Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let’s See What You’re Made of…

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  1. Metallic juice

  2. i’d cut the oxygen down to 0%. that should do the trick.

  3. Me: Whey protein powder, Subway sandwiches, beer, pasta, various vitamin and amino acid supplements, testosterone, coffee, eggs. Why yes I lift weights, why do you ask?

  4. ^ didn’t ask. don’t care.

  5. I wonder if he has his recommended daily allowance of ashes and humidity?

  6. Jellybeans, water, peanut butter wheat bread sandwiches, tacos, various calcium and protein supplements, more water, apples. Why no, I don’t lift weights. Thank you for not asking and not caring.

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Bacon, tequila shots+beer, and some A G T C mixed inside cells here and there.

  8. fine. fuck you all.

    Unadulterated Cunt (45%)
    Adulterated Cunt (45%)
    Disillusionment with humanity (100%)
    Scorn (98%)
    Irony (20%)
    Contempt (300%)
    Recalcitrance (99%)
    Caffeine (0.05%)
    Alcohol (0.05%)
    THC (0.05%)
    Attitude Problems, social conscience, humility, empathy, sympathy, sociopathy (trace amounts)

  9. @ #8 I think you need a fucking hug.

  10. Also, dopehead? Explains it all.

  11. 60% muscle
    40% fat
    50%ego (something you forgot ms)
    15% bullshit
    80% truth
    100%ice coffee
    80% shot stirrer
    100% Aussie and proud of it

  12. Shut the FUCK up MsAnne! GOD!
    Oh wait, sorry, my sincerest apologies, I forgot, this is the only place people actually take note of you…………Sorry (pathetic lonely loser) proceed.
    Laila – No alcohol in there? I see you’re very healthy, so is Vodka **

  13. #11 – G’day mate :p

  14. Shouldn’t those add up to 100 guys?

  15. #14 – supposed to, but what the hell!? Lets be rebels and start a revolution :p pshhhhhh!

  16. Sam-Girl- I’m underage in my country. I don’t think I get enough alcohol to count it in making up part of me.

  17. Ahhhhhh……that.must.suck. hahahahah. sorry.

  18. #15 Only if it can get really violent and i get to shoot some people through their face and stick poles up their bums.

  19. Yes. Yes it does.

  20. Sounds like fun! I’ll join in, lets start with Ms, wipe out all the ugly, annoying as fuck, emo-wannabe-bitches first!

  21. But, no pole up her bum or vajayjay, dont want to break the ugly trolls virginity and actually give her pleasure before we “off” her.

  22. Lol sounds like Sams unloading. I’m gonna enjoy this.#13 touché. Very nice :) I’m guessing your not of aus origin?

  23. South-African China :)

  24. A south African Chinese?:p never met one of them before

  25. Oh and I’ve gotta add 50 percent scotch fillet steak and 50 pork roast:d

  26. Hahahahah – I knew that was going to confuse you. When you say “china” to somebody in South Africa, it means they are a friend / friendly person. i.e “Howzit my China!?” Do you know afrikaans local talent from here, like “Die antwoord” or “Jack Parow” Those really zef groups? Ek is pure afrikaans, jy moet bietjie Barry Hilton gaan google en kyk wat die outoppie te sê het :) Hys engels, so dit sal maklik hoort te wees vir jou om te verstaan.

  27. The bogons have landed :(

  28. Ek praat nie Afrikaans nie, maar ek begin om jou gesindheid te hou. Watter deel van Afrika?

  29. You’ll live ms.

  30. whatever, damagedcortex, whatever.

  31. Lol ah the irony.no attention no ms.you’ll live big boy. It ain’t the end if the world

  32. I don’t even know what you’re trying to say, Me no speakee retard. OK?
    I’m just going to hang about and needle you and that fat bitch, sam-GRRL.

  33. Hey no need to needle me. You can try ms but I’ve dealt with bigger idiots. I actually enjoyed reading you carrying on over the last few months. I thought you were quite funny truth be told. Now I see not only you speaker retard, I may have to change my opinion and consider you retard. Amay as well add 100% retard and 100% bullshit to your list too

  34. I don’t give the slightest of fucks about your opinion, bitch.
    My sole concern here is that if such a colossal fucking wanker like you found anything to enjoy in what I write, then I better step my fucking game up.

  35. I’m not trying to defend MsAnne or anything, god forbid, but #31 did not make any sense at all.

  36. …because you yourself are unfunny, uninteresting and full of festering shit.

  37. Hi Laila.

  38. Hi MsAnne. I’m not sure who you’re addressing, but something tells me you apply those terms to both of us in your mind anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

  39. #31 simply meant that – without the attention. . . .no sorry, wait “the only attention” ms gets, you do not hear from him/her/it nor see him/her/it. “It” feeds off of attention that “it” only gets from “its” pc. Ignore it and it dies, muahahah, hahahaha, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. yes, that was an evil laugh, and hey, ms, you bitch – I’m from Africa, ya know, the little place with all the poverty going on, so I’m skinny, and I have flies around me most of the time, that look is “hot” right now. fucking idiot.
    #28 – Cape Town

  40. Sad thing is ms you say you don’t care then I get the biggest whinge I ever thought possible. Yeah you better step your game up. Like I said. I’ve heard alot worse, from big wankers than you. To be honest your like a child. Say you don’t care, people ignore you then you chuck a tantrum;). It’s ok little boy.

  41. As jy nie omgee om my te vra van jou ouderdom en as jy nie omgee nie, ek is nou regtig begin dit lol graag. En ek sal aanhou om dit te doen ms piss off

  42. I really can’t read what FatSam says. Good luck to anyone trying to unravel that clusterfuck.
    and damagedcortex, what part of me not giving a fuck about you, your imaginary kids, your fictitious sex-life, or any of the other bits of bullshit you keep monging out – to the delight of absolutely NO ONE AT ALL.

  43. I can’t have been addressing you, Laila, as we posted at the exact same time.
    and besides, sorry toots, but you’re just not in the same league of Sheer balls-out Fucking Retarded that damagedcortex is.

  44. Don’t you ever fucking talk about my kids you sack of fucking shit. The two year old has more facing brains than yOu ever will you sniveling piece of rat shit. Yeah you act like a tough cunt ms but after that remark at the kids you’ve just proved your a useless fuck all wannabe that probably hasn’t been laid yet. I’d place money on that you still lve at home.you probably still have your mum do the washing for you. You’re all mouth and fuck all else. Then again god forbid if you ever had kids. If anyone would ever sleep with a sack of cowardly shit like you. I bet you’re a woman basher too

  45. Shut the fuck up Ms, nobody here wants to talk to you.
    Go eat some happiness, much healthier than the McDs and shit your stuffing your face with now.
    ‘N vrou gee nooit haar ouderdom nie! Jy kon my nou netsowel gevra het hoeveel ek weeg! hahahahahahah.

  46. Come on genius. Let’s here something intelligent for once. Use your brains and not your teenage female attitude. Come on

  47. hey damagedcortex. I bet your fictitious kids are stupid, fat bullies. I bet they have lice and struggle with their spelling. I bet they wet the bed. i hope they play with matches and burn your house down.
    haha! g0d, I bet they’re gingers.

  48. Oh, look at her kiss Laila’s ass now! even checking the time the comment was made. MsAnneThrope turns into MsAssKiss. #Desperatemuch?

  49. Sal die vrou uit haar status?of by gebreke wat vernietig het gesê vertraag

  50. Ms if those are the issues you have don’t air them here. But I said intelligent. If that’s as smart as you can’t get then there’s no hope for you. Got anything better?

  51. Actually don’t try. Stop embarrassing yourself.

  52. DC,look at her try manipulate you, this is the one thing that tells us she is sad, and lonely, – at school they always say the people that bully you had the WORST childhoods, etc etc – look at her bully you now, coz thats ALL shes got, she aint got SHIT! Just a black heart and a dented empty bed coz nobody wants to sleep next to THAT!

  53. WAT?! hahahahahaah, ek het geen idee wat jy sê nie?! Is jy op facebook?

  54. hehehe…

  55. how can you slack-jawed fucking morons be so oblivious?
    In fact, how is it even possible that you can know how to computer?

  56. Fuck me MsAnne, you need to chill the fuck out, you’re wound tighter than a nun’s cunt!

  57. awwww, the fake laughter that hides the pain *tsk tsk* there there little mongrel……it’ll get better.

  58. ‘fake laughter’?
    what rock did you crawl out from under, fatSam?

  59. Computers aren’t made for ONLY ugly people like you that are too scared to leave the house pumpkin* the pretty people also need them, for work and stuff, and chatting to their actual real life friends (YES, that is something that actually exists – its not just in that little happy place in your head)

  60. so you borrowed a computer of a pretty ‘friend’, did you fatty?
    good for you.

  61. If she came from a rock ms I’d hate to see where you came from. Like I said . Give us your best shot because sadly your lacking something. Moron idiot something with fuck , cunt or some other baseless insult. I wonder if your this stupid in rl or if you talk to people like this in rl, probe not. You’re too scared. Now come on. Say something non derogatry if that’s even possible

  62. Sam-Girl March 13th, 2012 at 11:55 pm

    you were talking about thism weren’t you, chubs/
    just because you have this ‘fake laughter’ bullshit, doesn’t make it a real thing.
    just retarded fat seth effricans with slitty eyes.

  63. hey, damagedcortex, do you tongue your fictional kids with that mouth?
    i bet you do.

  64. And that proves my point. All trash no intelligence.

  65. do they cry literal tears while you do it?

  66. does that make you hard?

  67. why are you wasting time fucking about online when you could be fucking about with your invented children, damage ol’ bean?

  68. So you do incest too do you? Interesting

    Sam I gotta go. Got work. Yes ms I do have a life as opposed to you

    Sam I’ll get back to you. Let’s see how idiot goes with an intelligent debate

  69. Such anger and hurt…

  70. too? is that an admission of pedoguilt?
    no, sorry, not me.
    just you with your 4 invisible kids.

  71. In time you might mature

  72. Oooooooooooooooooh guuuuuuuurl! Dont get me started on my eyes! they be FIIIIIIIIINE!
    and no, I laugh because I am actually HAPPY. Sorry ur daddy molested you and mine loved me. Did you hate night time, when the lights went out and he wanted to keep you “warm” ? Childhood scars – sigh. Always a moron blaming the world for them.

  73. that’s tight, damaged, fuck off out of here.
    I hope you die in a nasty workplace accident, whatever crappy, menial job it is you have at night-time.
    Taxi driver?
    no..bouncer. you’re a fucking bouncer, aren’t you meathead?

  74. shit, there’s no one left here. what a shame. we was all getting along so fucking nice, too.
    next time, i’ll bring dip!

  75. Look at that DESPERATE cry for companionship . . little baby, all alone again. Computey fwiends gooone. Real life hurts – Go eat a teaspoon of cement and harden the fuck up bitch!

  76. Did someone hear anything? i thought i heard a whimper…

  77. You know what this thread needs? A li’l bit of edgeof17…

  78. It needs boobs. Or something. Christ.

  79. Less boobs. Less sandy vaginas. Less PMSing all over my fucking screen.

  80. you cannot prove that fatSam-Grl isn’t edgie.
    All i can see is blood, snot and chinesy tears.

  81. I do not have an OUNCE of chinese in me. I am caucasian you retard.
    If you COULD actually read, you would see that that was explained to DC. I knew there were a few poephols that would get confused though. DC must be right about you, intelligence running loooooooooooow.

  82. I’m shaking my damn head.

  83. ^fat asians are so touchy.
    maybe if you weren’t so coy about telling damagedcortex how old you were and how much you weighed, he might have given you his facebook contact details?
    How sweet would that be? TOTAL online BBFs <3
    you could communicate solely in your shitty colonial language and no one else would have to see it.

  84. I will read the rest of the comments later, got to about number 34, maar ek is bly om te weet ek kan n bietjie skinder oor die dose hier in afrikaans, dis my tweede taal, maar sal probeer lol.

  85. Asians chicks are hot, so I’ll take that :) thanks!
    its bFf’s not BBFs (God, people with no friends *rols eyes*) you fucktard, and dont be talking about mine like that!
    It would be sweet, if we could, so totally awesooooooooooome!!!!!! like, totally otally!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for taking the time to google translate / stalk our shitty colonial language you dyke.
    Ja sababe, hulle is ‘n klomp poese man! sjoe! my TAAL! hahahaahah.

  86. Original Text

    maar ek is bly om te weet ek kan n bietjie skinder oor die dose hier in afrikaans, dis my tweede taal, maar sal probeer lol.

    Translated Text

    but I&’m glad to know I can be a little gossip about the boxes here in dutch, it&’s my second language, but will try lol….

    And that, kiddies, is what you been missing.
    literary gems and the humourous cracking of many jokes from the masters of comedy themselves.

    i feel so upset and stuff.

  87. Original Text

    You are a dull, fat, yellow-skinned cock sore.

    Translated Text

    Jy is &’n dowwe, vet, geel velkleur haan seer….

    is that the correct tranlation, fatsam?

  88. these online translations sometimes leave a bit to be desired. much like you, FatSam. you leave a lot to be desired.

  89. Wow Ms, putting so much effort into understanding our language . . . . you must be paranoid as SHIT! hahahahahaha. drugs are bad mmmmmmmmmmkay.

  90. And you leave nothing, coz you live alone and have nobody that misses your ugly ass when its gone :)

  91. actually, drugs are very good.
    you remain retarded and wrong about everything.
    i thought chinks was supposed to have teh smarts? you shame your people, fatty.

  92. I see. you’re one of those magical attention-whores (and there have been shitloads just like ya, fatty) who knows everything about me.

    I know you feel a bit spurned because your meathead/bouncer/father-of-four wouldn’t hook up with you – and man, that shit must sting – but you should relax a bit. This cannot be good for a bloater’s blood pressure.

  93. You keep hammering on about the fat issue – why?

  94. Te veel comments om deur te lees. Wat gaan an? Hello Sam-Girl.

  95. Fuck off Sam-Girl. You’re an annoying cunt.

  96. Nope, not an attention whore – that would be you, I actually have loved ones and friends in my life that give me MORE than enough attention.
    Im a Bored whore – at work, dont have much to do, so just fooling around – pissing you off and loving it because I am going to forget this conversation when I walk out of my office this afternoon, but you. . . . . you probably keep making trips to the bathroom to cut yourself so the pain doesn’t feel so bad. Nobody love you. Get it? Got it? Goooooood :)

  97. Hey Jaco Vintage – Jissie! kannie glo daars so baie afrikaners wat op die site is nie :)
    Mr_T, you didn’t say please?

  98. Yeah, I normally dislike most of what MsAnne’s overworked fingers type, but on this occasion, I’m with her.
    Fuck up with your Afrikaans dribble. It is the most disgusting sounding language. Although the place and people (except Ty’s mates) are just great.

  99. Thanks for taking time out of your not so busy schedule to go and do that Ms…good way to show your disinterest…go google translate this: Jou mase ingelede blikkievis stink poes ne! Kapenaars kick ass :-)

  100. That was meant to be yt’s mates…carry on. Actually, dont.

  101. ^^^another annoying cunt.

  102. ^^^ha meant for Sababe.

  103. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Of soos Yolandi Visser sal se – Jou ma se poes in ‘n fishpaste jar!

  104. lmao ek dink Mr T soek ook bietjie aandag shame, hy moet terug A team toe gaan.

  105. Apologies, I don’t speak mong.

  106. she said that she will suck your dick for $5.

  107. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Sammy you delusional inside out German, South African is that like a retarded version of Dutch?

  108. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @106 she’ll do it for free if you allow to her swallow.

  109. Well if it stops the whore commenting on this thread $5 is cheap at half the fucking price. And also a reasonable price for a blowjob. I’m betting she has also lost most of her teeth through poor dental hygiene, even better. Just like Gramma does it.

  110. she ain’t very purty to look at, but she makes up for it with gratitude and enthusiasm.

  111. ..but she’ll follow you home and you’ll have to move to a different city.

  112. Oh my word, you people have disgusting pastimes, but i guess that goes hand in hand with the obvious ignorance going on up in here.

  113. ^^^^STFU.

  114. Again, you didn’t say “please”…how very impolite of you T baby.

  115. Holy fuck. This comment section should have a warning attached. “Do not read unless you want to die of pure boredom”

  116. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    What do you expect? Germans are not known for their sense of humor and turning them inside out doesn’t really improve it.

  117. but, ironically, it does make them funnier.

  118. #115 since when do we come here to amuse you? Go and google “jokes of a sexual or racial nature”, coz that is what you would find amusing right? And sorry that we don’t do it for you…but anyone is allowed on this site…if i encourage my whole “boring” entourage to start commenting on here, there will be fuck all you can do about it except bitch and moan in the corner like an ass raped little chihuahua.


  120. if you missed that ms, I said HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

  121. sababe, I see that you’re trying the whole badass thing on for size, but it just doesn’t fit you, honey chops. That’s my lovely chum you’re attempting to be mean to there and all she’s doing is expressing an opinion (which is on the money, by the way). And everyone is free to do that whether others agree or not, right? Man, and just when it looked like a little love was coming back into the room.

  122. Wordpervert , i see that you’re trying the whole “pretending that you know me” and frankly you the truth is , YOU DONT. The thing is, i have so many different dimensions to me, it will make your head spin HONEY CHOPS. To me it’s so interesting that people who would find this kind of commenting “boring” still managed to read through 115 comments,but you are so right about everyone being free to voice their opinions , even if it might not live up to what your idea of what humour/interesting debating is.

  123. *Got a bit messed up there in the first sentence, but hopefully you will get what i am saying.

  124. ^yes. you are saying you will suck dick for $5.

  125. Fuck me. See what happens when people encourage the chimps? Before today, sababe was just another paranoid window-licker, but now that she feels like she has a kindred spirit in Sam-Girl and a fuckbuddy in damagecontrol, she’s gettin’ all mouthy to the veterans.

    sababe, you are not an alpha. Crawl back into your burrow.

  126. Sababe has just revealed herself as an utter cunt.

  127. My head is spinning a little right now after learning how multi-dimensional you are, sab, but I think I’ve got the gist of what you’re saying, yes.

  128. just don’t forget that i was hating on sababe before it was cool.

  129. ^ Remember that time when someone cared what the fuck you did? Me either :/

  130. oh, you care. you care A LOT.

  131. Bac you good at holding grudges hey? You tried attacking and finding fault with my last few comments and somehow couldn’t find a comeback when i challenged you back. You know the funniest thing i ever saw on this site was when you mentioned the word “veteran”. A veteren of Lamebook…Laugh my fucking ass off…you feel proud at being a “Lamebook veteran”? ( still funny as fucking hell). Here is news for you…none of you regular commenters comes close to intimidating me, so why should i worry about directing a comment at them. The reason i don’t consider any of you “lamebook veterans” (hahahahaha) as anything significant is that i actually have a life , something you should try to have so you won’t feel the need to comment on every fucking post.

  132. sababe, aren’t you embarrassed to be so clueless? By veterans, I obviously meant word and curly. I have no claim to veteran-hood.

    Also, I have no idea what you’re referring to with this alleged “challenge” that you brought to me. You became boring to me, because you contribute nothing new here. Your cute little paranoia about multiple accounts was adorable for about 5 seconds, and then… nothing. You are a speck.

  133. Not reeeeeally. Granted I come back for a good argument when I’m bored at work etc etc. But nowhere near the same sorta scale as you.

  134. That is the problem with you and Ms, direct one little negative comment at you, and you inspect every little comment beyond that and this coming from someone who don’t understand what +/- represents. I use to get annoyed at your comments, but quickly lost interest, which btw, was evident in the responses i gave to your attemted attacks, but you just can’t let go.

    I wouldn’t even know who is “veterans” here and who isn’t , because, unlike you Lamebook is just a site i come to when i really have nothing better to do, like today. What kind of life do you lead that you are able to post on here everyday and know this site and its commenters inside out? Obsessed much?

  135. Go and have a tepid bath, sababe. You’re glitching.

  136. Oh, and +/- does NOT mean approximately, or give or take, or whatever you and all the retards from “where you’re from” think it means. FFS.

  137. chaosinthebuilding

    What pisses me off is that some of you can actually write . Stop giving each other shit and create something cool !!! MisAn mate you are a bitch but I ve checked out your blog and I just tink you should do more shit like that- not taking sides with any of you guys but dont argue with idiots – people reading sometimes cant tell the difference – Im gunna get smashed for this I know but bloody hell guys ! ;-)

  138. #131 I second you on that 125% sababe! This is just a JOKE to us, but all these other idiots take this shit seriously, like you said, commenting on every SINGLE post! GAWD, how enthralling their lives must be! Can just picture them now, refreshing their pages every 5 minutes to check if any new posts are available. To be able to contribute their meaningless little facts and comments to the world of LAMEBOOK. You.guys.are.so.awesomely.cool!

  139. what are you even fucking talking about??

    “…[blah blah}negative comment at you, and you inspect every little comment beyond that and this coming from someone who don’t understand what +/- represents...[blah blah]…”

    what does any of it even MEEEEAAN?

    oh g0d, i’m so confused =(

  140. chaosinthebuilding

    * think lol ok sorry bloody laptop .. !

  141. being laughed at by an entire website is what FatSam does for kicks, in you know, her spare time.

  142. ^^ It’s not like YOU have anything better to do? Except inspect nasty images and post them publicly for anyone to find, including children?

  143. Rather laughed at than hated you miserable bitch ;)

  144. Steady on Sam…if a dog attacks a child, you don’t hate the dog. You just put it down, shed a tear and then go out and buy a new one.

  145. fatSam & crusty sitting in a tree.

    she’ll be so easy too, crusty. she’s already been turned down once today, so she’ll be frothing at the gash.

    fat, slow and no self-esteem. just how you like ‘em.

  146. You forgot to mention my eyes :)

  147. I don’t see eye-to-eye with you on…pretty much fucking everything, but you just made an Inbetweeners joke, and for that at least, I shall think of you as “Jay”. I like fat, if you get bored of pokin’ the vag you can lube up…well, pretty much any part of the body you want and with my tiny pecker satisfy myself with 30-40 seconds. I don’t want slow though, the faster they go the more ripples you get, I love ripples.

  148. My sexy slitty eyes – raaaaaaaawr

  149. ^^ Are you fat? No deal if not

  150. O_O viva la revolution..

  151. Damn…….guess i’ll just have to wait *anxiously* for the next guy that ms pawns me off to.

  152. Sadly, thats all ms has ever done her whole life, made friends with boys, and gotten them dates with her prettier, skinnier, friendlier friends, the boys didn’t like ms much……. but she found comfort at the bottom of the ice cream tub, and at the end of the blades hidden in her bathroom.

  153. Don’t you be offending fatties…heaven forbid they get skinny ‘cos you bullied them. THE WORLD NEEDS THEM! They give us all motivation to remain not fat.

  154. Though it makes sense, I did wonder how she got the self-harm description so expletive.

  155. expletive
    you give that thesaurus hell, crusto. both boots in, love!

  156. Cheers, pet. I feel like I need my own “thing”. Like you using bolds and italics, and stealing other people’s jokes. I will use synonyms…NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Expletive is hardly a complicated word – though I’m guessing you find it a little daunting…you should go and eat some cake. MMMMMM CAKE, EYYYYYYYY FATTY FATTY.

  157. ^what’s your point, crusto dear? what are you trying to say?
    Take a breath, calm down and try to tell me with your Big Boy words.
    what are you talking about?


  159. @Xaerith Viva!

    @MsAnneThrope Looking at the time tags on your posts, did you actually get any sleep last night?

  160. crusty. i told you not to try so hard to win sammy. she’s good to go.

  161. Sam has totally fucking ruined this thread. Do us all a favour and delete your fucking account you scummy fucking whore.

  162. Mr_T, I don’t know why you are blaming Sam for this thread derailing… msAnne is the one who decided that SHE owned this page and posts needed HER approval, right from comment #4 when she rudely shot down an innocent site visitor. Judging by her unwarranted hostility I’m assuming she is having problems in her personal life, but that is no reason to be rude to people here.

  163. What the hell did I just read? o.O

  164. Ey ey ey Mr T, you’re hardly the mc fucking daddy of contributing round here eh?

  165. Slept through another one. I wonder if these weird smileys work…


  166. “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

    Never heard that one before.

  167. @162 have you actually read sam’s comments fucktard? Crusty, I’m a regular reader.

  168. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities


  169. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    a regular reader is about as contributing as eunuch in a gangbang.

  170. @167, yup. Her first comment was exactly what I was thinking after reading MsAnne’s first three posts. She was rude, and quite nasty, and deserved to be called out on it. Not sure how you can read Ms Anne’s first three comments and not agree that her hostility was uncalled for.

  171. @167, perhaps. But my vote goes with the one who contributes most. MsAnne thinks I’m a juvenile childish fool and probably thinks I don’t like her. But they’ve done more for Lamebook than all of their haters combined. You want people that chat shit to fuck off, see where this website goes. There’s intelligence behind just about every post, except the ones that follow the line of “fuck off and delete your account you whore”. Ya dig?

  172. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @170 are you German?

  173. I don’t disagree cardinal but Sams comments were utter drivel. Crusty, take a leaf out of your own book fucknuts.

  174. wow. the title for this post is oddly apropos given the diatribe that ensued.

  175. Aw, I missed it, too, Beatus.

  176. It’s okay, Laila. We had our own kind of fun.

  177. Regular reader or no. MAT ( or Major Anal Taker for short) seems to only have the intelligence and brain capacity to barely breathe and insult let alone say something intelligent and worthwhile. When he does try his inner Neanderthal takes over and he either grunts incoherently or curses at anyone who he thinks may even be thinking of saying something to him. Mr t seems to be MATs wingnut tho. For once ms stop acting like the child you are and try be the adult you pretend to be. And if you must know I’m a supervisor by day and yes bouncer by night.and you sir wouldn’t make it past the door to my club or even on the floor I run. I have a no caveman policy

  178. And for the record bacch while I have nothing against you when it comes to talking alphas you may consider this site as one big ocean with you n ms running it. I consider this a series of small ponds, and as far as I’m concerned ms can’t alpha fuck all. And in the small ponds I’m better :)

  179. Alright, i gotta say it. MsAnne, you may be the funniest, cuntiest (yes, cuntiest) person on this whole damn site. i am assuming you take pride in your cunti-ness, since you refer to yourself as one all the time. i literally laugh out loud to a lot of the things you say. she said she’ll suck your dick for $5?!? come on, thats funny. i have to say that the comment section of lamebook is hands down 115 times funnier than anything actually posted, and its all thanks to all you butthurt people that actually take the time to log in to tell MsAnne how much they dont care. Ms Ann, you’re the winner here, no matter what happens. you never halt your cunti-ness, no matter what is said. hats off to you, MsAnneCunt!!!

  180. HAHAHAHAHAHA he is a bouncer!!! oh my god, i laughed so hard!!

  181. actually you gOt mixed uP.ms is the one saying she doesn’t care then gets all emotional. I just treat it like a kid having a tantrum. Just does it fir attention.

  182. also, its funny that all you bitches say you have jobs and lives and you dont care what MsAnne says, yet you keep coming back for more again and again!! i love it.

  183. Something gotta take up downtime. May as well go fishing and bait an idiot

  184. Oh and ily… Bend over and spread your pegs a but more so when ms reads #179 he can bury his head right up there for ya. Or you should put knee pads on for the length of time you’ll be kneeling

  185. Oh my god. I can’t believe I just sat here and read all those comments…I can’t even remember how I got here!

  186. pegs? am i a pirate? and i’ve always considered Ms a woman, maybe its all the cunt references. anyway, i dont remember saying anything negative to you, so all those comments you left about Ms being unnecessarily rude are kind of moot now, arent they? also, really? you’re STILL here? i just wasted 20 minutes of my life on this bullshit. but you, damaged, you have been sitting on lamebook just WAITING for people to comment since last night!!

  187. …and there’s you taking the piss out of other people coming back for more.

    I think MsAnne has gone to bed.

  188. Holy shit TLDR comments. From what I’ve read, this can be summed up pretty easily:

    damagecontrol and sam-girl are stupid cunts that should never post again.

  189. I just joined! Yay. Please be nice. I am a twat too if that helps.

    Plus I agree with @179. Much easier to just say that!

  190. Welcome, Max, you demented son of a bitch. Please remove your clothes and stand over there in the corner while we whip you into submission.

  191. my classmate’s mother makes $73 every hour on the laptop. She has been without work for seven months but last month her check was $19222 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Read more on this site CashLazy.com

  192. Thanks beatus. I am a little clever and a little retarded so I should get on with everyone easily enough.

  193. This is the greatest psychopath convention I’ve ever had the honour to witness. Has anyone noticed that the amusement found in the comments section is inversely proportional to the tedium of the orignal post? Hats off to you guys, Lamebook should pay you part of its revenue :)

  194. Ugh these smileys are horrible.

  195. I feel like we’re having a big snuggly hatefest. And what the hell, I’m in a good mood.
    You lot are the funniest, rudest, snarkiest lot of psychos I’ve ever had the honor of being thoroughly put down by. I doff my cap to your snarcasm.

  196. For all these claims of not caring and no fucks given, you’re all being pretty pathetic in an attempt to be the biggest, baddest bitch of Lamebook comments. There’s a whole lot of sucking up to the people who will otherwise attempt to rip you a new e-anus, too. Yeesh.

  197. Aw, Jeffles, that’s the best description ever. Snuggly hatefest. (:

  198. Not all South Africans or Afrikaans speaking people are idiots. I feel like there has been a misrepresentation of them on here.

  199. 195 and 196 win. Game over.

  200. I know you’re right, pariah, but why is it the idiotic ones that “speak” the loudest? Please, for the love of baby jeebus, stick around and represent…

  201. I was going to read all of these comments but when i got to 63 and realized there are almost 200 I decided against it. You know this isn’t really where you guys should be having your pissing contest. BTW MsAnneThrope you are kinda a dick

  202. @IAmNateK
    And then you went and added to it. Good job. I hope you’re proud.

  203. ‘kind of’ a dick? =/
    well, that’s me told.

  204. I’m a little stunned. Some of you keep coming back to this comments section, over and over again. Are you so engaged in what people on this site think of you that you can’t leave it alone? I’m not averse to a bit of internet nastiness, but many of you spend a lot of time on this. Truly.
    Some of it is funny, some of it is pure, unadulterated shit. I think the funniest part of it all is how some people actually feel the need to defend themselves against the barrage of insults dished up to them here. Don’t you realise that you are only providing more ammunition?
    Please feel free to call me whatever you like or direct any clever insults my way. Chances are, I won’t read it, and even if I did, out of some morbid curiosity to see what kind of lame insults you could come up with, or embark on some sort of “correction drive” of my spelling/grammar, I don’t think I could give a shit what any of you think.
    According to my newly-devised Lamebook commenting doctrine – if you comment on one thread more than 5 times, I reckon you must be a bit of a loser, because you are wasting your time in a pretty pointless way.

  205. I say if you post something that ends takes up more than an inch of space on my screen, you must be a loser, because you’re wasting your time on something nobody’s going to read all of. But welcome to the loser club, SLG!

  206. Laila, if you are trying to say something like “SLG you are a boring longwinded cunt”, I suspect you are right. I am also a loser for 1) reading this entire comment thread, and b) commenting on it. I’m also a loser for responding to your comments.
    Anything else?

  207. That’s what makes it fun! Everyone hates everyone. :D

  208. … Actually, I was just calling you a loser. I think you read way too much into that one.

  209. So…who wants ice cream:?

  210. (raises hand) Ooh, ooh, me!

  211. Hooray for pointless wasting of time.
    pointed wasting of time is what sucks the most.
    and bouncers – they suck pretty bad, too.

  212. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    This is like one of our old school meltdowns, except EVERY ONE is melting down.

  213. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    … also much less funny.

  214. ^ I didn’t melt down. But I would like some ice crean to help cool me off.

  215. I wouldn’t trust any ice cream from Hawkbit

  216. I don’t know that ice cream from any regular here is safe, which makes it that much more exciting. ;-)

  217. Hmmm…mine tastes like toffee and ground glass…

  218. I have no idea about this ‘melting down’ rubbish is all about, but it sounds like bullshit.
    anyway, i’m off to buy a new blowtorch. mine’s worn out.

  219. Just buy an oxy. Bigger and better.

  220. you know tools, huh?
    there’s a shocker.
    geddit? because you are a tool.

  221. Not bad ms. You made a genuine joke and I actually smiled at it.I’m the tool and you’re the spanner.

    After the hate tho I’m more inclined to think pirate

  222. Harr*

  223. Garrrrrrrrrrr*

  224. I am approx 90% Spunk Reservoir, 5% Spunk Delivery System and 5% Fungal Infection.

    Imagine reading 223 comments and not seeing one reference to spunk percentages… You lot are fucking slipping, it was like reading a Nun’s Guestbook.

  225. what are you talking about, cheesuschrist?
    read between the lines, boy. our newest friends are 100% wankstain.

  226. We’re hardly fucking Superheroes ourself though are we? (If I was I’d be Captain Smellyspunk, who’d you be?)

    But the main thrust of my argument can be summed up thusly A cock in the arse is worth two in the cunt. Two Cunts does not make a right and too many cunts spoil the broth

  227. I met a bloke last night and he told me he was a bouncer!

    I pushed him down the stairs and he just laid at the bottom motionless….

    Lying fat fuck.

  228. I once knew a Doorman who lost his job… he became unhinged.

    Crazy fuckpig.

  229. Imamofo! Where have you been? Haven’t seen you in what, a year?

  230. I’ve been here all along just pottering about in my cheesus incarnation, but the powers that be have let the real me out of purgatory at long last!

    Which means they must fucking hate you lot if they’re willing to let me play out again…

  231. Well, I missed you. How’s your 9th(?) wife?

  232. Thanks for asking, the slutslug has lost a lot of weight actually!

    The old ‘buried face down under the patio in a tub of caustic soda’ diet has worked a treat on her waistline.

  233. I’ll bet it has! They’re still coming around asking about my first husband. I’m sure he’s skin and bones by now as well.

    Anyway, good to see you, and don’t be a stranger!

  234. too long didnt read

  235. ^ Soooo you dropped by to give us that insightful fucking piece of information, huh?

  236. No worse than ms crusty. But yeah Ben laden fuck off and grow a brain

  237. Wow, you guys are really mean to one another…

  238. Don’t worry. I think I will #200.

  239. Struggling to argue with you DC, only thing I’ve got is that I think Benladen is 13 so whatever he says we have to take with a subtle hint of virginity.

  240. and salt. don’t forget those salty vaginas

  241. ^ Crusty is absolutely correct.

  242. Proof is in the pudding. Ben, if you weren’t a virgin you would know that the overwhelming stench of fish, the underlying taste of piss, and occasionally a sweet sweet taste of perfume (if they’ve made an effort) will overcome the taste of even the sweatiest of ladies, completely masking the taste of salt, to give you a rather strong tangy, almost, yet not metallic flavour that leaves you licking your finger the next day thinking, “Why do I do this?” To which you answer your own question with, “For the toothy, devastatingly disappointing head which inevitably follows”. Unless it’s a fat chick. Look forward to it.

  243. ^ That’s so sad. Stop fucking depressing me, man!

  244. Damn, Crusty. I do it for the sheer fun of making her squirm in pleasure. I enjoy that.

  245. Only my most flavorful and special ice cream for my lamebook online acquaintances…

  246. Eep! I don’t want what you’re dishing up, Hawkbit.

  247. These comments are simply fantastic. Someone writing a thesis on internet hatred or something would be delighted to stumble across this. i use this site to get me through boring days at work and I don’t kony who are ‘veterans’ or whatever but the comments from bacchante and missanne definately give me the most entertainment. Though they are a bunch of cunts.

  248. Mwah. Love/hate you too, Cupidstunt.

  249. KISS MY ASS.

  250. Now crusty that was fucking funny and true. You forgot though that sometimes for a whole week once s month. Throughout all that you may get that strong metallic taste and come away with nice red lips and you thinking your a vampire.

    Ms you got it wrong. The initials on your name isn’t kma. It is MAT ( short for Major Anal Taker)

  251. Psst…dc. ^ Not any funnier the second time around.

  252. HA! I don’t mind taking a dip in the red river, but i’ll never ever drink from it.

    Beatus I think you’ve got a point, sad that it managed to make me sound so selfish though.

    Sorry Bacchante, it was more to get a point across to BenLaden who insulted me a few weeks back, you’ll understand.

  253. Psst…bacchante, crawl out from Ms’ asshole…we wouldn’t want you to suffocate, now do we?

  254. Heh…Human centipede Pt 3?

  255. the human centipede wouldn’t work here at all. there is too much shit for anyone to swallow.

  256. Only one way to find out. That film would have been so much better if there’d been about 7 people sewn together to create one big circle. So everyone was ass-mouth.

  257. ^only 7? I could think of a few more.

  258. Yeah, sababe, because you’re going to convince us all how funny that “joke” from damagecontrol was… and how is was worth repeating. Right?

    MsAnne is old enough and ugly enough to look after himself – what I have a problem with is unfunny, repetitive shit. And that obviously includes you.

  259. #252 when did i insult you a few weeks back? i don’t even remember what i said… z0mg

  260. oh and virgin and proud of it

  261. ^ We know.

    What the fuck is a “zomg”? I refuse to google that shit because I just know it’s some sort of cuntish little term thought up by some backwards Beeber loving prissy teenage boy with questions about his own sexuality. With a meaning laid out that only like minded, spoiled children will use.

  262. A Zomg, pronounced “zom-gee”, is a long-dead acronym that doesn’t actually mean anything, but keeps going because it is tenacious and too stupid to know when to quit. It was originally created in a typing accident involving a lightning strike, a dead body and a missed shift key. The best way to rid oneself of a Zomg is to shoot it in the head, or failing that, to set it on fire and run.

  263. Thanks, Jeffles. That actually explains a lot about benladen.

  264. it’s Bieber not Beeber

  265. ^ Only you would know.

  266. Benladen, how old are you? Because it’s going to make a big difference in the reply I give you from now on.

  267. Like it’s even going to matter what I say. You won’t be able to believe me if I say 13 or 25 or 48 for that matter.

  268. … You’re 12, aren’t you?
    Sorry guys, sex with him counts as statuatory rape.

  269. Laila, I’m surprised you would even consider it no matter what age.

  270. Sex with internet people? Yeah, you’re right, that sounds disgusting.

  271. I’m wearing a backwards baseball cap and baggy clothes. Think I’m a black man? No you racist, I’m a white woman

  272. Non-sequiter as that was, telling us you’re a woman with that fashion sense is not improving our opinion of you.

  273. ^ True that.

    benladen, I will admit to having assumed that you were male because of your user name, but why would you assume that we would assume that you were black because of the gangsta clothes? Douches come in all creeds and colours. Who’s the racist here?

    Also, could you slightly change your user name once you’ve popped your cherry? That will make me smile.

  274. ^ “She” should change it to “Kumabenladen”.

  275. benladen #271 is an obscure quote from the office

  276. that’s some stylish trolln’, benladen.

  277. and Bacchante assuming i’m a guy based off of my username, is assuming that i think it’s a good idea to use my full name in a username. which is adequate thinking

  278. Obviously I didn’t think Ben Laden was your real name, just that Ben was mostly likely your first name and you were… ah, just forget it, alright.

    What am I even still doing here?

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