Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Make Mama Proud


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  1. Wow… that’s all I’ve got

  2. nice job, stoner

  3. .. or crackhead.

  4. Then they smoked some weed and chilled after the poor little boys first tiring day at primary school.

  5. Ah Emma, you should be proud. After all, he is 25 now and all his friends know how to count to ten. after all these years you are still proud, good for you!

  6. mama can’t spell (no for know)…
    mama uses lighters in the house (a big know-know).
    well, we always want better for our children… glad he’s in pre-school, he’ll hopefully end up smarter than mama.

  7. wish i could do that aswell

  8. I like how she found “like” ten lighters even though her kid’s just counted them.

  9. So very very trashy. Little johnny will soon graduate to counting bongs, pills, condom wrappers and learning the names of all his “uncles.” Such a bright future for him.

  10. hahah good eye, ashleigh. funny.

  11. Mahap she goes to preschool as well to finally finish her education

  12. So glad the poor kid gets out of the trailer occasionally!

  13. Wow. Good parenting right there. Her son got into pre school because she makes him count lighters…

    Did she drop out of pre school?

    You cannot start a sentence with “And”.

    “Nos” is not a word. It should also never replace “knows”

    She has also the word “know” [a positive] with the word “no” [ a negative] thus meaning her son learning how to count and learning colours has gone from being a positive action to a negative command.

    “And” should never be used after a comma.

    Incorrect use of punctuation and capitalisation is also used in this statement.

    Any number below 100 should be written in words, for example “I found ten lighters.”

    That’s all I got.

  14. I’m glad he goes to pre-school too – away from his mother!

  15. Wow. Normally people find some petty cash while cleaning up the sofa. But ten lighters?

  16. I no!

  17. I don’t believe her son counted to 10, I’m calling FAKE.

  18. This is wrong.

  19. Fake how? sipshit if her son counted to ten she cant fake that. stupid fudgepacker.

  20. dipshit*

  21. I like turtles.

  22. There is nothing wrong with this. Her child counted to ten, so what? You guys are all lame for thinking this is lamebook worthy.

  23. Like my posts, my blog is also lame.

  24. Kaoss I think you don’t get it. It’s about the fact her son counted 10 lighters she found under her sofa. It’s not really normal to have 10 lighters under your sofa.

  25. There’s nothing wrong with this? Isn’t it ironic that she’s happy about her child learning to count yet she can’t spells “know” properly?

  26. @ rawr

    I get what it is saying, but it doesn’t make it lame, it makes it lame to put it on here.

    Why do I have a cloner.

  27. Kaoss – It’s funny because the mom is proud of her son for counting to 10, when she can’t even spell. Oh yea, and the fact that she had 10 fucking lighters in her couch – which is absurd for a variety of reasons.

  28. @ PrincessOats

    Seriously? I didn’t know counting and literacy were the same thing. You fail on that point.

  29. @ GHM

    I get what you are saying, but it isn’t really THAT lame. It is like “wow, what a dumb mom” but not really something lame enought to be on here.

  30. Wow, now quit sucking di$k for meth and he may turn out ok.

  31. Well if only the super lame stuff would be on here we wouldn’t have that much to read and we would be bored alot more. :p

  32. sons school report.. dear fuck up of a mum, you’ve made a pyromaniac retard boy. good effort!

  33. Soon he would be doing the “LA Math Exam”

    (Linked in my name) or Here:


  34. Wait a minute! I just reread this and she found like 10 lighters ON the sofa. Way to go, mom!

  35. @ Zizzi – Anal retentive much?
    >>You cannot start a sentence with “And”.
    Obviously you CAN, cause she did, it’s just not proper
    >>“Nos” is not a word. It should also never replace “knows”
    NOS is a word!!! have you never seen F&F?

    >>She has also the word “know” [a positive] with the word “no” [ a negative] thus meaning her son learning how to count and learning colours has gone from being a positive action to a negative command.

    “know” isnt a positive in the sense that “no” is a negative, and the rest of the paragraph just makes me think you are trying way to hard to show your superior intellect. Personally I think trailer trash boy would wipe his ass with your pretentious offspring!

    >>“And” should never be used after a comma.

    see above

    >>Incorrect use of punctuation and capitalisation is also used in this statement.

    O NOES!!!!111!!!eleven!

    Any number below 100 should be written in words, for example “I found ten lighters.”

    i can haz proper english???

    That’s all I got.

  36. i wonder if hes just as good at counting mommy’s felonies

  37. Now I ‘no’ where all my freaking lighters have gone. I swear, they’re like socks disappearing in the dryer, and apparently they all migrate to this bitch’s couch.

  38. I can picture The Count from Sesame Street…

    ONE crack pipe!

    TWO crack pipes!

    THREE crack pipes!

  39. I wonder what else was on her sofa that was hiding the lighters. Cum stains? Definitely. Dirty clothes? Probably. Old food? I think so. For that matter, if that’s what’s on the sofa, what do you think would be found underneath? Everyone keeps saying crack pipes, but, I’m thinking bongs.

  40. You guys are complete jackasses. I can’t beleive how judgemental you are all being. I would love a moment alone with truff, so I can slam his face into the concrete.

  41. hm. maybe when get can count to 14, he’ll be able to name all of his brothers and sisters.

  42. holy shit! i know this chick. lmfao…i am bein serious. i grew up with her.
    i might call cps on her bitch ass. she seriously doesn’t watch her kid….when her kid was newborn she would dump him off on her mom and go out partying. i wonder which of my friends submitted this? lmfao

  43. @ Dr Hymen

    You should be ashamed of yourself for being a complete fag. GTFO

  44. Come on baby light my fire…
    count to ten or even higher…

  45. @Kaoss

    Um…can you please clarify with respect to the faginess of my being?

  46. Only a fag says things like cum stains.

  47. Pre school and only NOW counting to 10? My son could count to 10 by the time he was 2. Yikes. Poor kid!

  48. @35 gruss:

    I officially love you (possibly) for this comment:

    “NOS is a word!!! have you never seen F&F?”


  49. Kaoss, can you count to ten?

  50. Everyone, I am being cloned. This is the first post from the REAL Kaoss in this entire thread. Ignore any previous comments.

  51. CumDog Millionaire

    44 Best post today award goes to you. Well done widow.

  52. @35, You realize you just contradicted yourself there right?

  53. @Kaoss

    …Or perhaps a female that’s totally disturbed by the fact that: (a) this person found 10 lighters on her couch (b) this leaves the implication that there were a number of things obscuring them from her view and (c) she has a preschooler running around who could quite possibly find such items, would use the term as a descriptor.

    Not only do the above, in and of themselves, scream “trailor trash” to me, but the fact that she has the ignorance to post it on Facebook as a proud parental moment leads me to believe that someone probably did spill their dirty seed on her couch and that she left it there as a proud trophy of that afternoon when JimBob from the liquor store down the street came over on his lunch break, finally fulfilling her fantasy.

  54. Directed to Zizzi the idiot who decided to pull our her dictionary while on lame book.

    If you’re trying to be completely “proper” with the number thing, you’re only “supposed” to write out numbers one through ten. anything OVER ten you can use the numeric value. This was like 50 years ago, wake up love it’s 2009 and most people short hand everything.

    What kid, teacher, or anyone for that matter do you know that spells out seventy two and what not?

    You’re an idiot. I hope you don’t have offspring.

  55. Sorry Kaoss (#40). I hadn’t refreshed, so I didn’t see your post.

  56. @ Zizzi
    I thought it was a know-know to abbreviate numbers under 10 if you were using APA?

  57. @ Dr. Hymen

    As far as I am concerned, that last post you made is directed at the cloner. :)

  58. @ Emma “Oh i feel so deliciously white trash. Mummy i want a mullet”!

  59. @ Zizzi: It should be: “That’s all I’ve got.”

  60. @ 53.

  61. Err… calm down?

  62. This woman is clearly Canadian. She totally nos how to spell colours with the ‘u’.

  63. @REDbook

    most of Europe, as well as Australia, spell colours with the “u”, so that’s a slightly stereotypical statement.

  64. sounds like someone has had some bad absinthe. Kick the little green martian, in his tiny green hairy balls and run like crap man!

  65. Hey, look at that, she’s found a way to efficiently give her child arithmetic skills and emphysema at the same time!!

  66. “Great, you counted the lighters!! So proud of you, son! Now, tell me, how many eighths are there in an ounce? Do you no?”

  67. @61 MJK insults are better served when freshly made.. hasn’t flexo taught u anything? lol get yer own material

  68. now that one just doesn’t make any sense at all

  69. @uhm..
    I’m well aware of the spelling habits of those other English-folk, I was claiming her as my own. I was also taking into account Canada’s proximity to the US. Is there any way to nos for sure?

    The term preschool gives a hint (In Britain the terms “nursery” or “playgroup” are more common, in Nova Scotia “Grade Primary”). Australia could be a contender… Of course, she could be from the states and is also spelling “color” wrong.

  70. sorry I don’t feed trolls

  71. ha … i actually chuckled out loud. good stuff

  72. insert clever name here

    35 and 54 FTW
    @Zizzy STFU

  73. Hey hey Flexo, you get fed enough by me, no need to pretend you need anything. Especially from a WOMAN, I’m offended! Shall I come feed you more?

  74. FTW Zoned!!!

  75. Lol you’re all so fucking perfect, aren’t you? Why are you assuming its crack or meth? Its probably cigarettes (OH NOES). And don’t give me that bull about her smoking around her kid, you have no fucking idea whether she does or not.

    Yeah, its a bit gross, but so what? He wasn’t counting condoms. So, I suggest you get off your high horses xD

  76. @ Lulz
    What about pot, ice or some other methamphetamine?

  77. I cannot belive not a single person has pointed out that she had “like” 10 lighters completely accessible to her pre-school aged child.

  78. @Sheesho….uhhhhh I think that’s the point of the 83 posts above yours.
    Only been here a day and a half and I’m starting to think we need a lamerbook.com site where we can screen capture all the dumbass comments!!

  79. Sheesho, I know you cannot see me, but I want you to know that I am sitting here shaking my head at your comment.

    gruss, there’s been a need for one of those for quite some time.

  80. I’m a little more concerned over the fact that she has lighters in the sofa with a preschooler around, rather than her inability to spell “know” properly.

  81. They really need to make a thing where you can make your own user name and password. So we don’t get multiple people with the same name.

    Anyway, I just had a big realization. What if, now bear with me… flexo was actually the same person as @@@@@@@@@@@@@ cause you all know he disappeared.

  82. @ flexo

    I knew it would happen soon, and you didn’t disappoint. It was the only thing missing from this site so far.

    You know a comments section has “made it” when Godwin’s Law is invoked.

  83. Wow, looks like mama needs to go back to school to “no” more things, like how to spell and appropriate things for kids to count!!

  84. Lulz’s login comment FTW!

  85. mr haiku i love you

    a woman loses/ ten lighters to a sofa. son’s smarter than mom.

  86. @zizzi…and is generally used after a comma, and you can start a sentence with and…if you know what you are doing…

    @everyone complaining about people being judgemental…what the hell are you doing on lamebook EXCEPT being judgemental???

  87. Jeez. Wonder if the kid also knows how to spell ‘knows’ properly.

  88. I doubt he can spell anything except meth.

  89. @63 – Thank you, well said

    @58 – PMSL

  90. @Zoned: Pot is a 3 letter word. Throw that in with words like ‘dog’ car’ ‘sex’ & ‘cum’ and you will have a professional redneck spelling champion :P

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