Friday, February 10, 2012

Lil Tee

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  1. i am sad that i am first :(

  2. themanwhosoldtheworld

    i am sad this is not funny enough so I’ll probably be last.

  3. I’ve been in so many hotels this past year my street name is now ‘Ice Vending’

  4. Can someone explain this one to me?

  5. Common lingo would be “nickname” or “preferred name,” instead of “street name.”

  6. ^ you so OG.

  7. @lamerfan The form is asking for the name of the street the kid lives on, aka “street name,” and the kid mistook it for what his name on the street is.

  8. Hey, are we going to get some racism in this thread soon? …because I just made the bigoted assumption that young Terrance (aka LiL Tee) may not be white.
    And if there is one thing that lamebook has been missing lately, it’s a good dose of race-hate.

  9. vaginalroundhouse

    Yeah people stop the racism, just because all black people are on welfare doesn’t mean we have to keep reminding people that all black people are welfare. The next person to gloat about all black people all receive welfare checks is going to hear from me.

  10. I met a black man once and he claimed he didn’t even like watermelon.

    so – hah! take that you intolerant racists.

  11. maybe that dude who basically said naziism was only slightly off will stop by and satiate your needs MsAnne for race-hate.

    can you not take screen shots with a mac or does the person who posted this just enjoy making things overly complicated?

  12. Haha, oh my goodness the post was so “lame” that I couldn’t interpret it. I feel dumb. LOL. But thanks for the explanation. :)

  13. #11,blah ;- I’m guessing they didn’t want to take a screencap at work and risk getting busted doing that to a student’s confidential files.
    Because this post is actually kinda illegal. (yay!)

  14. that is a fair assessment. i still like to think that the black bar is actually electrical tape on their laptop screen.

  15. Am I the dude who said naziism was only slightly off? I think I may have said something like that recently.

  16. nope, it was mad2physicist or something like that

  17. What this Cunty Mcflange doesn’t realise is that there is actually a street call Lil Tee in Cleveland it’s just off Mum Ho Avenue.. Google Earth is our friend.

  18. @MsAnnne-Whoa wait.. You know a black guy who doesn’t like watermelon?!

  19. MsAnne, you know someone?

  20. At least his name is ‘Terrance’ and not ‘TerMajesty’ or some other such awful ebonical sobriquet.

  21. sirjoshuaofgeorgetown

    Black guys like watermelon. Watermelon loosens u up down there so u can pee or *** more. They also have big *****. This is why we have so many Lil Tees running around on welfare. Welfare drives up the price of watermelon. This is the circle of life

  22. ^Thanks for that enlightening explanation on watermelon. If you are going to make up some bullshit theory about something, at least try to make it funny.

  23. ripped from another site. lame

  24. Yeah, turtlehead, I just HATE it when two different humour sites on the internet, with no affiliation to one another, actually both have the same material. How DARE they not provide you with nothing but never-before-seen pictures.

    I never said nazism was only slightly off. I said that regulating reproduction is not evil just because the nazis practiced a small amount of such engineering. I also said that the nazis turned around a ruined economy, and that I approve of doing things to improve economies.

  25. ^the nazis practiced a ‘small amount’ of eugenics, did they? you should do some research. That is all.

    and #21…sirfuckfaceofgeorgetown. You again, eh? what does ‘***’ and ‘*****’ means? Does the parental controls on your computer not allow profanity? Or are you just a cunting fuckstain?

  26. I love racists generalizations, for instance, all whites (mutants) are pedophiles. Oh wait, that’s true.

  27. www dot whitewatch dot info

  28. Hey mutants, if you want to see your true natures revealed, please visit this site.

    www dot whitewatch dot info

    Sucks to be a mutant!

  29. Hey racists mutants! If you love racists jokes, check this site out. Careful though, the truth hurts.

    www dot whitewatch dot info

    or g o o g l e it!

  30. Hey MsAnneThorpe,

    They know everything you do, everything. No, it’s not your imagination.

  31. ^are you trying to communicate something to us here?
    you seem agitated.

  32. Hey MsAnneThorpe,
    It won’t be long now. Not long at all. Remember that day, when you thought no one saw you. You were wrong, boy were you wrong.

  33. I like race jokes based off of stereotypes.
    What is a white (mutant) favorite sex position?
    Give up?
    Doggystyle. Ha Ha.

    It’s funny because whites (mutants) love to have sex with dogs. Ha Ha!


  34. sure. ok.
    you seem legit.

    are you a nigerian prince?

  35. ^ and kids, and inanimate objects, like cars.
    Wow white people are screwed in the head.

  36. “sure.ok.”

    Not long at all…MsAnneThorpe!


    What you won’t tell your mutant buddies, is that you are one this site:


  37. Hey you hyperactive asshole – I’m not racist. I like black people.
    I think they are strong and intelligent. And not at all brutal and corrupt.

    I mean, just look at the enviable lifestyles and prosperity enjoyed throughout Africa. And Haiti? Tell me that the administration there is just a straight-up success story?

  38. asshole

  39. I noticed that you did not deny it!

    Not long at all “MS”AnneThorpe

  40. deny what? that you’re a cracked-out n i g g e r?
    No. I do not deny that.

  41. hey. watch your god damn mouth.

  42. MsAnne, they practiced killing live people. They also marginally tried to arrange for breeding between those they considered ‘desirable,’ that is, between ‘aryan’ women and members of the Hilter Jugend or some similar organization.
    This is nothing like what I suggested as something which I wouldn’t _necessarily_ morally object to, namely requiring people to be sterilized after a certain number of children (unless their genes were correlated with high intelligence or osmething) in order to help deal with overpopulation. While I could potentially support such a proposal, I wouldn’t support the killing of live humans (just unborn babies).
    BTW if you want to type it without censoring, just use a phonetic spelling from the south: ‘niccuh.’
    Yt, you really ought not to think all white people are screwed in the head because of MsAnne. That would be like me thinking all black people are stupid because of one dumb fuck whom I had to teach.

  43. you guys are stupid

  44. mad2physicist, Your proposal, whilst essentially noble in its goals and aspirations in working towards a stronger, healthier better human race (and who doesn’t want that?), is fatally flawed in a number of ways. Most notably; its simplistic assumptions as to humans being able to carry it out without just totally fucking it all up with their petty power plays, greed and selfish bullshit. Also, high intelligence doesn’t preclude one from being an unbearable asshole. Trust me on that one.

  45. So it is better to just let stupid people keep popping out babies, consuming the world’s resources and contributing nothing?
    The same objections that you give toward the practical aspects could also be applied toward, say, public education or governmental distribution of driving licenses. But I wasn’t arguing for the proposal, in any case.

  46. Tell me something “MS”AnneThorpe.
    Why are whites so demented? Is it because of the mutated genes they carry?
    Whites have a history of committing the sickest, vilest acts known to man. Pedophilia, bestiality, serial killing, enslaving, genocide,this list could gone forever, but you get my point right?
    Now that i think about it, i expect nothing less from mutants, after all, they carry the neanderthal gene. Africans should have left Caucasoids in their caves.

    Not long at all “MS”AnneThorpe! Not long at all.
    wwwdotwhitewatchdotinfo (find “MS”AnneThorpe mugshot)

  47. I wish you were arguing for the proposal. So I’m just going to plough ahead and pretend.

    Do all ‘stupid’ people contribute nothing? the uneducated working poor? the serving/labouring classes? Some ‘stupid’ people are gentle, kind and hardworking, so can we include ‘Emotional IQ’ in the testing?
    Would you rather be stuck on a desert island with half a dozen industrious & pleasant, nonetheless ‘stupid’ people; or half a dozen, acerbic, self-absorbed, emotionally unavailable cunts?

    How about independently wealthy trust-fund cunts who actually contribute NOTHING – can we slaughter them in the streets?

  48. ^I was replying to mad2.

    obviously our visiting whackjob mutation needs to be ignored for awhile.

  49. The argument should be that 5% of black males are in prison while only .7% of white males are.

  50. “MS”AnneThorpe if I were you I would want to divert the attention as well. The only proper response to my statements is…hmm…true!

    You know the truth, ignoring me will not make it go away. You thought that no one knew, but you were wrong. Very wrong. Now the truth is catching up to you.

    Not long at all!

  51. oh noes.

  52. I, for one, hadn’t seen it before and think it’s hilarious! Lil Tee’s flow can really hustle!

  53. sirjoshuaofgeorgetown

    I agree that whites are mutants. I myself am an Asian Supremacist. Heil Kimchi!

  54. ytmutation Oi Malcom fucking X stop your spurs from jingling and jangling! What you and the rest of the Black fucking Panthers call mutation the pillowcase wearing cunts who sit on the opposite side of the fence call evolution…

    Black folk can be just as fucking twisted as their white counterparts a fuckwit is a fuckwit no matter the colour of his skin… Idi Amin was a nice fella wasn’t he?!

    The top and bottom of it is you are coming across as a black man who has had a white cock in his bum and is pretty angry about it.. and I think that’s a little bit racist…and gay.

    You are still a man no matter where that mean whitey mutant touched you.

  55. heh…’man’

  56. anyone else notice ytfuckhisface has been saying thorpe instead of thrope?

  57. nope. i don’t pay him any attention – except to throw the occasional bucket of kerosene on him when he appears to be flagging.

  58. That there my friends is another fine example of our Cleveland Metro Schools Edamacation at its finast!!!!

  59. clydebruckmansfinalrepose

    YT: Oh, I get it, you are putting “MS” in parenthesis in attempt the imply that you don’t think MsAnneThrope is actually a “Ms.” How…clever.

  60. clydebruckmansfinalrepose

    “Heil Kimchi!” Typical Korean, hehe. :-)

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