Friday, February 5, 2010

Keep on Haitin’

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  1. the first one made me laugh out loud.
    kudos to alex.

  2. Every single one of these is a win.
    Good job, that’s rare.

  3. Alex is not funny, he certainly tried, God bless him. But no, your analogy didn’t even make sense champ.

    Michelle, your freakin’ delusional.

    Aaron is the real winner here.

  4. haha… cant stop laughing at jokes at the expense of the dead, starving and suffering… I mean my haitan gf was crushed, hahaha! thats funny because there were actual haitan woman crushed with their guts spilled out and their families morning their loss… omg I cant stop laughing

  5. I’m a little over all these jokes, but I gotta admit….. Aaron FTW! lmao

  6. Wow that last one is terrible…nicely done Shawn

  7. Pure win.

  8. @ slimjayz I sense you are being sardonic…I like it.

  9. Oh lol, all those starving Haitians, who’ve lost their families, crushed under big piles of rubble. Ah, all those people, dying slowly and painfully, the air crushed out of them. Ahaha, yeah, it’s funny, all those people fighting over scraps of food because they barely have any. Oh jesus, my aching sides.

  10. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t stop laughing at slimjayz.

    Gawd! I’m still laughing and people at work are starting to stare. Serves me right for being on Lamebook instead of working.

  11. The GTA one is funny, brings back good memories involving crazy weapons and hookers.

  12. Yeah, these aren’t that funny. Meh…

  13. You know what’s great about a ‘yo i’m collecting money’ post on facebook? There’s no way to send money.

  14. Aaron’s is pretty funny because it’s making fun of those idiot Baptists who thought they could just go to Haiti and start shopping for kids like they were picking up ashtrays at the gift shop in the airport.

    I mean, I know picking up kids off the street and trying to leave the country with them when countless news reports are talking about the danger of child trafficking in the area SEEMS like a good idea, but really it isn’t.

  15. “…a relief in my toilet…”

    How the hell do you get a relief into your toilet? Your toilet will be feeling a relief?

  16. slimjayz and BritishHobo twins separated at birth?


    Sarcastic (which = great) minds think alike?

    Either way, I dig!

  17. this isnt funny… this just really pisses me off…

  18. I have to agree. Aaron’s is the best. But then again, they’re all kind of losers.

  19. @ Sensible Madness: Exactly! The only reason I lol’d.

  20. Michelle needs to stay home and send all the money she collected to Doctors Without Borders

    “Uninvited volunteers, useless donations can cost money, time — and lives”

  21. @ slimjayz then the earthquake happend

  22. Apart from the first one ,these are all Sickipedia jokes. I know that Lamebook admin can’t be blamed for that ,but the copy/past statuses are so annoying.

  23. I’m so over Haiti jokes. They don’t make me laugh, they’re just sad.

  24. This just makes me want to throw up. What is WRONG with people?

  25. Thumbs up slimjayz.

  26. These Haitian jokes are just hilarious. Almost as funny as 9/11, soldiers dying in Iraq, cancer, raping toddlers etc.

  27. WAIT what happened an earthquake in haiti!! aaron ftw

  28. @Lameposter: I get the feeling you’re trying to send a message there, but all those topics are hilarious.

  29. lol@ Shawn

    and you people whining about the jokes, stop being so damn sensitive. Most of you couldn’t give 2 shits about anyone else in the world but yourself, tired of the fake outrage.

  30. @SomeRandomChick: I think your on to something there. (#16)

    Aaron is my new witty friend.

  31. @ mistaphill: Quit projecting.

  32. ohh, lamebook comments.
    always have to erupt in some sort of controversy.

  33. There are always going to be jokes about everything. Get over it. You guys don’t care about them, if you did you would have donated. Haiti should be rich as hell by now, or at least from charity funds. Quit being so butthurt over shit you don’t even care about.

  34. @eenerbl: lol!

  35. dude… dont say we dont care… i care… cuz i even felt that quake and im all the way on a nother island…. and it was way worse in haiti… dont make it general…

  36. These people are just projecting. Because they evidently don’t care about Haiti, they assume that no one else could genuinely care, either.

  37. I’ve been avoiding the news because it makes me cry, but Sensible Madness…are you serious? I’m gonna have to learn more about that…that’s insane.

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  39. Spammers = weaksauce

  40. I guess their foundation just wasn’t strong enough.

  41. @Penny Lane: 10 baptists tried to take 33 Haitian “orphans” (some of whom had parents) across the border in a bus into the Dominican Republic without any documentation, apparently to adopt them out. They were arrested and are now facing charges for child kidnapping and criminal association. You can’t make this stuff up.

  42. There are no words…I can only say one thing, I am sure these people will never stop saying that God had something to do with their decision. Pass the blame on to a God…as usual.

  43. I dont find these funny.

  44. One- These aren’t funny because they’re “insensitive,” or whatever; they’re not funny because they’re lame puns that anyone with an IQ of 92 could come up with.

    Two- It’s real easy to get hardcore with the keyboard when you know you’ll never meet the other person.

  45. Aarons was pretty good, and Andrew slightly amusing. rest is meh

  46. …yeah these Haiti jokes don’t tickle me either

  47. No, the kids in the carts one was pretty damn funny.

  48. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    don't say stupid things about people who are suffering coz what goes around comes around. karma is bi***

  49. Are Lamebook putting these up as ‘ha, look at these lame fucktards making fun of dying Haitians’ or are they putting them up as ‘ha, look at these funny jokes about dying Haitians’? Either way they got old after the first post. It’s pretty much the same joke every post, and they were fucking stupid back then, so dunno why they’re still doing it.

  50. looks like someone’s been sippin’ on some haitirade!

  51. zing! ^

  52. Anybody who responds to a Hippy Princess with a Come-check-out-what-I-did-in-my-toilet” needs to be on my Friends List!

  53. Aaron = Aawesome
    Pretty funny!

  54. jukaswo – your spelling = not awesome

  55. Michelle is a bug that needs to be squashed repeatedly. It’s ridiculous that thinks she can help yet she needs to ask for help first in the form of $5 donations so that she can get her lazy ass to Haiti and gawk at others’ suffering.

    If anybody really wants to help, send your money to me. I will be spending most donations on lottery tickets and some on slot machines – and most of any winnings could possibly be donated to some Haiti relief fund. Thank you in advance suckas.

  56. Walter, you are a poor human being.

  57. You can help fix that, young lady.

  58. Crossed the line again!! Its people like that that give Humans a bad name!! I’ve got a good sense of humour! But Haiti jokes just aren’t funny and shouldn’t be funny to anyone worth space on the planet!!

  59. I feel really badly but the grocery carts full of haitian children actually did get a chuckle out of me for exactly the reason @Sensible stated. Then I read the comments and felt a bit less guilty.

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