Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lamey and Lammy



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  1. Hmmmmm…No.

  2. Oh dear.

    P.s is Casey a chick??

  3. This appears to be a relationship that will last the ages.

    That’s code for, these losers deserve each other.

  4. WHAT?

  5. LOL @ mcowles.

  6. I kind of hope Casey and Samantha are the same person and it’s some sado pretending to be in a relationship, just because I don’t want to believe there are 2 people that lame actually going out with one another. I just hope they never procreate.

  7. So, they’re both on the phone talking to each other while posting stupid comments on his wall? That’s just vomit worthy. Let me vomit stinky French cheese.. on both of them.

  8. god, make it stop!

  9. o_O

    I’m continually amazed at this site.

    It makes me weep for our future.

    Humanity is doomed.

  10. lol. so samantha doesn’t seem as into this as casey.
    she must have some sense.

  11. Ew

  12. I’m going to buck the trend here and say ‘awwwwwww’. I’m rooting for you Casey, you blurry, gender-indeterminate-offspring of a gun, you.

  13. fone

  14. I was horribly confused reading this….I agree with Duncan.

  15. what in the shit is this?

  16. Now that’s true love! <3

  17. I am sooo confused.

    Can someone explain this to me, please?

    Overuse of punctuation does not make you deep.

  19. Samantha’s gonna dump him/her. I give it another month, tops.

  20. Even though it’s blurred out you can kinda see that they both have double barreled last names, and they look very similar. That is creepy. I wonder if “my little angel” is code for “my little sister” =\

  21. I “haye” the future generations.

  22. I use Lamebook as a social networking deterrent for my 11yo daughter, in the same way I use Lindsay Lohan to scare her away from ever touching class A drugs.

    Thanks Lamebook, you’re providing a service to future generations.

  23. Hey Mini, blocking her from social networking is like putting her in a padded cell and locking the door on her. Teach her to make smart decisions while on networking sites, don’t deter her from being on them altogether. Education is the best policy. Let them make the decisions themselves when their time comes. Otherwise, what they do might just equal rebellion against you.

  24. My Haiku’s are clear
    This one says ‘Huh, what the fuck?’
    No code is needed

  25. lmfao. i bet u r all confused. i can’t believe i found this on here. i actually know both casey and samantha and i can answer a few questions. 1st off, casey is a boy but he does act like a gigantic pussy. 2nd, all these r about how sam dumped casey and casey’s, lame ass keeps stalking her. she’s just as bad though cuz she could get rid of him with a tad more effort but she doesn’t. please don’t wish them happiness together bcuz if they ever did work things out, i’d have to kill myself rather than live in a world where such a lame couple exists. and i don’t wanna die yet. if anyone has any more questions, u can find me on facebook under “robby stupay”. message me and i’ll gladly help u understand more

  26. always have to call casey names right? just casey? wow, do you not see the other person in this conversation? well,

  27. @robby

    You can hardly call him a stalker. She’s flirting with him like crazy. Sounds to me like she is leading him on so she can have the attention, regardless of the emotional cost to him.

    Anyway, I’m off to find Robby Stupay, then click on him friends, then click on Samantha to see if she is hot or not.

  28. FFS Robby, put a fucking shirt on.

  29. And tell Samantha to shut her mouth. Out of interest Robby, who is Casey kissing in his profile pic? Is it Samantha? If he is not actually dating her but has a pic of himself kissing her as his profile pic, he gets extra lame points.

    And for anyone who is curious… Samantha is not hot.

  30. I like lemon chicken.

  31. WOW: lol i know samantha is no angel but during their whole bs breakup, casey used me and several of our mutual friends and then tossed us to the curb for samantha WHO IS IN LOVE WITH THE GUY THAT BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA CASEY. i know they r both equally at fault but i think i point his flaws out more bcuz he’s an asshole

    bingo: he doesn’t only have pics of him kissing her but he also posts shit like they’re still dating when they’ve been over for like 3 months. it’s EXTRA lame

  32. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

  33. ^ Oh yes. Lemon chicken is amazing.

    Wow. Between Samantha’s relentless flip-flopping between “I hate/love you” and the fact that there is another gender-indeterminate Sam in the convo who may possibly have dated one or other of them…
    I am so confused.

  34. Think Robby Stupay is actually Robby Stupid. Who cares about these two?

    This lamebook post is the reason why condoms were invented…


  36. I love u Robby! You just made my day sooo much better! <3

  37. @bingo nice quote hehe

    and LOL Robby made this post way funnier, I love seeing the photos of people on here.

  38. Lock them in a room and let that baby burn.

  39. tristan: wtf r u talking about?

    rouge: it was my pleasure. anytime lol

    evil robot bill: thank u. i appreciate it

    hey phineas: COMPLETELY AGREE lulz

  40. Robby sorry but your the dumbass right now for siding with one of them, if you sick of being used don’t talk to either of them or blame either of them. way to fuel the fire dipshit

  41. People who try to judge other people’s lives whom they don’t know, via some stupid website are a waste of breathe.

    Samantha is my best friend.

    How would you feel if you turned on a web page and found a group of STRANGERS trying to jump to conclusions about a person and a situation they know nothing about?

    This is none of my business and certainly none of yours.

    Please, move on to the next stranger to ridicule.

  42. breath*

  43. Wow, way to take things so freaking seriously.

    It was posted here because it was lame. Not because we’re out to make fun of whoever the hell these guys are.
    Or perhaps you haven’t read the rest of the website, or even the NAME of it for that matter?
    It’s called Lamebook for a reason. These statuses and the conversations that followed are LAME.

    Get over it.

  44. yeah, I have read it.

    But people are going way deeper than calling things “Lame”

    For Example:

    “And tell Samantha to shut her mouth. Out of interest Robby, who is Casey kissing in his profile pic? Is it Samantha? If he is not actually dating her but has a pic of himself kissing her as his profile pic, he gets extra lame points.

    And for anyone who is curious… Samantha is not hot.”

    Yeah. Thats definetly getting into peoples buisness.
    These aren;t even necessay.

    I’m allowed to get serious at things like this. Have some fucking compassion.

  45. Compassion? I think you’re confusing us with Gandhi.

  46. OH WOW.

    Samantha is a dog! I’mma hit up casey for some nudie pics and send them to chicago school for agricultural science.

    Katie, relax… people like this are like custom-built to be mocked

    I like how samantha changed her picture to a black square cos bingo says she’s not hot

    oh, and robby, seriously, put a shirt on

  47. lol and katie… I hope for your sake you’re not katie chose

  48. Mr Haiku, I salute you.

  49. georgia: r u stupid? i’m sorry but i said i’m not siding with anyone and that i think they r both equally at fault. i said that i might point out casey more because he was an ass to me. as a person, i hate him and samantha is my friend. but that doesn’t mean i side with her in this. i think she’s been fucking retarded with how she’s handled casey and i think she’s as bad as he was in this relationship

    katie: i agree that u should lighten up a bit but for different reasons. u know samantha very well. these ppl don’t. so y get upset at what they’re saying when they don’t know her? there thoughts shouldn’t matter to u or sam. and btw, i swear i didn’t put this on here

    ryanoceros: lol i’m gonna switch my photo. my camera isn’t working right now but i’ll get to it when i can

  50. everything stops NOW end of story, end of discussion.

  51. who the hell died and made u in charge? i think we’ll all end it when we wanna. if u don’t like it, then please don’t sign on and just let us have our fun

  52. Well, i am well aware that im not in charge,but adleast i can get my point across without swearing or calling people i dont like, names.
    and just because your friends with someone you still shouldnt call only one of them a name. they both took part in this, therefore they are both responsible. DONT play favorites.
    and if you want to call one of them a name, it should stand for both of them.

  53. Georgia: ur a cunt. u stupid bitch i never sided with them. how fucking stupid r u. leave this site now and return when u have finished a reading and comprehension class cuz apparently u don’t understand ANYTHING!!!! go fuck urself and leave me alone

  54. hmhm, this is kinda cute (:

  55. *massive round of applause for this thread*

    What a brilliant read. Robby wins.

  56. you just MAJORLY proved one of my points.
    oh and btw OUCH your mean words realy hurt me, maybe if i was 5 they would.
    you think your winning because you can type out swear words, like i said i can get a point across by using nice words unlike you. I think the one who is lame here is YOU.

  57. I love this thread.

    *fans the flames of raaaaaage*

  58. i’m not trying to win. i’m just saying that u don’t know what the hell ur talking about so until u can understand what i’m saying, SHUT UP. plain and simple

  59. cant say it any nicer? aw thats too bad. and i do know what im talking about, but you just dont have enough brain capacity to understand my logic

  60. no u don’t know cuz u keep insist i’m choosing sides when i haven’t and have said i’m neutral. i bet ur casey cuz u make about as much sense

  61. bendover, you can be my prison bitch

  62. wow. u r even more dumb than i thought. great for proving it to us georgia

  63. youre acting like a little BITCH so bendover take it

  64. and take it **

  65. still, ur a fucking tard. u r so worthy of this site

  66. looks whos talking BITCH

  67. HEY GUYS, Georgia wins, i also have herpes

  68. wow. didnt need to know that, but thanks i do belive i should win

  69. Oh sorry, that was a type-o. it was supposed to be a SCORCHING case of herpes. and i was confused by most of your posts. sorry but im a pussy when it comes to fighting. sorry

  70. apology accepted. thanks for finally seeing it from my side. it was a nice convo in the end. bye robby, good luck with your bad case of herpes.

  71. Ok ok ok, hold on, stop all of this craziness for just one second, so I can just say something:

    I think it’s seriously pretty rad of Robby to actually agree to put on a shirt, guys.

  72. has he fucking done it yet?

    @georgia – you are not a conversationalist. you are a shithead

  73. where you in this conversation? no, so stop calling me a shithead and go away please.
    and you will probably try and come back and start another fight, but seriously its over. stop with the name calling

  74. someone you prolly know

    I just find the two sad. Casey really needs to move on and get over all this. Hes not the guy i knew in high school.

  75. georgia, ur a fucking cunt for the herpes shit. but it doesn’t matter. ur a bitch and u know u made that shit up and pretended to be me. it’s obvious. so just leave us all alone

  76. I’m so sorry about that. you are so right. i’m a silly cumbag. my bad. too much dick sucking on my part. i’ll work on that. and yes i did post the herpes thing but that’s because i have split personality disorder since my mother fucked me when i was a kid. my bad. please accept my apologies

  77. thank u georgia. and now that we’ve agreed u suck, u can leave now

    toodles bitch

  78. Robby and Georgia also live in Casey’s fortress head

  79. i see you found out how to win robby but its still noticable that it was you because you like to use an huge amount of swears in your posts. so should i say the same thing you said to me? i sure will. you made up that shit and pretended to be me, its really obvious.
    and toodles bitch? you really are flamboyant, are you HINTING something?
    and i do agree with phruits. we are part of caseys fortress head, thats okay with me. but im not sure robby would like it, robby likes to say mean things about him via facebook and lamebook.
    how lame is that?
    BYE robby
    P.S. NEITHER of us won

  80. honestly, if u’ve been on my facebook as u claim (“robby likes to say mean things about him via facebook”), then u’d know i wasn’t hinting anything with the toodles bitch bcuz i am gay. there was no hinting. it’s obvious and i don’t hide it. but idk what that has to do with anything. u first started attacking me on here for picking sides when i’ve said a few times i haven’t, then u decide to pretend to be me, then someone else (thank u who ever u r) decided to be u as payback. y r u trying to come at me time and time again? i don’t care what u have to say. after this post, i will try my best to ignore ur stupidity and post things that don’t revolve around u or ur casey love fest

  81. seriously, we both did the same thing to each other so dont do that “Thank you who ever you are”, because it was most obviously you, just like it was most obviously me when i did the same thing. and if you would stop replying ( not including your last post) with things that will obviously start up the fight again, this would be over. like i said NEITHER of us won and casey love fest?, NOPEE. i was just trying to say to stay neutral when in a fight.
    there is nothing offensive toward you, robby, in this post ok?
    this conversation is done

  82. how much lamer can this post get?
    wow Robby and Georgia, just wow.

  83. I miss katie. she got REALLY offended

  84. Wow, this Robby-Georgia fight would make an awesome musical or opera.

  85. Reading those comments made me wish I was riding on a bus full of Downs Syndrome kids.

    At least they TRY to not act retarded.

  86. Your friends are hoping you die.

  87. Wow now I am so jealous I don’t have a significant other who talks to me in that manner and does shmoopy woopy cutesy things with me.

    Oh wait, no I’m not.

  88. What are they like 12 and 13yrs old?

  89. “I’d like to order a large Diet Coke, just kidding, that’s code for Mountain Dew. I would also like two double quarter pounders with cheese, just kidding just kidding, that’s code for a ten piece chicken McNuggets with honey bar-b-que sauce.” Hmm, I know what I’m doing next time I’m at the drive-thru

  90. ^^hahahahahaah

  91. charmaine.shutt

    im still saying Americans is the weirdest people EVER!

  92. Whaaaaat the shit did I just read?

  93. Society is SCREWED.

  94. @nashntth What an insanely wonderful idea!

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