Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lamesy Pamesy Wamesy


Lamesy Pamesy Wamesy

Lamester Review:

When reading someone’s post we often don’t realize what’s going on around their computer. They may have popcorn cooking in the microwave. Maybe they’re watching another episode of CSI while listening to the latest Nickelback album. Or in this case, they may be spending time with their beloved pet. Here we see Destiny wishing her best friend a happy birthday. She’s currently speaking to her about her financial issues on the phone (which she will soon discover once she views her Facebook page). Destiny is also anxiously awaiting this afternoon in which she and “Harry” will ride in a “Mexicano Mobilleee”. But what we’re not seeing, being the quiet internet observer, is that Ballsac Sacajaweaa is perched upon her keyboard watching his beloved owner type her love and devotion to “Harry.” You see, Ballsac is the name of her hamster who does in fact have a very pronounced scrotum. So pronounced mind you, that it lays quietly on the caps lock key – its owner oblivious in her current state of loving bliss.

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  1. Destiny: to be the crying girl on The Real World who can’t believe her boyfriend cheated on her while she was away for six months.

  2. btw, I feel horrible for Harry.

  3. Why… in… the… HELL… would anyone want to date someone that types crap like this? Seriously, she must have the intellect of a two year old. If she was even on my friends list I would block her status updates or delete her.

    Holy crap.

  4. go back to Myspace, sweetie

  5. i am suddenly overcome with the urge to throw my laptop out the window

  6. who in the fuck is “ballsac sacajaweaaa”

  7. People who reply to their own posts should be removed of the ability to reproduce.

  8. As if she wasn’t done… She goes back for more.

  9. Do you think she was afraid that the hearts made her look too needy ? Thats why she suddenly switches to the smileys.

  10. i bet she typed each one of those hearts cause she’s too stupid to utilize the cut and paste feature

  11. @ cookie monster – I believe the word you are looking for is “defenestrate”. Yep, sounds about right.

  12. hope there’s no child…

  13. I KNOW this is just a website…I KNOW none of this matters…but this has set the tone for my day…I now am going to be violently ill towards everyone I see today.

    Bah. My FAIL.

  14. Ur caps are on, btw…

  15. She must be a heck of a fuck though…

  16. @Destiny: Big mistakey! Wakey-wakey, eggs and backey: You’re no longer in first gradesky. Future holdskey much heartbreaky: Jonsey-Wonsey freaksey-outie, runs a-screaming into woodskey.

  17. PS: I propose we stage an intervention, and enroll Destiny into EAA–Emoticon Abusers Anonymous.

  18. ballsac sacajaweaaa?? lol

  19. shut up bitch and make me a sandwich!

  20. @MLB #18: “Ballsac Sacajaweaaa” is the Native American name of Destiny’s best female friend. It roughly translates as “Befriends The Lame.”

  21. Barf

  22. I dont dink I can understand anything dat girl is saying even dough I’m trying, and dat song is making my ears bleed really badly!!

  23. LOL

  24. Oh my god. I hope this girl dies in the most violent, painful, drawn-out way possible, and soon.

    But I hope Harry gives her hell for being such an idiot, first.

  25. An army of hearts and smileys. If an army marches on its stomach, this one’s wading through puke.

  26. What’s the point in censoring Harry at the top and leaving Jones when it says Harry in the comment?

    Obvious Harry Jones is obvious.

  27. The lobotomy last week didn’t work too well for her.

  28. littering and…..littering and…..littering and…..

  29. Love means reminding somebody that you wished them a happy birthday at exactly 12:00. Harry, in case your flight response wasn’t triggered by 342 hearts and 97 smileys: run.

  30. Cmon, at least count them Bri Bri, there’s 188 smileys…

  31. Damn, it must suck to be him. Harry Jones lol

  32. There should be an emoticon license.

  33. maybe destiny just found out how to use the emoticons.

  34. The saddest part is she’s talking on the phone with him as she’s writing out this…”comment”.

  35. C’mon guys, be nice.
    Her parents named her Destiny, she never had a fuckin’ chance.

  36. I actually thought that she was referring to Balzac at one point. What’s wrong with me?

  37. Barf.

  38. The cat walked across my keyboard earlier and produced something frighteningly similar to this in a 4chan thread.

  39. … I want to kick this person in the teats. Or would that be teatsy-weatsies? While wearing cleatsies?

  40. Dear Destiny,

    fuck off.

    That is all.

  41. $20 to the person who can get this woman off of facebook…

  42. I mean… it worked for Jason right?

  43. It’s people like Destiny who put ‘lame’ in lamebook.

  44. It takes a skill to turn the English language in the sort of guff only an alien life form could understand. Kudos for your butchery skills, Destiny.

  45. such love.

  46. *Destiny’s parents wonder if it’s too late to get an abortion…*

  47. destiny ( its me )

    Its me destiny thanks for boosting my self esteme for the next year ;D

  48. haha, Jones is a girl. not her bf. just thought i’d throw that out there

  49. hello.
    i am the sconsey ponsey whatever and i would just like to say that destiny is my bff. i am a girl. and ballsack is not a hamster.
    thank you.
    good bye.

  50. Double-u… Tee… Eff….

    Why do people like her EXIST?!?!

  51. Luvinthesecrazybitches

    Can you say….12 yr old stalker?

  52. I love that she found her lame page here


    go fuck yourself

  53. that was to destiny btw

  54. Agree with #4.Lindsay.

  55. this. right here. is why i love lamebook.

  56. Come on people, this is hardly the lamest I’ve seen on here. Those who spew out all this vicious stuff over some overexcited capslocked birthday greeting – can you seriously not find anything better to devote your time to?

  57. This is mint! Ballsac the Hamster with a very pronounced scrotum!

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