Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let the Good Times Flow



Lamester Review:
Today was obvious. Congrats “ladies.”

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  1. Classy birds.

  2. Looks hot.

  3. these bitches.

    the one on the right, why does it look like her vagina threw up???

  4. You piss in my mouth, I get horney and fuck you… Sick mofo’s of today

  5. Classy girls ,classy.
    Well this time I hope one of them got her mum or dad on facebook!

  6. Multi-tasking at it’s finest.

  7. What the hell is in the pee of the girl of the right? What did she drink???? Other than carrot chunks…

  8. DZ- Because it did

    Spewing vaginas FTW!

  9. kind of a dick move to put that shit on facebook. unless she’s one of the girls pictured and her friend is just as tasteless as her, i guess.

    also they should learn to pee standing up, it’s much more efficient.

  10. either that or she was multi tasking as ‘yo’ pointed out, Yakking and peeing at the same time.

    Allllll Class these ladies. All class.

  11. @DZ & Mood – maybe she threw up previous to peeing?

  12. I think the one on the right is doing number 2 :/

  13. Cat, are you the inventor of these by any chance?

  14. They should invest in a pair of she pee’s!

  15. Woah Jinx @13

  16. lol those things are great :D but if you learn to hold your bits right, you can actually pee standing up without one.

  17. More to the point where is the blonde birds hand? ;)

  18. haha does that mean i have to say your name 3 times… or is it I get to punch you if you say anything…. I can’t remember.

  19. Kaoss WTF is that????
    I need one of those.

  20. if she were giving someone a bj at the same time, then it would be true multi-tasking.

  21. Kiwi
    I just googled “females pee stading up” and that’s what I got.
    google and it’s magic amazes me

  22. Facial features of the girl on the left are completely visible in the reflection of the car window.
    She is pretty, I must admit.

  23. Don,
    Or better ye doing something with the other chick?

    Oh dear. No, that just reminded me of 2girls 1cup.

  24. @ The Wise Man – they do both look surprisingly good considering the circumstances, not just the peeing on camera but also the drunkenness/possible puking. SO THERE’S THAT AT LEAST.

  25. cat,
    I have always been able to pee standing up actually…
    No one said anything about it not running down my leg though.
    or into my shoe.

    I once peed into a Bull ants nest on the nullarbor. Did not end well. they we’re pretty pissed to say the least.

    sorry, bad pun I know.

  26. ahahaha. shoe pee is the worst.

  27. Fucking cunts

  28. time for bed. Hope I don’t have weird dreams about peeing into shoes.

  29. I love that she’s still holding her lit cigarette while she pisses- adds an extra layer of class to the proceedings.

  30. At least they both wore plaid

  31. yer thats more blood than carrot chunks… classy stuff.. id go for a check up at the doctors girl on the right

  32. 20 bucks says at least one of them fell back into their piss shortly after this photo was taken.

  33. or… the one on the right let more than just her ‘good times flow’

  34. Cmon, how many time have you guys pulled over to take a piss? While it’s easier for us, if a girl’s gotta go, they gotta go.

    Oh, also, one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever witnessed: I was working as a cashier back in the day, and a bus full of girls in evening cocktail dresses pulled up. They just got out of their formal, and were smashed. The store only had one bathroom, and so about 10 girls all run into the field in their dresses and heels behind the store to relieve themselves. Their dates were so embarrassed.

  35. All women are whores

  36. haha @ Boz

  37. Yes indeed, all women are whores.

  38. women have very poor control over their bladder. The one on the right likely shat while peeing. So a little ass piss which clearly contained some digested contents.

    Sorry to be so graphic

  39. And I’m sorry you seem to have absolutely no fucking clue what you’re talking about, ‘Don’.

    By the way, girls with even a pinch of class don’t do stuff like that :) Must be all the crack-whores with no dignity and self respect that you know who have very little bladder control.

  40. Nicola -

    I’m afraid I do know what I am talking about. I bet if I got you drunk enough you too would piss the bed right after a good shag. I’ve woken up to many a wet bed from girls not too different from you. Assuming you are even remotely attractive of course.

  41. I like turtles.

  42. lol @ don

  43. “All women are whores” that means youR mom/wife/sis/daughter??? THINK TWICE YOU DICK!

  44. classy

  45. Im a slut like all women, and I suck dick for spare change. I want to have lots of niglet babies and then find a rich guy to blame so he pays a million dollars a month in support. Its the IN thing to do to guys, because women are too lazy and fat to work a normal job.

  46. Hahahaha! When Guys piss out of doors it seems to be ok, but when girls do it, they’re whores all of a sudden….so, following that logic, either: 1)All guys who piss outdoors are classless whores, OR: 2)These girls aren’t doing anything wrong, because it’s okay for guys. What really surprises me is all the girls in this thread that are bashing these (hot) chicks for the same thing that their boyfriends do. So are your boyfriends slimy skanks, too? Talk about reverse cheuvinism…..sheesh…..

  47. @Metal Pig

    I don’t think anyone’s saying they shouldn’t be peeing outdoors, I see nothing wrong with that. It’s just a little odd to a) take a picture of it and b) post it on the internet for all to see. If a guy posted a picture of himself peeing outside I wouldn’t find him to be super classy either. I actually think this is pretty funny, a bit graphic for Facebook, but oh well.

  48. @metal pig, i believe that they are classless whores because they allowed the picture to be taken and appear to be smiling about it. also they posted the picture on facebook…

  49. I love molesting kids.

  50. @eeep

    i think they were drunk. Pretty sure they didnt wake up planning to pee in plaid and have it photographed. But I could be wrong.

  51. Now that’s classy. I’d hit it.

  52. All I know is that I’ve got King of the Rodeo by Kings of Leon stuck in my head now.

    Good time to roll on…
    Good time to roll on…

  53. The title of this post loaded before the picture did, so I had about 3 seconds of horror wondering what someone had shared regarding their menstrual cycle. Public urination was actually a relief. Rock on, girls.

  54. It looks to me like the girl on the right is just peeing on a particularly rough section of pavement…those look like pieces of the road sticking up out of the pee, not anything disgusting. I hope I’m right.

  55. lol I wish whoever uploaded this would have included the comments too

  56. How the fuck do you people even know these chicks are hot? Their fucking faces are blurred, and that reflection looks ghastly.

  57. *reflection looks ghostly.

  58. Adrofl, the same way we know ur a fat ugly stuck up cunt that noone likes… These girl are AWESOME and SO SO HOTTT, i’d hit it on the pavement in the pee and chuck

  59. maaaaaaaan, i did this a lot.. this is way better than peeing on a foreign toilet at a gasstation..

  60. What the fuck. I understand peeing or whatever, but seriously. What classy person decided to take a picture?

  61. Golden

  62. See, thats a common site in poor nations around the world. People pissing and shitting on the side of the road. I am going to asuume this is either in Canada, America or most likely England (but they say the Europeans have class, so I’ll chose the first two). Ah, Canada or America, but seeing how the two dress I can guess they are country style or westcoast inhabitants (taken from the boots, bootcut jeans and ofcourse the plaid shirt ). Lol, you think a girl with that waist size needs a belt…YeeHAA. Which brings me to my next point to narrow it down. American country gals are better mannered than other Americans, so this takes Americans out of the picture. Canada, I knew it, these chicks are from Alberta or British Columbia. I always knew Canada was really a third world country, if not third world idoits living in Canada…oh yeah, because everyone is an immigrant in this great land of empty snowy space, (even you pround white “Canadians”).

  63. EWWWW. TMI

  64. i know these girls. the one who took the picture isn’t peeing, surprisingly.

    they’re all idiots. if it wasn’t blurred you would see that those two classy ladies are laughing at getting their picture taken.

  65. also @44 Him, you’re wrong. these girls are from texas

  66. Why aren’t these two women at home making dinner for their men?

  67. RN, do tell where you came up with such a unique and witty joke. It’s a knee slapper if ever there was one! I tell you, I almost tore my apron laughing so hard.

  68. I pulled it out of your cunt

  69. good GOD.

  70. I’m a whore myself. I’m just so insecure that no woman wants me that i call all women whores.

  71. I love dicks all over me

  72. Holy fuck that’s me!!!

    Just kidding….I wish I was that classy.

  73. why whyyyyyy why would she post this??????? OMG why do they do this

  74. Wow, talk about fucked up. I hate women that do this & c’mon, even post it? Disgusting.

  75. No, really, wow. With one or two exceptions, the swill that passes for comments here is worthy of its own Lamebook entry. Anonymity is the first refuge of the ignorant, allowing them to be as poisonous and nasty as they like without the risk of reciprocation. And yes, I recognise the irony in not putting my actual name to this but I really don’t need to cop more of the bile and ugliness shown here.

  76. @ Wow

    If you don’t like it, why don’t you just fuck off?

  77. trashiest thing ive ever seen!

  78. @Wow

    You are about as pathetic as they come. Bitch and moan, bitch and moan. Go fuck a tree hippie whore.

  79. trashiest shit ive ever seen!

  80. Wow, it’s the epitome of white trash.

  81. when you gotta piss you gotta piss, but don’t you put your cigarette out first?

  82. It looks like one of the girls puked in her piss or something, either that or took a runny shit… either way I don’t really want to know.

  83. looks like the girl on the right is happy to have had a miss carriage.

  84. Wow is a fat whore who likes pee.

  85. Muthafukin' Maurice

    This is not Lamebook material.

    People piss outdoors, sometimes other people take a picture of them while they are pissing outdoors, and sometimes those people that took the picture of those people pissing outdoors posts it in a Facebook album. This is nothing. NEXT …

  86. Um, that’s bullshit. This is totally nasty. People can post what they want, you know, do what you will, but this kind of shit is exactly why lamebook exists.

  87. They’re clearly booze cruisin.. I’ve peed on a gravel road probably over 100 times, but taking a picture of it is just too much.

  88. Looks like a fun night. Why you all haters?

  89. I’m pretty sure those girls were in my hall freshman year of college. o.O

  90. Looks like fun. Why not pissing in public and publishing it on Facebook? :-D Other people publish real BOOKS with such pictures. Go to amazon and search for “Feminine Anarchy”. :)

  91. BTF!

    I’d hit it.

  92. All women are whores.

  93. @ Dan- what a stupid statement. God, how drunk do they have to be before you take them home if that is the case?
    btw, i go 8 or 10 hours some days without going cos i hate the public toilets @ work so thats just not true.

    Also, i think peeing outdoors is gross. I don’t care who this offends. If it is humanly possible then find a toilet and keep your dignity for gods sake.

    @ Boz- you are so damn bitter.

  94. Peeing outdoors? Normal.
    Peeing outdoors on a road? A little questionable.
    Peeing outdoors on a road with your only attempt to hide yourself being that you do it on the far side of the car? Pretty dumb.
    Peeing outdoors on a road with your only attempt to hide yourself being that you do it on the far side of the car AND letting someone take a photo of it? Trashy.

    I’ve had to pee where there was no toilet before. Presumably, if you’re not near something that might have a toilet, you’re in the wilderness. Find a tree, bush or hill to go behind or even just walk a few dozen feet away so you’re not right on the road and in the headlights. Common sense.

  95. these chicks are probably drunk, Sam. Girl’s smoking a cigarette while she pisses on the side of a road…who does that sober?? take a chill pill.

  96. Hopefully they got in that car afterwards and plummeted off a cliff somewhere. Now that’d be so wacky!

  97. Some persons gets so indignant here … relax, it’s only piss, people. Who cares how visible they were next to the road. Morals will survive, and so will the planet. Posting it on facebook is not a classy move, though, but it’s their lives, their facebook, and even their bladders. It’s also alright to have a laugh at it on lamebook. Moving on…

  98. Wow…I stared at the picture for like 2 minutes in horror thinking that both these girls had had explosive diarrhea and all I could think was “how is that even possible and why would anyone proudly post this?” and then I realized it was piss and I am actually relived and grateful.

  99. if they can do this in public, just imagine what they could make out of a dirty sanchez…if you like that sort of thing…

  100. Pee Funnel Camp Promoter

    They should have visited Pee Funnel Camp. It’s where all the girls go to get a detachable “penis”

  101. 2 girls 1 driveway

  102. What a couple of dumbshits…when peeing in a parking lot with the damn car right there, open the door and prop yourself against the rocker panel…makes drunk parking lot peeing MUCH easier. WTF…dumb bitches.

  103. Okay, it doesn’t matter how much I look at this picture (without gagging), but, does the girl on the right have the runs?

  104. That’s just dirty. :/

  105. Classy, is the girl on the right pissing on her own vomit?

  106. I always piss on my vomit….it adds a sense of completion

  107. Bwahahahahahaha, what makes this trashy, because they are pretty? I mean it’s two girls peeing? lighten the fuck up ppl.
    Kudos to you #104=you win. Two girls one driveway, hahahahahaha.

    I’m more concerned that they are dressed so similar, belts the same except one is a little darker, same exact style of shirt just different pattern, same jeans, shoes look similar and it looks like vomit/pee girl still has her panties up, looks like red ones, hahahahaha, so who dressed and who copied. the blonde or the brunette, teehee…

  108. they look like they went to a frat/sorority theme party such as a barn dance, hence the similar apparel. but yes it is trashy. these are the dirty sluts that you hide from mom.

    as my friend once said after a new hair cut, fuckin SKANKS

  109. LAMEASS!

  110. So fat and gross.

  111. why would you puke and then pull your pants down and pee in it?

  112. Either the girl in da back is being very efficient with space by peeing on her vomit or maybe the desperate guy last night that ate her out was sick.

  113. 110, I’d say a better question is “what DOESN’T make them trashy?” It certainly couldn’t be the fact that they’re peeing in a driveway while someone takes pictures, no…

  114. thats hawt.

  115. C. Proseedcake KSC

    A picture of men pissing wouldn’t end up here, I’d warrant. The worst thing about the double standard is how often people apply it without even realising that’s what they’re doing.

  116. Lillith my Alter Ego

    (giggles like airhead) we have no self-esteem

  117. lol & possible @

  118. They look very happy to be in such an unflattering position. Hmmm.

  119. now this is some funny shit !

  120. The girl to the front of the car isn’t pissing she has the runs
    notice the chunky stuff on the floor between her legs

  121. @donkeypunch
    Vomit, not shit.

  122. This page just made my day. Love it. Comments are hilarious.

  123. Oh how I wish I were that road.

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