Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lamebooker Challenge: Crappy Movie Challenge

Time for another Lamebooker Challenge!
See if you can do better than these guys! Describe your last poop using a movie title in the comments!

Congratulations to thomas921! You won with: “Exit Wounds”

Find out the winner of the previous challenge here!


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  1. There Will Be Blood

  2. The unsinkable Molly Brown.

  3. The Neverending Story

  4. Death at a funeral

  5. Meet the fockers

  6. Quarantine.

  7. Somethings gotta give

  8. Exit Wounds

  9. Miracle on 34th street

    …And this is fake

  10. The Green Mile

  11. Like Water for Chocolate

  12. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

  13. Splash.

  14. The Hunt For Brown October

  15. 127 Hours

  16. Exit Through The Gift Shop

  17. Children of the corn

  18. Above the Rim

  19. Eegah…

    A 1962 horror film starring Arch Hall, Eegah was one of the films listed in Michael Medved’s 50 Worst Films Ever Made

  20. The Men Who Stare at Goatse

  21. The Mexican

  22. Jackie Brown

  23. Eye of the needle

  24. forrest dump

  25. Mission Impossible

  26. Gone with the wind


    Apocalypse Now

  28. Operation Dumbo Drop

  29. Deep Impact

  30. Water for elephants.

  31. Pretty in Pink.

  32. E.T.

  33. Black Dynamite

  34. Children of the Corn

  35. Yellow Submarine

  36. Fire Down Below

  37. Steel Magnolias

  38. super bad

  39. planet terror

  40. Blood and Chocolate

  41. Children of the Corn

  42. how to lose friends and alienate people

  43. Black Snake Moan

  44. Cool Runnings

  45. The Green Mile

  46. The Longest Yard

  47. Gone in 60 seconds

  48. Rocky

  49. A River Of Waste

  50. The Blob

  51. Twilight.

    wait – that’s just a shit movie.

  52. cloudy with a chance of meatballs

  53. my bowel movements are completely normal and i don’t give them cute nicknames.
    I’m not like you fucking freaks.

  54. Mission Impossible.

  55. some like it hot

  56. Scent of A Woman

  57. angry black jesus

  58. Days of Thunder

  59. Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

  60. Major Payne.

  61. A Series of Unfortunate Events

  62. MsAnnethrope your comment was predictable.

  63. Salmon fishing in Yemen.

  64. fundamentallybroken

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  65. Strictly Business

  66. A low down dirty shame..

  67. Gridlock

  68. Tupac: Resurrection :D

  69. White men can’t dump

  70. Deep Impact

  71. Two Girls, One Cup.

    And then go fuck yourselves.

  72. The Lord of the Rings

  73. Armageddon

  74. Inglorious Bastards.

  75. Shaft.

  76. They really come out of the woodwork for these daft caption contests.

  77. Tropic Thunder

  78. Flubber

  79. The Phantom Menace

  80. Children of men

  81. Blood in Blood out

  82. The Descent

  83. it’s fucking weird, isn’t it crusty?
    but at least this time lamebook is calling a turd a turd.

  84. Black Hawk Down.

  85. Enemy at the Gates.

  86. Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  87. Machete.

  88. Personally, I think Twilight was the funniest fucker of the lot. Lamebook commentators are, without doubt, the foulest internet beings I’ve come across. So why the fuck they become predictable conformists is waaaaaaaaay over my head. Shame on you all. Not you though MsAnne, not this time.

  89. Bring_back_fingering

    Now that is far and away the lamest post. Why don’t you just get down on your knees and give her a blowjob? You fucking gimp.

  90. Fear and loathing in my anus

  91. How about you suck my toe jam? Gobshite.

  92. Any movie ever made by Tyler Perry

  93. Run Wild, Run Free

  94. Cliffhanger

  95. Blood and Bones

  96. How to lose a guy in 10 days

  97. Hurt Locker

  98. The Big Lebowski
    (the dude abides)

  99. Glad He Ate Her

  100. The Green Mile

  101. Hope Floats.

  102. The Defarted

  103. Rear Window

  104. Waiting to Exhale

  105. extremely loud and incredibly close

  106. Step Into Liquid

  107. Blacula

  108. Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead

  109. I’m only naming a month’s worth of poo. You’re welcome.

  110. True Grit

  111. Boyz N the Hood

  112. Kick-Ass

  113. There Will Be Blood

  114. the expandables “2″

  115. Every Which Way But Loose

  116. Big Trouble In Little China

  117. Apocalypse Now

  118. Expierments With Liquid Air (1912)

  119. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

  120. The Unforgiven

  121. Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret.

  122. small soldiers

  123. Signs

  124. Rudy

  125. Pooh’s Grand Adventure

  126. The Green Mile

  127. Step into liquid

  128. Phffft!

  129. the dark knight rises

  130. the dirty dozen

  131. from dusk till dawn

  132. enemy mine

  133. revenge of the nerds (the wonka nerds)

  134. Lamebook;- The Moving Picture.

  135. The Green Mile

  136. The Nutty Poopfessor

  137. Twilight series….thats more like discribing a movie using my poop….

  138. The Pusher

  139. the grapes of wrath

  140. Jawbreaker

  141. The Cable Guy

  142. 300

  143. Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

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