Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lick It Up!

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  1. Caroline, you should’ve gone with your first instinct and not commented on this.

  2. oh nooooo!

  3. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little

  4. Uh, Aunt Caroline, I won’t be telling a soul. I won’t need to as you just posted that on the oh so private internet.


  5. Dr. Azizted-Homicide

    drunks sluts are a generational issue.

  6. I think Aunt Caroline is hilarious!

  7. The word “disgusting” comes to mind.

  8. Wondering how she’s her ex-aunty… she sounds pretty cool to me

  9. Now we know why she is an ex-aunt.

    And, why is she quoting colloquial phrases? I can almost see her giving little air bunny ears to punctuate her phrases when she talks (and then inserting her tongue between them)…

  10. just passing through

    I wonder why these morons keep posting these kind of pics of themselves on fb, knowing full well that they have befriended their relatives?

    The ex-aunt (who was most likely married to emily’s blood uncle and who is now divorced…surprise!) was probably a groupie. what does “lick it up” mean exactly?

  11. “Lick it up,” in any context, is something i never hope to hear from my aunt. ever.

  12. Emily is Frodo.

    But I like it.

  13. I got dog-sh*t on my floor, Aunt Caroline lick it up.

  14. Nice one, Ted.

  15. Obviously fake, the text of her comment is too clear and a little too small compared to the text surrounding it.

  16. Aunt Caroline’s sarcasm wins.

  17. Is she holding a baby?!

  18. Does she have a gimpy hand?

  19. I actually think she is holding a baby. At first glance it looks like a jacket but if you look even closer there are tiny fingers.

    Good for you Lesbo mom. You get an A+ (and your Aunt seems to enjoy it too)

  20. She is suffocating her baby. haha

  21. Are they twins?

  22. uh yeah.. BABY?!?! wtf?

  23. Baby? or little person?

  24. Ahh! I didn’t even see the little baby fingers! What is going on here?

  25. Those are obviously her fingers just inside the sleeve to her jacket. What I’m worried about is the ferret that is kinda stuck in there.

  26. That’s not a baby…that’s her hand, she is making that I’m-so-spoiled-and-girly thingie ,showing just a bit of her fingers through the jacket.Notice how she is touching her necklace…
    These girls are what 15 years old ? Pedophile alert.

  27. At first I thought Aunt Caroline was doing an awesome sarcastic comment where she was going to mock the girl for whatever the phot was, but… then it just got weird…

  28. Part of me must admit to being slightly curious as to exactly what ex-Aunt Caroline has “licked up.” If this curiosity grows I’m sure all I have to do is ask and ex-Aunt Caroline will be only too happy to spill every single gory detail of that “secret.”
    Lick it up guys…

  29. The Blind Assassin

    This is more fake than Mark Wahlberg’s cock in Boogie Nights…NEXT!

  30. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwy

  31. I just threw up in my mouth a lot.

  32. The two on the outside have such matronly upper arms.

  33. insert clever name here

    Judging by the fact that it’s in quotes and that the aunt is 40, I’m thinking she is referring to the famous KISS song, “Lick it Up”.

  34. Ex-aunt Caroline is a flaming lez that gets off seeing her ex-niece frenching some chick. I think the reference is to the song “Lick It Up”, but more likely encouragement to pursue homosexuality. If my niece posted a pick of herself at that age kissing anyone, I would kick her ass, then rat her out to her mom, who would then kick her ass. Caroline is one of those creepy relatives who thinks they are hip, but usually freak people out.

  35. @ nashntth

    Get over it!
    2 girls kissing, big fuckin’ deal

  36. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    “lick it up”- words to live by.

  37. @wordpervert

    It’s not a big deal, it’s hot. However, AUNT CAROLINE being jazzed about seeing her EX-NIECE making out with another girl is strange. That’s my point.

  38. The only way this could’ve been better is it, Dave and John were kissing, and Uncle Melvin finished his post with the Bullet Boyz’ classic, “Smooth Up in Ya”.

  39. Didn’t sound like your point, but whatever

  40. YESSSSS!!!! I POSTED THIS!!! It is NOT fake, and there was more the the conversation (including her dad commenting on it!) that lamebook decided not to post. Finally, one of my entries got on the site! haha
    and to answer the questions: no she’s not holding a baby, and shes 18 or 19, not 15.

  41. Lillith my Alter Ego

    If my aunt said that I would be creeped out.

  42. This, for some reason, reminds me of the Morrisey song “All the lazy dykes”…hmmm, actually, me thinks that auntie is a lady lover.

  43. Even though Ex-Aunt Caroline “looked at [the pictures] right after they were posted” in February, she didn’t comment for 9 months. This leads me to believe she has been newly exed and is either no longer concerned with potential awkwardness or intentionally attempting to stir the family pot via Facebook.

  44. this picture is disturbing. Such trash.

  45. LOL forget the picture. I’m more disturbed by auntie’s comment.

  46. o god so many words come to mind lets see which one fits hmm…creepy, disturbing, awkward, i don’t know. i think ex-aunt caroline is a pedofile and thats why she is an ex-aunt and now OH NO shes after her ex-niece. sorry ex-aunt caroline but you get an F- for using the words “lick it up” as a pick up line.

  47. lmao. I hope that’s reverse psychology.

  48. Hence why she is the EX-aunt. lol

  49. I’m gonna barf.This is disgusting.I mean I’m not against the gey/lesbian thing but is it necessary to post this online?

  50. Sorry Paige, but if you think that homosexuality should be hidden away and never talked about, then you are “against the gey/lesbian thing.”

  51. I think i went to highschool with the girl in the middle is she rechelle?

  52. dirtylittlepretty

    “good times?” …she seems unsure.

  53. @ desolationrow

    Naw… definitely a baby there, unless she’s hideously deformed and forgot to fake-tan her left hand. One of the above options is a possibility, not both.

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