Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life My F

Life My F

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  1. How clingy can he be if half his time is spent updating his status on how clingy he is

  2. Protip: you don’t need to mention that you have a girlfriend every time you fucking speak. We get the point, and we don’t fucking care.

  3. fuck you i love my amazing gf how is that lame ??????

  4. Oh bless. Prepubescent lurve. At least I hope it’s prepubescent, nobody should be allowed to spell “day” as “daii” but it’s kinda acceptable for under 14s. Sort of.

  5. biggest fucking tool ever

  6. Gee, it sure is LAME around here…

  7. So he is too clingy? I’d never have guessed that from reading his posts.

  8. What does LMF stand for? Lame Mother Fucker?

  9. This guy is in for a world of hurt and by the sounds of it, very soon, and he owes me a new keyboard for causing me to throw up all over mine. 3 months?? That makes this all the more pathetic. I hate these tools that post all their lame ass inside thoughts as their facebook status’….unless this fuckwad goes around saying this shit out loud to everyone he knows as well.

  10. im having your baby

    so painfully sickening to read. this doesnt even need to be commented on its so lame.

  11. It’s September. We can only hope Rhys started elementary school and found a new GF.

  12. sad

  13. yes rhys you are too clingy

  14. i think LMF might be her initials.

  15. also, i’m pretty sure i would have dumped his bitch ass on 7/21.

    he’s a creepypants and way too clingy.

  16. This thing belongs on

    Clingy couples=yuck!

  17. Wow…I so totally dated *that* guy in high school….and dumped him when after a week of dating (2 of knowing him) he professed his undying love to me. Sorry Rhys…she’s going to dump your ass.

  18. Wat is this pik on rhys daii ?? :O

  19. Bunny boiler!

  20. im guessing to be able to put up with this for a month or so the girlfriend must be kinda into this

  21. @just me Yeah I dated someone the same too… about 2 months ago… he was 28.

    Go figure.

    Some boys are just born to be lame.

  22. Oh and by the blurred photo (good blurring, lamebook) it looks like the photo is of the two of them together too.
    Run LMF, run like the wind.

  23. Rei – thanks for STFU marrieds – brilliant site!!

    Oh and Rhys is still a loser. My other half was a bit like this when we first got together but I soon told him to stop it or he would find himself single again! I think some girls like it….

  24. Dai is a welsh name , like Rhys so that could explain that one , bet thats eased a lot of people`s mind`s !.

  25. reading the comments is funnier than the entry

  26. Ah, I think he’s saying, “What is this, pick on Rhys day?”

    I feel like a translator.

  27. man rule #20452…No man should ever make the heart symbol when typing! No excuses!

  28. Yes, it is pik on rhys daii.

  29. haha, whoever submitted this did a good job. Hopefully someone will keep us posted on the break-up, otherwise, i dunno how i can continue with my life not knowing.

  30. It’s easier to write ‘day’. Why make your already devastatingly difficult existence harder?


  32. LMF stands for lame motherfucking facebooker.

  33. Love my life?

  34. im having your baby

    #21, with a name like Looby, i guess some girls were just born to be dry? or horny but insufficiently wet?

  35. Looby is a popular name in Ireland. Thanks to you, I’ll never be able to look any of them in the eye again without thinking about ease of passage.

  36. I’m pretty sure LMF stands for Little Midget Fingers… the little tools Rhys uses to pleasure himself all daii.

  37. @Boz, I’m irish and I have never encoutered anyone with the name Looby or even heard of it before.

  38. Er, encountered..

  39. @34 yeah, I can’t go anywhere without my KY

  40. All this needed was a “Rhys is single” status update at the end.

  41. Lick my frenulum? Let me fester? Love mom’s fishsticks?

  42. Clingy? naaah!

    The early life of a stalker.

  43. Geez, Dude! Have some dignity!

  44. ugh I hated.. I mean dated someone like that. Got nothing to do with prepubescence, the crazy just comes shows up very, very quickly.

  45. @anon

    I’m from County Tipperary. There are LOADS of them there.

  46. Seems she’s already complaining and pulling away. Nice.

  47. I realize that these passive-aggressive “demonstration of my commitment” statuses are posted solely for his gf to see, but what they really say is “I’m more of a girl than my girl, so now is a good time for real men to move in and take her”.

  48. I couldnt get down with a guy calling me princess. You aint my daddy, man.

  49. something tells me that she took his cherry.

  50. @Arf The Crime Dog

    I insist all my bitches call me “Daddy”.

  51. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    upper echelon cunt

  52. OMG! What a clingy NUT JOB!!

  53. wow shame poor girl, ha ha rhys you are wierd dude, get a life. don’t advertise your love???

  54. WTF Does L.M.F mean u retard?!?! I bet by now when u read this that u r single, and bet u that she popped ur cherry, grow up little boy and just be COOL u fucking FOOL!

  55. oh carolann, i like your style. can i date you and stalk you, put things on FB that makes look wierd, sado etc??? xxxxxxxxxxxx

  56. To answer some of the FAQ’s;

    - LMF are the girls initials.
    - Rhys is 19 years old, LMF turned 17 last week.
    - “Daii” translated to normal people talk is “day”. I too am unsure why a 19 year old boy replaces the letter “y” with “ii” at every possible opportunty.
    - This is not the first girl he’s had status updates like this about. Probably the third by my count.
    - Today was their 4th month anniversary.
    Status update #1: Rhys Warnes | Happy 4 months princess :) iiloveyou xoxox
    Status update #2: Rhys Warnes | Indesicive , Insecure , Jelous !!!! Wonder why im like this…..


  57. i puked a little in my mouth!

  58. Dear Rhys,

    You’ve officially lost your balls and man card! Your nuts will now be deposited into a big steaming pile of GET FUCKED.

    Jesus, no wonder your girl thinks you’re clingy. Seriously, it’s time you got a vagina. Just get snipped, drink some cosmos, and watch “Sex In The City”. You’re already there.

    Real Men

  59. #58 just owned my life in so many different ways <3

  60. #58 That is fucking hilarious. im going to steal that and in the not too distant future pass it off as my own comedy genius.

  61. P.S. This is talking from experience.

  62. I’ll give him props for one thing, at least his updates were spaced out over a few days at least between each one… you’ve seen the psychos updating every few minutes for hours!

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