Friday, July 17, 2009

Keep it in the Bedroom

Editor’s note: Zoe’s a chick and Nicky’s a dude.

Keep it in the Bedroom

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  1. why do people even post stuff like that? dont they have any self respect? I suppose not, after all they are going to “mke sure u av shhet nxt 2 bed whn we do it”,, if I got it right,,gross.

  2. Wow, just wow.

    Way too much information XD

  3. If this is two girls, I’m totally okay with it. Just learn to spell, and I will totally follow you on Twitter.


  4. WTF is “mke sure u av shhet nxt 2 bed whn we do it” !?!?! These idiots should write a book on the fastest way to lose facebook friends with out having to remove them yourself.

  5. who knew people could get turned on by not typing anything that looks like english

  6. lol@ TrainReq

  7. seriously? i couldn’t even read most of that. and what kind of guy goes by “Nicky”?

  8. Love is a battlefield. Please someone bomb these two.

  9. i think that was two girls. what does this mean: “mke sure u av shhet nxt 2 bed”


  10. I think they were saying they should have sheets next time so afterward they can change them.

    Btw when it goes back and forth between two people, what’s wrong with some instant messaging.

  11. “Cancoope wid bird lady”? Some sort of sexual fetish I hadn’t heard about yet, perhaps?

  12. I wonder if their horrible spelling is an attempt at some kind of a secret code.
    We still know what you’re saying! Sort of.

  13. I think that’s supposed to say “I can cope with ‘bird’, ‘lady’, ‘my woman’, but ‘bitch’…etc

    also, gross.

  14. I think they lapsed into Olde English a couple times. “Yay, no one having you, no way, or me thy can swivel.” Also, see “Yay, you loved so did I, and it was good.”

  15. I agree with Horatio. Maybe this is some specific dialect of Old or Middle English, and they’re both really geniuses in real life, along with this magical “bird lady.”

  16. what’s with the swivel? explain that one, please. :)

  17. These two magnificent people are going to accidendally spawn a child that is going to be learning from them.

  18. Maybe their spelling and handwriting is so poor because they are typing one-handed. God I hope so. I am scared that in 10 years this will be how “normal” kids talk and the generation gap will be so great it will be like Morlocks and .. whoever wasn’t the morlocks.

  19. Ah, the beauty of 13 yr old lesbian sex.

  20. well said, Matt. for those of you who don’t want to scroll up, it’s worth re-posting:

    “Love is a battlefield. Please someone bomb these two.”

    well said.

  21. A perfect example of people who should be sterilized immediately.

  22. O_O If this showed up on my news feed .. UGH. It just makes me shudder.

  23. It’s sad how badly teenagers and young 20-somethings spell these days. Almost as if English isn’t being taught in schools anymore. :( I don’t care if it’s “easier” or “faster” to type short-hand.. there’s something to be said for proper spelling and grammar. This is just horrid.

  24. I think im gunna vomit..

  25. who wants cake?

    agreed gk…i can’t read that at all. i even tried reading out loud like my middle school teacher made us do when we read huckleberry finn. if that’s the way kids spell these days i’m disturbed on a whole new level by this post.

  26. “you will screm as well as cream eveywhere like u did this morning x”

    Right. What sort of girl ‘creams’?

  27. About time there were some English chavs on lamebook haha

  28. It pays to NOT know too much.

    is it necessary to spell and point out every detail?

    they really deserve the ‘Idiots of the Century’ Award for teaching everyone horrible intercourses in detail and also horrid spellings.

  29. HORATIO’S COMMENT!!!!!!!!!! hahah love it.

  30. i reckon he’s gay and single, she’s straight and single and they’re taking the piss out of everyone on fb…

  31. strangely turned on.

  32. WTF.

    It saddens me that I’m probably not much older than these idiots and the fact that their language skills have gone out the door. No wonder we’re having issues in the world.. this is the next generation to rule it.

  33. Should have auditioned for Bruno!!!! Lol @ TrainReq

  34. i dont even know what happened. i think they were maybe play fighting or, never mind. im clue less.

  35. This is by far the funniest and most disturbing thing I have seen on lamebook.

    Reading all of your comments (most of which are highly amusing!) – I am offended at the fact that these two morons are giving young people a bad name. I’m 19 years old and I don’t type like that. Stop grouping us all together and get out a bit more.

  36. Carrot Treaties

    Gurr u deffo r

  37. wow, I guess privacy is not very important in that relationship… lol

  38. who needs privacy when you have “shhet” and “swivel”?

  39. horatio’s comment wins. i can’t stop laughing.

  40. i agree with Annoyed. this isn’t “young,” this is just “stupid”.

    i’m still curious to know what the “swivel” is…

  41. I am also 19 years old, and don’t type like these two. Ignorance is bliss only for the ignorant. For the rest of society, Ignorance is a burden…

  42. 1) i am very sad that no one can define this “swivel” thing. i find myself slightly intrigued.

    2) the ad at the bottom of this page=epic win. (“Learn to Spell Better Today! Universal Class: Spelling 101-100% Online”)

  43. i kinda got lost at the end

  44. ye would maketh quite the Lady Macbeth,Zoe.

  45. “o shit, every1 gna c tht”
    That’s why you have the option to delete the posts!

  46. “They can swivel”: British slang, equivalent to “They can suck my dick”. Means “They can rotate [on my knob/on an appropriately shaped item of their choice]“

  47. swivel is also used when you give someone the middle finger and say “sit and swivel”…

  48. Ah, love… how innocent and pure.

    Honestly, I couldn’t understand most of that until I read down through these comments. At first I thought that they were trying to use a code- and on a public site to show off their new-found excitement for each other. Now I’m thinking that the second part of that idea is true, but that there was no attempt at a code involved.

  49. bob and rae, thank you very much.

    obviously, i never made that connection. i’m hella lame.

  50. evry1 gna c that.


  51. My IQ just dropped 4 points.

  52. LOL Class but i’m off to be sick, who in their right bloody mind writes that sort of stuff!??

  53. umm…. goood for you.. what u want us to get jelous or sumthing… i dont understand the point of saying it .. ahh welll

    hope u have fun!!!!!

  54. were they speaking in a secret code or something?
    i had no idea what they were saying

  55. somewhereunderthesun

    This is called the FB ORGY..

  56. how'd i get on this?

    uhmmmmm… why am i on this? my pc randomly opened it up. add me on msn


  58. lol u deserve to get a virus u dumb shit

  59. @squid The other race were the Eloi

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