Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Knocked Up and Knocked Out



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  1. @ Selina

    Yes! Freedom from being irresponsible and a whore. Use a condom retard.

  2. ah growing up.

  3. pro-choice!

  4. Selina could have very well been babysitting someone else’s baby, and is now glad to be rid of it. She hasn’t necessarily had an abortion.

  5. @ Adam

    Didn’t think of that. Too bad I can delete my comment.

  6. *can’t

  7. stupid likes turtles

  8. I like how Allie’s pluralized everything, as though guys deceiving her and then knocking up her best friends is a frequent occurrence in her life.

  9. I like Zombie Kid

  10. If Selina is talking about an abortion, I hope that her next appointment is with the OBG is to have her tubes tied.

    Also, I would like to thank Cheryl for her words of wisdom. I had no idea that having sex without using birth control was a part of growing up. Thanks for the life lesson!

  11. Saved – You’re such a slave – I don’t expect a
    Name – You don’t care – I wasn’t witness –
    I can’t be a part of a system such as this
    Hard eyes – Glow right – In my – Darkness – Again
    With the sickness, rengade sisters, blisters,
    Salivate, litigate, liberate, madness, sadness
    Fuck this – How long have I had this?
    I don’t need this – Outta my business
    Insert, engage, betray, MY GOD

    Liberate – My madness
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    I just want to…
    Liberate – My madness
    Liberate – My madness

  12. STFU, “Slipknot”

  13. I wish these people would come over here and explain themselves. Selina’s message is just too cryptic. She might have just dropped her child off with the father for a week’s visitation or something a tad more benign than abortion (still nasty), or she might be referring to someone as a baby in an insulting manner, like an ex boyfriend.

  14. Also, can’t a friend knock another friend up anymore? What’s wrong with that?

  15. Why would Selina want 28 children if she was happy to be rid of one?

  16. @Lola

  17. maybe the dingo ate her baby

  18. @wanker… lol!

    Roy?! Don’t be mad at me Roy!

    My names not Roy, woman!

  19. Fuckin kids. They ruin everything.

  20. I think the 28th refers to the date of the month. If she got an abortion, you have to wait to have sex or even use tampons, or stop bleeding. Or maybe she dropped her baby off at a sitter and is leaving for vacation on the 28th, I really wish she would clarify.

  21. Or maybe she is in high school and had to carry a bag of flour as a baby, for week or something. Maybe she gets her grade on the 28th. They also make these babies that are fake but act like real babies to teach young girls how difficult it is to take care of a baby.

  22. I know Selina and let me clear up a few things.

    1) November 28th is her 16th birthday
    2) Yes, she had an abortion
    3) She’s excited that she can drink/smoke now (she was a good pregnant mom, during the 8 weeks of pregnancy (except weekends, which don’t count, right?))
    4) The “father” is/was 24 (they’re still dating)
    5) She’s very unattractive
    6) I also like turtles

  23. Welll…. She’s unattractive, then by all means…

  24. Is it safe to say you submitted this one mcowles?

  25. I hate when people call themselves then lie to their faces then knock themselves up! I guesses it’s all parts of growing up girlfriends. At least they are rid of the baby and can’t wait ’til the 28th. That’ll show them.

  26. Thanks for clearing all that up, mcowles! So glad that she was a “good mother” to something she was planning on killing anyway! She does, however, sound like a poster child for abortion rights. Or maybe just sterilization. Yes, we all grow up (well, some of us), and we all made mistakes as teenagers, but common sense is, unfortunately, not something that can be taught, especially at 16.

    And come on. Number 1-4 were very informative, but #5 was just spiteful. Did you add that one in so we can all be relieved that one more ugly baby won’t be entering the world to a teen mom?

  27. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Anne, Boz, wanker, LindseyB and mcowles all gave me lulz – and Dr Hymen was epic!
    Then Nublet had a humour fail and made it go away.
    Now I has sads.

  28. @LindseyB

    hahaha! That made me laugh so hard. Thanks for that!

  29. @mcowles

    lol. Funny that all those points are false. How do I know this you ask? Because she’s my cousin.

    And to clear things up, shes talking about one of those electronic babies you have to take care of in school… not an abortion. lol

  30. –Beans FTW!

  31. Nublet can lick my gooch… “I love going on humor sites and making people want to slit their wrists while I shove my morals down their throat” Zombie kid needs to tell her more about turtles as he eats her brains.

  32. oh and @beans

    mcowles’ 6th point was in no way false

  33. @pnkntndr

    Alright but turtles are the worst animal to like, so it might as well be false. lol

  34. Go Beans!

  35. @mccowles
    If the father is 24 and she is 15, why isn’t he in jail for statuatory?

  36. Anastasia from Russia

    Yay for beans !!

  37. aww thanks guys ! *curtsy* lol

  38. @ Beans.

    Did you submit this one?

  39. Nope. Wasn’t me. I was super surprised when I saw it lol. Didn’t think I’d see anyone I knew on here.

  40. @Adam

    Ummm, because her parents signed some papers to prevent him from going to jail.


    ummm, she IS 16, so the first point was partly true.

    Fine, I made up #1-5, you caught me.

    Damn Beans for REALLY knowing this person. Point 6 is very true, though and turtles are awesome.

  41. Tortises are far out.

  42. @mcowles.

    haha I’m sorry for ruining your fun. :)

  43. Selina is my hero now.

  44. I like turtles.

  45. I love zombies and turtles!

  46. I like mcowles version better, maybe that means I’m a bad person but it was entertaining. Thank you Beans for appologising for ruining the fun, at least you admit it. Still, it would have been funny if you nutted out like Brett did, oh well, another time maybe

  47. Who gives a shit if she had an abortion? Or if she’s happy about it? Someone who doesn’t want to be pregnant is glad she’s no longer pregnant. Apparently this is shocking.

    The #1 feeling reported by women who’ve had an abortion is relief.

  48. The #1 feeling should be guilt.

    Stupid whores must stop being so hungry for cock.

  49. Anastasia from Russia

    Yay for Donna!

  50. I HAVE 2 turtles

  51. @47

    Dropping 0.16th a pound is always a relief.

  52. good for her for getting an abortion!

    she was clearly responsible enough to realize that at 16 it’s NOT a good idea to have a child. especially when you’re the kind of person to announce an abortion on facebook. at least she had enough sense to save the poor would-be child from a pretty fucked up life.

  53. ^^ that’s what hitler said about the handicapped you stupid fucking cunt

    go kill YOURself and do some real good

  54. @ Beans:

    Woo Hoo!!!! I was right! :)

  55. @ 52. She was responsible enough to get an abortion? What’s responsible about getting knocked up at 16 you fucking moron?
    The responsible thing would be for her to shut her legs, or at the very least use a fucking condom!

    @Beans, lmao. You’re my hero!

  56. Well, if she was stupid enough to get preggers at 16, chances are, she would have made a piss-poor mother. And really, do we need another bastard child from some retarded chick that thinks birth-control consists of a visit to the doc?
    So yeah, yay for the abortion.

  57. what about the baby being adopted by a great family who can’t have kids?
    I think if she wants to be a slut she should deal with the consequences.

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