Monday, October 25, 2010

John Gayer (or not gay) You decide.

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  1. I like it.

  2. John GAYER? Really, Lamebook? I thought we were beyond this whole “gayness is totes hilarious and silly” phase.

  3. I am sorta failing to see the fail in the picture. It’s not as bad as a lot of the pictures we’ve seen.

    The negative feedback from his friends, is just over the top. Seems a bit more than giving him a hard time.

    I don’t think the picture is that bad.

  4. I agree, boomstick. I would, however, be ok with John Gaybear.

  5. I agree, boomstick. I would, however, also complain at John Gaybear.

  6. My lame joke was intended to be lame, Brandy. :D

  7. Fuck you WordPress, will you stop signing me out? And then making me sign back in three times before it allows me to comment?

    Anyway, I laughed. I really hate those ‘arty’ relationship pictures. And it being over the top is what makes it funny.

    …I’m not Mark, I swear…

  8. I’m not sure which is lamer: the photo or the effort Mark put into his reply.

  9. Eh, Mark’s reply didn’t take that much effort. The photo definitely wins for lameness. Mark added a little creativity.

  10. Personally, I think she’s better off with the bear.

  11. Mark sounds like one of those people that gets annoyed and dwells on that which annoys him. He’s so annoyed that he comes up with some huge story about it — and his annoyance builds and builds and builds, until finally he pushes the “Post Comment” button, leaves the room, and goes and beats his wife while jerking off to one of BritishHobo’s angry rants.

  12. ‘Gay’ is NOT an acceptable derogatory adjective, and Lamebook should NOT be promoting it as such. It’s plain irresponsible of them. And awful. I’m genuinely surprised.

  13. When did you get the impression that Lamebook was responsible?

  14. @11: Are you implying that there is something wrong to beating it to mental images of BritishHobo’s angry rants?

  15. I find #12 to be quite gay.

  16. I, too, hate the title of this piece for the reasons you guys stated above.. But Honestly, I stopped reading Lamebook’s titles long ago due to that reason…

    However, I did lol at Keona’s Gaybear – that would have been more clever :)

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Mad2 #12 is totally gay.

  18. There isn’t a single person involved with this that I wouldn’t want to kick right in the nuts. And that includes whomever wrote the title to this post.

  19. Gayburger in paradise…

  20. mad2, I find #12 to be a fudge packing queer faggamuffin…with extra dong juice from Taekwando. (sp?)

  21. Tike

  22. Yeah, none of you can surprise me- but the title did. I’ll get back to my gayness now.

  23. Asriel, bro, go look up the word ‘irony’.

    I for one, liked marks reply. At least he’s not the dumb ass who made the picture.

  24. I’m betting that Matt is one of those people who takes pictures of himself all day long and everyone on his friends list is sick and darn tired of seeing them. But since I have a couple of those people on my list, I could be projecting.

  25. Are you guys serious with all the ‘you can’t say gay…that’s prejudice!’ stuff. Were Matt a legitimate homosexual, calling him gay would not be funny, just a fact. It is because Matt is so incredibly corny, cheesy and effeminate that they are questioning his sexuality. Mark wasn’t getting ‘more and more annoyed’ The story was a joke Asriel, he was questioning how such a seemingly unimaginable and absurd situation for which the picture was set could occur. Espescially since Gabriella said that this was ‘everyday mark’. Don’t get mad because real men don’t come out of old 80′s romantic comedies.

  26. Fender, boombox, acoustic … what?!

  27. While I do think gay is a stupid insult, I don’t get how anyone could be shocked or appalled by its use. The derogatory use for it is pretty much an ‘official’ new definition of the word. I don’t USE the word as an insult, because I’m not eight years old, but it does piss me off whenever someone says say, a car is gay, and the other person comes back with ‘oh, my car is homosexual, is it?’. It’s another insult now, and it has been for years. Yes, gay is also used for homosexuality, and of course the roots of it being used as an insult are in homophobia, but… it’s not new.

    What the fuck? This rant is even boring me.

  28. And to add to Hobo’s rant, ‘gay’ meant ‘happy’ before it meant ‘pillowbiter.’ So maybe happy people everywhere should be angry that a word that used to describe them is now used as an insult.
    I also never thought of ‘gay’ as an ‘insult’ so much as ‘X is gay’ = ‘X holds as much appeal to me as the thought of gay sex does.’ Or ‘X is flagrantly… flagrant,’ which has more to do with the ‘flaming’ stereotype than it does with actual homosexuality.

  29. @asriel – MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! :/ Mark tried way too hard, which makes me think it was planned. He coulda just said “Dude wtf that’s lame as shit” and moved on.

  30. @#25 – I don’t think people have to stop saying the word gay; I just personally don’t think it’s much of an insult. oh well whatever..

  31. And the picture is incredibly lame.

  32. Anyone who is offended by the title “John Gayer” is a total f a g g o t.

  33. It was a long standing joke to make fun of his shirtless guitar playing, so this picture forced me to comment. It took me 1 minute to make up that story and it wasn’t planned. Just adding a backstory to the absurd picture is all I was doing…..

  34. So, you guys still read the titles, eh?

    BTW, I’d love to make Mark my best friend! Could do with a coupla sophists’ company…

  35. Guys, it’s a reinactment from Eminem/Rihanna’s music video. Whether it’s a decent one or not is another topic completely. And congratulations Mark Conrad for pubilcally humiliating your very good friend, Mark Bird.

  36. I can’t believe people were so offended with the title that they changed it. That’s lamer than the photo – which i thought was quite cute.

  37. Fucking gay. Why is every comments section turning into a Wallace-fest?

    Give us some babies painted/branded with inappropriate political imagery.

  38. Ok so I was wrong. They sent it to Facebook with the comment ‘no we’re not homophobes’ but they haven’t changed the title. I need more coffee.

  39. This is a very touchy feely photo isn’t it?

    I would touchy feely Johns sad bear hugging penis receptacle whilst forcing him to watch, I’d actually be doing the soppy bollocks a favour as this would be giving him some perfect angst for his next achingly romantic song.

    Then i would smash him about the head with his fucking guitar.

  40. Fuck you lamebook, I’m disgusted by the name of this post. I’m beginning to question the validity of this whole site… I mean, I went on facebook and did a search for ‘John Gayer’ and he doesn’t even exist.

  41. John Gayer? Seriously?

  42. :D

    #33, and #35 have given it all away! ROFL!!!!

  43. I think the whole John Gayer thing is really offensive. I mean you should be able to come to a site like Lamebook and expect a high level of political correctness. It’s not like you come here to laugh at lame jokes or mildly offensive facebook updates…………………….But seriously if this offends you maybe something like Encyclopedia Dramatica would be more up your alley.

  44. Ha. Am I the only one amused that Lamebook changed the title?

  45. Compare the sizes of our main protagonists in the picture. Am I the only one amused by the fact that this teeny, tiny little man is courting a woman approximately twice his size? Or is that derogatory to munchk-, um, smur-, midg… I give up. The vertically challenged?

  46. Just gonne put this out there.. “lame” is a derogatory term for someone who is “crippled” or physically injured.
    So the name of the website is offense to anyone with a physical impairement.
    Change the name to Lame (or not, you decide) book.
    But that would be fitting with the current connotation, as most of the things here aren’t “lame”.

  47. @46 There is always someone like you out there. Stop taking everything so seriously and getting “offended by everything” Who gives a crap! Lamebook is called LAMEbook if you don’t like it don’t come here.

  48. @47 – That was exactly what I was saying! That we shouldn’t be offended by it.
    There’s always someone like you out there, who can’t take a small joke :)

  49. Hey Keona *smooch* missed you, did you miss me? x

  50. @loma, Yes, I did, because you haven’t attacked me. So, I’m going back to 1-2 ish comments per post, and joining the bandwagon of all the other fools. AKA, going back to being a lurker and very few comments. Because society can’t hand;e people who are different. We all must be alike, just like Hitler and his Aryan race idea.

  51. Godwin’s Law = You Lose

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