Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just a Few PhoDoh’s

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  1. first?

  2. I don’t get it.

  3. Liked the red bull one

  4. Yeah I admit, the redbull one is cute. Not laugh out loud but cool.

    And really BBY MMA SWAGG? this is the future for this child?

  5. Haha mma swag…I wonder how good she is at grappling…

  6. What’s with the apple store one? I just see two young girls messing around on picture effects?

  7. Is there something I’m missing for the 4th one? I don’t get it. I did notice they blurred out the man on the right’s face but not on the left- it’s the same dude.

  8. I think the one in the Apple store looks like the girl in the middle has a penis.

  9. I do love messing around in Apple stores.

    What’s with the graphs? I don’t get what is vaguely amusing about them.

  10. @ amtrak4lovers – it’s the fact that the girl in the yellow top is hung like a donkey

    @ soggybiscuit – they are trying to say that the jobless rate and the amount of facebook users is correlated.

  11. Wankitty wank. Poor, even by lamebook’s recent low standards.

    Let’s just hope another fight can be instigated somehow on the comments section to keep things interesting ;)

  12. I agree Paranoid Android. You’re a dick :-)

  13. Screw you Paranoid Android! Why can’t you just let a lame update stand for itself? You are an idiot!!

    BTW- good call queenofmuffins. Maybe they thought nobody would recognize him with the mole on his _right_ cheek…that’s a whole different dude!

  14. the third one it looks like the girl in the yellow has a penis…lame.

  15. @Special Jed
    I hope they don’t, as that’s the premise for my secret identity… :O

  16. Mwahaha You bunch of fucking cuntbags, I blame religion. And fat people.

  17. Nothing like calling yourself a Baby Mama that says, “I have class and high self-esteem”.

  18. Hmmmm as a fully qualified Graphamatician I find the study of graphs both exhilarating and enlightening, they offer a window of contemplation onto otherwise unrelated statistics and economic studies.

    If we examine the data in the graphs above closely we can see that the poster of them is a completely unfunny cunt.

  19. It looks like the girl at the apple store in the middle has a penis…

  20. Also the girl in the red t-shirt appears to have one tanned leg and one pasty white milk-bottle leg, but I don’t think that’s what we’re meant to be looking at…

  21. Oh wow, two graphs that look similar. My sides fucking split.

  22. there’s a whisper around the internets that someone called hobo a douche.

    did i hear that right??

  23. @Paranoid Andriod
    *insert obligatory insult about your mother*

  24. Sorry, Android, I’m too busy to start a fight today.

  25. A G-rated penor!

  26. Android, I have to disagree. This is definitely the fault of anorexics, people who cut themselves and PETA.

  27. I heard someone called me a douche. I bet it was one of you cunts, you… you… cunts, you.

  28. Don’t worry guys, now that Mue says she/he? is too busy to start a fight today everyone will now jump on her case for being a prude or what have you. Sit back and watch the lameness :)

    HUH HUH – “Too busy NOT having sexy huh huh”

  29. #1 should have plotted the graph for Lamebook as well

    @muepsilongamma – Nice name!

  30. Red Bull gives you wiiiiings

  31. Whaaaaat?

  32. fuck you junebug

  33. Leeeeerrrrrooooyyyyyyy Jeeeenkinnnnssss!

  34. Nothing, I just like your name.

  35. fuck you right back lamebookpro!

  36. whathappened
    lol no I was talking to valenya23

  37. who the hell names their kid Wiktoria????????

  38. I blame the immigrants obviously, them and preachy Christians with huge boobs.

  39. sammykay
    The same person who’s looking for the nuclear wessels.

  40. Paranoid Android – give it up already. The only person left who keeps trying to mess with me is you. Grow up.

  41. sammykay the “W” is pronouced like the English”V” in Germanic and Scandinavian countries, and the alphabet “C” doesn’t exist, so It’s still pronounced Victoria (Or at least that how it is in Dutch)

  42. @ mue – I was being sarcastic about fighting with you. I just assumed that you posting that one line would create a fight for no reason. :D Just now I read the most recent long ass comment section about you being judgmental, you know.. the one where everyone was ganging up on you…(like there is only one). And now I want to throw up.

    P.S. 27 sexual partners IS gross unless you are 85 years.. I’m not judging anyone nor am I a Christian. That’s just not for me :)

  43. @ valenya23 – what’s wrong with 27 sexual partners? It gets a little loud but if you get a nice cottage out in the country with no neighbours, what’s the big deal?

  44. @lamebookpro

    Cleaning up the mess.

  45. lol! Hmmm, that nice cottage could get a little crowded though…

  46. Lamebookpro, your number 10 comment made me laugh out loud.

  47. I think the real lame in #3 is that one of those girls is named Wiktoria.

  48. oh noez, 2 graphs that suggest Facebook is the cause of joblessness
    #2 lol
    #3 ahh..the obligatory “it looks like they have a pen0r” picture. That’s been done to hell.. what about guys that have such tight pants on, they’re dicks are smashed in and their balls resemble camel toed vaginas? We need moar of those!
    #4 baby mamas need flights of stairs..

    mue, you seem to assume Android is trying to start a fight with you…no one cares about anyone on the net to waste time trying to start fights with anyone. Paranoid with suit you better than him, get over yourself.

  49. Hey Android, don’t knock preachy Christians with big boobs – at least you have something to focus on while they preach.

  50. Mue,

    If the big boob preachy Christian things referred to you somehow (don’t know, stopped reading the long argument thread) I mean no offense.

  51. Hey Mue

    Stop taking things so seriously, ’tis the internet after all.

    Sense of humour bypass much?

  52. Yes, I’m the big-boobed christian. Sorry, I’ve been a little on edge today, my campus had a shooting today, I was pretty nervous. No hard feelings.

  53. i still find the accidental peen pictures hilarious. always have. i’m guessing I always will.

  54. Mue, you referring to the nutball with the ski mask and AK-47?

  55. Yes, comments, I am.

  56. Eeesh, some scary stuff – glad there were no injuries and you all are safe.

  57. Me too. I was in the building right next to the one where the shooter was, but luckily everyone is okay. I sympathize with the friends and family of the student, though.

  58. I hate to change the subject because now we’re talking about a serious subject and I’m glad you’re ok muepsilongamma….

    but, did no one else find humor in the fact that Wiktoria’s album is titled “We’re Nuts”??? Maybe it was just me.

  59. As pro-life as I am, I think death would be merciful to the unborn baby in the last post. At the very least, the baby needs to be taken in to custody immediately after birth and given to an intelligent family

  60. True els – which is also funny because, though titled “we’re nuts”, Sally Longwanger there would appear not to have any.

  61. For those of you not getting the graph one, it shows a 1:1 positive correlation between jobless losers and facebook losers, insinuating that all those losers that lost their jobs just sit around being losers on facebook. And if you losers did not get that humor Sorfuckinly on behalf of lamebook. Now it took a loser like me to complain about your shit. Hey that girl has a huge penis.

  62. I appreciate it els9874 :)

    By the way, what is “BBY MMA SWAGG” ? Is that the way pregnant women waddle when they get into the later months of their gestational period?

  63. @katiewatie
    ….the red girls one leg really is more tan than the other

  64. “hung like a donkey” FTW

  65. Omg, that happened at UT? Wow, doing schoolwork for 15 hours is not good for my knowledge on current events. I love UT! I’m sorry for the family and friends affected! Glad you are okay! Wow.. :(

  66. Yes, valenya23, it happened on Tuesday morning. Scared the whole state, but everyone is fine. Thanks for your concern.

  67. Does NO ONE notice that the Apple store girl, and the pregnant girl are THE SAME GIRL.?
    That’s point. -_-

  68. @kattzombiee: Are you retarded? Please get a life

  69. I’d really like to know what is going on with the girl in red’s legs? They’re different colors and sizes.

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