Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ladies…The Dannon Cannon


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  1. Vaginal flora? Are we talking roses or poison ivy here?

  2. Misty sounds like the type of bird with overgrown flora. Should keep her garden in check imo…

  3. “The normal flora of the vagina”. I never thought I’d live long enough to read those words.

  4. HAHAHAAHA flora

  5. it’s talking about bacterial flora. i think i’d still prefer monistat 7 to squirting yogurt into my vagina

  6. Yogurt is the natural way to treat it; Monistat is the not-so natural way. Some prefer not to put chemicals and other harmful substances up their hoo-ha.

    Just sayin’.

  7. you can also use garlic !

    Use a garlic clove as a suppository. Garlic contains a natural anti-fungal agent. Peel a fresh clove, wrap it in gauze and insert it into the vagina

    it says so on !

  8. Even still, the point here is that I can guarantee that at least 75% of people on this person’s friends list did not care to read about this little tidbit.

  9. I love that it’s a guy informing women of a fun, new way to take care of their vaginas(vaginae?).

  10. Ummmm… unfortantely I am on this guy’s friends list and I REALLY didn’t want to read it. Not everday your friends uses flora in a Facebook post!

  11. Hoo ha? You have a vagina, say it like a big girl.

    In any case, indiscriminately squirting yogurt into it isn’t exactly the way to fix anything. There’s the proper way, and then there’s the incredibly stupid way. Thanks for only teaching us one of them, internet!

  12. This is actually true lol

  13. This is actually very true… And it is the safest way… No chemicals or synthetic substances are used.

  14. I have been missing yogurt lately… And I keep finding strawberry seeds in my teeth…. MUTHAF*CKA!!!

  15. This is a more commonly used way to cure a yeast infection then you might think. Google it. It’s not stupid, it’s just not mainstream and consumerist minded.

  16. yeast infection or not, its rather pleasurable.

  17. Toss in some fruit chunks, or even maybe some Grapenuts for an afternoon snack!

  18. thank you so much for informing me Matthew. I dont know what I’d do without this piece of knowledge.

  19. Danielle wait till you get an allergie to methoxazole(monistat) your Dr. will be basting you with yogurt…

  20. So, I don’t have a problem with eating yogurt when I’m on antibiotics as a preventative measure against yeast infections. I DO have a problem with inserting a turkey baster into my vag for ANY reason.

  21. I thought that’s where yogurt came from.

  22. @Brandi hahaha

  23. Plain yogurt? I would prefer peach. Maybe banana.

  24. go dannon go!

  25. @Biologygirl seems like you’ve done this yogurt/floral thing before

  26. I’ve heard people say yakult is good, lol.

  27. I thought the yakult was bad for you, messing with the dark arts and ouija boards and so on.

  28. Matthew is correct about the yogurt, but the real question is, why does he care about it enough to post it as his Facebook status? His choice of vaginal treatments for a “fun fact” indicates he may be trying to deflect attention away from his small penis. Or he’s trying to impress a girl who’s a biology student. Or both.

    Misty, on the other hand, is simply a moron. Always remember to Google before you throw out the mental-health accusations. Lamebook itself is also suspect on this matter, though they may simply have fallen in love with the “dannon cannon” header and decided to go with it anyway.

  29. Don’t waste the yoghurt!
    You can use your excess yeast
    To make some homebrew.

  30. My mom’s vagina could do with a whole tanker

  31. I’m assuming the turkey baster is washed before insertion? Otherwise it’s not just infection of the yeast variety your going to have going on down there!
    I’m impressed/worried by how well Matthew here knows his yeast infection treatments – on a first name basis in fact!

  32. @ Mr Haiku – I think I love you. Is there a Mrs Haiku?

    And as for the actual post – I think we just all have to be grateful that it is ‘the normal flora of the vagina’, rather than fauna. Ain’t no amount of yoghurt gonna deal with woodland animals in your fairy garden.

  33. I wonder if matthew is speaking from experience.

  34. If I would’ve found out about this before, I would’ve put it as my facebook status.

    I once put the pros and cons of having sex with penguins as my facebook status. I wonder if you bastards would’ve made fun of me for that…

    Anyway, good job Matthew and Misty, shut up please.

  35. I think Matthew’s pretty funny. I wish more of my friends on Facebook were like him. I’d much rather read stuff like this than “Just sitting on Facebook and watching tv lol.” or other such boring guff.

    More random statuses please.

  36. Eating right in the first place and wiping properly will prevent most of these infections in the first place. Even EATING yogurt (you-know…with your mouth) helps.

    That being said, status updates like this are definitely better than “waiting for hubby to come home from work so we can watch reality tv”…but still kind of lame.

  37. Women always have something creepy in their fuck bags. I dont trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesnt die.

  38. @hairyass: i wouldn’t either if i’d never left my parents basement.

  39. this is actually true. I never heard of injecting it with a turkey baster though… I think he made that up to be funny. I guess it could be done that way… uh, I’m sure his pals were delighted for this bit of info, haha…

  40. What man in his right mind would post shit like this?!

  41. @poppyred, if not with a turkey baster, then with what? I doubt you’d use one of those yogurt squeeze tubes. What insertion device would be optimal for this situation?

  42. just dip a tampon in yoghurt and insert before going to bed for the night. remove the tampon in the morning and you’ll have a much happier vagina. much cheaper than the crap the pharmaceutical folks think you have to buy as penance for having a vagina.

  43. tampons actually arent good for yeast infections or, actually, in general. there are a lot of chemicals in tampons that companies put in to prolong your period (making you buy more of them). since theyre not regulated, really anything could be in them.

  44. @anon you should be on this website for being a huge dumbass! you can’t use chemicals to extend a period it’s a natural cycle.

  45. @hairyass
    so basically, you don’t trust any female mammals?

    I don’t think you have any right calling Anon a dumbass. Being a girl you should know that it is very common for women to use chemicals to alter their period (birth control). I wouldn’t be surprised if what Anon said is true.
    Actually, if left in too long, tampons can be a cause of yeast infection!
    Just sayin’.

  46. @Erika: I’ve heard the thing about chemicals in tampons, too. It’s not that the chemicals actually extend your period. It was something else…thins the blood so it looks like more, or causes your vaginal walls to bleed, or something…meh, I’m too lazy to Google it.

  47. wow. Thank you for sharing that.
    But I’m no one really cared.
    I’d also like to know how the fuck Matthew would know such a thing.
    Is someone getting a sex change?
    I think so.

  48. *I’m sure no one really cared

  49. Even though this sounds kind of funny, it is true. If you get PLAIN yogurt with LIVE CULTURE, you can put the yogurt up there and your yeast infection and most other problems are cured. This is because the bacteria used for yogurt is a good bacteria that eats up candida/yeast that grow within our bodies. You can use an actual DOUCHE and mix it with water and yogurt and put it up there. If that is too gross for you, you can just eat yogurt every day and you will be cured in 3 days. Yogurt with at least 8 grams of fat is also good for women with weak hair strands or curly hair. Put it on for a deep conditioning treatment.

  50. @Dottywine: Do you have any spirit crystals for sale?

  51. Dottywine’s actually telling the truth; it’s what I use. A little plain yogurt will clear up all kinds of nastiness down there.

  52. Thank you for all the health tips for keeping and maintaining the good & natural bacteria balanced in my ‘Hoo Hah’ I’ll remember to check Lamebook in future.

    Charming ;)

  53. I think my boss and my coworkers were discussing yogurt in vaginas at some point. What a terrible coincidence.

  54. Firefox says vaginas isn’t a word. Is it vaginae? …holy shit it’s vaginae

  55. @Skye hahaha that was the best post ever.

  56. Is Matt a doctor or a transexual?

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