Thursday, October 8, 2009

Katie the Lady


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  1. Wow. Way to beg for attention.

  2. Sheer grace and sophistication at its finest…btw nice Bozo the Clown hair.

  3. Shouldn’t that be: “you should’ve seen the faeces”?

  4. Either that blurred shot is edited or Katie doubles as a stand in clown.

  5. Negative attention is attention after all….

  6. Never borrow a pair of pants from this one

  7. Katie is a crust punk with a yeast infection.

  8. I wish I was this desperate to get noticed by people.

  9. That’s nasty. And rude. And nasty.

  10. Ewww, this girl has no shame!

    She’ll make a fine wife one day.

  11. YCS shoutouts to gigs

    ‘ve always wanted to fuck a hot homeless girl. I think everyone I know has had this fantasy. So after looking for one for hours we, I’m proud to announce we actually got one to fuck Blumkin. Dam I’m a pimp! She was hot as hell to. At first she was hesitant but she came around. Her sandal broke and everything. She had no choice but to come with. She had really nice tits and a gorgeous ass. This girl was hot!. She had that bummy thing going. I new she would fuck because I mentioned the word anal around her and she wouldn’t flinch. She would giggle. The other homeless chicks would tell me to be quiet or that I was rude. Not this girl. When we finally got her to open up, this girl was a freak in the sack. She was an blowjob queen on top of everything else. Her pussy was pounded hard too. This was an amazing experience to say the least. The drop off was sweet. She actually thought I was still going to buy her sandals. I felt a little bad since we ended up taking all her worldly possessions. The poor girl must have had a hard time getting home with one sandal. Enjoy this one fellas….. the Dirty One.

  12. @ admin: Could you please delete the previous post? This rubbish has no place on here. Thank you.

  13. lol at this

    and wtf is that #11 ting im baffed :S

  14. What’s with the epidemic of vagina infections sweeping Facebook users at the moment?

  15. katie’s a classy chick

  16. Itchy vaginas
    Are best kept between your legs;
    Not shared with your friends.

  17. YCS shoutouts to gigs

    rubbish lol eat some fukken fish and chips you scrub

  18. #11 you’re boring us troll. Stop being boring.

  19. Re #11

    I reckon the BS Merchant AnonisGay has a follower (or a second Lamebook identity)

  20. I can see Katie is one of those special kind of prostitutes called an “attention whore”.

  21. For some reason I read #2 as ‘Boz the Clown Hair’. Sorry Boz.

  22. How bizaar. What a weird world we live in!

  23. Wow. You can just imagine these words falling right out of the fragrant mouths of Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe.

  24. 11, definately an anonisgay wanna be

  25. Vaginal itching
    Is oftentimes a real bitch
    But then, so are you.

  26. #11 is about as pathetic as it gets. His mom must be proud. Why was this allowed to stay? Admin??

    Anyway, I know I would also give my friend a thumbs up for their vaginal itching and leaving floaters. What’s not to like?

  27. People like this make a good argument for abortion… Mehh NOT EVERY child is special.. USE BIRTH CONTROL!!

    God damn babyboomers are responsible for stupid people like this.

  28. I think that’s a hoodie not her hair.

    As for those words. I’m in shock if she’s single! Someone would be a very lucky guy to snatch that up!!!

  29. What’s up with the times of the second and third replies to Katie’s first post? Slightly strange.

    Something tells me Katie either will never get a boyfriend/girlfriend.

  30. And no, I have no idea where that either came from.

  31. jesus….what a class act

  32. those look like zeros to me, she’s using a 24 hour clock

  33. Mr Haiku, I love you

  34. Very strange…I just had a big shit in Morrisons and the toilet wouldn’t flush there, then I managed to get some vagisil from a group of people in the student union bar. Alternate universe perhaps?

  35. “you should’ve seen the faces.”


    You should have seen the feces.


  36. faeces.

  37. fixed.

  38. Both are correct. Feces is “US English” and faeces is UK English.

  39. holy f*ck.

    attention seeking much?

  40. Ew. wtf how does this bitch have friends?

  41. I’m down with Katie. Fuck you haters.

  42. I’m down with Katie too.

  43. Hard! Katie sounds like a crack up! I have a mate like that and shes pimp :D

  44. Not only that! You should have seen the feces!!!

  45. This was 1 minute of my life I will never get back

  46. ROFL At TypoMan’s comment!

  47. AW FUCK … Lady Gaga

  48. @38 US English isn’t a language. Learn real English or go back to grunts

  49. @48 The languages vary only in accent and slang terminology. Don’t be so close-minded, you gabby galoot.

  50. She misspelt faeces.

  51. @sparkjolt
    Or “feces.” But she could have also meant the faces of the people she told.

  52. Katie has some serious issues…maybe she can ask the mom of the 9 month old shitter to adopt her. That way she’ll have someone to be proud of her ‘accomplishments’.

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