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  1. wtf I glad we don’t have retards like this in the UK! freaks!

  2. I like Ashleigh. Because my name is Ashleigh.

  3. And I fucking hate juggalos more than anything in the entire world.

  4. or I’m glad lol still juggaloading freaks!

  5. Are these people for real ? I have never heard of a juggalo before.

  6. suckmebeautiful

    When was the last time ICP actually made a new song? I hate them, and their creepy teenaged hatchet wielding, makeup wearing followers.

  7. Seriously, what’s up with all the juggalo hate? Don’t you guys know it isn’t nice to pick on the retarded?

  8. Corey looks more like Darth Maul than a clown. Is there some kind of ICP/Star Wars crossover phenomenon? Oh god. Fucking magnets work by using the force! It’s all so clear now.

  9. Well I have to admit, I thought they were all misspelling “gigolo” until I googled “juggalo”.

    Maybe Stephen’s mum read a story about a gigolo and that’s why he’s grounded..?

  10. CommentsAtLarge

    You know, I’ve been wondering what the ICP boys have been up to. Apparently it’s moderating for Lamebook… What is up with the juggalo postings of late?? I prefer to treat them like bees – don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. The more they are talked about, the more opportunity for them to be heard.

    Miracles, grr.

  11. Fucking magnets?!

  12. You know what… Juggalos versus that werewolf gang. The REAL Twilight.

    I’d watch it.

  13. @Numnum -but we’ve got chavs which seems like sort of the same thing.

  14. my only experience of jugganutters is from a music video i saw on the TV years ago for a song called Homies… I thought they where just dressed like spaz attacks for the video… then I found out they where in some kind of clown cult, they make me angry by just being alive, I hate them, what are they for??!!

  15. @CommentsAtLarge – I prefer to treat them like spiders. Fucking smack them dead with a brick.

  16. I hate chavs, wish it was legal to run them over… or kill them and take them to the town hall for a reward like rats

  17. man who the fuck knows anymore….I grew up being scared of badass vampires that landed on your back in the dark of night and ripped your fucking throat out while gutting you and drinking your blood. Now, they have sparkly, girly skin, give little girls piggy back rides through the forest, drink animal blood instead of human blood and grace the covers of Tiger Beat. Then there’s the retarded, fat juggalos who seem to have forgotten that clowns are morons that are supposed to get beat up and shat on by circus elephants (I’ll remind them if I ever meet one)….and now this…


    This is how my dad must have felt when I came home with my first Ozzy record (bark at the Moon) and asked my mum to buy me the latest Poison cd “it’s the one with the four guys on the cover mum”. It never came. She said that all she saw was a Poison album with four girls on the cover (Look What the Cat Dragged In)

    BUT….I will still judge juggalos as fucking losers

  18. You Make Me Wanna Throw My Pager Out The Window
    Tell MCI To Cut The Phone Calls
    Break My Lease So I Can Move
    ’cause You A Jug A Lo A Jug A Lo
    I Wanna Put Your Number On The Call Block
    Have AOL Make My E Mails Stop
    ’cause You A Jug A Lo
    You Juggin What, You Juggin Who, You Juggin Me
    And Don’t You See It Ain’t Cool (and neither are you)

    - Frank Sinatra

  19. SomeRandomChick

    I actually like some of ICP’s songs. It brings back good memories of the mean bitch phase I went through in high school. But, all the makeup, life style, bullshit it ridiculous. Seriously? When was the last time ICP even put anything out? Where are all these followers coming from all of the sudden? It’s all the adhd meds parents are shoving down their kids throats, it’s making them crazy. Parents: Quit giving your children adhd meds, send them to somerandomchick instead!

  20. Stephen’s entry is kind of cute, ‘until I’m not 1′ haha. He seems like he would be the nice Juggalo (ie like the happy dwarf).

  21. SomeRandomChick

    *is not it

  22. I thought Juggalos were fat teenage boys with flabby teenage-boy-tits.

    And from the sound of it, I may still be right.

  23. Ashleigh FTW!

  24. I like british hobos idea, put the juggalos vs. Wereteens or whatever they are called. I would put my money on the clowns, they are just psycho. Those teens are a bunch of pussies.

  25. lol

  26. There will come a day
    my youth will pass away
    then what will they say
    about me

    When the end comes I know
    they’ll say “he was just a juggalo”
    and life goes on
    with Corky

    - Hannah Montana

  27. Stephen’s mother seems very sensible…now. It’s too bad she didn’t show this strength of will before his whole juggalo phase even began.

    And, for the record, I had to look it up in urban dictionary the first time I heard of these types of people.

    @6/10 ICP released a new album not too long ago.

    I only know this because I work in a music store.

  28. can someone please tell me what they are for, really?

  29. Krazy Eyez Killa

    Genuinely thought Stephen was a Gigalo who lived with his Mother until I did a google. Oh, and you ‘didn’t do nothin” means you did do something.

    I can say proudly I only listened to music that wasn’t shit when I was a lean, clean skinned teenager. Now where are those Minor Threat albums?

  30. madamemanifesto

    @krazy eyez killa

    you’re never too old for minor threat!

  31. So being a juggalo means you can’t spell worth shit and you pile make up on that makes you look like shit…Nice

  32. “Darwin’s Biggest Obstacle”

    This statement alone MADE MY LIFE.

  33. Dancinganimal256

    I <3 you mcowles right now
    I never knew what a juggalo or wereteens until lamebook enlightened me. Now the whale in my nightmares will forever be replaced by them =(.
    P.S.: I'm placing my bet on the clowns.

  34. Dancinganimal256

    juggalos or wereteens were*

  35. Sorry, Numnum, but I sighted an honest-to-god Juggalo in Brighton, UK about a fortnight ago.

  36. Being from the UK I had to Google this, I too thought they were mis-spelling gigalo…Americans are weird, no offense!
    We have the odd teenager who loves Twilight a little too much and kisses their Robert ‘Gay Boy’ Pattison to sleep at night but they don’t dress like wearwolves or clowns?!
    Oh and @sparklenight we all know Brighton’s an entity of it’s own in Britain!

  37. Here’s what get’s me: As far as I can tell, juggalos are a relatively new phenomenon, yet ICP has to be over a decade old. It seems the Juggies are at least 5 years past due…

  38. PeanutButtercup

    Sorry Penny_Lame, I think you will find there are crazy ass teens doing crazy ass things everywhere. I myself have spotted the occasional wereteen, even down here in NZ.

  39. Yeah I guess we are a little lost down here in Cornwall, the weirdest things we hear about teenagers doing down here involve sheep and/or siblings…

  40. CommentsAtLarge


    I think you should file for workman’s comp for having to know facts like that.

  41. the less juggalos we have in the gene pool, the better

  42. Oh mcowles! #26…amazing!

  43. PeanutButtercup

    Yeah, what is it with farming regions/nations and the rumours of sheep-lovin’ and incest?

  44. Is #2 a human, a beet, or (most frightening) some sort of combination of the two?

  45. Considering the most insane Juggalos actually carry hatchets while the wereteens have… angst, that would be a curbstomp war if I ever saw one.

  46. @myredstar They’re certainly not a new thing, they started popping up in the mid to late 90s which is around the same time the group started seeing more mainstream success (I believe the etymology dates to around this period as well). I’ve never heard of it catching on outside of north america though, and this is the first reference to the phenomenon I’ve seen in over a decade. Just when you think there’s been some progress..

  47. @Bloody_Musket:

    Knowing what I know about juggalos, that statement begs the question: Do they actually carry hatchets, or do they carry butcher knives?

  48. Stephen’s mom is doing the world a favor. Seriously.

  49. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    I kinda like Molly’s definition.

    And, I cannot imagine why anyone in the whole entire history of the world would want to be a juggalo. Sick.

  50. it doesnt show the last time ashleigh posted because it probably said 1 second ago

  51. frogsandsticksandshit

    @BritishHobo, Yeah that sounds amazing. Chuck Robert Pattison in the mix and watch him have his ass kicked. Maybe Beiber. Represent the downfall of this generation.

  52. Walter Sobchak

    I think these clown/vampire/wolf kids are pretty fortunate to be able to dress like idiots and not get the shit beat out of them.

    When I was growing up and dressed as Jem and walked outside singing “Jem, Jem is truly outrageous Truly, truly, truly outrageous” i didn’t even make it half way down the street before my OWN DAD caught me and knocked my ass on the ground and started kicking me and taking off my clothes screaming “YOU ARE A DISGRACE.” :(

  53. idleinjapan, hey what are you doing in Japan (apart from being idle)? I am jealous, I’d love to be in Japan right now.

  54. ashleigh’s great….I wish we could be friends.

  55. Stephen’s Mom should get some of her trailer park friends to dress up like Juggalos and beat the shit out of that kid. I wouldn’t want to ground him and keep him in the house with me. Or, she could go to K-Mart and give them his picture and forbid them from selling him Halloween makeup.

    Ashleigh, is awesome. Thanks Google.

  56. @idleinjapan

    Really? Wow… I mean, I had friends that liked ICP in high school, but none of them took it that far, and I’ve seriously never heard of the term before, say, a month or so ago? I live in NYC, so it’s a bit weird I’ve never heard of them before O_o. Maybe I’ve been living under a rock? Yay, rock!

  57. where i’m from juggalos are as common as people with brown hair, and they take their juggaloness very seriously. there’s like gangs of them that hangout and beat people up and stupid shit like that. it’s so fucking strange.

  58. Yesterday I was at a stoplight, and turning left in front of me was a freaking MINI COOPER full of Juggalos… at 11 a.m. I kid you not.

  59. @jukaswo

    So what is the answer to the age old question: How many Juggalos can you fit in a Mini Coop?

  60. i paint my face to show the world how fucked up it is could you sell me some face paint?

  61. Out of all the lamebook shit I’ve read through, #2 is my favorite.

  62. Don’t jinx it, Numnum.

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