Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kate’s Late and Great News

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  1. “Thank-you for your Buick”

  2. Katie, maybe if you don’t want to be “misunderstood” you shouldn’t say things like “kill my gram and get to save all her nice things.”

    But hey, as long as you love her.

  3. Hot church outfits this weekend? Oh for fuck’s sake.

  4. It’s not a joke if you’re the only one laughing Katie.

  5. This Katie also held an abortion party recently (you can find this over at fäilbook where they posted this thing too) after her ‘friends’ convinced her ‘god would forgive her for the abortion.’
    How the hell do they get to have hot outfits at church just b/c grammy’s dead? ‘My grammy died! Let’s whore shít up with god!’

  6. what a douche.

  7. i hardly ever leave comments on here, but this time i just had to. this is like the third post we see on here from this katie girl and i would really love to just slap her right across the face. people like her make me so angry.

    they did not misunderstand you girl, you just ARE a piece of trash.

  8. I thought the other one was Kasey, no?

  9. If I am correct in my guess as to the general situation, Katie decided to get her inheritence early by killing off her grandma, then telling everyone that various people she knows told her to do so. Then it sounds like she tried to deny the whole thing, only to go back and pretend that she was hurt (when it was clear she wasn’t from her first comment about ‘hot church outfits this weekend girls- does that mean they intend to go to church dressed as sluts to pick up guys? or god forbid they intend to dress ‘hot’ for the funeral) But she is still so dumb that she doesn’t see anything wrong with ‘thanks for the buick’ in her epitaph.

  10. I would live to see pictures of their “hot church outfits”

    If she is the same one that had the abortion then I am happy there is one less child in her life to f*** up.

  11. Dammit *love

  12. mad2, that was her skanky friend Kasey that had the abortion. Honestly though, does it really matter?? They’re all going to die with like 20 STD’s between them anyway.

  13. Nope, cabbitch, Kasey had an abortion and took a pic of how good it made her look; Katie, however, made a post saying ‘Thanks everyone for convincing me God will forgive me for my abortion! I’m going to the clinic tomorrow! Abortion party coming soon, this baby is outta here!’
    I can understand trying to pick up guys at church though. There’s going to be a large number of rather repressed men there that you could open up (for).

  14. Sorry, to make clear, both Katie AND Kasey had abortions. I don’t know if they know one another. I kind of hope so because I would like to hope that this stupidity is localized.

  15. I am hoping they got a two for one deal

    Thanks for keeping up with lamebook, mad. You regulars are hilarious and pathetic..

  16. now when i’m thinking back, didn’t BOTH – kasey and katie – also puke on their ‘ed hardy’ skirts?

  17. what if we could get katie and kasy to meet somewhere. and then drop a piano on them?


  19. I hope someone pulls the plug on Katie when she lies on her deathbed. What a disgusting atitude.

  20. These are troll accounts, I guarantee it. Successful ones at that.

  21. Ok I don’t know where lamebook has the other Katie post if at all but you can find both posts (as well as a confirmation that it is the same Katie) at the following (delete the spaces and ~s):
    http : //fail blog. org/2010/10/12/funny-facebook-fails-the-worst-people-in-the-world-today/
    http ://fail blog. org/2010/09/22/funny-facebook-fails-this-is-horrible/

  22. Ahhh ok, I forgot they’re both skanks! Thanks for clearing that up, mad2 ;)

  23. simplethings is a voice of reason in a sea of troll induced reactionary mayhem.

    Now lets count how many comments revolve around tedious eugenics based quips.

    Fake as it is “Thanks for the buick RIP” is funny shtick.

  24. And while I’m sure they probably are troll accounts, you have to wonder about the sick fucks who thought of it. How fucked up are you to think this shit is funny? I weep for future generations.

  25. She left it in Todd’s hands. Clearly Todd works in mysterious ways. O.k. that was a 3 out of 10.

    I read Todd’s comment as “You are definetly not a CALL girl” – a point of some contention, surely.

  26. Cabbitch, that’s the thing. You know trolling can be hilarious but there are things that aren’t funny even if they’re fake. Raping babies for example, or child abuse. Or knocking off the elderly like you’re the T-X.
    I don’t doubt that this account at least may be a troll account (Kasey seems more likely to be real) but it still seems pretty unfunny.

  27. When I “pulled the plug” on my granny (psoriasis is a horrible affliction), I did it while banging her baby grandson. But it’s not like it was my kid, so it was cool. The old coming and going. It’s all in god’s plan.

  28. ………………..

  29. @Soup- I found this for you, your story reminded me of when I was a little boy on dutch TV.

  30. she’ll have to sell the Buick for the hospital costs, cuz American’s believe you can’t get sick without having to pay for it through the wallet…social medicare is communist and wrong, you must profit off pain and suffering to be a true American.

  31. Having socialized medicine doesn’t eliminate costs. It still gets paid for whether it is done through peoples’ private payment or through taxes.

  32. The lamest thing about this is that Dan used a tick mark through his D

    The worst part about this is Katie’s troubles with our health care system

  33. The mark through the D isn’t a D, it is a capital eth, Ð which is ð in lowercase.
    Bapple, yes, people seem to miss the fact that the reason why healthcare is cheaper in other countries than the US is not because healthcare is free, or directly because insurance is governmentalized, but because the prices are carefully controlled and there’s no competition between insurance companies. The fact is that drugs cost much, much more over here, not simply to the buyer, but to the insurance as well. The advantage the socialized health care has, is that it puts the government in control of prices, instead of the drug companies and insurance companies. It is this, not the socialization, which helps. After all, we’ve had government-sponsored insurance for a long time here. The problem is it is ineffective due to the high costs.

  34. The truth is there is nothing in this world no matter how gruesome, shocking or morbid that can’t be funny given the right context.

  35. So this plug-pulling piece of work, Katie is a troll (account) just like that triumphant-to be-terminating tramp, Kasey?

    Like I said last time – alright, this may be fake, but people like this bitch exist. I’ve witnessed this kind of attitude from relatives of the terminally ill.

    For what it’s worth, I’m actually pro-euthanasia… in the right circumstances.

    Ah, this is way too heavy for a Friday afternoon. On a recommendation, I’m trying out a new beer. Fat Yak. Fucking awesome. Cheers.

  36. I agree about the American healthcare system. I would love to move over to Europe, or Australia when I have the funds. I was born with a lof of health problems, and have no insurance. I’m all for patriotism via military, but I won’t die for my country this way.

    If there is such things as ghosts and such, if I meet my end here, I will haunt every hospital in the US until it drives them mad.

    The older I get, the more I fucking hate my country. *face palm* Won’t one of you adopt me? :( I promise I’ll behave.

  37. So…we all finally know what Soup looks like, eh?

    Thanks for that link, CAPSLOCK, though I almost had to turn it off. I literally hard to force myself to stay and watch.. I like how at the end, the kid gives this half smile, half fearful look as if it say: Did I just get molested?

  38. Keona, I can’t really imagine you behaving. Then again, I doubt any of the people here would want you to. So I think it is win-win!
    I can’t say I’d be willing to join the US military, but that’s another story. Anyway my point about the healthcare was that just having socialized insurance isn’t enough (and isn’t really necessary) – what’s needed is a way to keep the prices down. I am well off in that both my wife and I get insurance through our jobs, especially because I am on constant medication. But before my medication became generic, I had to pay out of pocket for part of it through the year.

  39. I have a spare room, Keona. Could you handle living with a pervert like me? I think you could. But, besides me, the best thing about living in Oz is when you go for your pap test, a plastic/disposable speculum will be used. I think that’s reason enough to come live here. The beer is fantastic, too.

  40. You do know if I move over there, I will have to bring my bf too. I can’t leave him here in the US of Hell. I’ll try to convince him that he shouldn’t behave, either, and try to experiment. I’ll get back to you on that idea at a later date.

    Oh thank goodness…plastic and not metal. The feeling you get when you hear metal scraping on a the feeling my “little Keona” gets as I walk towards the room they direct me towards…>< I'm jealous of the whores, I bet even with metal, they don't feel a damned thing and are just as happy to spread themselves there as anywhere else.

    mad2, I completely agree with you. I get all mine either generic, or, a few free. We have a place in town called The Dispensary of Hope Clinic, where people without insurance/ jobs can get certain medications for free every month. Even with generic brands though, some can still cost quite a bit.

  41. You are worried that a male will be unwilling to not behave and to be perverted? Are you nuts?

  42. Lol, no, I’m not. =P My bf is Asian and was raised strictly as most are, and a firm Loyalist. There would definitely be problems… but, I digress. I won’t ever stop trying to convince him that it’s ok to experiment. Of course…I’m just trying to fulfill my sick fantasies.

    Is that so wrong?

  43. well I was raised in a strict religious household, then went to a religious college and ‘perverted’ (her words, not mine) one of the girls there who had also been strictly raised (now my wife)… so I’m sure it is possible.
    Loyalist? Loyal to what? The US? Now I must ask if HE’S nuts.

  44. I’ve not lived with a penis (a real one), for a number of years. I’m not about to, any time soon. Sorry, my dear, but if you’ve a boyfriend-in-tow, it’s out of the question. But, a girlfriend, on the other hand…

    “The Dispensary of Hope Clinic”… God, that sounds so… depressing. I feel for your situation, I do.

    mad2, you’re getting more amusing by the day. Keep up the good work.

    Evening, folks.

  45. If you want the long and more detailed version/ explanation…
    Nooo….lmao loyalist as in…when in a relationship, never having any wont for another but their partner. They believe even just thoughts of wanting to do such and such with another is cheating. I was once one before and during my first bf. But he took complete advantage of me and blah blah blah horrible things….scarred, and created a possibly permanent mindset change. I’m not a cheat. I TRY to control my thoughts…but if some slip in, I don’t worry and just enjoy them as they’re just thoughts and not being acted upon.

    He hates this country as much as I do, though he’s never spoken of moving out of it.

  46. Just for the record, I feel I did very little in the way of perverting her, and she can’t blame me for anything.
    Keona, I believe word is trying to talk you into an all-girl threesome. But I thought plans for this had already been set?

  47. Hm, when I read that too quickly i thought you were saying you want to swing with your bf. My mistake.
    Also this made me laugh: ‘I TRY to control my thoughts.’ Sounds like something a girl wearing a catholic schoolgirl uniform would say.

  48. Someone should seriously report this to the police. She pulled the plug on her gran to get all her nice things. That is premeditated murder.

  49. Thank you for the buick bit makes this fake.

  50. @ word – so jealous it’s friday evening. my shitty morning has just started!

  51. MORNING EVERYONE!! I hope all had pleasant dreams.

    Euthanasia, once again, like drugs, clubs and festivals, being ruined by drunken ho-bag twats whose main intelligence source seems to be whatever they pick up on their shoe on the way to the abortion clinic/STD clinic/off-license. Seriously, my plans for my death are being ruined.. I want to be euthanised whilst on a buttload of drugs, listening to hugely loud music (it’d be a blast to die to Autechre, or perhaps Ventian Snares, or if I’m feeling frisky, perhaps Love Machine by Girls Aloud) and surrounded by ravers – but NO, the feeble-minded and downright worthless of the world have to ruin every scene. Seriously, I have to ask again – NATURAL SELECTION, HELLO!! STOP KILLING CHILDREN WITH NATURAL DISASTERS!! You’ve got plenty of work to be getting on with improving the species by getting rid of people who say “hot church outfit” having just killed their nana for a Buick. Carry on like this and you’ll lose your bonus this year, I’m serious. That Katie thing is now in my head stomping around, breathing a cloud of noxious herpes and wearing a nametag saying “hai my name iz skanzilla”.

    @Keona – you can come live in my loft, I’m always happy to play mummy. We’ll eat crumpets, visit with the queen, and plot to take Margaret Thatcher down in a lovely, sadistic way. It will all be ok once I’ve dressed you up in a lovely crinoline dress. Also, Word, is it a threesome you’re after?

    @makeme – could a pathetic person do this:
    Morons Always Keep Endlessly Motivating Everyone

    @Curly – me too. BUT – it is Friday! Yay! Friday means that I will be spending the day pretending it’s the weekend already. I play word games, get a nice Boots Meal Deal, and maybe enjoy a special cigarette at lunch. Gotta love my life, man, for real.

    Sorry for the word bomb people – early morning + loma + coffee = too many words.

  52. Posting this before reading the comments:

    If someone else already found the Katie/Kasey connection and posted it here, I’m very sorry.

  53. I agree about the premeditated murder..she’s either trolling, or sincere. Either way is horrible.

    LMAO…Oh…loma…<3 Sounds like me when I've had too much coffee, or anyone, really. I'd love to have a go with girls..always wanted to try it, so to speak. Always too shy to, and worried of diseases. Been trying to get my current babe to say yes to a to with another girl, and a hell no to another dude. Damn..there goes my lesbian AND gay fantasy. But that won't stop me from trying…I'll break him yet. ;) If I can't, well, I'll just enjoy the wet dreams I have occasionally.

    mad2, you hit the nail on the head. I TRY to be as innocent and prudish as I used to be, but it's nigh impossible once I gave my ex everything, practically the perfect girlfriend. and he just spat it all back in my face, cheated, used me for sex..blah blah. QQ story. Now I say fuck it, do what I can, and just be my really evil perv self. I like this "me" better. It seems to be more appreciated.

  54. Oooh! I was the only person sad enough to google it! Huzzah!

    Keona, I live in Europe, and it aint that great here either. A friend of the family was just diagnosed a few months ago with a terminal illness, and he was left waiting for three days in a hard chair, in A&E, waiting for a bed. When he finally got a bed, the staff couldn’t have been less bothered about him. Blah. It all sucks. Let’s take over the world.

  55. Keona – if it’s something you really want to try, you ought to. Personally, I have experimented with both, and enjoyed them to a degree – definitely something to do when single though, much less headfuckery that way. Keep on at him though, and if not, just drug him and do it anyway. Since you comment on LB rather than get your FB featured on it, it would still totally be fine to threesome daterape your bloke. And, innocence is best when you’re trying to drive a bloke mad. If mine annoys me by being, well, annoying, I like to play the wide eyed innocent slut, all bending over and licking my lips while going “oh, stop it, I’m trying to cook dinner – whoops, there goes my wooden spoon, better pick that up.. oh no, my skirt is rather short, stop looking at up it..” – ahem, sorry, got a little carried away there. And girl wet dreams = AMAZE.

  56. @ Keona, you make me laugh :)

    @ loma …. way too much reading at this time in the morning, i’m still half sleeping lol. But like you, i’m looking forward to lunch already – pub lunch with the girls and a couple of wines to put me in the mood for later :)

  57. Nothing like coffee and threesomes to wake a girl up lol

  58. I’m considering drugs… Oh! I guess I should add this to what kind of relationship loyalist I mean…he said he won’t ever break up with me. I’d have to be the one to. I know this to be true because he was in a HORRIBLE relationship before me that ended by girl, and with a baby in tow. No matter how bad, he stayed. He said I can go do a girl, but I won’t like what will wait for me when I come back. XD. Maybe drugs is the safer route. *inserts Charlie Brown UGH!* I’m so frustrated..

    Yes loma…girl wet dreams..:L Don’t speak any more like that, you’ll cause me to get carried away.

    curly, glad to give you laughs. =3 my humor is sick, twisted, horrid, perverted, gross.. but still funny. I think I would make a nun’s ears bleed.

  59. You guys are up already, and discussing drugged threesomes? Industrious today, aren’t we?

  60. Keona, sorry if I’m speaking out of turn, but your fella sounds a few minor types of crazy.. he will never leave you, no matter what you do? Babe, get yourself a head to toe PVC number and show him what loyal means by getting him to lick stuff off your shoes. I bet deep down he’s at least a little masochistic. And you can go do a girl, but you gotta watch out when you get back? What is he talking about? You kick ass though.

  61. @june, you know how we roll on LB.

    I realize how crazy it sounds. The type that’s easy to take advantage of. As evil as I am at times, I don’t want to do what was done to me when I was that loyal, trusting, gullible. It left quite a mark. Oh..and he’s got some really fucked up thoughts along with mine. That’s all I’m going to say…I’ll leave the possibilities to your imaginations. He’s definitely no angel in that regard. Who is these days? I’m not sure what PVC numbers are, nor how I kick ass. But thanks. :D

  62. So maybe you just need to unindoctrinate him (I know, I know, NOT A REAL WORD)? It’s sad that he can’t explore his fantasies cos of some wacko belief system. I hope you can make him see that experimentation is a wonderful thing! But good on you for not wanting to fuck him up.

    Also, just talking about 3some can be pretty hot, tie him up and make him please you whilst talking about what you and that dirty slut from next door have been doing to each other all day.. works like a charm.

  63. oh – and PVC number – like a dominatrix’s catsuit. head to toe pvc = yes.

  64. Last time we saw each other. (about once a year, long distance) We watch porn together, but it actually turned him off. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get his mood back. According to his beliefs (which I’m both grateful for and slightly frustrated by) I’m the only thing that turns him on period. I guess the porn proved that lol. I’ll try tying him up once I find a willing girl..I do happen to have a cat suit, just not a dominatrix one. More of a Halloween one. Ears, tail, collar. Makeup. But I do have rope, chains, and searching for a goth emo collar to put the chain on. Hot Topic failed me. =( I already tole him, next time, he’s going to be my dog. I even want to walk him around in public like that as it might be a weird turn on for me…could I be arrested for that?

  65. Ehm, I don’t think you can actually, as long as it’s consensual and you’re not physically hurting him :) Gosh you must be frustrated, once a year?! Wow. I couldn’t do that :/

  66. Yes, during one of the times he comes up to a different state to spend time with his kid, I’ll come up too. Usually his sister comes along too, to help navigate the area.

    Lots of self-service, phone sex, and patience. Lots of love helps too, lol. :) Now, I just need the guts and privacy to actually walk him around like that. Can’t really ask his sister to go away.

    Notice how when the girls start to talk all frisky, the boys get quiet… probably fapping away. *face palm*

  67. Yeah I was thinking that too, it’s gone eerily quiet. Oh Keona look what we’ve done…

    AHEM! BOYS!! PUT THOSE AWAY, there’s ‘ladies’ present…

  68. Don’t make us turn into teachers and smack “those” with the ruler against the desk. -_-;;

    Time to change subjects I’m playing a video game and cooking something to eat. My schedule is weird. I have to stay up at night to watch over my dad and do my nurse thing. It’s 5:30 am now, I think I’ll need coffee to make it through until noon.

  69. undergroundtunnel

    Britishhobo sucks.

  70. Poor you Keona :( I am trying to stay focused on work but it’s hard, cos I have a tummy ache and I need a cig. I’m going to make my fiance bring me smokes and food I think x

    coffee coffee coffee coffee

    and what’s with the dude hating on hobo?

  71. Sorry to hear you have an upset tummy loma.

    Idk, he just came out of nowhere…possibly one of those urban legends. The Hate Ninja.

  72. I’ll have a shower AND coffee…a shower usually wakes me up, too. Any little bit helps at this point.

  73. Did someone just call Hobo a borderline John Cleese douche?

    Did someone mention a threesome?

    Did someone mention a goat?

    etc. etc.

    I usually find 3 lines of high grade coke and a wrap of speed wakes me up but each to their own.

  74. Oh, I know what you mean, PA. I just happen to have run out of both recently. I usually do some snorts when I wake up.

    Yes to all 3. Though, the goat one is questionable. I haven’t been reading though all of these, but evidently someone did indeed mention a goat. Hm…or did they mean to say goatse?

  75. Ask loma about the goat, a truly multi-purpose animal.

  76. Todd has it spot on, time to get off of Oxy.

  77. Oh yeah, the goat in my back garden is still waiting to be doused in special sauce. His goat is got, fucking a, goat. Fucking a goat. Yes.


    Hi Para, we missed you, Keona and I went all Oprah on this post while the boys were away.

  78. Lmao…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once more…(oh look, I’ve made a rhyme) Fucking A, I love this site…it brings me so many laughs and’s better then that stuff I snort. In fact! PA, you can have the rest of mine. I won’t be needing it anymore.

  79. Just for you guys..I’ll be a Katiewhore and put my tits back up..
    Why? I have no clue…my common sense and logic are slowly faltering..about four hours more to stay up.

  80. BOOBS!!!


  81. :D That was ridiculously funny to me. I think I’m getting into the “giggles/ laugh for no reason” stage of tired. Oh dear.

  82. I’m going to leave this one up for awhile..I look like complete balls, but it’s alright. Pic of me and my boy. I was hungover from the night before, didn’t properly get the make-up from the day before off..didn’t have time to shower or apply new make-up. I look like Lindsay Lohan did in those risqué photos of her shooting up drugs.

  83. very cute photo keona. i have no idea how you keep putting pics up!

  84. lol thank you. :) You go to and link your account/ make one, and upload pics. Then you choose whichever one you want to appear. Also, to see pictures bigger, go to the bottom of this page (the comments page) and where it says “Logged in as” and click your name. Then go to Dashboard. It will show the last 5 or so comments posted, and if there are any pictures up by commentors including yourself, will be shown bigger.

  85. Keona I got quiet because I got drunk (ok I was doing that while posting last night too), slept for 2 hours, woke up still drunk, and then tried to teach idiots calculus. Tip: trying to teach math while drunk is less than a good idea. Goddamn multiplication. Fortunately the alcohol wore off shortly thereafter when I had to help students with proofs.
    Also, WTF?!?!?! your bf said no to a threesome with another girl? Please tell me at least he’s doing this because of his religion. NO guy naturally doesn’t want multiple girls at a time. And he won’t even watch porn with you?
    Don’t be innocent. Innocence is boring.
    Loma, none of you qualify as ‘ladies.’

  86. Oh, and I imagine that in that case, he’s none too fond of you putting your boobs up online?

  87. No, not because of religion. I can agree with him for his reasons..though I’m afraid to explain them to y’all. I don’t either him or I to be attacked. However, what I mean to say…is I can see his side, and the rest of the world’s.

  88. don’t want him**

  89. Yes lol. I just sort of….don’t tell him.

  90. I certainly would not attack his reasons, there are reasons to try for this kind of fidelity. I _am_ very surprised, however, that a guy would say no to two girls if his gf proposed it.

  91. I’ll have a go then. This if course only applies to a couple that is insecure about themselves. In this case, we are. Our thoughts are, in general, it’s not right to lust after anyone else but your partner. ESPECIALLY if their insecure. Obviously, if one caught another looking at porn, or was told: “hey, I think that’s person’s hot.” It would cause pain and insecurity. Most of the world’s couples do this. Even if one of the people in the relationship is insecure, and the other isn’t, the one that’s not is more likely to think it’s ok to lust, or simply not care.

    We realize this is fairy tale thinking, and we may very well be the only ones of our kind to think this way so strongly. I happen to have a very high sex drive naturally, so it’s hard for me. I’ve admitted to him about having dreams and thoughts and watched porn a few times while we’ve been together. While hurt, he understood and didn’t get unreasonably angry/ hurt. Still, I do my best not to be like the rest of the world. I really don’t want to be, but my sex drive puts up a good fight.

    My opinions are equal on both sides..if the day ever comes where he will lighten up some, I told him, I’ve matured a lot. I won’t get hurt if you watch porn, or want to do things with me and another girl. At the same time, if he never changes, that’s ok too.

    That’s what a relationship is about, love and acceptance. I won’t leave him just to find another nympho like me. Sex means nothing without love.

    /end TL:DR rant.

  92. Actually I concur, it is easy to think (and probably for some people it is true) that the sexual bond can form a powerful factor for unity in the relationship. However, I have over time become less and less convinced that it is necessary in general. I knew it wasn’t necessary for me very early because I fell in love with a girl but was too shy to say anything and continued to look at porn and even messed around with someone else and it didn’t change my feelings. Being married (to someone else) has also convinced me that the emotional support of a relationship can be at least partially divorced from strict fidelity. On the other hand my wife and I have a strictly monogamous/monoandrous relationship.

  93. I’m ashamed to say that before we started dating..some shit went down and I thought I was going to lose him. By means of death. I went sort of nuts and messed around with a few people, and fell for them. But it greatly paled in comparison for what I felt for him…soon, it was just empty pleasure..all I thought of was him.
    I know where you’re coming from there. We believe this way from being in relationships where we were 100% “faithful” and the other person didn’t appreciate it at all, and cheated, or looked at porn, and didn’t care that we were insecure. Your partner should be enough for or woman. We also believe it just from observing the world and others’ relationships. We believe in God, but by no means are Bible huggers.

    I know it must sound complicated and confusing. Sorry. :( It’s really hard to explain to others, and we usually get attacked for it, and have stopped trying to explain because of it. I did for you because you said you wouldn’t attack. And you haven’t, thank you for that.

  94. aaahhh keona!! *hug* i think you’re right, but that mad has a point too – sex isn’t the biggest factor and can be separated a little eg – in a 3some situation an exceptionally mature couple could look on the third person as a kind of living sex toy rather than a threat to the relationship; alas, not many people have or ever achieve that kind of maturity because so few people are the genuinely insecure about themselves. I think it’s sweet, and without being patronising (cos I’m fairly young too) – we are young yet, there’s decades ahead for DEBAUCHERY and everything will be ok xx

    in closing:

    sex is always there
    and in the future i wish
    you many threesomes

  95. Are you guys fucking kidding me?
    Lamebook is not the place for your attention-whoring stories about relationships, sex, life, the universe, and everything.
    Get over yourself and go see a fucking counselor if you need to talk about it this badly.

  96. Keona, you know that I generally respect you and your comments on here but I can’t join the Oprah crowd and ignore the elephant in the room:

    You see your boyfriend once a year (with his elder sister there), he’ll never break up with you, he can’t watch porn because “he only wants you”, and you consider lust after someone else a wrong? Lust how? thinking of them? OMG! this sounds undeniably batshit CRAZY! Is it April 1st already? *scratches head*

    Serious question: What do you think of Wentworth Miller?

  97. Who the fück is this ‘Wentworth’ character?
    Saffer, I don’t think it sounds crazy per se (well ok the once a year thing I think needs to be fixed, I don’t have a problem with long-distance relationships but there has to be an end in sight, you know?) but perhaps that’s because of growing up in such a religiously-charged environment.
    Keona, pleasure is never empty. It’s AWESOME. Plato tried very, very hard to ‘prove’ that people who were debauching themselves weren’t happy, but he was full of shít and hemlock. I agree that sometimes there’s pleasure that has an additional emotional significance, but pleasure by itself is still perfectly valid.
    Loma, apparently in Canada, 1/3 of couples say that they are in open relationships, it seems more common than you might think.
    Dorie, shut the fück up, nobody cares what you think.

  98. rofl @ mad, cheers for that!

    @dorie – to be fair, keona and i did mention that we’d turned it into an oprah fest earlier – in fact we apologised for it, then made smutty comments at boys. it’s not attention whoring when people are interested in what you have to say.

    in conclusion – Dorie is MEG.

  99. Wow, this took a turn for the heavy didn’t it.

    Keona, we’re all going to have opinions obviously (we share them with reckless abandon on a daily basis), but if it works for you then run with it. My only advice is not to change or restrict yourself too much to make it work. You already know that doesn’t end up turning out in the end. I’m stepping off my soapbox now :) .

    Wordy, in regards to living with a penis (comment #44), can I bring mine for a visit? I promise not to try and leave it with you permanently.

  100. lol. mad2, I thought of the first hot guy that came into my head. (oh Wenty! <3) I know hotness relative, but the point was that I just want to know what Keona would do if she had to watch a movie, or something and not be able to say or think "wow, that guy is hot!" without feeling like she's done something wrong. I think I accidentally walked into the wrong room, if anybody is looking for me, they can find me in the agnostic atheism lounge.

    I really don't understand this way of thinking, but much respect to you guys, I'll just leave it at that.

  101. To add one more thing, Keona – if his drive is adequate to yours and he’s sufficiently one-on-one adventurous, and you don’t care about anything else, then… seems like there would be no problem if you could live by one another; just because you consider yourself a ‘nympho’ would pose no obstruction. If, on the other hand, you feel stifled, well, that would be a potential issue (Although I am absolutely certain you could successfully follow my 12-step plan to talking a guy into a threesome – I really thought all it took was step 5, ‘bring it up’ by itself, but I guess I was wrong; anyway, I have backup ideas).

  102. Comments, of course you can, but if you deliver how I think you might, I’ll want you extending.

  103. Back Briefly.

    @Dorie, Get the fuck out of here and shut your shitting hole. No one asked you, and no one is here to please you. So sick of people like you, coming onto this site, and complaining if the conversations aren’t strictly about the LB posts. Counseling doesn’t help me. But the advice of friends and family do. I consider this random bunch both of those in my own weird way.

    @ Saffer, mad2, loma, thanks. I know…it’s strange. The reason we can only see one another once a year (if we’re lucky) is due to money problems. We’re dedicated enough to handle it. I mean…it would be childish to say: “I can’t wait for you..I’m going to leave you for someone that’s closer.” So shallow.

    All of you did help me quite a lot. :) I appreciate it.

  104. Yeah I was wondering where the rest of this post was, where her friend starts bitching about losing her Oxy connection.

  105. Keona- I know I have no business giving you advice, but girl I have to agree with Comments. Your personal sexual feelings are NEVER going to go away and being with a repressed man is only going to be worse. TRUST ME lady! I also agree with mad2, in that sex is not the end all be all… so if he makes you that happy it’s a good thing! However, being an extremely sexual person – there might be problems down the line in this type of relationship… Sexual compatibility is a big factor in my opinion. <3

  106. Valenya, I was actually saying that sex doesn’t have to involve an emotional attachment. I think sexual compatibility is pretty important! If he leaves her frustrated it will be hard to be happy in a relationship. Not impossible, but hard.
    BUT she might not be frustrated with the parameters he wants to set. To summarize:
    1. A self-described ‘nympho’ could be satisfied with what Keona calls a ‘loyalist’ relationship if her partner shares her desires.
    2. It is my personal opinion that for some people at any rate, you can look at porn, have 3-somes, swing, etc. and have all that be purely pleasure and have no effect on your emotions for your romantic partner.

  107. Oh and Saffer, I believe she would differentiate between an objective observation/appreciation of attractiveness, and actually taking sexual pleasure in seeing the hot individual.
    My wife made me get into a conversation about hot actresses. She said I had good taste. She also said (re: Keona) that I have no good relationship advice to give.
    Anyway Saffer, I will join you in the agnostic lounge.

  108. Anyone else want to see mad2physicist teach maths wilst pissed?
    *puts hand up*
    Heh. I’m sort of a sadist. >:)

  109. *whilst

    I’m terribly sorry. I’ve made an unforgivable spelling mistake. Please excuse me while I go and put my head in the oven.

  110. Jizzy, are you typing while pissed?
    To name just one of the drunken errors, I said (1/2)(x + 16) = x/2 + 16. I was saved by the nerdy student who called me on it. I honestly didn’t do a single problem without having to fix at least one error. It was beautiful.

  111. mad2 are you pissed again? lets not teach math – who were the hot actresses?

  112. Nope, I’m totally sober right now, and that probably won’t change since I barely slept last night. Actually most actresses are not hot. The only one I remember was the girl from Doom. Whatever her name is. Oh, and Kate Beckinsale, but she has poor taste in men (she left the guy who plays Lucian).
    My wife grew up having a huge crush on George Clooney. I make fun of her for this b/c he appears to be 110 years old.

  113. nah, she’s alright. I had a crush on Mel Gibson …. until recently. You two are cute with your teenage romance ;) Right, I’m bored to tears, any sites you can recommend? otherwise off to bed for me.

  114. well there’s textsfromlastnight dot com. That’s one of my favourites.
    Yeah we got together when she was 16 and I was 17. Knew we’d be married within a week, I mean, knew within a week, didn’t get married for a whiel. I guess most people have an experience like that but it doesn’t work out. But she’s perfect for me and it did.
    Mel Gibson till recently did not look as old as Cloony.
    Oh the other actresses: the one who played Etain in Centurion, and the one who played the punk leader’s girlfriend in Doomsday. But maybe I just like the facepaint.

  115. ooohh you’re making me work for these actresses! lol

  116. To be quite honest there’s not many hot actresses. Plus, I don’t know any of their names.
    Like take one of the popular ‘hot’ actresses, Angelina Jolie. She’s got lips like a hippopotamus. It isn’t hot, it looks like she’s the result of interspecies intercourse

  117. Doomsday will do rightly ;)

  118. my hubbie’s “free fuck card” is kylie …. god only knows why. he just cant get over the ass in that video she had a while ago

  119. Wordy, I never said it couldn’t be a long visit. ;)

    Mad2 – the girl from Doom is Rosamund Pike, who was also in Die Another Day. Oh, and I concur.

  120. She was in Die Another Day? I forgot about that. I remember her also as the girl who is Kiera Knightly’s sister in Pride and Prejudice, b/c my wife loves that movie and watches it virtually obsessively. And who the hell is Kylie?

  121. Of course if we mean actresses of another type, then Tori Black and Terri Summers top the list, then Charlie Laine.

  122. you’re taking the piss?

  123. Piss? What? I am semi-drunk now if that’s what you mean.

  124. haha that’s not what i mean but hey same here. you said you weren’t after last night – bad boy :P

  125. Oh, had nothing to do with my sleeping poorly. That had more to do with me sleeping too late on Thursday!
    Being semi-drunk makes posting more fun. Being fully drunk would be best but since we’re watching a movie shortly, I decided against it.
    So what is taking the piss?

  126. Ah, ok, looked up that expression, no I wasn’t joking about the ‘other sort’ of actresses.

  127. well i’m not going looking for them. i’ll ask the hubbie in the morning – maybe he’ll know haha

  128. Back all. I think most celebrities are hot, but one stands out. Drew Barrymore…she has a butterface imo. If you guys aren’t familiar with it, in the US it mean: “Man, she has a hot body…but her face! :(

    No no lol…I am able to say that I think someone is attractive while watching a movie. He does, SOMETIMES get slightly hurt that I said that, because he thinks he’s not good enough enough for me to not think that way. He is definitely good enough for me…I just have a horrid sex drive.

    Been together for two years, and actually, my wont to have a threesome and all that other jazz, is slowly dying. Sad to say i think it’s from my sex drive calming down some, and also, because I realize I may never be able to. So subconsciously, my brain is saying: “fuck it. just kill the fantasy then. Don’t cheat or leave” Human minds are strange..I want to go back to Psychology. :D

  129. Keona, you can’t help but find people attractive. You don’t have conscious control over it, as my wife says. The faithfulness comes in whether you actively encourage fantasies of them or not.
    I’m glad you two are happy together (although it seems a waste to have a girl who wants a 3some with a guy who doesn’t… so many couples with the reverse problem).
    Psychology eh? My wife has her undergraduate degree in psychology and now studies educational psychology.

  130. Yes, during my senior year of high school, I had to choose two half-semester classes to fill in a class period. The only ones that interested me were Psychology and Honors Mythology. I did poorly in the Honors class, mainly because I had extremely limited knowledge to begin with, and it was so much information so fast. My bad memory made it difficult, too. That class was filled mostly with geek/ nerds who already knew most of the material and coul recite it in their sleep.

    I did well in Psychology. As someone with a few head problems, I take it upon myself to research and learn about my ailments, to better understand them, my behavior, and why I feel or think a certain way. It’s given me peace of mind instead of being frightened of being a “crazy”.

    I agree, it is funny to be in this sort of relationship rather than the opposite. Though, I’m glad in a way. As I said, I’m still slightly insecure, so if he were the traditional way, I would worry of him cheating or going out for a threesome and leave me out. In the beginning, he was more hurt and such over how I am. I resented him being the way he was, but over time, we’ve accepted each other and don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. He’s by no means controlling, and doesn’t want to be or come off as such. He knows that if the whole world knew of him, they would probably hate him for being different.

    I believe over more time, we will mature even further and perhaps even come to some agreement on that subject. But we’re both 21-22, still pretty young. We’ve got all the time in the world. :D

  131. Wow, 21-22? It is so weird to me to be talking to someone younger than myself (other than in a teaching situation).
    Ok the only other thing I wanted to say was, you should be sure you’re with him for the right reasons, i.e. because you do love him, and not simply because you’d feel guilty leaving him because of your own past experiences or because of your low self-esteem (I am not suggesting that either of the latter is the case, but I wanted to throw this out there).
    I don’t think many people would ‘hate’ him for being ‘different’ (and I think there’s lots of people, men and women, like him, he isn’t that different). I mean, why would anyone else even care? It is refreshing really to hear of some guy who takes fidelity seriously, just ironic that you are more open than him. Anyway anyone who makes a big deal of it is kind of an idiot and it isn’t really any of their business anyway. I do still think you could talk him into a threesome with another girl with a little work though;).
    I like Celtic and Norse mythology. Greek is boring. Except the story of Prometheus. I love that one. It is very Norse in style.
    The song ‘Normal Like You’ by Everclear nicely summarizes my own psychological state.

  132. Thanks for this chat, teacher. :P Much appreciated. And I didn’t even have to pay you $100 an hour.

    I am in it for the right reasons. :) I said something earlier about when I fooled around and it felt “empty” Well..I mean..if I WERE to leave him for someone more open, I would still think of him. Sure, I’d get to do whatever I pleased…but I’ve never loved anyone like I’ve loved him. “Cool…I can fuck around with what I wanna try..but where’s the spark I felt before? The love? the passion? It’s gone..” I’m choosing love, and a very good fidelity, over fun and possible diseases.

    He means he would be hated as in, not many girls would want to be with him. Most people I’ve talked to about this, seeking advice, always said he was controlling and psycho. They never full understood it. He knows he would be thought of as controlling or psycho, and he’s not. It just comes off that way.

    I’ll check out that song

  133. Well I don’t think it is controlling to not want one’s partner to look at porn or sleep with other people or post titty pics of themselves online. I was unaware, in fact, that many girls would dislike this; I thought girls generally wanted this from their mates.
    I do have bad news: women peak sexually around age 30, men at 18.

  134. oh gawd x.x

  135. This comments thread is ri-fucking-diculous. Seriously, get some friends out in the real world Keona. This is some of the lamest stuff I have ever seen on Lamebook.

  136. @mb couldn’t have said it better myself. yawwwwwwwn.

  137. mb, we’ve had many other trolls say this trash and complain about this site and the comments, and every time we respond the same way: Get the fuck out if you don’t like the site. Simple as that. You’re no better than the Youtube fucks who go on a video, and say you hate it so much. Yet, you stay on the hated video, just to bitch and instead of leaving. It makes no sense. This is the internet, if you didn’t no, telling someone to “leave and go do something” is pretty stupid. You’ve got no life either, if you spend it going on sites and bitching to people.

    If that was TL:DR for you: Go take your own advice and stop being hypocritical you fuck. Same goes for you, fringefail.

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