Thursday, January 28, 2010

KingDUMB Came

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  1. I can’t believe how long it took me to get the first one.

  2. i can’t believe they didnt blur out the license plate on the first one

  3. lostintranslation

    Awww… I can’t really make fun of the first one. The parents were excited, possibly to the extent that they temporarily forgot how to spell certain words. But hey, at least they spelled “graduating” correctly.

    As for Tyler, I’d quite like to punch him.

  4. Jake, thank you for buying American.

  5. Who gives a fuck if your daughther is graduating? Shut up and get back to work at Wal-Mart.

  6. Ha fucking Ha! Someone is posting with my username again, that’s fucking hilarious, very original indeed you fucking moron. Like I would seriously post something as fucking pointless as that as a first comment, this is driving me crazy, all your douche bags who have nothing better to contribute than stupid retarded first posts. Screw you all, and stop hiding behind my username you idiots, grow a pair and if you’re going to attack me do it with your username you pole smokers.

  7. Ben is Frodo and Ben is Sam.

  8. For fuck’s sake. Get a life.

  9. graduating what exactly? Beauty school? Or wal-mart training?

  10. Some advice Ben:

    Get that sand out of your vagina. You’re annoying, whiny and you just take up too much space!

    People wouldn’t poke fun at you if you hadn’t gone on an unbelievably bitchy rant about some arse typing “first”.

    And when you now go nuts against me, you’ll just fuel people’s interest in mocking you, so have fun!

    Oh, and before you suggest it, I won’t go and suck my Dad’s cock, or any cock for that matter.

  11. How the fuck (to the prick using my username) are you doing this you dickhead, it really isn’t funny, it’s pathetic in fact, go back to your own username – Frodo isn’t it!

  12. @Makster: incase you missed the memo that circulating, I will summaries the contents for you:

    1. Your a fuck head
    2. Someone is using my username, why would I rant about first comments then do it? If you believe that as an actuality then your dumber than I thought.
    3. Your dad says use less teeth next time you blow him.

  13. lostintranslation

    @Ben: If a username (e.g. “Ben”) has been registered by someone (e.g. you), it can’t be used by anyone else.

    Conclusions: you are Frodo, you absolutely don’t have a pool, and you need to take Makster’s advice ^^

  14. lostintranslation

    Also, it’s “you’re”, not “your”.

  15. @Makster – good 1

    @”real” Ben – ur house is like a shire.

  16. @SevanSins

    That’s not Jake’s car, I’m guessing he was either driving behind it or saw it parked somewhere.

    Also why havent they blured out the number plate? Somebody is going to be getting some speeding tickets.

  17. Thank you for confirming my diagnosis Ben.

  18. Also, you need to seek out psychiatric help for the complex you have with father and offspring sexual activity.

    Seriously, work that shit out, dude. You’ll be better off once you move past it.

  19. Fuck this, if the moronic perpetrator insists on continuing with this hilarious prank then I’, just going to re-register, I’m sick of the prick(s) who find this highly amusing, “ooh lets pretend to be Ben” – change the record already it’s not funny.

  20. Ben is really whiny.

  21. Ben, I’m not purporting to be you, but I’m laughing my plums off at the imposter. I love your idea of leaving the site, it’s the re-registering under a new name upon which I’m not quite so keen.

  22. This Mary makes me proud to be a Mary.

  23. Can we please put the whole cnuting Ben episode behind us and move on. It’s fucking tedious, and not very funny.

    Can we get back to the posts that make all of us laugh. The whole trolling and trading insults shit is so boring and dull.

  24. You must be very proud, Mary.

  25. Given the way Tyler typed in his original comment, I have to think that he was joking in his second response. Maybe that’s just me.

  26. As a product of “Florida Education” myself, all I can say is that they did a pretty dang good job at spelling. :(
    Luckily I had enough brains to beg my parents to go to private school and get a real education.

  27. ‘It’s me Mr Frodo… It’s your Ben.’

  28. Ben is a VERY uncommon name. I am sure when he was born he was issued sole usership of said name. So all you people are on notice that Ben and only Ben is allowed to use that username on the world wide web. Got it?! Good.

  29. oh yeah, and that was a funny one @sleepybear, beauty college, lol

  30. I think the father / mother who wrote that was in pure awe at the fact that their offspring could graduate, or maybe the extra “h” is to emphasize “her” gender, or maybe they are just retarded.

  31. Yaya, I don’t think you can have two posters called ‘Ben’ on here though.

  32. Hehehe…
    Ben, you are truly on the right site.
    It’s people like you that I visit lamebook to see.

  33. cpt brown sauce sandwich

    @shiyu so right
    I love you Bens! Both of you! ALL of you!
    I wish I was Ben

  34. I think I’ve figured it out! Ben has multiple personalities. The “other” Ben is funnier but not very creative using the same name. My only question is, is the other Ben a hobbit too?

    @shiyu – agreed!

  35. €dcrearview: you might be right but it’s most likely trolling,

    @ yaya: it’s obviously not a username issue – the site is based on wordpress and you can get to your profile page by adding /wp-admin then change your “screen name”

  36. Ben and Ben have been put in a time-out. Please save the arguing for the playground. Thanks!

  37. Tyler and Mary aren’t serious. I really don’t want to believe they are having this conversation without trying to be funny.

  38. I think impostor Ben is my brother. He is a prick in general, and would totally steal someones identity for the sole purpose of making them look lame and whiny.

    Real Ben, is just annoying. I don’t care if someone stole your user name! A simple, “haha, you got me,” would have been sufficient. PLUS! It’s not like his stole your real identity, or hacked your email, it’s your lamebook login. Someone should make a site called and feature you.

    I hope that poor girl’s parents fixed the windshield before they drove to the commencement ceremony.

  39. @Gank I’m aware but it IS very easy to change your username and quite frankly I’m am just irritated by the whining, puling little attention whores who have to make and take everything so freekin personal. I want to read people’s zingers about lame facebook posts not watch a pissing contest bewteen people I do not know, care about and who probably don’t have adequate equipment for the contest anyway.

    Sorry – rant over now.

  40. haha, you got me.

  41. welcome back Ben

  42. Surely if Ben is registered as Ben, nobody else can use his name? I thought that was the reason that Lamebook changed so people had to sign in to comment, so that something like the Boz issue wouldn’t happen again.

    Unless I’m wrong, in which case I sincerely hope this comment is followed by BritishHobo proclaiming himself a knob-end.

  43. Also Mary’s Frodo.

  44. Give Jake a break, his “daughther” being the first person in his family to graduate from the 5th grade is a big deal.

  45. hahaha

  46. We CAN all use ‘Ben’

  47. So just to clarify, is Ben a paranoid schizophrenic or just someone with the world’s weakest password? Or both?

  48. @ Sensible Madness, both I think. He is rather annoying. I’m pretty sure he is an attention seeking paranoid schizophrenic.

  49. I was going to comment on the biting sarcasm of Mary, but then I got into the woes of Ben…
    Could Ben be the next Jason?

  50. I iz reel BEN! FRODO-daddy cocks! I likez to post! NevEr ferst! 1st=FAAAAGGZZ! I likez me and hatez kopeeez! HEIL PUNCTUATION! Mein Furher ist GRAMMAR!!!

  51. I’m still not a knob-end, so I’m just gonna go ahead and assume Ben’s an attention seeking troll who’s trying to get people to be sympathetic towards him by pretending people are stealing his name. Like a shit, impossible Boz.

  52. Do you want to be a knob-end?

  53. Oh, fuck!

    Wait… what the hell was the point in bringing in the profile feature if absolutely anyone can use my name and call me a knob-end?

  54. @BritishHobo

    If you logout, and then login again directly on that page, you can change your first or last name. If you change it, you can select to be displayed as your first name, etc.

  55. Yay! Thank you grammarpolice and errorkey! I shall be known as yet another grmmrnazi no more! Even if that has been my online persona for ten years…

  56. Although I must insist that I was more of a benevolent dictator, even for an English teacher.

  57. I bet she graduated from public school.


  58. I love you Ben, you provide me with much laughter :D

  59. …and also, is it just me or does anyone scan the comments for Ben, Sensible Madness, BritishHobo and grammarpolice’s comments first, then go back and read the others for potentual?

    perhaps i need a life *sigh*

  60. As an English teacher in a public school…yup, she graduated from a public school. Kids these days…

  61. “My daughter is graduating!!”

    I guess the rear window isn’t big enough for “…and quite possibly rooting half the footy team, spending her lunchtimes smoking in the dunnies and experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs!”

    *Sigh* Yanks can be so OTT

  62. Her daughter is graduating, but mom can’t spell. Daughther? LOL

  63. ben sucks cock

  64. ben is the epitome of lame

  65. I posted this, and NO this is not my car. I saw it in a parking lot and couldn’t help but submit it.

  66. Mary is a hero.

  67. can someone explain the first one?

  68. Daughther = Daughter. They misspelled it by adding the extra ‘h’. Obviously, their daughter didn’t get her brains from whoever wrote that.

  69. CaptainCurious

    I think Ben has multiple personality disorder.

  70. I think you have multiple penetration disorder.

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