so few teenagers are bludgeoned to death by their parents.

  71. @Duncan: I automatically assumed that Tarran was a girl (i.e., an even tackier version of ‘Taryn’, which is a girl’s name. In Australia, at least).

    I can’t believe anyone is defending her for one nanosecond. What a stupid, disgustingly rude little moll.

    I had some mega-fights with my parents as a teenager but would NEVER have slagged them off like that in public. There’s just no respect or loyalty here whatsoever. Incredible.

  72. Awww, “wittle” Matthew needs a nap.

  73. Yeah I knew a couple of guys named Tarryn / Taran etc in Australia as well as chicks.
    I’m not saying he’s/she’s absolutely right but he made me laugh.
    The fact that Annie is not bothered in the least by how much her son hates her and would rather take the chance to patronize him on facebook irks me a bit.
    Is she not a bit concerned about what the state of his mental health says about her parenting skills? Lady, your son is a loony. Get off the computer and
    do something about it.


    LOLOLOL fucking pussy britfags

    they all suck

  75. @Zarggg

    Guess what genius? The term “agro” was not invented in WoW.

    As for Matthew and his Mom.. he’s just being a whiny brat.

  76. HEY, JANE.

    Did you know that there are many teenagers are ill tempered twats, despite the actions of the parents? I had great parents and my sister used to pull this sort of shit over Facebook when she was younger – my father took away her cellphone when she ran up $300 in text messaging fees. I don’t think this reflects on the mother’s parenting skills so much as it does on the kid’s age.

  77. If I would have talked to my parents like that, IN “PUBLIC” no less, I would be standing in the corner with a bar of soap in my mouth and a shoe up my ass.

  78. @77 It happened to me!

    I think we’d just established that they’re British – Tarran probably being an Aussie name (I know a South African Tarryn as well).

  80. *not British

    farkin’ farkin’ fark fark
    way to render your point stupid

  81. I can’t wait for Tarren to have a rude ass little shithead just like him/her!

  82. Why do people think it’s cool to write “fuken”. Don’t they realise it’s makes them look like a douchebag? Swear properly people.

  83. Although I do side with his mother on this, I don’t think I would have replied to his status on Facebook. What I would have done was taken away his computer and let him mope in his room all night.

    Matthew’s problem is that his mother has probably acknowledged every single temper tantrum he’s had his whole life. Children need rules. When rules are broken, there are consequences. If your children doesn’t like the consequences and throws a temper tantrum, ignore them and stick to your guns!

    I know it’s not so easy when you think your causing your child heartache, but believe me, they will be better for it when they grow up.

  84. Hi there sharkbot
    Apologies, I wasn’t trying to make anything personal with what I said.
    I’m sorry to hear that your sister used her cell phone so much. Did she then talk about putting a bullet in her head while your Mum just told her to join the real world? I had great parents too. Never once did they make me want to talk like Matthew, at any age. Even when I overdid it on text messaging.
    He has no self control or social skills, and those
    things are learnt at home.

  85. Agree with Val. Can you imagine even dignifying Matthew’s brattish, foul-mouthed tantrum by replying to it at length on FB?? It just gives the impression that she cares what he and his fucktard friends on FB think about her.

    My mum would have been straight down the hall, unplugging my computer. End of story.

  86. Srsly, though, if you don’t pay shit, you don’t say shit. When I was teenager, no matter how snotty I was, I didn’t curse my mom out, and I got that we were too poor for me to waste money. These kids are willful morons.

  87. This conversation is disturbing in general. Why is this happening on Facebook?

    It would, though, be completely hilarious if the father decides to join the conversation.

  88. Teenagers are pretty much assholes to their parents no matter how they’re raised. However, the degree of assholeness varies greatly depending on circumstances. I’d have to guess that Annie is a little permissive though, considering after all this, this kid is still using his computer. I’m also going to go ahead an guess that daddy’s not around. I don’t know any man that would put up with that crap. This kid needs a strong male influence ASAP before he turns into a criminal.


  90. @ugh, my father wasn’t around and I never talked to my mother like this. And there’s only one reason for that: My mom didn’t take any shit from me. Like fleakfragfry said, you don’t pay, you don’t get a say in how things run in the house. End of story.

    There’s no excuse for being a bad parent. And there’s no excuse for a child not taking responsibility for his/her actions.

  91. I also agree with you Val.
    But what I don’t get is, is Annie telling Matthew that he does not pay board to excuse his poor behaviour, or is she saying that if he did pay board, she would actually put up with some of his bullshit?
    And I apologize in advance if anyone finds that to be a daft question

  92. @Jane, judging by the quality of her parenting skills, it probably means that latter.

    But that doesn’t really matter cause she’s putting up with it anyway.

  93. Excuse me *the latter.

  94. spooning leads to forking

    i am also prepared to donate a gun

  95. What a whiny wimp boy. I’m sooo sick of my mum i’m going to shoot myself in the head? Lets hope his gf doesn’t dump him, total school massacre.

  96. tarran’s a fuckin’ tool who thinks s/he’s tough shit. matthew needs meds, not his mom.

  97. Someone should buy Matthew McG a gun for his birthday. Problem solved.

  98. jane, you’re still in high school, aren’t you?

  99. Will someone please give the kid the gun and two bullets!!

  100. tarran your an effin idiot.

  101. Poor Matthew.

    I hope his acne clears up.

  102. Annie FTW!

  103. Sounds like the kid needs to be smacked and have internet, phone and freedom taken away from him for a bit so he can learn that respect is earned.

  104. Kid seems like a little bitch.

  105. Tarran and Matthew need a kicking.

  106. The problem is with punishment. When i was a kid kids had ultimate respect for adults. Then it wasn’t just legal to get a beating with a cane from teachers and parents, but the male teacher that could hit the hardest was seen as a hero by the female teachers. Matthew needs to get chained down and whipped by a professional.

  107. I hate teenagers.

  108. Tarran must have shit parents. Fucking Peasants…

  109. America!

    fuck yeah!

  110. fred , you need to get chained down and whipped for that remark but that would probably just turn you on

    resorting to violence is the fool’s way of handling things … How can you teach someone that violence is the wrong way of getting your way if you use that same technique on him to get your way

    some people are really thick

  111. @64

    Get a new name :)

  112. Matt is a 13-19 year old blat-ass

    Mom has no discretion and what respect I gained through reading her rant was immediately lost when I realized dumb bitch aired that shit on FACEBOOK instead of going upstairs and whipping a bitch.

    Tarran is the douchebag who probably sent this in and only wrote it to be edgy.

    Fucking kids

  113. This sounds familiar

    This kid was a dumbass to bitch about his mom in public but I would bet anything his mom is the problem….Its hard to respect parents when your parents aren’t respectable functioning adults….Kids respect parents that take pride in them, not when they tell the world how terrible they are.

    People with bipolar disorder love to over dramatically prove they are not at fault in small arguements, which normally results in more embrassment/problems for both parties. His mom is putting on a show in this post. A caring, sane mother would realize this is just childish behavior, be secure in her convictons and make a mature decision about punishment and not ramble on about how shes the victim and her son is the problem in public. Her ramblings suggest that she is insecure about her mental capacity and emotional state, while hillarious, its probably a serious issue in their family . In her post she does not show any concern for her sons distress, even tho the arguement stems from NOT CLOSING A DOOR, which suggests emotional turmoil over small events is normal in their family, which again suggests BIPOLAR DISORDER. The fact that the kid was already questioning his moms mental status is only further proof.

    But my logic sucks right?

  114. Come on – my mom used to get on my case for leaving doors open (I grew up in Florida – very hot with lots of bugs and snakes) and, like a typical teenager, I sometimes threw temper tantrums. That’s what kids are like. The job of responsible adults is to teach them the importance of things like thrift and controlling one’s temper. The kid’s mom sounds like a pretty decent lady to me.

    Oh, and Tarran is totally a douche.

  115. @113: Oh yes, when mothers yell at their children for hanging around with the front door open letting all the heat out, IT IS CLEARLY BIPOLAR DISORDER! His ramblings about his mom’s mental status is OBVIOUSLY further proof and COULDN’T POSSIBLY be just a douche of a teenager whining about how terrible his mom is.


    Just call people cunts, douches, and twats, please. No need to bring your big fancy words into this forum. It diminishes us all.


  116. I think his mother was right about everything. The fuckin’ kid is emo, and a little pansy, and so are his friends who agree with him. Shit, his mother should kick him out..he should of been an abortion.

  117. :D
    Don’t leave the door open around that crazy bitch and that pompus teenager.

    Laugh if it was like his sister that left it open, but his too dousch like for it not to be his fault.

  118. That kid needs to be beaten like a rented mule.

  119. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    I would just like to thank This Sounds Familiar (#113) for attempting a reasonably cogent argument for Annie being a bipolar bear.

    And gratitude also to Clevername (#115) for totally shooting the crap out of it in a no nonsense and lol-worthy manner.

  120. Jaye(19yroldbutwise)

    I wouldnt blame my mom for getting pissed if i treated her that way!

    this kid needs a attitude adjustment, or get his ass kicked!

    the moms fault was responding on facebook, she shoulda confronted hom privatly about the matter.

  121. @Jaye: I don’t think ‘wise’ means what you think it means.

  122. Well, hello Tarran Grace Nemeth and Matthew McGranaham!

  123. #113 – stroppy teenagers doesn’t necessarily equal bipolar disorder. i’d recommend they see a specialist who could do the diagnosis. don’t give them an excuse for being morons. agh, that really gets my goat

  124. I get that the kid is just being a teenager, but that is not an excuse for mom to respond to his temper tantrum of a post on Facebook. That’s exactly the problem. She’s acknowledging his temper tantrum thereby giving him the attention he’s craving by throwing a the tantrum in the first place.

    She’s probably been doing this his whole life, which is why I blame them both.

  125. wow, matthew is a little shitbag. and his mother, thank god, isn’t going to take his shit. and if i could get close enough to tarran, i’d punch him in the mouth. this is why i will never have children.

  126. Mom FTW! Kick him out! Kick him out!

  127. lol @ parents and teenagers on Facebook. Now all your teenage “I know everything” embarrassing rants will be broadcast for all the world to see. Not that the mom’s any better for responding to it. Wow…. parenting in the age of social networks. Have fun with that. Thank God I don’t have kids.

  128. Tarran is a dumbass.

  129. Did your parents honestly name you Jessi or is that some retarded way you chose to spell it voluntarily? I’m so sorry if they did, they must be awfully stupid.

  130. Mccowles WoW comment was the most epic of them all. Thanks dude.

  131. whatever this mom does sound like a bitch

  132. @Tristan

    I do what I can.

  133. Why is Annie not kicking his ass?

  134. “oh my goooooodddd, (in high pitched whiny voice) my lifeee is so terrrriblee! my momm makes me shut the door!!!1!!one!! i can’t believee what a btch shee iss!! waaaahhhh!!1 !! 1! ”

    put a bullet in my head. wtf??

    mom ftw!

  135. if there is a reason that douchebag kid turned out that way, im pretty sure it has nothing to do with his mom being a tyrant. if she was really that bad, she wouldn’t have even taken the time to write a response via facebook. she would’ve just gone upstairs and kicked his ass.
    i vote annie ftw!
    and matthew and tarran should go fuck each other in the ass…with lead pipes…old, rusty lead pipes.

  136. Yo Placenta…lead doesn’t rust.

  137. Forever88…go fuck yourself.

  138. Turns out, i know this guy.


  139. Am I the only one who was reminded of Ja’mie King from We Can Be Heroes/Summer Heights High whilst reading this?

  140. If my kid ever talked to me like that the next day he would need dentures.

  141. See this is why people should be allowed to hit their children

  142. I feel sorry for this woman. If her bogan son doesn’t like it maybe he should move out with his friends.

  143. I’d kick my sons ass along with his friend if that mouthy punk had the balls to show his face around me after spouting that equine excrement.

  144. Both of those kids need to be taken out back and beaten with a rubber garden hose.

  145. Mom is pretty cool here.

    But *rolleyes* at the old excuse of “you don’t pay room and board here”… you really expect your teenage kid to get a job earning enough to pay you and possibly have to drop out of school to work? no? Then STFU.

    There are better ways to get the point across.

  146. Michlerish: She’s not asking him to pay rent. She’s merely pointing out the fact that since she is supporting him 100%, he is expected to live by what seems, from this post, to be fairly reasonable standards. From what I’ve seen of the children of the upcoming generation, they have an even higher level of expectation of what they’re “entitled” tpo than even mine did. Parents owe their children a certain standard of care, this is true, but in exchange children need to learn that beyond a reasonable standard of care, they’re entitled to NOTHING. Cell phones, video games, cars, etc. These are conveniences you earn by being respectful to your parents and following their rules. This is the kind of child that hits 16 and demands a brand new Mustang, and when he doesn’t get it, calls his parents failures and blames the entire world of problems on them. His mother was trying to tell this malcontent pis-ant that he needs to learn to respect her if he wants to be treated like an adult, and that level of respect is demanded while he remains under her 100% support. Read deeper than the surface in the future, and avoid sounding like another entitled-driven child.

  147. Liking the mom, she reminds me of my own!:)

    It’s ten years since I was a teenager, and I would never act like this towards my parents or towards my friends parents and my friends would never be bitchy like that towards my parents. Are the teenagers of today worse than before, or were my friends and I just really repressed?

    She should really do tell him to either show her respect or to go live in a cardboardbox on the street;)

  148. He does need to chill, but his mom arguing with him over facebook makes her look like a dumbass too.

  149. you assholes not live in the same fukkin house????

  150. this guy sounds like one of those spoilt teenagers on supersweet 16th, i’d like to see him try to get a job, and my god can anyone imagine what a bad lover he’d be!!

  151. Corwin, had you read my comment you would have seen me say “there are better ways to get the point across”. I don’t agree with your “kids these days” statement, but I can agree that this kid needs to respect his mother more. However, there are BETTER ways for a mother to get this point across. The old statement of “you don’t pay room and board” has never worked, will never work, and only makes teenagers more angry and defiant.

  152. “Clare likes this”


  153. This kid and his friends deserve some swift physical violence to their smug faces.

  154. this is why children should be allowed to be spanked.

  155. I think I acted like this when I was a teenager, too. And guess what… my mom isn’t psycho, I was just hormonal and growing up! We’re both OK now, and this kid will be too. But the facebook post was really uncalled for on his part.

  156. The kid’s thick and hormonal, the mum’s fine but clearly not a good parent [no discipline] and Tarran is clueless.
    End of. :)

  157. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    whoa Matt should slow down and not post stuff like that on FB….and Tarran needs to mind his own business lmao!!

  158. Lillith my Alter Ego

    They say how you treat your mother is how you’ll treat your girlfriend or wife. If that’s true than I fear for any woman who is stupid enough to hook up with this whiny little douche.

  159. He is not “just being a normal teenager.” I would have been thrown out of the house if I ever spoke to my mother that way. And he isn’t having a “temper tantrum that just needs to be ignored” — that way of dealing with the issue ends when a kid is about 3. Matt needs a swift kick in the ass, and to be deposited outside with his suitcase.

  160. This kid is a little bitch.
    damn teens need some discipline.
    I doubt if someone kicked his ass if he would be such a punk.

  161. Holy hotdogs Batman. This kid is the biggest pussy ever. He said he wanted to shoot and kill himself? How about he goes into the bathroom, takes one of his mother’s jumbo sized tampons, swallows it and chokes to death.

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