Monday, August 10, 2009

m0Bil3 LaM3

m0Bil3 LaM3

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  1. Boz, you better have a new name by the time you decide to reply on another post bc im tired of you using my identity.


  2. Yea, stop impersonating me!

  3. how long, honestly, does it take to type all this shit out on a cellphone?

  4. ~>:.Wut th3 fuk.:<~

  5. unfortunately, there are programs for phones that automatically turn text to…. that.

  6. My patience have went away.

  7. Are they communicating in Klingon, Esperanto, or Middle English-spiced-up-with-binary-code? That is the (MY!) question.

  8. Is this seriously real?

  9. Looks like someone chewed up 3 keyboards and then vomitted it all out again.

  10. Megan has a permanent seat on the short bus of life…

  11. can someone please translate this for me?

    my retinas are screaming.

  12. As long as it took her to write this [had she not used the above mentioned application]. I’m very sure it took me three times as long to read it.

    Is it supposed to be cute?

  13. Even those fluent in L337 Speak would vomit upon seeing that crap shoot she calls a paragraph.

  14. It seems to regain popularity approximately every 7 years… I was one of those l33t sp34k3rz at one point :P

    then I grew up.

  15. I am Boz with a capital B. I am unaware of having usurped anyone else’s identity.

    Also, this sort of thing should really be kept to cell phones. Those crazy kids! When I was a lad we didn’t have cell phones. We had to walk three miles every day to school across broken glass.

    IF we were lucky.

  16. This is like 1337 and moron had a horrible abortion of a child.

    I thought 1337 was supposed to be funny, not painful.

  17. am i the only one who wants to punch this guy?

  18. I am le tired

  19. Il take a stab at it. Although I do believe japanese is easier to translate.

    “Spending the night with my one and only. True love. Ever since 12 tonight all my bad thoughts and problems have went away. You being here for me makes me feel like the luckiest person alive. And getting to spend all night together makes me even happier.”

    Ever since 12 tonight all my bad thoughts and problems have went away? Thats like past, present and future tense all in one sentence what the fuck.

  20. I can’t even read this shit!

  21. kudos

  22. Charlie … That is the most hilarious comment ever

  23. It’s L8 2nyt & im 4 r3al so tir3d my str3ngth hav3 w3nt away so im going to sl33p!!!!!

  24. Sounds like a whore, I’m intrigued.

  25. what the chickens

    Punch her.

  26. …why.

  27. The best part:

    I’m pretty darn sure that her profile picture is a mirror shot. I see that terrible white flash reflecting off on the mirror on the right side, in a (bath)room with terrible lighting.

  28. Oh dear god, no – I cannot stand reading this kind of crap.

  29. Strangely, the trick seems to be to skim over it quickly rather than trying to figure out each word. If you let your eyes run across each line without resting on any particular word, it’s actually readable.

  30. Arf The Crime Dog

    I chose not to read this.

  31. Arf is right.
    Christ, I don’t want to be able to read this shit.

  32. I started to read this but my brain imploded.

  33. @Sparky: yeah, I saw that too.

    Problem is, once you finish, you realize it was a waste of time.

  34. This made me want to puke.

  35. Someday, archeologists are going to discover this and put it in a museum, totally unable to decipher the mysterious texts of 21st century retards.

  36. The fact that I can read this is:

    a) Sad.

    b) Testament to the awesome gibberish-deciphering powers of my craaaaanium!

  37. Boo.

  38. bOz: Sad
    zod: Boo.

  39. One would need an Advil after attempting to read that… thing.

  40. I hate this spelling but I must read it!!

  41. this is clearly the dribblings of an HTID retard

  42. That shitfaced cunt above me is all about the HTID

  43. h!5 r0y41 1337n355

    0mf64h BBQ r0f1m40 H4Xx

  44. i’m not even gooing to attempt to read it.

  45. Dear god, I think my eyes just started bleeding…

  46. This seriously annoys me!
    My little cousin types like that!
    To be honest, i even text people in full sentences, thats how much it actually gets on my nerves. Arseholes.
    Read a book.
    (That was a bit extreme…ha!)

  47. It looks like IPv6…

  48. Still laughing, with eyes closed. Of course.

  49. My eyes! THEY BLEED!

  50. Won’t even try to read that!

  51. ….what was she thinking

  52. Reading this makes me feel sick to my stomach and envision a rainy sidewalk in the red district with abandoned cars parked on the side of the street.

    Sometimes I wonder what my head is all about…

  53. You think they make a Rosetta Stone CD for that language?

  54. Anyone else find it especially ironic that she spelt “one” with a 3?

  55. n0rM4L s34rCh Im4635 6r00pZ d1r3c70rY

  56. pet peeve number #256 =/

  57. here’s a site to convert normal writing to Th1n6s l1K3 7h4T :P

  58. I can’t even stand to read shit like this, and I don’t even want to know what the hell they’re saying. :S

  59. I’ve translated verbaten (inc. poor grammar etc):

    Spending the night with my one and only true love. Ever since twelve tonight all my bad thoughts and problems have went away. You being here for me makes me feel like the luckiest person alive and getting to spend all night together makes me even happier!

  60. @ John
    Thank you. That makes sense now. Sort of…

  61. That actually doesn’t sound so retarded in plain english. Reading it the other way not only hurts but makes me nauseous.

    P.S it’s verbatim*

  62. For fuck sake. It’s like getting stabbed in the brain through your eyes.

  63. ^hahahahahahaha

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