Monday, October 5, 2009

Kasonia is on ya


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  1. What a bug-a-boo. :(

  2. Rape :|

    OT: what a tard

  3. Why do people not use bug-a-boo as an insult more often?

  4. The english language just died…

  5. What a bitch! There was no way she got a private message and a status update mixed up. At the very least she was gonna post it on his wall.

  6. I have never ever heard/seen anyone actually use the phrase “bug-a-boo”! I might have to start using it! Well…I would if I knew what it meant. Google here I come! :)

  7. Problems with **cough** “feminine moistness”?

    Try Kasonia Bugger Boo™–four out of five skanks prefer it to the garden hose with a spray nozzle.

  8. Lamebook should have a sister site called Bug-a-boo-space.

    No. Not really.

  9. omg what a nigger!

  10. What a typical black person.

  11. And AnonisGay is a typical retard.

  12. ^Agreed

  13. That was pretty bad English, I thought bug-a-boo was left back in the late 90′s..

    @5 I think she meant text message him by cell, cause her status update was done via mobile.. :)

  14. What a dumb bitch. Tried to text him and it just went up on facebook instead? I’ve seen more intelligence in pig stool.

  15. In pig stool?
    Rape, you bug-a-boo!

  16. I searched bug-a-boo. For those who don’t know what it means (myself included) here is a wiki definition; “Boo” is a slang term for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Thus, a bug-a-boo is a colloquial term for a significant other that is considered bothersome, whether from prying behavior or attachment that can be considered excessive.

    people have to stat saying bug-a-boo.

    btw, i think maybe she meant she was trying to text him all day but he as ignoring her or for some reason it wasn’t working so she posted it on facebook? either that or she just really is that stupid. judging by her writing, i’d say the latter is more likely.

  17. *was

  18. The only thing lame about this is the bad spelling. Other than that I think it’s pretty humorous. Maybe because I’ve dealt with a crying guy and it’s annoying as shit and lame, just like “Kasonia” said.

  19. He should have used his tears to lubricate ‘it’ when it dried out.

  20. Even after I translate these abortive attempts at spelling to the nearest approximate english words, and cross reference the statements through an ebonics filter, I’m still not absolutely sure what’s going on.
    I think that may actually be a good thing.

    Are they referring to one another as ‘cousin’?
    I think their parents may be much closer related to one another than they realise. It would explain a lot.

    Another gene pool sadly lacking chlorine.

  21. Cuzn be tripn

  22. so much trailer park trash in such a small package.

  23. Sorry, but I LOVE the new lamebook look. That’s all.

  24. New look is terrible. TERRIBLE. And the featured comments? LAME. Lamer than any entry to date. Awful. Change it back!

  25. Burn trees, I hate them
    They say stupid shit online
    And I hate Haiku

  26. nah i gotta agree with trees here. I’m not a big fan of the new layout, and these comments are rarely funny enough to feature. But I guess it’s pretty smart on a marketing aspect.

    Still not a fan… have been visiting less since the change took place ;o

  27. Comments aren’t ‘featured’
    They show the most recent one
    Do you understand?

  28. Ah so now they see
    They completely understand

  29. Dat did da dam dude diggy dog!

  30. You want da truth?


  31. I wish black people could talk, damn. It’s like the english language is de-volving


    Man i dem niggaz culd aktully spel right, daYUM. its lyk da anglesh wurdz iz goin down like yo momma did las nite, ya know sayin?

  32. What a dumb fucker!
    Devolving is just a word,
    not hyphenated


  34. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    Jen likes to post spam,
    Though Lamebook admin says don’t!
    Jen, please fuck off now.

  35. I don’t hate text speak that much, but this, THIS … it’s irritating in ways I cannot express.

    Onward, are people really THAT upset over the site’s new format? I mean, it’s so simple – a facebook screen cap and some comments. What could possibly be so disturbing? We are living in a state of constant technology updates, hardware/software/gui … how can you NOT be used to constant change at this point in our social/business culture? Adapt or die! Have a nice day!

  36. ‘groids

  37. This sure aint english all up in mah grills, cuzzo.

  38. Mr Haiku, dude you have anger issues.

  39. Oh, do I really?
    Thanks for bringing this issue
    to my attention

    I shall work through it
    By meditating on peace
    Before I return

  40. Dont be a wussy, Mr Haiku…vent your anger!

  41. Haiku, like Bamboo,
    Shall bend in the Lamebook wind
    And appease the crowd.

  42. @ naaaice, I’m with Mr Haiku. Spammers keep coming here and posting links with a pathetic comment just so it doesn’t look so obvious.

    @ Admin. Please crack down. Pleeease?

    @ Spammers like Jen, fuck off.

  43. If she didnt mean to do this why not just delete it once she realised???

  44. just confirms to me that english language is indeed dead…..

  45. i’m glad the english language is dead. it means nothing to nobody!

  46. Post: Lame due to a girl bitching in low-grade english, but still entertaining.
    Lamest part: Jen, spammers, and running out of beer as I read this post.

    Thank you all for your time.

  47. The English language is not dead, its continually evolving. I’m fine with people communicating in this odd dialect as long as they include top notch phrases such as “It dried up for a reason, dummy”. Quality!

  48. @47 – Quite. That alone would be reason enough to take it down when she realised her mistake, surely?


  50. Has anyone bothered to look up ‘Kasonia’ on facebook?


  51. @ dundunDUN October 6th, 2009 at 11:47 am

    Has anyone bothered to look up ‘Kasonia’ on facebook?


    Yeah, she’s effin ugly!

  52. @ dundunDUN

    Reminds me of my favorite line from Home Alone: “Buzz, you’re girlfriend. Woof!”

  53. I like the new format.

    That is all.

  54. I hate women that think they look hot if they take a “faux topless pic”. Whether they are topless or not, naked shoulders up does not equal the sexiest angle in the history of photography.

    I think that award goes to…. spread eagle. :)

  55. @ mcowles – Some women do look hot in “faux topless pics”. But I get the impression Kasonia couldn’t look hot in mid-August in hell whilst wearing a fleece.

  56. Dude, just so you know, Jen wasn’t spamming. She was trying to be funny. isn’t a real website.

  57. If we’re gonna suddenly start cracking down on spammers, can we take the adnoxious guy out first?

  58. @ dundunDUN,

    I’m sending you a cleaning bill. I just threw up all over my keyboard.

  59. Hey, Mr. Haiku?
    I think I’m in love with you.
    Want to get it on?

  60. Just looked this girl up on book of face cause a post further up mentions it…and lookin at her face? Mastering the English Language is LOOOOWWWWW on her list of priorities. Getting a Lip wax would be job one, and a face transplant wouldn’t go amiss either.

  61. Interchangable
    You name is Haiku friendly
    Yes. Let’s get it on.

    I shall make you moan,
    Five, seven, five, yes, yes, YES!
    Simple ecstacy.

  62. By the fuck!!

    I know this thread’s getting old, but I need to know what happened! Are Mr Haiku and Interchangeable going to get married and have a sonnet or two?

    *sigh* – the first Lamebook wedding. Divine!

  63. My God, black people are so stupid.

  64. flash_in_the_ pan

    @admin–How is it even remotely OK for people to make racist comments and not have their comments removed from the section?

    @Chunder-Dummy. He’s probably her actual cousin hence the term cuzzo. Might want to take a look at your own gene pool before you start talking about other people? IDK, just a suggestion.

    @Johnny Cash first of all you should probably look up the word devolve and see what it really means instead of being a dolt (add that to your vocabulary jack-a$$)

  65. Okay, muwawawa…. that is a horrible, racist comment. It’s a stupid status that the girl wrote, yes, but have you seen other posts on here too? There are plenty of stupid white people too.

  66. Wtf is a bugaboo.

  67. @Confused Dude

    I think you get confused because you don’t read things, lol.. see #16.

    Now, run along bug-a-boo… you weren’t all that anyway! lols.. ;-)

  68. I actually think someone just makes these up. There cannot be this many retarded people in the world.

  69. Also,

    This is why blacks are considered the lesser race.

  70. and that’s why Andy should be fisted in jail

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