Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Katherine, Meet Spacebar. Spacebar, Meet Katherine.


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  1. First


  2. First loser

  3. DAMMIT. I’m on to you, jOjO…

  4. That hurt.

  5. On a side note, my inner self just cried.

  6. She’s so brooding and intelligent, you can tell by her word choice.

  7. She likes her own unintelligible status?

  8. you pick apart the sites grammer there Joel, lol

  9. Ninth


  10. AUGH, MY EYES.

  11. twatalicious

    and yes that is a word

    that i just made up

  12. “If you treasure your soul, through all your pain, a future will grow”?
    Sounds like my wedding night.

  13. Where can I find this book?

  14. I enjoy it when people “like” their own posts.

    …no really I do.


  15. “So read along with me and watch it unfold”?

    Katherine, you expect people to read along with you when you type like THAT!?

  16. d@ w0z s0m3 h0+ s41+ 4 r3a1

  17. boz indahouse

  18. im sorry, katherine, i cant read along with you.

  19. … did she just “Like” her own post?

  20. @Profound – Me too. People who “like” their own posts make the whole experience extra impressive.

  21. I gave up at the first sentence.

  22. u guyz 8n+ +ry1n t0 und3rs+@nd th@ w3 g0+z @ n3w w@y 0f c0mmun1c@+1ng

  23. for fuck

  24. Yo no comprende senyorita!

  25. Ahahah, the moderators removed Joel’s comment after he pointed out their grammer mistake in the title. Nice one

  26. just seen the comments on the last post. Funny as fuck – No Way is proper pissed. Up to 116. Is that a Record?

  27. three words Skintet : Jason’s Monster Fail

  28. @Neal, I guess we have to adhere to the many Grammar Nazi’s, too.

  29. true true. But don’t be ashamed of any errors. Learn from em and let people poke fun. Seems to be what everyone does here

  30. May Jason’s Monster Fail live on!

  31. I always find it pathetic when people “like” their own statuses.

  32. Duh, I was wondering who would have liked it, and didn’t realize ’til I read the above that it was her. LAME!

  33. Haha and she likes it herself! Priceless.

  34. What is she even blathering on about? What’s the point of making that cockeyed review if she doesn’t mention what book she’s butchering interest for?

  35. I just assumed she was talking about Twilight.

  36. CT,
    HAH! You’re most likely right.

  37. Can anyone even translate this?

  38. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    She read a book?
    We are so fucked.

  39. They need to un-blur her photo and slap it on a pro-choice poster.

  40. Admin fail x 2: for deleting a post correcting your grammar and then deleting my post for recognizing your failure.

  41. #31


  42. I’d like to say she’s probably about 12 posting something that’s “emo” because she thinks it’s cool.
    But there are many much older girls who are also retarts.

  43. Jason’s Monster Fail’s comment thread is epic, hilarious and relevant to the original post.

    The “What a Cock” thread is just three giddy 14-year-olds calling each other “faggot.” That’s what YouTube comments are for.

  44. My first reaction to reading this mess was “What?!” I still have not bothered trying to translate it.

    @39: I agree wholeheartedly!

  45. At least it’s not %20.

  46. I’m struggling to see how I can read along with Katherine when she appears to be borderline illiterate.

  47. “A book of wonder and delight; secrets and patience; agony and thought. Your past asks: would you rather give or take your biggest mistake? Where are your starting point and when did it end? Does it get easier or harder the more you learn about you? Me? Everyone you see? The more you foresee your own truths as a plea, the harder it is to be what everyone wants you to be. If you treasure your soul, through all the pain a future will grow. It’ll bring you decisions, yes or no, and come from choices you’ve already said so. Read along with me and watch it unfold.”

    It still doesn’t make sense.

  48. her liking her own status pisses me off almost the same amount as her status…

  49. I actually gave up reading that status halfway through. Felt like my brain was wading through jungle swamp.

  50. This girl has a severe case of ADHD, mainly on the Hyperactivity dimension, she needs Ritalin. Some one go score her some drugs for fucks sake.

  51. What the bloody hell is this? This some sort of emo song, or some free-verse “poetry” of her own twisted design?

  52. Can you even like your own posts/statuses? I didn’t think that was possible.
    @Davey: I have a horrible feeling she actually made it up – out of curiosity I was running it through one of the plagiarism filters we use at work, and no part of the text is appearing. Maybe it’s a song/she’s on drugs/she actually thinks she makes sense.

  53. I’m really surprised I could read and understand all that.

  54. I refuse to waste my time reading that shit….but I will waste my time just to say why the hell would you type something that no one wants to take the time to translate….why not just use simple friggin english???

  55. @Erika…not only that, but it seems to me that it is actually more difficult to type out that drivel. Maybe she has created her own special language.

  56. Jesus Christ. This girl is a total douche tard.

  57. Katherine, it’s time to change your password; you’ve been hacked.

  58. Pass, esp agony and thought.

  59. tl;dr

  60. #59 = /b/tard.

  61. #59. this.

  62. I absolutely hate morons who type like that. Would it really kill you to type a couple extra letters so that people can UNDERSTAND you?

    Oh yes… don’t bother. What you have to say isn’t imprtant anyway.

    America’s I.Q. is getting lower… and lower… and lower by the day.

  63. this has no point but if u cant read this then ur a moron cuz this is a brain teaser duhhh

  64. No, you’re a moron for typing like this or copying and pasting this. I think I speak for everyone else on this website when I say, “I don’t read retard.” A brain teaser can still come in the form of a riddle or something that still isn’t grammatically retarded.

  65. yeah, of course Katherine is the only one who ‘ likes ‘ this freak monologue.

  66. Ugh. Someone please go and brain that pathetic excuse of a person called Katharine. IF you have this burning desire to be pretentious, then for the love of GOD try to at least appear as competent with your language as the average 5th grader.
    Either that, or someone needs to cut her off from the chrome she’s sniffing.

  67. *Katherine
    It’s an “E” not an “A”

  68. My brain just MELTED. Seriously. Straight meltdown. If this person was one of my friends list, I’d give them the tounge lashing of a lifetime.

  69. @SirWilliam

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