Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lil Wins

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  1. robotninjazombiebear

    the ghetto one is old, but i still like it.

  2. STEPHEN!!

  3. robotninjazombiebear

    oh.. did i ruin it for you?

  4. Fourst!!!!!

  5. Really all of them are ‘lil wins’, but the last one was the best.

  6. GPS has hookers as available destinations/POIs? Why didn’t I know about this?

  7. I suppose one can add customized locations, add extra map directions from others etc.

  8. Well, somebody needs to release those POIs, stat!

  9. Number 2 was just plain stupid, best of the bunch was the GPS one.

  10. meh

  11. nuff? meh? Come on? Hookers are funny!

  12. These were all pretty good I thought. The first and the last one were the best.
    I’m not really cool with people outing others about STDS in a public forum. That’s pretty shitty.

  13. Oh Joe, you naughty boy…..

  14. Why is Kenny Loggins ‘Danger Zone’ suddenly in my head? Hookers maybe?

  15. I laughed for about two minutes about the first one. And I still can’t look at it without giggling. Love those short ones (insert “That’s what she said”-joke here).

  16. Fuck Lamebook, as much as I’m a whiny little cunt (I wanna see if that word’s gonna get through… which it did… if i’m explaining this to you), you’re amazing sometimes. Still laughing at the first one xD

  17. Fuck Lamebook, as much as I’m a whiny little bitch (tried the C word to see if it’d get through, is awaiting moderation :( ), you’re still amazing. Still laughing at the first one xD Brilliant. I’m gonna stop moaning now because it turns out the short ones can be hilarious. Also nobody cares what I think.

  18. You sound sad British? We care, we care.

  19. Amanda’s post on Tara’s wall serves as a reminder why I have disabled the ability for friends to post on my wall. If you want to tell me something, you have several options that do not involve broadcasting the message to a fairly large group of my friends/acquaintances/co-workers. Having said that…good luck with the herpes.

  20. Ananda? Birth certificates need to start coming with spell check! Anyway, why could she text/ call/ e-mail/ inbox/ post/ visit Tara?! why, why, why on her wall? Oh wait, maybe she doesn’t see it as a big deal because you can “live comfortably with herpes”

  21. * couldn’t

  22. Aw nah ee, I’m okay. I guess that did come off a lot more miserable and self-pitying than I intended it to…
    Thanks for the conern though :)

  23. Lol adrian ftw.

    -God’s investment (his son!) in you, was SO great, he could NEVER abandon you!-

  24. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Elixabeth, what the hell are you talking about?

  25. elixabeth. Please please please leave off your tag line. It’s spamming. Go to to find a religion with real meaning and inclusive siblinghood. You also get to wear cool pirate regalia. Facebook gets a tick today. NICE!

  26. elixabeth ftl!

  27. Oh jeez, let’s not get into some massive fucking religion debate. Everyone has their own views, and they’re all bloody wrong, even mine. Probably. Done.

  28. @schiuma.. fk man that shit was lame years ago… which is why it’s only lame fat nerd atheists who post that shit…
    let her have her faith. you judgmental twat. your link is spamming..

  29. you prob do wear the pirate regalia, don’t you..? that’s why you’re so lonely.

  30. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Titsonabull, did the FSM post really offend you THAT much that you just had to come back for a second post, a mere minute later?

    While I agree that FSM is kinda lame, I like it’s sentiment.
    YOU are being judgmental by making assumptions about an entire group of people.
    You’re being a hypocrite, while you’re at it.

    Let’s add bigotry to the mix, in that even though FSM is a parody, your suggestion that elixabeth has her every right to tell us all what (s)he thinks about religion, as soon as Schiuma posts anything contrary to your precious little worldview, you lose your shit.

    My apologies to BritishHobo.

  31. well given that his comment was a direct attack on her beliefs, yes it did offend me.. what ever i said in my reply was designed to be a direct attack on schiuma.. perhaps if the people preaching about fsm saw it as a belief i would see it differently. but because they use it as a tool to belittle and make fun of people merely for their beliefs.. as for your bigotry remark, i am an atheist also.. so what does that say about my precious little world view. so as for calling me a hypocrite i say i was merely giving a bully a taste of their own medicine.. perhaps dietpill if you weren’t a misguided uninsightful twat you might have kept your self righteous oppinions to yourself.

  32. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Even if you’re an atheist yourself, your comments still remain those of a bigot.

    Just because one person believes in the beardy sky-man, does not give them MORE rights than someone who does not.

    That is the root of this entire argument.

    Schiuma has just as much right to parade FSM as his prophet, even if it’s satirical, as exliabeth does.
    His criticism of her post, is just as valid as your criticism of his response is.

  33. @IMissBen:-(

    Ananda is a Hindu name meaning ‘ultimate bliss’. So, y’know, not a spelling mistake.

  34. you are certainly missing the point mr pyramidscheme.. given that elixabeth’s comment was completely harmless and did not push her beliefs on anyone(she merely made a little statement to herself) i stand by my opinion that schiuma was not parading fsm as a prophet, he was using it as a weapon to help with his completely unprovoked attack on elixabeth’s beliefs.. how can you say that their rights to parade their beliefs is the root of the arguement when i thought i made it clear that my problem was with the motives behind the comments… you need to get your roots straight.. your argument may mean something in a a completely different context but you’re way off the mark here.

  35. swing and a miss dietpill. i had no interest in the discussing contents of their comments, i was simply attacking schiuma for his motive’s behind what was written.

  36. Hey, any chance you two could shut the hell up about religion and stop acting like you’re two meaningful philosophers debating about something that matters?

    To each their own – ever hear of it?

  37. lol

  38. The Devil still wants to play ping pong with your testicles and he’s not a fuckin quitter.

  39. And I better not hear anybody disagree with that or you’re next.

  40. Number 1 is the best – I like to imagine it’s our very own Ben.

    Number 2 wasn’t funny. And the ‘to’ ‘too’ thing irritated the gramamr nazi inside me :(

  41. @amtrak4lovers

    The gramamr nazi inside of you needs to learn about to/too (“fastest route to hookers” is correct).

  42. @Dcru

    amtrak was talking about the second post “to soon”… is not correct.

    Btw amtrak, I once had a nazi inside of me. I didn’t like his stance on genocide, but I did like his stance on nipple clamps. Hmmm, to soon?

  43. @mcowles
    Ahaha So long as the nazi inside you didn’t finish ‘to soon’ ;)

  44. @dcru – I meant the ‘to’ in the second comment, however I’ll let you have the ‘gramamr’ typo, oops!

  45. I once strolled into a REALLY bad neighbourhood and didn’t even notice because I was to busy stairing at google maps on my iPhone. They’re aren’t as many mistakes in this comment as I originally planned.

  46. ..still laughing at the first one :)

  47. for the record, i know amanda and tara, they are best friends, and the herpe meds has been a long standing joke in their group of friends. there were other comments on the wall post that were not posted on lamebook that would make it clear that it was a joke.

  48. whawha I agree with you
    @elixabeth could you please not add your religious tag?

  49. @27 Titsonabull. Yes my comment is lame, offensive and hypocritical that was the point. I have a belief system however I dont advertise it, I don’t sell it door to door or on the streets. I dont think that lamebook comments is the appropriate place for that kind of tagline. Most of the comments here take the piss in one way or another out of the posts or the commentators themselves. I just really resent having jesus, mohummed, krishna or any diety / prophet brought up around me. While i respect elixabeth’s faith and expect her to post whatever she wants I felt the need to express that it does offend me. But i’ll deal with it. Sorry Britishhobo didn’t meant to kick this off.

  50. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Exactly right, Schiuma.

    Titsonabull, in response to your argument, say I added a tagline to my posts. How about, “There is no god. There is no life after death. Deal with it.” (The first example that came into my head, the tagline is arbitrary.)

    OF COURSE religious people would be all over my posts, criticizing what my tagline was. In response, I would call them “fucking morons”, but I would not criticize them just for making the comment. I was the one who stimulated it, but putting that as my tagline.

    It’s all double standards. And people like you only help to make it worse.

  51. In her defense I like Elixabeth because I’m Adrian :P

  52. fuck off

  53. dietpill.. in that case, id be as willing to jump on their cases as i was on schiumas… though i doubt that the backlash would be as dramatic as you make out… because i think most people are more mature than myself you and schiuma, and would ignore the comment entirely.. in any case, your proposed tagline is not stating a belief system like els was.. it is denying someone else’s belief system.. there is a difference.. maybe part of your belief system is not advertising your belief system… which is fine… but that’s not everyones.. so why try to stop someone who wants to advertise it..? are you afraid someone might listen?? i don’t think so, given how you clearly look down on people who don’t understand or believe the things you take as fact… so unless you are afraid, it really serves no purpose whatsoever to demand someone abandon their beliefs because you don’t understand or believe them… except to make you two feel like good tough atheists doing your bit to stop the spread of hope amongst the dumb peasant creationists who happen to cross your path…

  54. you see double standards because you’re blinded by your own brilliance.. though the only eyes that it shines for are your own…

  55. When people post religious-related shit as a tag line they are basically just *begging* for attention… Wanting fellow believers to praise them for their faith; and wanting to piss off everybody else… :P

    I’m starting to think elixabeth is a troll who just wants to start religious debates on Lamebook… It’s certainly working…

  56. its hardly a religious debate…

  57. Well whatever kind of argument it is… *shrug* … think that people should keep their religious opinions or lack thereof to themselves, cause to be quite honest, nobody else wants to hear them, ‘specially on a site like this, it’s supposed to be just fun.

    In relation to the post… I like the GPS one, I lol’d…

  58. I kind of wish I’d never said anything. I found elixabeth’s tag annoying, but this argument is more annoying :S

  59. dietpillpyramidscheme

    In order to end said argument, I’ll revert to mock-narcissism; “Hey, I am brilliant! Thanks for noticing.

    Seriously, though, didn’t I say that my example tagline was arbitrary? As in, I’m in a hurry, and it’s merely an example?

    I don’t know what make believe world you live in, but I’m sure that inside of it, you are a mighty knight of political correctness, riding high upon your horse, ‘self-rightiousness’, as you swing the enchanted blade ‘hipocrutio’ to cleave forth thy enemies.

    …I’m making little sense. I’m gonna sleep, then regret this nonsensical rebuttal later on.

  60. u are a twat.

  61. Is this ‘argument’ a competition to see who can say ‘live and let live’ in the most intelligent and philosophical way? Because if you go over it, you’re all arguing the same point really. Well, you were from the start. Just sayin’ ;)

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