Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Joe’s No Show

Joes No Show

Joes No Show

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  1. Noelle may write “like a dickhead”, but she was the first person to break up the mewling and kowtowing to the holy altar of Joseph the self-absorbed man-child.

  2. I bet Joes band sucks.

  3. Yep… Joe is a douchebag for calling his friends out for not showing up to a facebook event and Noelle is a bitch.

  4. Lisa is all trying to be “discreet” about her “situation”

    I have no fucking clue why she couldnt make it…hmmm

    Joe is a total loser, and Noelle is a bitch.

  5. wow, his next event should be a pity party. grow up and get over it.

  6. Joe is a tool and I hope his band fails some more for another 14+ years. If he is still begging people to come to some bar and support him 14 years into this, he needs to find a better career. He sucks. End of story.

  7. Joseph’s next note should read like this:
    Joseph ??????: Why I should quit being in a band.

    I’ve been playing in a band for over 14 years and I can barely get people to come to my heavily promoted album release. I was only able to get 35 people to confirm the invitation on facebook, even though the event was heavily promoted. Then, the people that confirmed the invitation but didn’t show, I called out on facebook. This is why I should quit performing forever.

    Am I crying? Yes, someone please send me a waaaambulance.

  8. Kevins comment is the winner

  9. Poor Nicole, though. She accidentally collapsed. Hope she’s okay.

  10. What a bunch of losers. Good grief. Team Noelle!

  11. Joe is a fucking retard who should be shot in the face.

  12. Sounds like Lisa really did not need to be there.

  13. Kevin FTW! What a whining tool Joe is! Maybe they didn’t come because he and the band SUCKS!? How much do you want to bet that Joseph has a beer belly, mullet and receding hair line?

  14. I hope that Joe ends up seeing this on Lamebook and comes to comment on it. Something tells me he would be just as big of an asshole and a failure as Jason the “Doosh Bag”, but with a lot better grammar.

  15. Why is Ratcoon’s name in blue???

  16. Hey Joe, where you going with that heavily promoted band , de daw de daw dawwwww !!!, my guess ppl had something better to like , nothing

  17. forgot to add do , fail :)

  18. Who the fuck named their kid “Raichyl”?

  19. Kevin is probably the father of Noelle’s baby.

  20. You people need to learn what an RSVP is for.

  21. I’m pretty sure that no one wants to go see a band whose frontman is a whiny bitch.

  22. Ratcoon. In mah head, steelun mah comment.

    Or having a faster brain/slower life than me. I doubt it with the slower life part, though. Must have been a faster brain.

  23. They are currently mastering their new single, “Facebook faux-pas”

  24. This is probably the first time I’ve ever favoured someone who uses terrible grammar, spelling and punctuation.

    Thank you NOELLE for showing me this person’s true colours.

  25. “Am I crying?” I think you are Joe, I think you are.

    And then he goes on to say the venue cheated him. Joe is the worst kind of person, just an egotistical narcissist. I bet he put the same list on Twitter because you know he whines on that too.

    But he does have a friend named Raichyl so he can’t be all bad.

  26. Also: Whose responsible this?

  27. Lisa could not make it because she is under house arrest with a bracelet on her ankle.

    Joe is not a good musician because he spends more time on Facebook whinging and typing namelists instead of practising.

    Noelle is a slut who does not know who her kids father is.

    Heidi is a twit who misread Joe’s post and gave away Noelle’s drunk-driving secret (which Joe had not mentioned).

    Andrew is perhaps jealous that Joe got head 17 times. Wow, talk about groupies.

    Yes, this has the makings of a Joe’s Monster Fail.

    By the fuck!

  28. Oh, and Raichyl’s parents should be shot.

  29. I wish it said the name of Joe’s band so I could listen to them and confirm they suck ass.

  30. this is a good candidate for passiveaggressivenotes.com

  31. @ In a REAL Band: Not true. People still go see Billy Corgan.

  32. “Set foot”, Lisa.

  33. I very much agree with Sarah. They should all take a couple Valiums.

    Or maybe twenty.

  34. How will Lisa know where to go when she gets her AHEM BRACELET off? Way to fuck it up for the eager yet partially incarcerated, Joe.

  35. I want to be there when Nicole collapses on purpose.

    Also, how does a bracelet come “off”?

    Furthermore, Lisa wasn’t even on Joseph’s list. I don’t see why she felt the “need” to broadcast her “SITUATION”.

    Attention whore.

  36. Joe doesn’t have thick enough skin to be a rock star.

    I effing love that he listed everyone’s names! It’s like when I was in junior high and wrote “like” and “hate” next to people’s pictures in my yearbook.

    (Oh, and, dead baby: I thought the same thing!)

  37. This looks like a job for the DRAMA LLAMA!

    Kevin FTW!

  38. This is my ex-boyfriend in the very near future. And by near future I mean, a week from Tuesday at the latest.

    Reminds me of the old joke: Kid says to his dad, “I wanna be a musician when I grow up” Dad says, “You can’t have it both ways, son.”

  39. And calling out someone’s overuse of ellipses–now, that’s just plain cruel.

  40. I bet Joes one of the lame fucks who gets rejected by Simon on AI, and then has a big cry about it…what a dick

  41. I got Noelle pregnant. I am now hiding in Mexico. She’s a crazy bitch.

  42. Listen, Joe’s status was pathetic, but you people who commented are funny as hell. Made the entire drama that is Joe worth reading just to get to the comments. Oh How I LOVE you people. I needed a good laugh too.

  43. I want to friend this guy’s band and say I’ll turn up to everything! And then not turn up.


    Yes. This.

  44. Sarah…… You are fucking amazing.

  45. Heidi’s keen for a piece of Joseph’s dick

  46. I found Joseph and “Raichyl” (gag me) on facebook… Lamebook moderator wouldn’t let me post the links, but I’m sure you could find them! Start with Raichyl… she has one of theose “I think I am so sexy” profile pictures.


  48. joe is a lame crybaby. heidi is a dumbass. i’m sure she thinks the little boys love her for calling other women bitches. stupid. and what the fuck kind of name is raichyl? damn someone’s mama was trying too hard.

  49. oh waaait raichyl is a *~*stage name*~*. cute.

  50. http://gethurt.com

    His Blog: no one visits him there either

  51. Heidi is the worst piece of shit on here.

    @Jax – your ‘by the fuck’ FTW

  52. Am I the only one who thinks that Kevin was lame for adding his comment and then immediately post this on lamebook so he could look ‘cool’?

  53. Ryan’s Privates: I’m with Joe. Kevin gets the lame-to-fame and people need to learn the meaning of an RSVP.

  54. Especially since Kevin keeps posting here as “K”. Lame.

  55. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    i agree Kevin is a lame cunt

  56. teehee

  57. two hearts, one blood.

    say what?

  58. Why do people keep friends like that? They probably don’t even enjoy each other’s company. They probably just need someone to suck them off every now and then.

  59. What Joe did was perfectly fine and more people should have the balls to stand out and call people out for being lying fucks. If the people said they were gonna be there, they should have been there or let Joe know they couldn’t make it. Real friends don’t ditch their friendswithout warning or word. Everyone that replied to Joe obviously wasn’t an actual friend of his and he’s better off without them. Everyone on here bagging on Joe for standing up for hisself obviously just doesn’t have any real friends.

  60. Something tells me Spanky = Joe

  61. @ Spanky: Facebook RSVPs are not nearly as concrete as you/Joe think they are. It’s a mass facebook event, not a google invite… RSVPs are nothing on FB, you might as well ask for a show of hands in a crowded bar.

  62. I love Kevin.

  63. I hate it when people bitch about how much they “promoted” and all they did was send a mass text or facebook invite. Put up a poster! Give out flyers! Don’t just send a lame ass impersonal facebook message. Grow some balls! Joe sucks and his band probably sounds like shit!

  64. You can just tell that Joe’s band sounds like Creed.

  65. Also Spanky (presumably Joe), nobody owes you/Joe their weekend. It’s not like they’re obliged to attend anything just because they noncommittally said they would.

    Stop being such a cock.

  66. I hate guys like Joe. what a loser.

  67. You don’t understand! He’s really cool because he’s in a band!

  68. Oh the audacity of people to say yes to invites and not show up. The fact that Joe had the time to double check who showed up against the FB event list, says a lot about his band.
    You’re friends are not obligated to help you pay off the debt incurred recording your crappy album.

  69. Joseph can’t even get a job delivering pizzas. From his website: “For the record, I’ve already been turned down by multiple pizza joints. Including Double Decker.”


  70. Dark Disco Club is the band. Google it for a link.

  71. jesus christ people

    You know, as much of a crybaby as Joe is, and as much as I’m sure his band sucks, he does have a point. Not only is it rude to stand up someone, it can cost people.

    For example, say I’m holding a gathering at a small restaurant. I tell the owner that I’m going to have a large group of about 27 arrive one night, but only 8 people show up. He’s going to be taking a hit since he’s most likely hired extra workers to help.

    Or let’s say I’m throwing a get-together at my place. I have 15 people who say they’re coming, so I buy snacks and drinks and possibly take the time out of my day to cook/bake food to accommodate that number of guests. Only three people end up showing their faces, so now I’ve lost money for all this food that will most likely go to waste.

    So I guess now that standing people up, once viewed to be one of the most heinous of social crimes, is now a-OK. I mean, shit, at least send the organizer a message or something to let them know you can’t come if you’ve already accepted but circumstances have come up.

  72. all of my friends on facebook are really my friends in real life and if i invite them to my events they all show up!!

  73. Kevin (the last post) definately posted this… wanted to give himself a few seconds of fame

  74. I couldn’t make it i was… er… washing my hair

    @Stephanie LOL

    and “Dark Disco Club”? Yeah, but we’re not lame or anything…

  75. WTF? on his blog he has this thing called “My Mother is dead” There is a photo and underneath it says “That’s a photo of my Mother holding me up by my crotch” Way to pay your respects.

  76. Oh no. There are more of him. He has a kid. Poor, poor child.

  77. @jesus christ people: A dinner party or a get together with people you actually know is MUCH different than an album release in some bar.

    I bet of the 30 people that said they’d come, Joe only “personally” knew about 10 of them. If you see someone named Nicole T. RSVPed to your event and you don’t REALLY know who that is, then don’t be surprised if they don’t come.

  78. for the Joe supporters: if this were an intimate gathering or his father’s funeral, that’s one thing. An album release party, not so much. Try some “heavier promotion”. Or being a better friend.

  79. The Joe supporters are Joe. Kevin is lame for posting this to lamebook. You don’t get events in your news feed, so Kevin is gay. Spanky, jesus christ people, just know I’m about to send you a messsage on facebook. Idiot bitch crybaby fag.

  80. How about this right here on lamebook is as famous as Joe’s gonna get.

  81. Gotta love Philly people….

  82. @ Ray ratcoon added a link thats why his name is blue
    @ mikey i know the ellipses thing was great
    @LK hey i’m from Philly! we’re not all retarded lol

  83. http://www.reverbnation.com/darkdiscoclub

    Dark Disco Club is Joseph Rose.
    Or is it the other way around?

    Many contributors have come and gone over the years, but only Rose has been at it since the bands inception in 1994

  84. Joe is an idiot and so is Noelle. If she were such a good baby momma she would not be a raving lunatic on FB.

  85. So let me get this straight…Joe wanted to complain about not having enough people show up but then when he went to sign an AUTOGRAPH he drew boobies and a half assed signature??? That’s pretty fucked up…

    Oh and Raichyl is not her birth-name. She’s my ex. gf…

  86. Holy shit, I wouldn’t have gone either, based on this video:


    Not only do they suck, they aren’t even original.

    Joe, you whiny bitch – smashing up the stage was being done in the 60′s. Try coming up with a NEW idea, retard. Oh, and your music, isn’t.

  87. joe needs to meet someone in a quiet dark place where he will be beaten for his stupidity and cruelty.

  88. Kevin is my fucking hero. Joe needs to take his small dick to myspace.

  89. This is probably one of the most entertaining FB posts I’ve seen in a while! LOVE the drama. Nicole and Lisa apologized and they weren’t even on Joe’s list! LOL

  90. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdEdGSYlonU

    Wow. Still, at least one of the band members seems to be energetically playing a stylophone or a Casio keyboard while Joe screams about his Facebook friends standing him up. Poor Joe.

  91. @ 90# Macarena: Christ on a cracker, no wonder his friends don’t go to his shows, they’re all devil-worshipers!!

  92. lol @ Kevin

  93. This is the best post on here.

  94. Ratcoon, FTW! You read my mind! 14+ years and only 30 someodd confirmed guests, eh? Joe is a complete tool.

  95. joe is such a prick

  96. No one wants to listen to shitty music.

  97. Jeez, what a douche. If your band didnt suck donkey balls people would WANT to show up and hear the…whats the name? Tom n Jerry’s? Fag.

  98. N8, you’ve just proven you’re a bigger douche than Joe.

  99. kevin rocks. joe is a fucking idiot. such a tough-nut – having a confrontation over fb.

  100. Really? Calling out people on Facebook who said they’d go to your show and didn’t show up? What are you, five?

  101. John Players Standard

    It’s funny because somebody has actually gotten pissed off at me because I didn’t show up to their lame show. Sorry brah I don’t support shitty bands playing in a really shitty restaurant.

  102. So they were playing in a bar..??? I bet thats one hell of a SHOW then…

  103. Wow. Someone chose to bear Joe’s baby.

    Poor kid.

  104. Found the bands Myspace and Twitter pages and the guy is a total douche!

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