Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Making the Cut

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  1. Is “retarded” off limits?

  2. I literally have NO idea what any of that means!

  3. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    This is… wow… just, wow. It must be fake? Someone so against women, black people, Mexicans, anyone that’s ever had sex, would surely not approve of a Commie Ruskie raising his Aryan (not Arian) brood?

    On a lighter note, my friend once had chylmydia in his eye after *ahem* pleasuring a girl and then rubbing his eye. So the concept of contracting herpes in the eye by passing though a contaminated woman.

  4. hitmewithyourrhythmvic


    …is not completely abstract.

  5. Harber

  6. someone please find this gentleman and kindly shoot him in the testicles.

  7. DEPRESSING. I really hope Child Protective services watches this site like a hawk.

  8. I am also of the belief this is fake. No one is that dumb anymore right? I mean seriously? I feel a little sick after reading this.

  9. Somehow I think this is fake and quite possibly a master troll. As someone has pointed out, Russians are not ‘Arian’ (or maybe they are? They’re not ‘Aryan’ in either the correct or the n*zi definition. Fun fact: Aryan actually refers to an Indo-European group which is more closely related to today’s Asian Indians than to Hitler’s master race).
    Just to be safe I suggest deballing. Only because of the joking(?) about raising his daughter to be a prostitute and committing incest.

    (Also, this guy doesn’t like black people because they’re too virile? WTF?)

  10. Um. Yeah. Let’s just hope this is fake. o_O

  11. Words fail me……..

  12. lolwut o.O

  13. I’m praying this is a joke. If it isn’t, one of his friends needs to call the police because he’s obviously a danger to society.

  14. This guy is a troll and a half. Hats off to him.

  15. Sweet baby Jesus!

  16. Someone call the police

  17. Not funny and too stupid to be interesting.

  18. This guy is completely devoted to hating EVERYTHING including the basic concepts of biology, spelling, human social interaction.

  19. you’ve got to be fucking kidding me !!!

  20. Got to be impressed that Glenn Beck calls himself ‘Raven’ instead of ‘Eagle’ though.

  21. I didn’t know Nick Griffin even had a facebook page

  22. Fake.
    What is meant by “it’s important it receives my strain to share with its clients”? His strain of what? Herpes?

  23. Troll much? No-one is that fucking crazy. Not even Nick Griffin. :S

  24. I don’t care if it was sincere or intended to be funny, either way – what a fucking freak.

  25. Yeah, maybe it’s just my lingering faith in humanity, but this is too unbelievable to me… I would have bought it up until the whole “raise it (the girl baby) as a prostitute” thing. But no. Just no. But goddamn this asshole has a dark sense of humor.

  26. Too Long. Not funny.

  27. Was anyone else reminded of

  28. danfargisfilthypenis

    Yeah, he may be a “super troll” but he is still a sick fuck to even dream it up….. and then post it on FB so the rest can see how fucked up he is. Lovely!

  29. Gave up halfway through. If this isn’t a joke, I personally will suck each and every one of you off.

    But no negroes. I don’t want your potent negroe sperm.

  30. o.O

    oy vey.

  31. if it’s not a joke..I am hoping that he comes to the realization that his filth riddled penis should be immediately removed…followed by his ‘home version’ of a personal lobotomy.

  32. You are doing it all wrong man, your idea will never work on such a small scale because the police will arrest you. Go big or go home, I say. Get into government, rally your friends together and start meeting in secret, eventually recruiting a large enough group that you will have some sway when you create your own party. It may be beneficial to join the army first and get some military background as well. When it becomes necessary, you can quell any protesters and such. I could go on, but you get the picture. Newb.

  33. This is what happens when a kid is named raven… nickname or real it don’t matter anyone called raven is bound to turn out like this!

    this is never gonna get laid! ha

  34. This is what happens when a kid is named raven… nickname or real it don’t matter anyone called raven is bound to turn out like this!

    This guy is never gonna get laid! ha

  35. my friend bought two excotic breed kittens. shortly after they were born she was informed that they had to be put down because they were born with herpes in their eyes causing them to be blind among other more severe things and thus the need for them to be put down.

    i’m not quite sure why i felt the need to share this story…… hope the cat mom didn’t do this guy.

  36. wtf with all the eye herpes talk?!? you guys are making my eyes itchy.

  37. A poor attempt at humour. Small pieces were okay, but as a whole it was too long and drawn out to be funny. Very Lame indeed.

  38. Dwight Schrute in da HOUSE!

  39. This is some funny shit!

  40. Its a Troll for sure

  41. I’d like to think he was hacked big-time. But on the other hand, I guess even Hitler had to start someplace, right? And the whole Aryan thing? He would never be considered for membership in that group if he is 1/2 Hispanic. Hells bells, I think they would kick his ass just for spelling Aryan wrong (not that too many Aryan members possess the education to spell it right to begin with).

    If he is for real, let us pray he meets an early demise in an effort to keep his funk out of the gene pool.

  42. #20 is perhaps the most hilarious thing posted on this site today.

  43. What gets me is the fact that he thinks he’s being intelligent about it but I see one huge, glaring flaw: sperm only live for up to one week once ejaculated, and only if they make it to the fallopian tubes. The acidic nature of the vaginal canal kills them within a matter of hours. If she slept with a black guy a year ago, trust me, there’s no sperm left waiting to impregnate your eggs. Plus: if the eggs were extracted to use in a surrogate, the sperm “waiting to impregnate” would be negligible anyway, as eggs are extracted directly from the ovaries. That would only count in reference to the surrogate, not the donor, if it were even possible.

    Considering the lack of knowledge about reproduction and the overall ludicrousness of the post, I’m going to say that this is a very well-played troll.

    Besides, I have utter confidence that this “dirty Mexican” wouldn’t have the pesos to pay for such a procedure, even if it IS real. And that’s ignoring the fact that nobody’s ever going to read this and help this guy reproduce. XD

  44. Boy, for a troll, he’s really boring. The only thing slightly humorous is that I could see him channeling Dwight Schroot when creating this.


  46. You know what, he had me until he spelled it “whome”.

  47. Someone had sex with this douche long enough to give him STDs?

  48. I think I know who this is. He preaches at the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida.

  49. There’s no way, not under ANY circumstances, that this person should be allowed to reproduce.

  50. This can’t be real, at first i thought he was serious but it got too ridiculous the further down it went. He would have to be some sort of self-hating, idolist, speed freak worse than hitler ten times over if this was even remotely true.

  51. Likening this individual to Dwight Schrute is a slur on my favourite TV character ever! Dwight has never displayed any incestuous, sexually exploitative or even strongly racist traits at all. We know how strongly he feels about sexual perversion from his abhorrence of the person who exposed himself to Phyllis. He may have a contract with Angela regarding the birth of their child but come on!! Unfair comparison!!

  52. Dear Raven, quit trollin’

  53. No, you see that’s the problem with the idea of trolling.

    There are people that spout crap and disagree with everything on the internet for kicks,

    but it’s getting to the point where we are forgetting that the world is a pretty big place, and the idea that someone actually holds this opinion isn’t that far-fetched.

    And that is fucking scary.

  54. The first three paragraphs made me think that this was actually a friend of mine, ex- friend that is. On his dad’s side he was German and was so proud of that, but on his mother’s he was Japanese. He went to great lengths to keep his already light skin light, wore blue contacts ( because his naturally brown eyes apparently made him look “non-white), dyed his hair blond, and changed his first and middle names. I stalled in getting out of that friendship because I wanted to believe that he didn’t mean any of it.

    Ditto that, Greenstrings: “…the idea… isn’t that far fetched. And it’s scary.”

  55. * LEGALLY changed his names

  56. This is a joke, I think, and it’s not even half bad. As someone said earlier: Hats off, sir, well played.

  57. @9
    so you think black people are more potent than other groups? funny how stereotypes creep into mindsets unconsciously. carry on.

  58. it’s either fake or the next Hitler either way there are plenty of weirdos like that around who are for real

  59. ok i actually DO know who this is. hes always at the bar sexually harassing all the women who walk through the door. he rants and raves about the weirdest shit. nobody takes him seriously but i got to know him about 4 years ago when he was still married to his wife. he used to degrade her in the nastiest ways i wont even write about it here. she killed herself about 2 years ago…… honestly i dont blame her. ever since then hes had this weirdo obsession with having kids ‘in scientific ways’ or methods. whatever words he uses. he talks like hes a scientist in real life too its actually realllly funny how serious he takes himself.

    anyway he found out about this earlier today after a myspace friend tipped him off about it. hes been bitching non stop ever since then. hes afraid of coppycatters stealing his idea now.

    he doesnt think russians are aryan he only said he wants them to raise ‘his males’ that bit is disturbing also how he refers to boy children as males CONSTANLTY.

    but he is serious over this and i know hes been talking to some woman equally as messed up about this dumbass idea of his. idk if its gonna happen tho.

    he lives pretty gross, in a trailer. you would THINK he didnt have any money but he actually (scarey) does have enough money to pull this off.

    im guessing hes gonna end up reading this so im not gonna say anything else before he figures out who i am. lol

  60. @Badembassy – He won’t figure out who you are because you don’t know him. Get.A.Life.

  61. I believe 58 and I’m ready to accept my bj from bh (29$.

  62. God damn you, badembassy. God damn you.

  63. I will do anything to ensure that my children are 100% black. Unfortunately, my mother and father are possessed with unclean white skin.

  64. Raven is probably a 12 year old Asian chick. lmao

  65. This guy is also on

  66. hahaha… after following that link finding this dude’s facebook wasn’t hard. he seems…. psychotic. and he completely contradicts himself every time he writes something new. i bet he has a small penis.

  67. From this guy’s fb:

    “Who’s the bastard and gave my shit to lamebook?? First of all I never fucking said Russians were Aryan. Read it again idiots.
    Disgusted.. All they can pick on is my spelling? Do I give a shit!? I already have a candidate so blow it out your ass, fags.”

    Thanks for the heads up shinsplints.

    Watch your private settings Mr. Raven.

  68. Oh come on, this can’t be serious. There’s nobody this ridiculous out there in the world, is there? I refuse to believe that someone this fucking stupid and insane exists.

  69. AHHH he’s completely real. Not only does his facebook berate his girlfriend for apparently accidentally cutting herself when shaving her vajayjay but he’s also asking for a live chicken for some “experiment” and accusing the government of “listening to his calls.” -_-;; This is badddd that he wants to procreate.

  70. wow it’s true, America is in BIG trouble

  71. Eruption of Nothing

    And apparently he lives in some place called “Fag Island (except for me” What a colourful soul he is.

  72. does anyone else think it’s funny that mr aryan pride or whatever is named (or calling himself) raven? kinda went the other direction on the name, eh? i’m going to call him dove.

  73. This Raven Milkweed has a serious obsession with assholes. Come on, Raven. Can you say “closet gay?”

  74. Damn. An edit button would be nice.
    Second link again:

    I love super-trolls. Facebook, Myspace…he’s got his shit covered, man! I bet he’s just some /b/astard sitting around, laughing at how people are actually taking him seriously. If he actually continues this in his offline life…dude, this guy is the Jesus of the trolling world. We could all take some tips from him!

  76. That’s soooo Raven.

  77. It isn’t possible to tell whether Raven is a troll or a schizophrenic just by what he’s written.

  78. Okay, I’m from the south, and while I am in no way proud of this, this is more than likely not a joke. Where I come from, sadly, there are still white power meetings on the lawn of federal buildings where children speak out against skin pigmentation. I do not endorse this, but I just wanted to point out that not only does it happen or exist, but racism and stupidity challenge humanity daily. This guy is not only in all probability, very real, but I would be willing to bet that he has several friends with the same mindset. Also, lamebook is awesome. Aside from the eerily racist bs.

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