Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Keep Lettin’ it All out

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  1. ben!

  2. i^96 + i^888

    I don’t want to know what Michael’s unblurred profile picture is showing.

  3. Oh my god that last one is disgusting.

  4. That last one is just a version of an old joke

    whats worse than getting done with sex and seeing the condom broke… remembering that you werent wearing one to start with

  5. there were others… whats worse than throwing your underwear against the wall and seeing it ooze down… when it starts to crawl back up… its been a long time since I have seen those jokes resurface

  6. first.

  7. Ew.

  8. I am totally breaking up with Megsie.

  9. Eeeewww

  10. loooong time stalker (past ben, frodo and herpes and his pool), first time posting.
    and i just want to say i’m happy slim is back!

    {pretty big fan of hobo, ee, and word too, just to name a few}

  11. Megsie, just because you consider the Pringles can you use as a dildo small, that doesn’t automatically mean my ass would be as receptive…receptive…receptive.

  12. lol… that is a long time stalking bubbles… i cant remember the last time I posted… grad school and work have been killing me

    Whats worse than finding a worm in your apple… you only found half of it

    Whats worse than being raped by a pirate… being fingered by capt hook

    whats worse than dropping your phone in the toilet… the holocaust

  13. Where was Alyssa when I needed her?

  14. MsBuzzkillington

    Girls like Alyssa are cool. I mean it’s always nice to know that there are some girls out there who are willing to please their men.

    But it annoys the crap out of me when they flaunt it like that. Look at me… I give my boyfriend blow jobs and cook it steak. Yay! I rule! The best girlfriend ever!!

    It would have been way cool if her boyfriend posted, “Had a great steak and blow job sunday” and she replied with. “What can I say? I love my boyfriend.”

  15. Alyssa’s gotta be huge with all that protein and all *cough* slut!

  16. alyssa is unimpressive… now if that said, i love my HUSBAND… then it is bragging worthy… just sayin

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Wow Slimjayz is back. We haven’t seen you here since April the 20th, where have you been?

  18. The Salmon Mousse

    And where are the other essentials – why not “Steak, Blowjobs and ‘Die Hard’ 1 & 2 day”? And why only a day; why not a week or a month? She obviously doesn’t love her boyfriend very much.

  19. Steak and BJ day is the shit. I’m going to assume Alyssa is from somewhere in the Lower Mainland of B.C.

  20. Die Hard 2? You cannot be serious…

  21. That last one made me vomit a little. I have a knack for picturing things I read (I blame it on reading a lot as a kid), and the visual this one created is so gross.

  22. Aw man, slimjayz is back! :D Rendering evrything else in this Lamebook post uninteresting.

  23. Holy shit…slimjayz! I’ve missed your banana!

  24. What does Alyssa get in return for the steak and a BJ? There’s got to be a good reciprocation there, don’t you agree?

  25. Megsie seems to settle for just any size…..

  26. Ewwwwwwww soggy condom so grose I think his gf or bb is a slut

  27. dirtylittlepretty

    how the fuck can anyone be ‘totally cool’ with camo??

    i think Megsie was just rather ill prepared…

    Michael looks like he has boobies

  28. Eenerbl, why is it always about the quid pro quo? Why not just let me enjoy the show? I’ll delay my reciprocity, but your patience will eventually be rewarded with my virtuosity. Otherwise, no more boys and toys out of the blue for you.

  29. Guess Megsie forgot or didn’t know the golden rule of anal – lube, lube and more lube.

    Silly Megsie.

  30. I thought the golden rule of anal was ‘treat other assholes as you would like your asshole to be treated’, but the lube thing works well too.

  31. @teo

    Don’t like that rule, cos then I have to be nice to arseholes, when what they really need is a good slap.

  32. I’ll be good girl Soup, and I’ll abide by your rules. Fucking quid pro quo, I don’t like it!

  33. mwnci, somehow that rule seems to slip, along with other things.

  34. I’m very strict when it comes to keeping certain rules, ee, and no lube = no anal is one of them!

  35. Oh wait, that was TMI, wasn’t it?

    I need to stop drinking after my night shifts

  36. ee, i think the Alyssa gets the steak in return for the bj. That could be pretty equitable depending on the quality of each. (ie good bj = cheap steak)

  37. haha mwnci, I’m right there with ya. Wine = TMI for me. (I’ve been having some wine) Were in the same boat.

  38. That steak better be filet mignon! That’s all I’m saying, or no go!

  39. Think I’d best head off before I let anything else out that you guys don’t want or need to know!

  40. Travis = ick
    Alyssa = priorities straight
    Megsie = delusional/14
    Michael = gay??

  41. You think you’re that good?

  42. I’d like to think I’m worth of a cut of meat that good, hell yeah!

  43. mwnci, no harm, no foul. Worry not, have a good night.

  44. slim, I was just thinking about you today. I’ve always the knack of summoning old boyfriends with just a thought. Most of them weren’t the effort, but you most certainly are. Seeing your name has made my day. Welcome back.

  45. word! I was just thinking about mentally summoning you!

  46. Voila!

  47. It works for girls, too.

  48. Oh goody! Magic tricks? (in reference to Voila) I like!

  49. I’m listening to Donna Summer’s extended version of I feel love right now. How fucked up is that?

  50. I can do magic tricks, ee. Watch me pull the rabbit out of my bedside table.

  51. I thought you were saying if “good blowjob” = “chuck steak” then “fillet mignon” = “bj from ee” = a really really really REALLY good bj”

  52. Now your catching on!

  53. lol word, should I gather my rabbit as well?

  54. I say, in for a penny, in for a pound, girlfriend.

  55. Anal is like pro sports: train harder than you plan to play.

  56. Like I had any doubt word!

  57. I’m multi-tasking at the moment, ee, so you’ll have to excuse my erraticness.

  58. I’ve kind of been bedazzled by slim’s return, so I haven’t really looked at the post much. So what’s this about meat?

  59. word, the trick is to focus on the hot spot. I’ll leave you to it. You’ll get back to me when your ready. Take your time, no rush.

  60. Too funny word, I think you should read it. I’ll still standing my ground with the fillet though.

  61. I know Megsie.
    Does not suprise me. :)

  62. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Valentines day is the steak and BJ day for girls. The actual steak and BJ day is 1 month after V day. That way if your guy fucks up, then the girl gets to fuck up on march 14th too.

    @#35 mwnci tal, you dare not apologize for needing a drink after your night shift

  63. and this is why i read the comments

  64. Dukey, you didn’t mention a fillet mignon! That’s very important! Don’t let me down.

  65. pretty, I’m glad you stalk. You make it worth the wild.

  66. I’ve no doubt you’re fillet, ee, but many men don’t get to try the fillet, right boys?

  67. @onehandedjack
    That’s such a waste. Just go with the moment. It’s not that offal.

    I have some sub-par meat, but if you slather some A1 sauce on it you won’t know the difference.

    Distracted by the return of the prodigal son. Figures.

  68. It is a expensive cut of meat. Men are cheap. Give me that juicy steak and I’m a walking puddle of want. All it takes is that and I’m falling at feet, just wanting one more dip in Au Jus. Oh Jesus, I need a snack!

  69. Go on, tell word about all those terrible off-cuts.

  70. A1, Soup! For shame!

  71. Bananarama’s Venus is playing now. I’ve officially lost it.

  72. Haha, nice reference to American Pie 2 the ee, ” . . . She’ll be expecting filet mignot, and all i’ll be able to give her is… rump roast . . .”

  73. word, I’ll be your Venus, if you’ll be my fire.

  74. Grim, it’s all in the meat!

  75. Oops. Meant fillet mignon, and i’m now listening to Laid by Matt Nathanson

  76. True Story Time: Many years ago I had a buddy over for dinner. Porterhouses for everyone. My friend asked for ketchup. I had to physically restrain my father from throwing him out of the house.

  77. like bubbles ive been a long time comment stalker by the fuck

    but i had to throw this out there for the “quid pro quo”

    Steak and Blowjob day is February 15th….it is the guy’s version of Valentines Day and our payback for the roses dinner and what have you

  78. Good story Soup, and I’m liking your friend. Your father has earned my respect as well.

  79. Soup, what can I say? It HASN’T been slim pickings around here for a while. All better now.

    Hahn super dry + slim = warm & fuzzy.

  80. word, are you reminiscing about a certain fruit we both seemed to enjoy? I know I was.

  81. I’d kill anyone who put sauce/ketchup/whatever anywhere near a prime cut of meat.

  82. Was it the Bananarama comment that tipped you off, ee?

    Jesus wept, The The is playing now. My iPod is shuffling back in the 80′s.

  83. @Eenerbl
    You are so wishy washy. You have to side with someone. Do you put ketchup on a porterhouse?

    Why would you tempt me with beers I don’t have access to? That’s just mean.

    Amabang you too if you stick around long enough.

  84. word, of coarse! What The The song is playing? I’m a fan of all 80s. If Phil comes on I may be on the next flight out to find you just so I can dance.

    Soup. Wishy washy? I don’t use ketchup on anything other then a burger.

  85. Soup, apologies. That’s so unlike you, my friend. What gives?

    Anyway, I’ve had a bad day. A reward for being subjected to men’s asses all day for completely non-sexual reasons. I hate that.

  86. @Soup

    meh, ill take the side that reads lamebook for the comment section since theyre more interesting than the worthless posts of the last few weeks and months

  87. This is the day, ee. My personal favourite.

  88. Seriously word, I think panties just got wet! I really do love that song. See it’s meant to be!

  89. And Voila!

  90. @Eenerbl
    Good girl.

    Let me clarify: I always have beer, but I love trying new beers and Hahn Super Dry is not available in any store I’ve ever been to.

    Man, if I had a quarter for every time I told someone I was going to bang them and they said “meh”, I’d have $14.25.

  91. You’ve got that magical touch!

  92. Dang Soup, that’s a lot of people. I’m sorry, Meh…

  93. @Soup
    it wont make you rich, but at least youve got enough to turn it into foldin’ money

  94. Soup, shame, it’s excellent.

    Must leave you now, my beautiful prime cuts. Shit to do.

    Until next time…

  95. @Eenerbl
    It’s ok. Those were the positive responses.

    I said if. Or are you willing to sponsor my future failed sexual endeavors? All proceeds will go to a good cause.

    I hope the shit you have to do has nothing to do with what you were doing earlier. Although, I have been peeing a lot lately…

  96. Same here, only it’s bed for this gal. Soup, word… as always much love.

    amabang, night to you.

  97. Shit Soup, guess I walked into that one. I’ll deal with that later. Positive response eh? Oh well.

  98. @Soup
    why the hell not, might even get enough to get you to the doc about your increased flow

    in my spare time i read to the deaf, put on extravagant light shows for the blind, and coach an all one legged kick ball team, i may as well further my efforts to better the world by funding your worthwhile endeavors

  99. YAY! You truly are a humanitarian. I promise, your money will only go to the neediest of hookers.

  100. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Soup you are a better man than I am, If someone put ketchup on good meat I would shoot them, that is like ordering non alcoholic beer at a bar, It’s inexcusable.

  101. Dukey, we did better than that: We taught him the error of his ways. See, he never had good steak. He didn’t know any better. But it’s been something like 15 years since then, and now he’s an actual man who can eat a good steak without ketchup. It’s probably the only good thing I’ve ever done in my entire shitty life. But I’m guessing it’ll get me into heaven.

  102. I somehow became ethically opposed to using ketchup anytime a tomato could be used instead.

    “Keep that dirty ketchup away from my burger you filthy dog!! Hey there’s no tomatoes? Pass the ketcup please. Why thank you, this certainly is some good ketchup.”

  103. @amabang, i LoL’d at your last comment, that was well thought out

  104. thanks for the welcome back everyone…

    and word, ee… you know i’d take my t-bone and chuck your filet mignon from the flank until it was just ground beef covered in my béarnaise sauce

  105. Eww

  106. Ahh, Lamebook is back to normal.

  107. Oh nice…. I have nothing to say. I really can’y make that any funnier without jumping the shark.

  108. That’s so fucking gross, Michael. You should probably just kill yourself.. >.<

  109. Not even funny, lumpydumpy.

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