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  1. Yum

  2. What the hell is wrong with people?

  3. brutal ;\

  4. oh barf.

  5. That needs a warning. I was eating when I scrolled down to that and definitely threw up a little in my mouth.

  6. ugggg, i second that

  7. oh goodness… why is it necessary to post such pictures. :( that is beyond gross.

  8. there was a warning…. lunchtime. this is lamebook.

  9. I guess it’s not as bad as it could be.
    And by “I guess it’s not as bad as it could be,” I mean, “you’re going to eat something that came out of your fucking vagina that’s disgusting. Auto cannibalism? I think so.”

  10. thats fucked up yo. egchk

  11. I can’t wait to eat my wife’s first placenta.

  12. Blur that out. Really.

  13. Tim Cruise eats the placenta, there is nothing wrong with it. This person must be a scientologist though.

  14. Disgusting. There is no reason for this.

  15. kate, it is spelt discusting DUH!!

  16. Okay, we’ve all heard that there are benefits to eating it, but come on! Don’t post pictures; that’s disgusting. This should really be common sense, you nasty bitch.

  17. FUCK everyone who is hating. This is a part of life. This is beautiful to me.

  18. mellissa, you are right. they need to stop being assholes and think they ar ebetter.

  19. I like turtles.

  20. Wow.

    OK the benefits are great blah blah blah… but a picture on facebook? This is as bad as child’s first poo in a potty being on there. Totally unnecessary.

  21. Mellissa…what? I mean, I get that babies are beautiful and maybe possibly birth, ok fine…but EATING PLACENTA?

  22. Ugh. Whoever said that this should be blurred out was absolutely correct. I knew it was going to be bad when it said “Lunchtime!” but come on… I could barely scroll up to the top to click the link and get here because I didn’t want to have to look at the picture again.

  23. I like eating placenta. What’s wrong with that?

  24. you guys are just vegan assholes. nothing wrong with eating placenta.

  25. ok ok. wtf is wrong with people times infinity.

    but, you know, what makes this extra special for me is the fact they took this picture for the sole purpose of grossing people out. it looks like someone had a home birth, then carried the placenta over to the stove and staged this great shot.

    just get over yourselves. unless it’s the actual baby, no one wants to see anything that just fell out of your vagina.

  26. Let me guess: was the title of the album “Lunchtime” too? Was it a prank from the poster to his/her friends? Other than that, I see no reason a sane person would post this shit, let alone even take the pic

  27. @ 15

    spelling fail. twice.

  28. Does no one understand the “flexo” joke?

    If one more person corrects this flexo person, I’m going to punch a baby. It’s a running joke.

    God dammit.

  29. I don’t care what the benefits are. I don’t care how beautiful you think it is. Some things are best kept to yourself.

  30. Beautiful, natural, whatever you want to call it, no one wants to see it. I gladly eat meat, but that doesn’t mean I want to log on to facebook and see a freshly slaughtered cow either…

  31. What has the world come to? I fear for generations to come, seriously.

  32. Needs an NSFW warning for sure. Just threw up in my mouth

  33. i dont know what your talking about jonas, asshole. stop being a retart okay.

  34. This melissa chick is a pig. I want to poop in her mouth.

  35. look it up, there are physical benefits for a new mother if she eats the placenta. doesn’t justify the pic though. gross.

  36. ey crackas, poligise fo slavery and we iz coo. muhfuckaz iz tryin brin da niga down. pologise and we coo no imsayin.

  37. People don’t truly eat the placenta do they? This can not be real.

  38. Laura, lots do, I am one of them. In mexico, it is actually a tradition.

  39. “Placenta Pizza: Grind placenta. Saute in 2 tbl. olive oil with 4 garlic cloves, then add 1/4 tsp fennel, 1/4 tsp. pepper, 1/4 tsp paprika, 1/4 tsp. salt, 1/2 tsp. oregano, 1/4 tsp. thyme, and 1/4 cup of wine. Allow to stand for 30 minutes, then use with your favorite home made pizza recipe. It’s a fine placenta sausage topping.”

    A Placenta sausage topping is soooo not fine. I know women eat placenta to stave off postpartum depression, but do you think they turn it into a family meal?

  40. @Laura (and everyone else)

    Take a look:

    I actually enjoyed the read… but I hate the name of the blog and I doubt I’ll ever go back (because of that).

  41. Lol @ 36



    High definition placenta casserole. Hand me a fork! (BTW, this is before the onions and potatoes and tomatoes and herbs get added.)

  44. wait…so…this gets posted on LAMEBOOK…which advertises itself as the WORST of facebook…it’s obviously intended to be gross, have shock value and piss people off…and you all still freak out over it and argue over it…

    so mission accomplished?? i applaud the poster and laugh at everyone but flexo, jonas, and the one who liked turtles. and i laugh especially hard at Tom Cruise except when he’s Maverick. please post your hatemail and ignorance on SPAM SPAM SPAM, with a side of toast and placenta ((seriously, though, that’s pretty sick))

  45. I have a mouthful of Subway right now, I don’t want it anymore…

  46. I blame Tom Cruise.

  47. Lamebook FTW!

  48. “I know women eat placenta to stave off postpartum depression…”

    I’d rather be depressed.

  49. what in the fuck.. would make you want to eat a PLACENTA?
    that is absolutely discusting. if you wanna be healthy, eat your damn veggies. Im pretty sure eating something that came outta your vag isnt necessary.

    I have my period right now.. i think ill go suck on a used tampon.

    sick pig

  50. Uhm… Not that I condone the eating of placentas, but what is the big deal with the picture? It’s just meat guys. You know, that thing your food is made of? Have none of you ever cooked anything from a raw state? Geez, the world is really going downhill.

  51. Frank ,this meat has been in someone’s vag. Now I really don’t mind being eaten but not that way no!

  52. Ive had 2 kids thank Godtopuss that I didnt have to see the second placenta bc the first was total fucking nightmare fuel. Seriously! People who say birth is beautful have not have kids. I shat, I cried, I puked, I popped a hemorrhoid as big as a plum. I begged for my drugs like a street corner junkie. Im shocked my husband can A)still look me in the eye. B) have sex with me still. Bc it was far far from beautiful. Also I dont care if I would reach total enlightenment from eating it I would not eat my placenta. Its basically garbage. I dont make a regular habit of eating garbage so Im not gonna start there. If eating poop had special benefits are people gonna start that? People who do this are seriously messed up. If Im gonna start eating long pig Im not gonna start there.

  53. Benefits my butt. Animals eat their placente bc it is a great source of protein. And they need protein for their lactation. People in the western world does not need more protein.
    And it’s not meat. It’s just, what’s the english word for this? fosterhinne for faen!

  54. you are assholes, placenta is amazing.

  55. Placenta is disgusting. Why not follow it up with a drink of your own piss while your at it? Be sure to season the placenta with fingernail clippings and some dead skin.

  56. Oh god; why oh why oh why a thousand times WHY. Also, why isn’t this behind a cut? I do not want to see this without a warning O.o

  57. Gosh guys, can’t you see that this is all just an elaborate prank to stop Mrs. Jones next door from continually asking to borrow their mixing bowl?

  58. @ kiwi you made me laugh hard enough to get funny looks from my coworkers. i hate you.

  59. @ ME, you shit? really. Was that necessary to confess? gross.

  60. Meh, I see nothing wrong with it. If a friend of mine made something from their placenta, I would at least try it. I’d be interested.

    I’d much rather eat placenta from a human than cow brains or bull testicles or that semi-live duck fetus thing.

  61. This should be illegal as hell. This is cannibalism.

  62. This is wrong on so many levels.

    As for the benefits, animals eat it to get rid of the trace. Sometimes animals eat their own crap too, or for that matter, some of them will eat their own young………..can’t say i’ve any desire to try those things either.

  63. Oh. Fucking. Hell. Fucking breeders fuck off. What the fuck is wrong with people? Fuck fuck rough.

  64. @mcowles haha, nice link. I don’t think I’d eat that stew, but they sure seemed excited to try it. It’s kinda gross that her other kids ate it too though.

  65. That’s fucking gross.

    @wondering, i do not agree with the practice, however, that’s like saying people should not be allowed to eat their own boogers. It’s their bodily stuff, it’s not like anyone died for them to eat their OWN placenta.


  66. @53

    ahem, animals eat it to deter predators.

  67. It’s so funny that Lamebook didn’t block this out.

  68. my biology teacher showed us his eldest daughter’s placenta… he kept it for some unknown reason…


  70. @bailey

    it’s pretty well known that you’re likely to crap at some point when giving birth. Not much of a confession!

  71. it’s spelled DISGUSTING you idiots.

  72. What fucking shite these placenta eaters are!!! ACK!

  73. Taking a dump regularly is a part of life and is beneficial to your health too, but I don’t want to see pictures of it.

  74. The placenta I ‘delivered’ after my daughter was born was way bigger than that. BUT I DIDN’T TAKE PICTURES AND POST THEM ON FACEBOOK!!!

    And I must say, that placenta is mangled. Mine was disgusting as hell but it didn’t look like it had been through a blender.

  75. @ Dee
    Stop writing about your placenta. Please.

  76. Placenta. It does a body good.

  77. @ 66
    It’s mainly the predators that do it. The ones that eat shit do it for nutrition too. It might be gross, but it’s very clever.
    My point is still that we don’t need it.

  78. That’s just sick and disturbing. The shit these people put on their pages pushes the boundaries of taste.

  79. insert clever name here

    @27 FAIL
    @ME “Popped a hemorroid the size of a plum?” *vomits*
    Way TMI. I’m surprised your husband didn’t divorce you.

  80. please tell me that’s not fucking real

  81. @ 79. This is at least annonymous. Would I ever post that on f.b? Never. I may be a digusting over sharer on here but not there. And he didnt divorce me over that. Besides I just sat with him while he got a vasectomy. I sat with him and saw little puffs of smoke come off his balls as the doctor cauterized his vas. That and putting up with his stubbly balls (as his pubes grow back in) prickling my ass at night like a thousand needles makes us even. We sleep naked and he’s a cuddler.

  82. Ok, so what is gross about a placenta?
    The blood?
    The fact that it comes from the human body?
    Grow up, you losers.
    If these types of pictures freak you out so much then stop reading lamebook because ‘gross’ pics are common around here.

  83. insert clever name here

    @ME I take back my previous post. You’re kinda awesome.

  84. All you girls who are mad because you want to eat your placenta someday should shut the fuck up. You are disgusting. Absolutely repulsive.

  85. Thanks! :) I have a habit of oversharing with my family and am glad I can make a new group of people either laugh or be disgusted by me. Random fact that I would also like to share his balls swelled up so badly that they were wrinkle free. I resisted the urge to flick them.

    And Chantal have you ever seen a placenta? It looks like a liver pizza. And why stop there why not eat your peeling skin after a sunburn? Or scabs? Why not eat the umbilical cord after it falls off the baby? Why not spread the merconium on toast? Its yours, you created it? Seriously? You have to ask whats disgusting about it?

  86. @Me

    you’re pretty funny lol. That rant about ur hubbys vasectomy was hilarious.

    I laughed so hard my sides felt like they were going to rip open. Oh, that reminds me, you owe me a new spleen :)

  87. Please NSFW this.
    I was extremely close to throwing up when I scrolled down.

  88. I don’t have a problem with placentas, or the cultural habit of eating them. But I do have a physical reaction to the sight of blood which involves either throwing up or passing out.

    Please NSFW this.

  89. @ posters at work… get off lamebook at work!

  90. Haha, I have seen these photos on facebook. A friend of mine attended the homebirth and was tagged in the album.

  91. I love how Flexo attempts to be accepted and funny, but no matter what outlandish things he says, no one really responds to him… hilarious. And its spelled retard not retart, it may have been funny the first time or maybe the second time you spelled it that way flexo, but honest to God 50 times, just not humorous.

  92. And then you have to go and ruin it, Nate, THANKS.

  93. The sight of blood makes me feel faint as well, so that is what I have a problem with. This should be blurred out.

    p.s. way to go, Nate.

  94. man up sloppyfarts.

  95. Placenta its what’s for dinner

  96. It’s a placenta. Big deal. Sitting on the stove doesn’t mean it’s getting cooked. The person had a homebirth and it was put there until it could be checked over by the midwife while more important things were attended to. I don’t think any parents would have a problem with seeing that though I have to admit that I wouldn’t post that myself.

  97. That should say ‘possibly had a homebirth’.

  98. NettlesInYerMouth

    @52, please stop breeding and neuter your young.

  99. Hmmm, by the fuck some of the commenters on here need to get out and get a life. Sweet Jesus – have you never seen roadkill.

    WTF do you say to someone who gets a nosebleed or cuts themselves? “Ohmigodthatislikesogrosshowcanyoudothattome?” I guess you’re the sorts who sue someone for the “trauma” you suffered having been witness to an accident. Wankers.

    Anyhoo – is no-one at all concerned at the state of that kitchen? I sure do hope that the baby wasn’t born in that room.

    And finally – what’s with all the flexo haters and baiters? It’s what makes the comments on here fun. Talking of which, anyone seem Adonisgay or Mr Haiku recently?


  100. i like to nibble on labia

  101. @ 98. Hubby has been snipped dear. No more breeding for me. As for the wee ones, they are some of the smartest most beautiful babes ever. Even Im confused how that happened. And how does me being disgusted about their arrival have anything to do with them being neutered? Birth is not beautiful. And I’ll tell em that when they are old enough to be horrified and embarassed about the pains and mess I went through to bring them into this shitty old world. Yes Im gonna be one of those Moms. Or am I kidding? No one knows yet. Dunnn dun Duuuuuuuuunnnnnnn!

  102. This needs some spoiler. Freaking gross. Which ass of this world is sane enough to eat something that comes out of somebody’s vagina?

  103. I don’t know. Maybe the same one who thinks it’s sane to swallow something that comes out of somebody’s penis??


  105. Jenn ftw

  106. imagine that this came out of jessica alba or megan fox .. and it kinda takes the edge off… 1 scoop? no i’ll have 2, looks delicious

  107. hahaha.Jenn has a point.

  108. Oh joy, another “I’m the only one to ever give birth now praise me” Mombie hits facebook. I’d report that pic just for her being a rude cow thinking anyone would want to see that crap.

  109. Thats just NASTY!!!!

  110. I agree that it’s discusting and that this picture shouldn’t have been taken. BUT, after reading a few posts about eating something that came out of your vag, I’m afraid I have some bad news: It’s called “Placentophagia” – the act of eating your placenta. It falls under the lines mostly of natural child birth, as it has it’s ups, one of which helps to stop bleeding after birth.

    And unfortunately, I found out that my friend’s mom who had two or three of her younger siblings at home was given a puree version mixed with strawberry flavoring by her midwife and wasn’t told what it was until hours later… now THAT’S nasty! 17 years later, she STILL doesn’t eat strawberry flavored anything!

  111. That plastic bowl is totally going to melt on that cook top and the napkin under it is just going to smoke and burn, idiots…

    (****sarcasm alert****)

    attack at will…

  112. Looks like Liver to me, tastes like chicken, NOT…teehee

  113. aw yum! Can i have some?

  114. I believe that giving someone something to eat and lying about what it is falls under the category of “assault”.

    I had a homebirth. I had no desire to see or eat my placenta. I know all about how it is supposed to help prevent bleeding to death or getting post partum depression, but I don’t think I could ever eat it.

    I know a lot of people who plant them under a tree.


  116. I’ve heard of people doing this too. That, and planting it in the backyard because it’s very nutrient dense. After having my son though, I had absolutely zero desire to take it home with me. Blech.

  117. I’d rather plant it than eat it. (I can’t understand how anyone would do that.)

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little >.<'


  119. It it wrong that I was more disturbed by the state of the wall behind the cooker, and the fact that it seems they keep their bin pressed up against the side of the cooker.

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