Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just Your Average Gal

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  1. Ben!

  2. Now I regret “Ben”ing this…Lame post.

  3. krasivaya_devushka

    Oh wow, what a crazy bitch.

  4. Two kids, and she’s only 18. What a winner.

  5. Mario and Dreddy

    I hope she knows that she will never become a doctor with two little ankle-biters and cannon fodder for a “husband”.

  6. Chewbacca shagger

    I’d do her. She shares thesame values as me so why not. It’s clear that she’s not a challenge.
    But really…wow! Just fricken wow!

  7. What bothers me the most is that we see a complete moron writing a retarded bio…but on the other end, this writer thinks she is fuckin awesome. How do this idiots flow through life with heads that big?!?!?!

  8. o hai! I like playing with people’s guts, I’m gonna buy me a talking bird, and the holocaust was sweet! Txt me! kthxbai!

  9. I think she and Hitler would make a great couple. I read somewhere that he loved breakfast in bed and being in relationships with complete fucking idiots.

  10. Oh my god. you people actually read all of that?!

  11. Glad the genocide doesn’t sit well with her, but she has no problem with syphilis?

  12. she had me until the “i would marry hitler”.

    and by had, i mean I didn’t think she was a complete dumbass, just batshit annoying.

  13. I take that back. I sure she’s very experienced in the ways of syphilis
    among other things.

  14. “Only part I didn’t like was the genocide”. Yeah, well, you know, that’s a pretty minor issue – like someone being bad at parallel parking or something. Pretty easy to overlook that kind of thing. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  15. I envy the person who had the opportunity to assault her.

  16. …and has no problem at all being the bread winner so her man can play games all day and build stuff in the garage. That’s sweet, I want a girl like that.

  17. You had me at red panda.

  18. What a waste of existence this girl is, every sentence made my jaw drop. I thought the bio wouldn’t get worse than being 18 with two kids, then I thought the marrying Hitler was the worst… but she just kept going. Wow.

    And she plans on being the breadwinner? Did she finish school? I missed that part; you kinda need to go to school to be a *cough* doctor.

  19. Wow, that Bio is at least a warning that says “Don’t add me as a friend”. The stream of consciousness writing is what really gets me, how she flows from pets, to cutting people open, back to pets, then to Hitler. Too bad she’s already taken, at 18, with 2 kids…

  20. WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ, LAMEBOOK?! This is beyond fucked up on so many levels. This ra-tard should have to wear a sign at all times promoting this info. I’m completely worried that she might come off as a normal person in real life.

    Sharkbait and Walter- hilarious.

    If the planets align and somehow this insane bitch is ever able to practice medicine, I think every person responsible for not allowing Kevorkian to practice should be required to use her services. For everything.

  21. Ahahahahaha and I thought I was a basket case. I just can’t believe she kept going…and going…and going…

  22. JFC, it just gets worse and worse. Total fucking moron.

  23. Yeah, David’s great and all… til one day she finds out he lied when he said he doesn’t like having his ass eaten out.

  24. Fewer marriages would end in divorce if more people considered military tactics when choosing a mate.

  25. oh, a doctor who cuts people open and plays with their guts? so that’s what happened when I got my appendix out?? man.
    her description is a perfect juxtaposition of random seemingly “normal” facts, and completely disturbing statements. kudos to her for walking that line.

  26. lol

  27. There aren’t half enough spelling mistakes in this for my liking. It raises the disturbing possibility that she’s educated.

    Luckily she’s going nowhere, with two kids and a high-functioning retard for a “man”.

  28. I get the feeling its staged.

    Either way, I love seeing people write a really unique bio.

    Quite some entertaining ones out there.

    Though mostly all self absorbed!

  29. All I have to say about this is… What. The. Hell? I believed myself to be clinically insane, but this… I think I misdiagnosed myself. Sure, I may live in a made up world and converse constantly as if it is so, as well as base all my life choices upon it, but I would never tell anyone I didn’t know and trust extremely well about the extreme extent of the situation! Especially not on a public forum such as Facebook!


  30. Two things.

    1. What the fuck is a personalized tank? And what does this guy have against any potential boyfriends for his daughter? He sounds like he’s starring in a special 8 Simple Rules episode where John Ritter (awesome, awesome guy)’s character absolutely flips his shit…

    2. Why is that the one thing I found most bizzare in this post?

  31. One thing.

    1. Why is everyone reading the whole fucking thing??

  32. part of this has to be for entertainment or well it still is a trainwreck , heck even though I am gay I wanna meet her, she seems so crazy that I want to hang around her- but then again she would probably murder me, hmm

  33. “Only part I didn’t like was the genocide” FTW!


  34. the real problem that will probably impede her future as a surgeon is not her two kids or her absent husband (there have been plenty of people who have gone through college and med school supporting kids. it’s tough but not impossible.)however, her real problem seems to be that at 18 years old she cannot come up with the proper name for “Surgeon.” by the time most people are 18 they can differentiate between different types of doctors based on what body parts they treat and the nature of their work. i guess she doesn’t realize that it’s seven years of school plus internships, residencies, etc. being a doctor is fun!

    also, the Hitler things. if she loves him for his charisma and military planning skills…well, first off. Hitler had generals and tacticians who did most of that stuff for him. also, in case she doesn’t remember, HITLER LOST THE FUCKING WAR. he then committed suicide in a bunker. real bravery right there. if you’re going to go the WWII-crush route a safer bet is FDR or Winston Churchill. at the very least they were on the winning side. Hitler also have a department to fill his peoples’ heads with propaganda and lies about the progress of the war. clearly it is still working.

  35. Personalized tank?

  36. Not just a personalized tank, a “loaded” personalized tank. Where does he plan on parking this, the garage?

  37. Personalized tank must mean having his name stenciled on the side with flame decals.

  38. Bra-vo. *slow clap*

  39. @36, or he could have a tricked out stereo system, a mini-fridge and hydrolics. You never know how personalized things can get ^.^

  40. Hitler had good military tactics? Seriously?

  41. personalized tank = jethro

  42. Oh, My lord. This has got to be the funniest Lamebook post in a long while.

    I lol’d at the Mac Caw – This 18 year old, mother of two seriously thinks she can import a $20,000 bird? Delusional. Awesome.
    I want a personal tank too! If these rednecks can get one, where the hell is mine?

  43. Hire this woman!

  44. Oh, sweet jesus. Jackpot.

    Luckily, with such poor spelling skills, delusions of gra and an apparent predisposition for violent behavior, I doubt she will make it into a credible university, let alone medical school.

  45. wow.. i really hope she lives her dream and becomes a surgeon. you go sister. she really raises the bar for other white supremacist sympathizers by reaching for the stars..

  46. I imagine his loaded personlised tank is what he must be working on in the garage while she is off at work being a surgeon and all.

  47. people like this infuriate me…ugh

  48. I feel so bad for this girl on so many levels. She’s obviously had a really hard life in so many ways and dissing the fact that she’s had two kids by 18 seems a bit narrow-minded to me. Sounds like her upbringing has left her absolutely fucked-up but considering the amount of ignorant selfish grown adults on this site who treat their kids like shit, I’m glad she’s at least happy, so maybe her own children have a chance. Though normality is probably aiming a little high.

  49. mymomruinedfacebook

    I thought she sounded cool. At least she’s not a hater, she has dreams. Weird imaginary doctor position dreams…but at least she has them

  50. keepitunscripted


  51. If her boyfriend doesn’t marry her…. she will die alone minus the kids. Who exactly is her boyfriend blowing up and who is she fixing? Are we talking about intentional friendly fire?

  52. Hitler a great military strategist? LOL.

  53. There is so much crazy in this post… I do not even know where to begin.

    Really, I don’t know where to start.

    I guess the only real question I have is: does this girl really believe this shit she wrote? Oh, god. My head hurts.

  54. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    There are no words. No words.

  55. Hey there! I’ve been used,abused and assaulted!
    What a conversation killer – the kind of chick who could walk into a room and literally silence everyone with her first sentence.

    LOL @ Walter

  56. rebarbativebecc

    Wow, I also love Hitler! I want his babiez



  57. @Jelly

    I was wondering when someone was gonna comment about her opening sentence… Like… WTH!

    Failed graduation to Abused,used and abused and ending with Great in-laws YaY!! … wth

  58. ……….I’m 18 yrs old, didn’t graduate, been assaulted, used and abused, HAVE THE MOST WONDERFUK MAIN IN MY LIFE??????????…….WTF? o.O ….. at least she is happy ! :S

  59. hahahahahaha wrong spelling .. too much time whatching this web site… LOL!

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