Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love and Learn (To Spell)

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  1. Ben.

  2. I was gonna Ben you all then I realized I wasn’t logged in :/

  3. Anyone want to bet whether or not all persons listed in this update are fine, upstanding, productive members of society?

  4. YorkshirebornNBread

    No, no, no and no. In no.2′s defence they are quoting, but 1, 3 & 4 just hurt my eyes.

  5. good for you cierra… fathers just provide emotional and financial stability… what kids need that when they have a semi-literate ho for a mom

  6. These things just aren’t even fun/funny to read anymore.

  7. Not being sexshal enough is a struggle we can all relate to. I mean, who hasn’t felt unsexshal at one point or another? It just takes time till we find our real sexshality

  8. Gonorrhea_Pearlman79

    3 and 4 made my brain hurt. Every time I see typing like that, I think of the movie “Idiocracy”.

  9. Toadette is the winner


  10. Cierra, I envy your unborn offspring, the world it is about to enter is surely full of wonderful things.

    Brian, I laughed and laughed…..dick!

  11. Brian’s one seems a bit fake.

  12. Who's That Girl?

    Oh Brian, you must be special.

  13. At first these kinds of posts were funny, now I just become incredibly angry that these kid of people either have or will procreate. I just skim over the posts too, I really can’t read what they are saying, though I think I’ve gotten the gist of it.

  14. YorkshirebornNBread

    I think I liked Joe’s technique a bit better…the whole LA rockstar thing appears way more pant meltingly cooler than hansem not sexshal but a good lisanar. But I could be wrong…

  15. Geo made me vomit into my own lung.

  16. Who's That Girl?

    I ♥ Joe. Brian, take some notes. Otherwise, your sexshal life is doomed for life.

  17. I know somebody is going to ask so let me break it down for you.

    Cierra: Just because you’re pregnant does not mean he will raise his kid. I do not expect anybody to help me and I will not have an abortion. My child and I are here to stay. I don’t like it when people can’t accept me for who I am. I can do this by myself.

    Brian:Will somebody please tell me how to open this door. I am stuck in the closet and can’t find my way out. I take instructions very well if there is someone willing to help me out.

    You’re Welcome,
    HeSaidWhat :)

  18. Jennifer is such a bitch. You won’t let your child see their father because he listens to 2pac?

  19. Brian makes me sick. Harsh..but true.

  20. I have to think that English isn’t Brian’s first language. I’ve seen a lot of people learning English who spell that way, and I pray he’s one rather than someone who has known it from birth and spells like that.

  21. Sexshal anuth. My two new favorite words.

    @#8: My thoughts exactly!

  22. @douchetastic – I know but I have a lot of foreign friends and English is not their first language…..however they can ALL spell better than Brian.

    I feel sorry for him now, especially if he really is, you know, special.

  23. Why do people type like that? You have perfectly good letters there just waiting to be used people.

  24. Actually, fuck that, if he’s stupid enough to post how much he wants a ‘nice woman’ as his status on facebook..he kind of deserves abuse….but then again…NOT if he’s special..

  25. Cierra has got this shit right, you gotsta keep your owns and shit. No, but seriously, she is right.

    Jennifer should take a page out of Cierra’s book or just shut up and let the guy see his fucking kids. You think he calls child services when she quotes some bullshit Lady Gaga lyrics? Doubtful. You’re a bitch, and you know what they say — fuck bitches, get money. Fuck yeeeeaaa boiiii

  26. Jennifer is a bitch – he is quoting 2pac and even states that in the original status. Her spelling is atrocious, poor kid.

  27. In order to purchase a computer and afford the interwebs, one must have some sort of income, right? WTF do these people do for a living? They barely (ok, DON’T) form coherent sentences – yet they were smart enough to figure out how to join facebook and all. Maybe next time they could get a leapfrog instead and learn to F$#*$ing spell!!

  28. “wipes and baby wipes?”

  29. Well, we know from experience that some Lamesters update at the library…

  30. Absurdrelief – There’s always the free internet at the library and literate friends to help them set up accounts, I guess.
    Benisglory – I didn’t quite get that one either.

  31. It took me a long time to figure out what “grrs” were. I have a headache, putting on my glasses is not helping, and now I am even more terrified of the ghetto than I already was.

  32. Following the library logic then, do they understand what the place is – besides a free internet hosting site?
    I can’t imagine Cierra getting off her illiterate ass and dragging her kid to the libary so she and Lil (??) can semi-type to each other – it would take time from her Jerry Springer/Maury Povich watching.

  33. Jennifer might be a bitch, but I also happen to believe a man shouldn’t be allowed in his kids like if he chooses to make no effort to raise them, and pay for their necessities.

  34. “tall, dark and hansem” sounds like my kind of man

  35. This whole post just depresses me, and I’ve had a very tire full day already. Moving on.

  36. Geo is a drama queen. Tomorrow he’s going to be writing about how his broken soul shards have been swept up into a dust pan and put into a hot oven and melted and remade into a snow globe with a snowman and a little cabin in it. F^ck off.

    I think Jennifer meant “diapers and baby wipes.” I think if Cameron doesn’t give her any money and goes on facebook and brags about “all that money you makin” then good for Jennifer for going on Facebook and calling him out on it.

    I really, seriously feel sorry for Cierra’s child.

    Brian…. pathetic.

  37. …I think Jennifer is implying that Cameron sells drugs… “all that money u makin” – “before I go broke I be a drug dealer a thug nigga”, with that being the ‘good work’ he’s keeping up with.

    On another note, Geo’s spelling is about as broken as his soul. Tsk tsk.

    ee, just make yourself a spritzer and everything will be better. Then, after a few glasses, you will be able to look at such terrible spelling without feeling depressed, lol.

  38. nuff, not sure if that will help. I spent 5 hours in the er with my son. He thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if he swallowed a couple cents worth. Now he is a human ATM, and I did not enjoy my evening! Take that as you will. But I am indulging in some wine, and said bank machine is slumbering. I will now drink myself to sleep, and possible pleasure myself before so as a release!

  39. Does he have enough change for a $20? (Assuming everything’s all good seeing as he’s asleep at home) ;)
    Hope your dreams treat you as well as I would.

  40. Well ee, what goes in, must eventually come out.
    Enjoy the search through your son’s number twos for the coin return. Glad it’s you and not me baby.

    Oh the joy of being a parent.

  41. I simply can’t be fucked with this post, I need a beer stat.

  42. nuff, thanks for the laugh. I needed it!

    word…as for this evening, there were NO JOYS in being a parent! But, with a sigh, we must do what has to be done. It’s O.K. though, I have a amazing kid, so it’s kinda worth it. I have to give the kid props though, he has a way with people. He had them coming in and out of the room wanting to meet him. They all saw his x-rays and wanted to put a face to the image. He smiled and they gave him candy, his day wasn’t so bad. Mine however…yeah!

  43. So do you have to check for outgoing funds?

  44. Already ahead of you a beer, wordy! :D

    ee, me wise mum, a nurse of more than 3 decades and a parent (and grandparent now) to several, refuses to get upset about things kids swallow, as long as said things are not (a)poison, (b)putrid, (c)sharp. The littlest sibling in the fam ate a lot of weird stuff, and is fine today. Mum couldn’t be bothered to sort through shit (literally) for things swallowed that were not immediately life threatening (like a Barbie shoe). She reckoned that if foreign bodies were going to cause a problem, we’d know it when it happened.

    Rest easy, your little one will be fine. :)

  45. word, as much as I adore you. I really don’t want to answer that question. Let’s just leave that behind the closed bathroom door where it shall forever remain!

  46. Thanks Miss Shegas, I needed that. I’m sure he’ll be fine, the kid has too much fire in him to let something like a little loose change get the best of him. Although, if he could double those funds, I wouldn’t complain.

  47. ee, glad I could offer a little happy to your night. And let me know if yours figures a way to double the funds. If so, I’d consider making a few of my own! :D

  48. I’ll be catching up to you soon Miss She, off to the pub baby, and boy, do I bloody need it!
    What a fucking shithouse day I’ve had. I shall blame the full moon for it.

  49. Have one for me word!

    I’ll let you know Miss Shegas!

    Have a good evening ladies. Off to bed for me.

  50. I can imagine you waking up in the middle of the night to a clinking sound and going, “WTF?” until it hits you a moment later when the toilet flushes. Ohhhh boy…

  51. Miss She, if we could double our dollars by eating them, we’d all do it right?

    As much as I hate shit, I’d wash it off and swallow the money again.

  52. nuff, don’t mock my fears. No one wants to see money flushed down the toilet!

  53. LMAO! Damn I love how you women make me laugh.

  54. As always, a very good thing nuff.

  55. I guess it’s kinda ironic that my chosen profession is nursing, and I despise shit so much. I can deal with almost any other bodily fluid, and that includes pus (actually pus squeezing is a fetish of mine).

    I purposely chose a speciality that is essentially a shit free zone. So thankfully, I don’t need to deal with it that often.

    Praise those cardiac patients, praise them!

  56. lol

  57. yo word if you’re into pus draining have I got an activity for you! they don’t call me pizza shoulders for nuthin

  58. Oh noes! The Alenxxx spambot. Doesn’t anyone moderate these things out of existence? And, obviously, don’t follow the spambottery instructions to google anything, as that’s what THEY want you to do.

  59. This just makes me sad.

  60. Oh my, I have finally become part of the lamebook community. I just have to thank you all for keeping me entertained at work.

  61. @Lammer

    Your Wellcome

  62. @mcowles
    *you’re :P

  63. god damn why won’t it let me delete my own f’ing comments?!!! sorry mcowles!!

  64. @juju

    haha… you missed the second typo? Tsk tsk, I had more faith in you than that!

  65. I’m honestly shocked and appalled…I shall deprive myself of dinner now…
    Yesum when I saw the second typo I assumed it was done on purpose…but was unable to retract my previous statement..hahaha I sound very la-di-da in my head right now!

  66. @juju

    As long as you got it in the end, then all is well.

    OMG, I should go post this on some sort of “That’s what she said” website… if only I knew of one…….

  67. I honestly thought for a second that when Brian said he was a good ‘lisanar’ he meant he was a good lasagne.

  68. My comment is awaiting moderation?! Is this what happens when you put a link in a comment?! LAME!!!


  70. krasivaya_devushka

    “My soul’s falling from the heaven like broken glass”…omg that made me LOL !!

  71. some people should should not have kids or fuck

  72. Dr.Steve_Brule

    The above sequences of retardation should be used in a court of law as defense for abortion and why it should never be illegal. MY. GOD.

  73. No.

  74. Oh, what I’d do to be considered hansem.

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