Monday, May 3, 2010

Laughing All the Way

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  1. Village Idiot

    Gold :-)

  2. umm, first, not ben just first

  3. damn not first or ben

  4. Village Idiot


  5. Village Idiot


  6. damn u benners

  7. Who's That Girl?

    Danny obviously has CP. Not polite to make fun of him…

  8. Danny your a dumbass never give your password, account info, ssn etc. to anyone….

  9. Anyone else get confused about the name Pqualineee? I couldn’t seem to get past that.

  10. Who doesn’t know how to change their password?

  11. apparently danny.

  12. Pathetic.

  13. My mother.

  14. ahahahaha xD

    That’s heartless. Cheat on a guy and then go on his facebook? Talk about kicking someone while they’re down..

  15. Danny. . . .Wow. . . . Really?

    She took his dog, his dignity, his virginity. I bet she also has his balls in a little velvet pouch marked mine. She had this poor sap wrapped.

  16. Danny deserves what he gets for being such a fucking moron. First for giving his shit out. We’ve all made that mistake at one point or another but come on!!!
    Second and more importantly, WTF kind of a douche are you to not know you can change your passwords and pin numbers???????
    MY God. I. Am. Speechless.

  17. Haha, expecially. I’m gonna start using that.

  18. Who's That Girl?

    With Lidia’s spelling and grammar issues, I kinda feel like it’s the blind leading the blind here. No, I take that back, blind people are waaayyyy smarter…

  19. Toadette is the winner

    Hmmmm, I’m assuming he meant Pauline? Either way, he deserves to have his Facebook hacked and his bank account emptied. Dumbass. (Unless he really does have CP, in which case I’m going to hell :P )

  20. Haha I’ve never given my password or PIN number to anyone. I do enjoy learning other people’s, though. I guess I have a trustworthy face. You never know when they might come in handy…

  21. Toadette, that’s what I was thinking as well. Many a time have I had Q push itself into my internet conversations when all I wanted was an A…

  22. Ugh……Its like the blind leading the dumb leading the stupid.

    Alen001 and Alen002, where are your witty comments to make my day????

  23. It’s more like Soup teaching sex ed. It will only end with disaster and proverts.

    Yes I meant to spell it that way. After all, Soup is a pro at it.

  24. I’m going to try that. I’ve just been yelling “SURPRISE!”

  25. hmmm… meant to put that one on the “Beast Mode” post. Ah well.

  26. Who's That Girl?

    @Bulldog – sounds more like you were going for anal instead of doggie style. “oops, wrong hole” – And by the way guys, we know it wasn’t an accident…

  27. It’s only an accident when we scare the shit out of you when we do it.

  28. Also, he was refering to the fact that it’s not rape if you yell surprise just before.

  29. Who's That Girl?

    Think I’ll yell “Surprise” next time I stick a bannana in my spouse’s ass. Maybe he won’t be so mad then…

  30. It works for me. . . . .

  31. Walter Sobchak

    This would have been better if there had been a message from Danny saying “This is Pauline. Thanks for the advice Lidia. I’ve changed Danny’s password.”

  32. A bunch of you ladies are mentioning CP. I’m very surprised you’re so cool with it. But I agree. My stance is, if this Danny guy has a good stash of of it, share that fucking child porn!

  33. Let me get this straight. Girl cheats on boyfriend. He breaks up with her, I have to say FAIRLY legitimately. She then hacks his Facebook. He then changes his password, again, pretty fair move on his part. And then she steals his fucking pin code? What the fuck? So rather than somebody who’s actually been wronged and is hacking him for revenge, she’s just… a crazy psycho bitch?

    Man Danny, you sure know how to pick em.

  34. @ BritishHobo: It’s more likely I think that she knew his PIN number before she cheated on him and they broke up…

  35. @BritishHobo,

    I’m guessing that she didn’t so much steal his pin, but that he readily gave it to her. I boyfriends and girlfriends who know each other’s pins all the time. Some even tell each other out loud, where anybody else could hear.

    Yes, the world is full of truly moronic people. And most of them, it seems, shop where I work.

  36. Walter Sobchak

    Damn, I just realized my wife knows my pin!!!!

  37. @Walter

    1: You are not a retard.
    2: You have created a bond based on mutual respect, and the understanding that your lives are inexorably tied together, both emotionally and financially.
    3: You are not a retard.
    4: A pin placed properly in the base of her brain stem will turn off all non-essential functions.
    5: She might end up as a retard.
    6: Your PIN will be safe.

  38. @serfis and Jessi, I was just coming to correct myself on that… damnit… I should pay more attention to these things before I comment :P Thanks, though.

  39. Soup, is point 4 another serial killer reference?, cos if it is, I’m not recalling it.

    Sounds more like a Nazi experiment, or is it what happened to Jack Nicholson’s character in “One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest”?

    Either way, I hope Walt appreciates the humour.

  40. No serial killer references this time. Just my booze addled brain trying to shape marriage into a format that I can understand. Nurse Ratchet ain’t got nothin’ on some of the wives I’ve seen.

    Walter has already expressed his displeasure with my humor in the past, but I know I’ll eventually win him over. I mean really, how can anyone resist the fabulousness that is me?

  41. Nobody likes it when their soup has gone cold.

  42. @Who’s That Girl? and Toadette

    What exactly do you mean by CP? Because my mind went the same place Soup’s did but I think you might be referring to something else.

  43. Chicken pox? Cleft palate? Chest pain? Circumcised penis?

    Cell phone? Colour printer? Custard powder? Crossword puzzle Captain planet?

  44. Hmm, one of my question marks escaped…

  45. Cerebral Palsy I presume Em, but my second guess is circumcised coloured chicken penis puzzle.

  46. Cat Pee.

  47. @Emma Royds

    Hmm, they could mean cerebral palsy, but what would make them think that? He’s just a silly, angry person who uses repeated letters for emphasis and has the occasional typo. Those don’t sound like symptoms of cerebral palsy to me.

    Maybe he’s using all caps because he has chest pain?

  48. Well, I sure hope Danny knows how to change his pin number so then he can forget about this Pqaulinee like she forgot about him.

  49. lol

  50. Who's That Girl?

    @EmKitteh – CP is for Cerebral Palsy, as Emma Royds pointed out. Ever meet a person with CP? Their not very bright.

    LMAO @ Soup’s child porn though! And my spouse wants to know if the PIN turning off non-essential functions works on “bitch mode”? He can’t seem to get that mode turned off…

  51. @Who’s That Girl? – Mental retardation is usually a secondary symptom of CP. Not everyone diagnosed with CP is going to be stupid. There were a few kids with CP in my High School, and they were all in advanced classes. They certainly walked like retards, though.

    Also, lol at “their not very bright”.

  52. Who's That Girl?

    Hahahahaha – “their not very bright” – I’m a winner! Thanks fealkj!

  53. eh, interesting his pin has 6 numbers in it…

  54. Walter Sobchak

    Soup, I took your advice in #6 and locked my ATM card in a small safe that I keep under my pillow. But then I realized the safe code is the same as my PIN. Bugger!

    I think it’s going to be ok though. I just pushed my wife down the stairs.

    P.S. I don’t think I have expressed displeasure with your humour in the past, have I? I think I expressed displeasure at having to read about 45 comments congratulating you on your push-pregnant-girlfriend-down-the-stairs joke. I didn’t have a problem with the joke itself.

  55. It took me all day to figure out what “aut” meant.

    but now that I know I’m going to start using it in everyday sentences:

    Seacrest aut!!

  56. so what does aut mean? autistic?

  57. Ahhh the ending made my day.

    @ any person that is confused

    Aut= OUT jeeez!

  58. Walt, the irony of what happened that day with his joke, is while I gave Soup his due now, I was one who DIDN’T that day.

    I prefer delayed gratification.

  59. You Got Doddified

    that IS very similar…*
    Thats What She Said needs apostrophes*
    that’s again*
    Google is a proper noun*
    your site is utter shit*
    you are frodo*
    in the butt*

  60. @Who’s That Girl

    There is a girl with cerebral palsy in my class at law school so no, I don’t usually associate cerebral palsy with being “not that bright”.

  61. Who's That Girl?

    @EmKitteh…errr…did I say Cerebral Palsy? I meant circumcised coloured chicken penis puzzle.

  62. danny is actually not autistic or has CP, hes actually just fucking stupid.
    him and “Pqualine” have broken up and gotten back together about 30 times.
    everytime this happens there is about 45 status updates which clogs up everyones homepage.
    mind you, if you were to see Dannys face you could not be blamed for thinking he was retarded.

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