Monday, August 17, 2009

Madden ‘LOL



lol i totes understnd lol. why do these gyz keep plyn games lol? my bf iz the sme way lol and he alwayz wntz to play lol but lol i guess i’ll figure out how 2 deal wit it lol omg lol lol lol l o my god.

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  1. Is any of that words?

  2. Its as if a “lol” is added every time she double spaces.

  3. “lol” is the new period.

  4. I hope the Roflcopter is on standby to carry Janay to the Lolspital when she inevitably dies laughing.

  5. I’m not quite sure why, but reading this just made me really angry.

  6. ‘fterklang, incredible.

  7. Brittnay – You’re way 2 old 4 knowing absolutely nothing about the English language.

  8. And will you look at that? She more than likely misspelled her name. I don’t know of any Brittnays.

  9. totally with you on that Cam. i just wanted to grab her and shake her. lol.


  11. is NICCAS the PC version of the “n” word?

  12. Shut up my Nicca!

    Yeah, I guess.

  13. “im like lawd lol fuck!” is the greatest (misspelled) sentence in the English (sort of) language.

  14. Nicca, please!

  15. Wow.

    Does anyone else think their pixels look “white”?

  16. 15^ What does that mean? That it’s somehow “worse” if it’s white people talking street? Classy, indeed.

  17. LOL

  18. her pixels look high yella.

  19. Bri Bri Bee Rat August 17th, 2009 at 7:48 pm

    15^ What does that mean? That it’s somehow “worse” if it’s white people talking street? Classy, indeed.

    actually thats exactly what it means

  20. 4 – lol

  21. I hope the Roflcopter is on standby to carry Janay to the Lolspital when she inevitably dies laughing.

    is the only comment worth posting on this.

  22. The English language is on life support…..

  23. lol I could lol barely understand lol what this girl lol was typing lol because she abuses a certain IM term lol so damn much! :P

  24. giddy up potna

  25. But I love video games ;-;

  26. If a girl thinks she’s seriously gonna pull a guy away from video games, she needs a reality check.


  28. It’s looks like Janay is hiccuping “lol”s everywhere

  29. Janay has proved what was once thought to be impossible: there are actual grammatical rules for the usage of “lol.”
    And she clearly is of the school of thought that believes rules are made to be broken.

  30. You know, reading stuff like this makes me love being a girl gamer *that* much more.

  31. ……..nicca?

  32. I have no idea what Madden is.

  33. try reading this outloud to someone. I did it 3 times the other day. it makes it so much worse

  34. Lol none of these lol people has a real name lol.

  35. “I hope the Roflcopter is on standby to carry Janay to the Lolspital when she inevitably dies laughing.”

    this comment wins the internetz.


  36. My brain hurts from reading this. No, strike that. My soul hurts.

  37. The entries that are based off highschool / internet / txt msg typing have severely lost their luster.

  38. I will never LOL again!!! I don’t like Roflcopter’s, I’m scared of Lheighfters…:)

  39. Nicca:
    A way fo’ youth to say nigga so adults who don’t like nigga won’t slap the Hell outta ‘em.

    I just wanna lol Janay`s ass lol so hard lol and see lol if she`s gonna still lol

  40. She didn’t make it to the Lolspital because Chairman Lmao was the pilot.

  41. Other young female stroke sufferer — they are desperate for your help! Also Niccas? You mean necco wafers because they are white. Also Nicca should be updated so that white people can say nigga with out seeming racists. And potnas ? What the fuck is that?

  42. lol has replaced the “.”. Someone informe MLA!!!

  43. Adam FTW. :-)

  44. i think the broken capslock button is a pandemic that needs to be cured.

    (then again, i choose to not capitalize things that should be capitalized…so…i’m a hypocrite.)

  45. potnas=partners

  46. i blame the schools.

  47. Thank you Boom shakalaka, I was just wondering that.

    Laughs Out Loud.

  48. i gotta go pick up a copy of madden

  49. I think he/she thinks that “lol” is like commas or periods… :P

  50. I actually understood that better than the type of shit slang ppl in England say.

  51. This just in, Webster will be replacing the period with lol lol

  52. who doesnt hate nicca’s that play games.. i gotta go tho and shoot some craps with my nicca’s

  53. lolllllllllllllll … that’s an exclamation point for us non-gamer-hating, non-ghetto roaches lol

  54. Hey, at least she used the word “literally” in a proper fashion. That says a lot, considering that she can’t spell or use proper grammar.


    Seriously! were these people droped on there fucking head’s as children? I really do weep for the future, if this is what our society is comming to! The internet and text messaging is brainwashing everyone leaving them completely retarded LIEK FUCK!

  56. twomummy'sdrinking


  57. Geez, all this post needs is a Shanaynay or a Alopeesha …ha…

  58. And they wonder why the media and society hates black people

  59. @Steve – sorry I wasn’t aware that the media and society hates black people? I think the term for those who hate black people is ‘ignorant fucking racists’ I may be misinformed but…

  60. yeah @Steve… what a racist thing to say – just get a life and keep those sorts of thoughts to yourself – you’re obviously a minority here, not to mention completely wrong.

  61. Lol fricking niggas

  62. uh…it’s ‘Niccas’. Get it right, sheesh!

  63. ‘Niccas’ or ‘knickers’? Hmm.

  64. hmmm, one more time…IN ENGLISH!!

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