Thursday, October 29, 2009

Keep Your Status in Your Pants



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  1. 1st

  2. Whatever happend to doctor patient confidentiality?

  3. Get a life and grow up jOjO. Nobody gives a crap.

  4. that’s still present. what isn’t present is friend> random people> facebook confidentiality. what a sad, sad world this is.

  5. Do you think Erin is that kind of bitch that pretends to oblivious about their obnoxious-ness?

  6. But the doctor called her friend and told her?

    X, don’t set him off again please. He derails threads faster than leaves on the line

  7. HI Queen Bee, I think Erin is EXACTLY that kind of bitch. As if saying ‘their…you know’ is going to somehow mask what she’s talking about.

    Either that, or this is a revenge post.

  8. I like to get fucked by dogs

  9. See what I mean

  10. I see what you mean Neal but I think it is pretty inappropriate to be honest. Keep your personal life off Lamebook for those of us that want to simply enjoy it for waht it is.

    No Need Neal, No Need.

  11. Indeed, no need. So stop using my name and posting your personal issues

  12. I’m Spartac–erm, Neal!

  13. eh?

  14. I know this is not the time nor the place but I need to tell you all:


    Cheers for listening

  15. If you were doing a “I’m Spartacus” surely “I’m Brian”, “No I’m Brian, and so’s my wife” would have been a better use. (Monty Python, Life of Brian)

  16. How come I cant fuck kids in China? I love 12 year old hermaphrodites.

  17. Nothing wrong with being gay, I have friends who are gay jojo. And unlike you, that doesn’t scare me or make me feel insecure. Nor does it make me a homosexual. But you probably couldn’t get your head round that concept

  18. I think it’s time for Lamebook to adopt a mod setup for comments.

  19. Hey guys, ….NEAL before my mighty power! GET IT, LIKE KNEEL BUT SPELLED AS MY NAME!?!! HAHAHA I’M SO WITTY!!!

  20. Truw me and these friends have “experimented” who hasn’t eh jOjO? If you don’t swallow it your not gay. Thats the rule ain’t it, please? – God tell me its the rule.

    Who am I kidding – I am GAY, GAy, GAY

  21. Tbh knucklepopper I’m thinking of emailing the mods to get them to set up user accounts. That way peoples posts can be monitored and people can be banned. Also stops alts

  22. Maybe you and I should meet up Knucklepopper and discuss this. Maybe a nice meal, a bottle of wine…..wait, you are a dude right?

  23. When are Admin going to ban jOjO from making posts? She seriously needs to get a life.

  24. Just kidding, I don’t remember how to email.

  25. Ahh, you noticed the _D. Clever you. It’s not an email mate. It’s a feedback form. Look in the top right hand corner. I have already sent one toe the admins. Whether they take any notice or not is another matter

  26. look guys, i’m sorry that i’m making such a fuss all over these boards, it’s just that i get really lonely ever since my cat died. he was the only one who ever really talked to me or understood me. and also the only one who could ever really satisfy me if you know what i mean… :(

  27. No worries, hopefully your email will get banned

  28. Hi everyone,

    We’re working on it, please just bear with us. The plan is to block certain peoples’ IP addresses. This includes those who frequently misuse usernames and post overly offensive comments.

    Thank you all for putting up with some of the idiocies until we are able to get it sorted.

  29. I’m getting confused. I said “email” earlier but now I’m remembering it’s a form… WHERE IS MY MIND PEOPLE?! Oh, right, Tijuana.

  30. Erin is obviously taking the mickey as part of some long-standing joke with Kelly – nobody’s doctor is going to call their friend and talk about their yeast infections.

    Either that or Erin is just a complete cow operating randomly.

  31. Ip address is better than the idea of emails. Well done Admin

  32. Two words: public library

    Can people like jOjO really afford their own computer? I guess we’ll find out soon.

  33. Pleae, EVERYONE who hates jOjO and wants to get rid of her/him/it, click on the “Contact” link in the top right hand side of the page. Send them a message titled ‘jOjO’ and explain how much and why you want to get her/him/it banned.

  34. Please^

  35. No need hmmmmm
    I think they already know which people they’ll be banning. They talk themselves into the banned list

  36. Hmmm…I wonder if people realize how pathetic it is to use different names and talk themselves through internet posts?

  37. My theory is that Neal, Neal_D, and jOjO are all the same person.

  38. Don’t make people sign in. I’m fed up of that kind of stuff. Besides alts are awesome.
    See, I am jOjO and I like to molest baby hamsters.

    I have jOjO’s mOjO.

  39. slowbie – and don’t forget ‘no way’ from the other thread.

  40. I can assure you there is a Neal. I changed to Neal_D which then again got attacked by jojo. No reason for you to believe me but I have posted on previous posts

  41. I think Neal just got bored and decided to create a fake enemy to draw attention to himself. Am I right or am I right?

  42. Think what you want mate

  43. slowbie = jOjO?

  44. Wouldn’t surprise me

  45. Conor made me laugh. Erin, on the other hand, is just a bitch.

  46. @hmmm I bet slowbie is also Neal!

  47. Haha, even the administration hates jOjO!

  48. the real jim beam

    Dude, Erin, harsh. That is one way to get back at someone who’s wronged you, haha. Not very subtle though.

    And of course her dr didn’t actually call her random friend, retards….

  49. No Doctor would call your friend and tell them personal information like that. I call bullshit. And Erin obviously doesn’t know anything about yeast infections either.

  50. wow sounds like Bull is talking from experience!

  51. Hey guys, I’m Jesus (the one and only!) and I’m here to say I’d appreciate it if you guys did the right thing and didn’t make sign ins mandatory.

    People making fun of each other is the only thing that makes this site worthwhile! Me and my homies check it all the time, fo serious. It’s hilarious.

    Cheers guys,
    Jesus Christ the First
    Son of God

  52. Why does everyone assume Erin’s her friend? It could be a mother or guardian…

  53. hey kelly!! how did it go?? i don’t really give a flying fuck and i already know how it went cause i know what the doctor said, but hey, i’ll ask a pointless question anyway. your doctor called and he told me its really hard for the doctors to help someone with such bad yeast built up in their… you know. everyone knows, you don’t get yeast build up in your nostril, do you? but i know you are hoping for the best, although i’m fucking not, so i just wanna say i am extremely jealous of you and i want to humilate you to better myself, but i’m gonna say i love you and you have my support no matter what cause im a two faced bitch

    luv ya kelz

  54. soooo, i take it you like fishsticks Neal… dont say no, i am the almighty, i know shit…

  55. Erin – FTW!

  56. I’m betting Erin is an ex-boyfriend and is posting that to get back at Kelly. Petty and lame.

  57. Erin is a girl name.

  58. I assumed Erin is a girl, but assumptions don’t mean shit. There are males with typically female names and vice versa.

  59. … it’s more often used as a girl name but it can be both actually

  60. Erin’s talking shite, trying to embarrass Kelly.

    Conor sounds like an idiot to me.

  61. Kelly, Quinn, Ryan – when did it become cool to call your kids Irish last names? It’s very confusing.

  62. Boz man, Kelly and Ryan are perfectly normal 1st names

  63. @62 – agreed.

  64. ummm… there is a reason why we have inboxs

  65. Erin must be an angry sister or something, because I don’t think the doctor would have called her random friend to tell her the news… Either way, they must live together, considering she received the phone call. And couldn’t tell her in person? Hm.

  66. Errrr, I’m guessing there was no phonecall, since that would violate all kinds of Doctor-patient relationships. Highly unlikely a doctor would do anything other than ask you to go to the surgery to talk to them to be fair.

    Am also guessing that Erin wrote it as a vicious thing on Kelly’s wall. Or maybe as a joke. Maybe that kind of joke is fine for them. Each to their own and all that. Highly unlikely to be any kind of yeast infection going on.

    You know, just plain old slander in public to make the other look bad. If there’s any truth in it, it’s probably coincidence.

  67. You know someone is an idiot when you see they’ve jumped on the “worst. something. ever.” cliche bandwagon.

  68. How old is Conor referring to his cock as his “weiner”?

    We don’t use that over here but I’m kinda thinking that it’s only young yank kids who call it that.

    In which case, WTF is he doing being wasted… Jeez.

  69. Little Miss Bitch

    Erin could be Kelly’s rather indiscreet mom..?

  70. WHY hasn’t anyone mentioned the wiener post.?? I thought it was hilarious.!! O., yea., Erin;s post was had revenge all over it..


  71. rotflcopter!

    erin’s post has some mean girls shit written all over it.


    what is up with climbing metal fences naked?!

  72. Erin reminds me of a chick I knew in high school, would come over subservient and sickly sweet to her female friends (slutty to the guys but hey that was fun) and then go around to the guys her friends liked and either slept with them or told them they had a disease or something.
    Needless to say after high school she moved states to goto college.

  73. As for weiner boy……… sure who hasn’t scratched their dick on a fence or two. People are you telling me no one here has had to run away from a big hairy scary boyfriend at a bonfire party while naked and drunk ???
    Seriously you guys need to get out more.

  74. I believe that every post is from the same person, trying desperately to have a conversation with “real” people while sitting naked at his computer while fondling his “wiener” dog.

    Try to disprove my theory…

  75. 71828182845904523536

    @ Tristan

    This message proves it to you, and to me.

  76. This wouldn’t have been half as lame if he used a word other than weiner.

  77. So…did no one pick up on the “your doctor called me” part as a total impossibility? And that there is no such medical dilemma as a massive yeast build up? This is a joke. A funny one too.
    xoxo to Kelly’s vagina

    p.s. your sense of humor called. It wants subtlety back.

  78. Duh? What a fucking loser!

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