Thursday, May 13, 2010

Love It Or Leave It

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  1. Ben es muy bueno en hacerme triste. Frodo es el mismo. Alen001 es grave.

  2. Jacqueline has trust issues. It’s clear that’s a scam – look at the bladdy web address of the site she’s linking him to.

  3. ¿Lo que el ‘fuke?’

  4. it’s hilarious how oblivious jacqueline is.

  5. Craig’s is the best. I love how he goes from chiding his presumed girlfriend for sleeping 10 hours, only to be enamored by the “sleeping beauty” the next day.
    Oh, Craig…apparently someone got some downtown lovin,’

  6. I have a mate that broke it off with his long time partner because she was sent one of those spam messages on Facebook. It looked like it was posted by her ex-boyfriend and he went ape shit…I got the spam message too and when he described it to me I was like, “no man, she was telling the truth”. He’s ego is way too big to care though, DUMPED.

  7. Perhaps if Jacqueline would have actually gone to that website and realized what a pile of rubbish it is then she might not have pushed the panic button. Robbie would have no prayer of finding ‘Dolors’ on that thing.

  8. Anna must have one stinky vag for the taste to last that long… unless she and this girl were having a three-way with her bf, in which case she should have voiced any reluctance BEFORE it happened, not after.

  9. My husband gets one of those pornbot requests every week or so. I keep telling him to friend one to see what happens. Now I guess I know.

  10. Intelligent course of action for Jacqueline = looking at comment, realizing it’s crap, calling fiance, asking to delete comment so he doesn’t look like a tool. Problem solved.

    Or you could go apeshit on his wall and look like a fool.

  11. Jacqueline said she had the means to delete Dolors “very quickly.” Why didn’t she? I mean, if she had the means…

  12. I ain’t yo bitch, getcho own damn fries.

  13. @11: Yeah, and what a punishment. If “Dolors” “pastes” something like that again she’ll be DELETED! I’d be shakin’ in my boots if I was [fake] Dolors.

  14. Frodo no tiene una piscina!

  15. lol whores.

  16. I love it when people go absolute apenuts on facebook. Makes for a nice break from spreadsheets!

  17. Craig is an idiot.

  18. rebarbativebecc

    Wow, take a chill pill Jacqueline, it’s obviously a spam bot :s

  19. What is it with the sudden outburst of pornbots lately? I’ve been on the internet years (look at me, Mr Cool Guy) now and not gotten any, yet in the last few months about two dozen of them have contacted me on various sites.
    Is there some creepy porn site owner with a grudge against me?
    Though I find it even creepier how they make up these profiles for these girls and have them message people as if they’re a real person talking to you when they’re just programmed.

    Unless they are real people. In which case there’s probably a lot of disappointed strippers out there.

    Anyway, I’m assuming Craig is whipped, finally snapped and let out his feelings about his crazy girlfriend, and got absolutely fucking bollocked for it when she finally got up, causing him to turn into Crazy-Romantic-Craig to stop her breaking up with her.

  20. @BritishHobo: maybe it’s the porn sites you’re visiting!?!

  21. Dancinganimal256

    I just want to know what Craig’s lover did to turn him from a bitching pussy to a pussy-whipped bitch. =)

  22. I’ve never had a problem with pornbots on Facebook. MySpace, yeah…but ah…

    @Dancinganimal256 te amo la bella duermamiente es español por “I got a BJ.”

  23. fuked? Come on, Nicole’s ex-boyfriend. Let’s get serious.

  24. Dancinganimal256

    @ Benisglory: Really? Never knew that,and considering that I’m a hispanic, I probably should. Then again, the only time I speak spanish at all is when I’m with my grandparents or with middle-age to senior relatives who prefer to speak spanish. Anyways, it had to be one hell of a bj to turn that frown upside down.

  25. Oh goodness Jackqueline is crazy! You should never assume things, that just always leads into more trouble.

  26. Despite not knowing how to spell “fuck”, Nicole’s ex-bf is still awesome.

    Oh, and if it’s been long enough, any BJ will turn that frown upside down.

  27. Maybe I’m just easy, naturally cheerful, or maybe I’ve just been with some talented women, but I’ve never in my life had a BJ that didn’t turn my frown upside down, or make my entire week, for that matter.

  28. All men are easy in that regard, Bullgod.

    Any argument can be teminated with a BJ, exmaple:
    “Oh, you think $300.00 is too much money to spend on a pair of shoes….here have a BJ….what was that you say? I can buy as many pairs of $300.00 shoes I want.”

  29. i’m going to chock up jaqueline’s response to pregnancy hormones because the wall post was so obviously a spammer. i mean really, wtf.

  30. bulldog- that’s what i gave my fiance for his birthday. he said it was better than any present i could’ve bought. it saved me a shitload of money too! lol

  31. Wow.

  32. Oh I hate women who use “hunny” instead of “honey”. They don’t look very intelligent then!

  33. eh… I hate people who can’t spell, but I actually make an exception on “hunny”, as long as I’m reasonably sure that it’s a “Winnie the Pooh” reference and not just pure ignorance.

  34. CommentsAtLarge

    Apparently Anna needs to learn the private message feature.


    It’s a great go-to gift for us, we are simple creatures ;)

  35. TylerDurdenUMD

    I hate people like Jacqueline who must ALWAYS use cybertalk. I can see once in a while if it’s a text and you’re limited for space, but good lord. It’s not going to kill you to type a few extra letters and put up something halfway readable.

  36. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    hm…totally unrelated to the posts –> but, all this time, I thought “Comments” was a gal.

  37. CommentsAtLarge

    Nope MonkeyC, I’m a guy. You can’t see my adam’s apple in my gender-neutral username…

  38. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    I now realize that. But I thought I had become quite adept at telling genders apart from the context of the comments. In your case, I was completely wrong. My apologies :)

  39. Grammar Police

    I agree with you Tyler, hell, that’s why I became a pretend cop in the first place.

    And I’m going to agree with what British Hobo said. I think Craig’s mate gave him an ultimatum: stop talking shit about me or I’m going to leave your ass. Looks like he took the deal.

  40. I thought Nichole’s ex BF was great! The Anna’s vag comment made me laugh too.

  41. CommentsAtLarge

    Not sure how I should take that…

  42. Grammar Police

    Comments, I think Monkey mistakened you for a female because of the line “it’s a great go-to gift for us”.

    I think he percieved that as a female saying it’s a great gift to GIVE not from a male saying it’s a great gift to RECIEVE.

  43. i ate all your bees

    ^ Monkey mistook him for a female before this thread. Not during. Nor after. The sentence you’re talking about actually indicated to Monkey that Comments is male. You’re all mixed up!

  44. @ Bulldog one bj would make your week? Dude that’s sad.

  45. Need more brain.

  46. Grammar Police

    Ah-ha! Well there goes my theory.

  47. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @ I ate all your bees right on the money!

    Also, @Grammar I’m a “she”.

  48. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    It’s okay… happens to the best of us :) All is forgiven

  49. There are female monkeys? Guess I went to the wrong part of the jungle!

  50. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Or you’re not very selective … just saying.

  51. So there are female monkeys?

  52. never been to Greece then?

  53. I only wish those monkeys I met had used some grease.

  54. Sorry _isglory you have to pay extra for grease, next time don’t be a cheap skate, or a such tight arse either way…

  55. Not if it’s bacon grease. That comes free with bacon.

  56. Oh you went pig on a spit style? You did get your money’s worth! _isglory = _iswhorey.

  57. Holy fucking shit, guys.

    Lesson learned:

    I tried to heed my own advice…

    But never put fresh-from-the-pan bacon grease on your dick as a form of lubrication.

    I thought maybe if I tossed it into a nice wet vagina, it would cool it down. But that didn’t help at all!

    It burns! It burns!

  58. Seriously, this is a no-win situation. The more ice I put on my dick, the more it retreats.

    It’s like a catch-22 or something.

  59. And worst of all, it’s probably going to scar, and everyone’s going to think Skanka gave me the herpes.

  60. _isglory anyone who knows me knows it to stingy to give anything away.

  61. I know, it stings like a motherfucker!

  62. lol..thats it I’ve had too many glasses of red…I’m going to have very odd dreams thanks to you. Goodnight.

  63. craig…ur testicles are available for pick up at the wal-mart customer service office

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