Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!



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  1. if i were cori, i’d unfriend ethan for calling me “babe” and david for trying to come to my rescue. what a couple of tools!

  2. David is a douche. Maybe Ethan is gay or flamboyant or something.

  3. Methinks David is used to being the biggest chimpanzee in the troupe. Look out, a stranger chimp named Ethan has entered the territory!

  4. Has Cori typed that with a head dobber?

  5. It’s always funny when it’s not a misspelling, but honestly using an entirely different word.

    Though, I shouldn’t talk. For years I thought the phrase was, “all intensive purposes”. It made sense to me! The purposes are really intense . . . I don’t know.

    Anyway, “resource to violence” hahaha.

  6. “Resort” to “violence.”

    I want to slam her fingers in a door.

  7. These posts will make resource to violence.

  8. *resource to violence.

    Oh goddamnit. Failcore.

  9. *will make me

    Triple failcore. DX

  10. I like that the guys are too busy pounding their chests to realize that Cori is having a major seizure or something.

  11. Somewhere in a trailer park in the midwest a cat fight is going down.

  12. I’m not your buddy, guy!

  13. I’m not your guy, friend!

  14. I’m not your buddy, guy!

  15. I’m not your friend, buddy!

  16. The fight between the sisters is oddly reminiscent of a fight I witnessed between two females while ringing up their older mother. Wonder if they’re the same…

  17. Buddy Guy does not appreciate you taking his name in vein

  18. “Voilence” would be a *great* name for a dress boutique.

  19. Ashley’s life should be made short for the *voilence* she’s doing to english

  20. @Canaduck
    The mental image of this girl spazzing out during this altercation just made this entry ten times better.

  21. The friend zone (or friendship zone) is a popular psychology concept found in many texts geared towards a male audience about “dating advice.” It refers to the situation where the female has begun to view a male as a friend only and not a potential suitor, a psychological classification supposedly exceptionally difficult to undo.

    Sex columnist Catherine Townsend cites a feared loss of romance and mystery as well as a fear of rejection.[1] On the other hand, Cosmopolitan magazine notes that in a 2001 Match.com survey, 71% of respondents hoped that they would fall in love with a friend.[2] It has also been suggested that women may also become victims of the “friend zone”.[3]

    The term friend zone was popularized by a 1994 episode of the television sitcom Friends, where the character Ross Geller, lovesick for Rachel Green, was labeled “Mayor of the Friend Zone”.[4] The question of whether a man can ever “escape ‘The Friend Zone’ and begin dating one of his female friends” was key to what made the Ross and Rachel pairing on the show a “geek dream couple”.[5]

    The 2005 film Just Friends also deals with the “friend zone” and how it impacts on the main character of the film (played by Ryan Reynolds) when he re-unites with his female friend from high school (played by Amy Smart) for the first time in 10 years after an incident at a high school graduation party at her home in which she said that she loves him “like a brother”, dashing any hopes of him having her as a girlfriend.[6]


  22. Canaduck FTW!

  23. I’ve been physically threatened over the internet more than once.

    “Why don’t you come over here and say that, buddy?”

    Dude. It’s the internet. Get over yourself.

  24. jesus fucking christ…neither sister can spell shit. what the fuck is wrong with today’s kids?

  25. LOL @ Canaduck, totally made this post a hell of a lot better with that image. Poor Ashley, I bet all she wants is world peace..

  26. David is a faggoty-ass beta who thinks he’s Cori’s white knight.

  27. Can someone please explain to me what “resourcing to violence” means? Is it something you can amass for benefit? Like saying “Canada is rich in natural resources” but in this case you would say “Congo is rich in violence resources?”

    Or is she saying that the source of the violence should be replaced with another source?

    Is this even English?

  28. hopefully im the first one to say this


  29. no one’s seemed to notice she misspelled violence as well-twice! “voilence”

    loved @7-9, M. fucking hilarious, and you still missed “voilence”

  30. First one: Lame.

    Second one: WTH?

  31. lol @ the south park references, i wish we could have read the rest of their conversation.
    violence is my favorite “resource”.

  32. #28

    If you were the first one to say it, it wouldn’t be a pop culture reference. Dumpass.

  33. I use Live Journal in 2009.

  34. LiveJournal User 2009

    @ Boz
    LiveJournal fulfills that angsty ranting part of me that just wants to vent my sexual frustration. Take me to pleasure town, Boz.

  35. Perhaps David, while not Cori’s man, is Cori’s man’s best friend (and is secretly in love with him) thus feeling the need to defend his honour.

    Or perhaps not.

  36. David must have a very tiny penis indeed. He probably has the hots for Cori but lacks the confidence to approach her directly, so is resorting to indirect impress-her tactics.

    Further misfortune for him though is that he is also a moron, ineptly switching to Dudley Do-Right mode for something as innocuous as someone being called “babe.”

    Cori, on the other hand, is likely a narcolepsy sufferer whose status is the result of a sudden faceplant into her keyboard.

  37. @ Freud

    Canning myself about the narcoleptic comment :)

    Think its lank funny how some toss just clicked the like button ,
    as if she was tryin to be different / unique :P

  38. God, I love S. Freud. He is just speculative wisdom in a can. I wish I could buy him from a supermarket.

  39. #32 i meant as the first one in these comments u fucking retard not the first one ever to use that phrase

  40. @27 Agent Cooper
    I think she means “resorting” to violence.

  41. @ #40 – thank you for the insight, johnny obvious.

    where would we be without your scholastic achievements?

  42. The fact that David ‘likes this’ earns him double douche points which leads to him retaining his heavydouche title on a split decision imo.

  43. Awww… Dave thinks that being an over-protective douchebag will get Cori into the sac, with him. He’s also ‘that guy’ who hangs around a girl he likes but his too afraid to ask her out, and cockblocks every other guy he can to make sure she stays single.

  44. lol into the sac

  45. #39 – Well DUHHH!!!

    I was just making a joke at your expense, no need to go and ruin it with facts and stuff.

  46. real tough guys fight online now i guess

  47. @ George.

    No they fucking don’t, you dick.

  48. @ Ben

    Come and say that to my face if you dare.

  49. “Watch your mouth”???? Uh…do they realize they are typing?

  50. Dr Phil?

  51. Oh jesus fucking christ you dumb bitches, LERN 2 ENGLISH.

  52. Thought it was funny everyone commented on her inability to spell violence. For goodness sakes she uses “resourcing to violence” twice instead of resorting. What a tard.

  53. @52 She also said “could of” instead of “could have.” This girl is a real winner.

  54. @ S. Freud : LMFAO!!!

  55. I’m not your buddy, guy!
    I’m not your guy, friend!
    I’m not your friend, buddy!

  56. haha Comment 55 reminds me of Dane Cook
    “Let me tell you something. When somebody calls you pal and you’re not pals, Fuck that!!”

  57. The “d” in David stands for douchebag

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