Monday, February 15, 2010

Just a Few Boobs

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  1. Get the impression boobs are inversely related to brain size?

  2. So you’re saying that you have big boobs?

  3. Carolann’s brains are indeed invisible.

  4. Unfortunately Joakim, they’re not like a ring, it’s going to be a little difficult to get them back.

  5. Oh man, I could rant for hours on breasts. Well, guys that are all ‘oh, all a guy needs is a pair of breasts to be happy’. Really?

    Wtf is up with John? I’m guessing it’s a wall post. Still… eh, fuck this, I’m tired.

  6. @mcowles WTF..A) what have I done to you? B) I’m a dude

    I’m with BritishHobo… I’m tired Especially of all the uncalled for personal attacks.

    Fuck this place, it’s bullshit, I’m out of here.

  7. Carolann’s is something from My Life as Liz on MTV, so not that terribly lame.

  8. If stephanie’s gud gud smells like bacon then shes a keeper

  9. Wow mcowles, you touched a nerve there….
    Apparently jokes cannot be taken.
    Maybe he’s embarrassed about his breast size….

  10. I’d like to know where John came up with this information? Are these boobs a specific person or a generalization. My boobs are not equivalent to 70 Baconators! At least I hope not! I demand John give more information. Now I’m curious and hungry!

  11. It sounds like they are specific boobs, due to the “p.s. that means you have huge boobs”
    I’d love to know what a Baconator is….

  12. Mammograms sound hot. I knew that shit was going down behind closed doors.

  13. @ eenerbl

    Pics and we will judge how many baconators you stacking up top

  14. eenerbl, I think he may have found that info in the Weight Watchers points calculation section of their website.
    The calorie content of all body parts are listed I think.

  15. John’s PPS post is a WIN! :D

  16. a baconator is a cheeseburger with bacon from wendy’s. it’s basically heaven.

  17. ohhh i get it.. when u have huge boobs ur brains r small… but wat about meh?? im smart…

  18. What is the male obsession with boobs anyway. Someone please explain it to me.

  19. btw why would you need the calorie content from your body parts? are we getting into self cannibalism now?

    also: bacon covered boobs=every man’s dream. million dollar idea. i totally call dibsies. i will sue if someone takes it. fair warning.

  20. i’ve had this discussion with female friends of mine. i don’t think we can explain it. some kind of primal-feed-your-children thing probably but i really have no idea how to put it into words. they’re just awesome.

  21. @pale

    I like boobies… They are fun to grab, slap, lick and all that fun stuff… But I’m not obessed with them… I am a booty guy… You will have to wait for a boobie guy to anwser… Although I’m sure their anwser will be the same as mine for bootys… cuz it makes me go boing

  22. @slimjayz: You’ll have to search around, but I’m sure they are online somewhere. Happy hunting.

    I like boobs too, it’s not just a “guy” thing, for me anyway. They are soft, and nice. I smile at mine everyday. Yay boobs!

  23. Wasn’t the chicken tender one posted a few months ago? Maybe I’m going crazy…

  24. Carolann just hasn’t been the same since she got sucked into that TV set. In retrospect, Tangina should have advised her to go into the light.

  25. @Mykl42

    Haha, sorry about that. I meant to respond quickly with a “just kidding, I saw an opportunity and had to take it”, but I got caught up in some work stuff and didn’t make it back until now.

    But wow… you definitely exploded.

    I do kind of feel bad if you indeed decide to leave because of me, though. So, at least come back long enough for some other reason to make you leave (trust me there are many… I just choose to ignore them all).

  26. Slimjayz slaps boobs, why am I not surprised?

  27. I slap boobs, if said boobs desire to be slapped.

    You give a girl what she wants and she’ll come back for more. I think that’s the slogan used with the Baconator.

    I’ve never actually had one, it seems like tooooo much bacon (I know, how is that possible?) I’ll just stick with my Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, thank you.

  28. @wordpervert: I’m not either.

  29. @ wordpervert

    Take it!! lol… it just depends on the chic… Some like it rough… I had one gf that liked my hands around her neck… Its all good to me either way

  30. Oh, btw… I’m not a boob guy or a butt guy or a legs guy… I’m a rare “vagina guy”. I think they look pretty (well, to varying degrees, haha). Is that weird? Am I even allowed to be a vagina guy? It’s not like you can see them when someone’s walking around the streets… well, maybe just the toe, if they’re a bit unkempt.

    Do I have to pick a body part that I can admire on women that I’m not romantically involved with? What are the rules?

  31. I’m still hungry. All this talk of bacon is not helping. I’ve decided bacon is the only thing that will help me. I see Oscar Myer in my future.

  32. tru dat carolann….we certainly can’t see YOUR brains

  33. @ Mcowles

    I think we just refer to vagina guys as pussys, lol… And before you go all Mykl42 on us, just kidding, lol

  34. @ Joakim: Dude, possession and the law. Look it up. Repossess them thangs!! This happens ALL the time. Make it a LOAN. Get it in writing, notarized. I hope this is not the same dude that played basketball at Florida! Go Gators!!

  35. The one about boobs and brains is a quote from an MTV show called My Life As Liz

  36. I like boobs

  37. I’m a straight guy and I don’t, nor will I ever, understand the boob thing. People just go crazy to see someone’s boobs. I don’t get it.

  38. Oh, and I’m a leg guy ;P

  39. I registered just to say LOL to slimjayz and mcowles. British hobo, I too believe that boobs are overrated…

  40. @heavilyunbroken
    yeah i’ve totally seen the chicken tenders one before.

  41. Definately an assman. Boobies are cool, so long as they’re medium sized, like an orange. I like the GudGuds too. And ANYTHING that smells like bacon is a keeper. Anything that smells like hockey gear is NOT a keeper, unless it’s hockey gear.

  42. @nashntth: What if the gud gud smelled like bacon? Wait never mind, pretend I didn’t go there.

  43. Slimjayz #33 comment: This is the first time I have laughed out loud from a comment on these lamebook posts. Thank you for making my day!

    I won’t speak for other women, but I have a very large bra size as well as a high IQ.

    And nice legs.

  44. ROFL some people are just dumb!!! She’d rather have boobs over brains? Looks like she’s getting a job that requires her to spend most of her time on her back.

  45. Hmm, I don’t know about Baconators, but my boobs are compareable to 70 Jr. Bacon cheeseburgers.

  46. Joakim’s girl’s boobs equal approximately 70 cups of Jello.

  47. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    I love them funbags personally. But what will catch my attention every time is the eyes. Ok, mccowles, here is my mancard. Take it… :(

  48. That’s right Carolann, we can’t see your brain.

  49. So, to recap, out of a straw poll of what, 5, men *none* of them are boob men? In fact the only real boob man was in fact a woman? Also I’m a girl boobfan myself (of my own, not other womens particularl!) My boyfriend is an ass man too, and I have nice boobs! What a waste.

    Does this mean that the ‘tits sell stuff’ thing is really a lie, or just perpetrated by boob loving women??

  50. Eleven, my husband is a boob man. So they do exist. Unless he’s lying to me.

  51. ha ha eleven, I’ll go with boob loving women!

  52. Stan, he may be lying to you.

  53. ahhhhh *sigh* totally off point but I miss Wendy’s

  54. and holycrap batman… BritishHobo is a guy?

  55. wait wait wait. am i the ONLY boob man here? cause if so i will gladly appreciate anyone’s boobs that are not receiving the attention they deserve. gladly. i mean that with all the sincerity and compassion i can possibly muster. i mean i appreciate a nice ass as well, but i didn’t really get the leg thing. i mean there are definitely bad legs but legs aren’t exactly a resume feature for me if you know what i mean.

  56. @lexluther… amen brother!

  57. thanks man. glad i’m not alone.

  58. @lexluther and @krispduck… thank goodness for guys like you otherwise women like me would be very under-appreciated.

  59. The first one. How on earth did she thought of nipple-sucking? Seriously?

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