Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jeepers Creepers!

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  1. The first 2 comments said between Danny and Craig are enough for me to know there’s a whole lotta freak going on.

  2. ben?

  3. damnit. Anyway. I agree wordpervert. I couldn’t even bring myself to read the rest of it because it was blatant what was going on, that and I’m lazy.

  4. Why has Ryan got his stocker on FB? He could easily block her. I think Ryan’s loving it.

  5. And hello.

  6. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    It bothers me that Ryan spelled it “stocker” a second time, and then told Roni he couldn’t spell. Sigh.

  7. how very bizarre.

  8. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    And Angel is delusional.

  9. CommentsAtLarge

    Ryan, click block and run like hell man!

    Same rule applies for Danny; take your own advice, get out and “LIVE LIFE!”, stop the back-and-forth with the creeper. Chris Hansen has a tight filming schedule and you’re holding up production.

    Though spending the time to comment on this probably makes me a touch of a hypocrite on the last comment. Meh…

  10. @JacksSmirk, it also bothered me that he managed to spell stalker wrong a second time after Roni corrected him.

    I read through Danny and Craig’s conversation for some very odd reason and I wish I could take it back.

  11. Geez, Ryan, don’t be upset just because she had you take three multiple choice tests determining your compatibility, then arranged for you to have a physical to provide her with a written note from your doctor detailing your perfect physical health, and then had you undergo a psychiatric evaluation before calling you every five minutes to see whether or not you had gotten the results back. She’s just picky. Be glad you made it through, cause now y’all are in love!

    Btw, I like how she just puts that out there. ‘We are in love’, regardless of how you personally feel about the situation…

  12. BringYourOwnSun

    I just ordered a life on the Internet. It should be here in 20-30 minutes.

  13. The psycho stocker designation is probably correct. I’m guessing that they’re both employed at the local Wal-Mart, and while working the aisles, Angel insists on having the GI Joes make out with the Transformers. THERE’S A PERFECTLY GOOD BARBIE RIGHT THERE!

  14. I think someone is underestimating the sex appeal of transformers.

  15. CommentsAtLarge

    @dawn there is the whole “more than meets the eye” thing…

  16. wrecking balls.

  17. I wouldn’t mind having optimus prime turn into a semi-truck and then doing him up the exhaust pipe.

  18. Craig is a dumbass.

  19. mcowles, that is hot. Probably quite literally. Wear some insulation, hun.

  20. CommentsAtLarge


    pretty sure he has twin pipes, do with that what you may

  21. lol wtf 8|

  22. prettypinkjellybean

    wtf is up with Danny saying that his girlfriend says hello…then saying that he uses his sons photo to get women??? (which is disturbing btw)

  23. suddenly i feel so normal.. wtf

  24. This depresses me, because all I can see is Angel sitting in a dark room, crying, going ‘Ryan does love me, he does, and he’s coming back.’

    Damn you, Lamebook. Now I’m sad :(

  25. I think that Ryan likes the attention he’s getting from Angel, if he really thought she was a “stocker” (stalker), he would’ve blocked her.

  26. Ryan purposely spelling stalker wrong the second time to prove he can’t spell gave me a good laugh. At least he isn’t ignorant about the fact. Though it’s sad because I doubt he will ever make the effort to fix anything else in the future.
    That little speech by Danny was worth reading. If living life consists of conversations with hobos and getting laid, I’d imagine he will meet a pretty nice hooker soon enough. He can do it all at the same time.

  27. After reading the first one all I could think of was, Oh…shit..
    But after reading the second one… I’m thinking the first wasn’t all that bad..

  28. @Salles: Methinks Ryan’s too dumb to put his profile on private, so it doesn’t matter if Angel’s his friend or not. She could leave a comment anytime. I think he should blocker the stocker, though.

  29. I think Danny has some personality conflicts.

    He suggests Craig is going to end up on “To Catch a Predator” which makes me assume the picture of his son is of a younger boy, but he himself says he uses said picture to get more girls.

    Also, one minute he is telling Craig to live life to it’s fullest, then the next he is telling him to shoot himself.

  30. I find it somewhat amazing that although Ryan both correctly used and spelt words like “psycho”, “illusion”, and “vapid”, he couldn’t spell stalker. I mean, just using the word “vapid” to describe someone has got to be like level 10 in fighting vocabulary terms…

    And Angel is off somewhere playing with her Ryan doll made of his hair and dustbunnies… sad really.

  31. Christ on a cracker

    Danny is fucking awesome!!

  32. Yeah malteaser !!! You said more than LOL !!!

  33. I like how Elizabeth thinks her shit don’t stank because she’s with Ryan.

    She’s a retard and so is he. The spelling correction was in front of his damn face and he couldn’t be bothered to type it right the next time?

  34. ‘my name is craig’ had me laughing for 10 minutes lol

  35. I would say that it’s fairly obvious that the profile picture is Danny and he’s saying it’s his son to mess with the creepy guy.

  36. UncreativeUsername

    danny is a douchebag. he’s also inside talking to a creeper online instead of going out. i like that he’s the one who submitted this. douche.

  37. Ryan spelled it “stocker” even after the two posts immediately above his spelled it correctly. This shows that he really meant to call her a “stocker”, as in the people who stock the shelves at your local store. He’s berating her for working in a dead-end low-paying job when she could be at home pining over him all day.

  38. Danny automatically loses. His first response should have been “They’re terribly comfortable. I imagine everyone will be wearing them in the future.”

  39. How can Ryan not spell stalker and then use words like vapid and illusion??

  40. @cursormortis
    ‘Were you burned by acid or something?’
    That was a motherflippin’ WIN.

  41. That entire conversation between Craig and Danny sums up my entire omegle experience.

  42. I’m Old Craig!

  43. @octoberfx

    I’m Old Gregg!

  44. JesusOnADinosaur

    Angel scares me.

  45. Malteaser I am SHOCKED! You actually said something more than lol! Right On!

    Anyway to the point, Angel reminds me of my most recent ex. After a year of being on the splits, she still has it in her little fucked up head that “we” are in love. It’s not that she is picky about who she is with, she thinks that just because he didn’t chew his arm off in the first night, (like everybody else did) that it is destiny! Alas, poor simple minded fools!

    As for Craig and Danny, Craig should take “some” of Danny’s advice. Go live life instead of poaching young looking guys. Danny, I’m afraid that you’re the one that will end up on dateline for you are the one with a girlfriend and using your SON’S picture to pick up, let me make sure I quote this right, GIRLS! So therefore Danny, I do believe you need to take some of your own advice and shoot yourself.

  46. Penguins_steal_my_underwear

    When I was reading the comments and saw what Malteaser wrote, I was shocked!!!
    BTW, it’s girls like Angel that make my day. I’m pretty sure it’s the hardest I’ve laughed all day.

  47. So Danny sent this into lamebook, even though he is by far the lamer one in that exchange?

  48. what does </3 mean?

  49. @pinklove
    greater than or three? or broken heart?

  50. Craig doesn’t give up; He can’t have the father so he wants the son!

  51. someone should introduce angel to craig.

  52. Anyone know where to find Angel , i am picky too and it so happens stalking freaky girls are the pick of the day

  53. @ pinklove: It means a broken heart.

    <3 <—-Heart,
    </3 <—–Broken Heart.

  54. lmao!
    “danny wins! … FATALITY!”

  55. Danny is my new personal hero for today.

  56. so Danny has a picture of his son wearing a mask so that he can get girls, and has a girlfriend, and sent his own messages into lamebook? *backs away slowly*

    And her name is Angel – first clue not to accept the friend request… If that’s her given name, fair enough, but otherwise…

  57. wow danny is a prick… and does he realize that he is online too talking shit about someone else being online??

  58. While reading the 2nd post. i think Danny is a teen and not his dad.

  59. I think its pretty much blatantly obvious that Danny was taking the piss with the ‘using my son’s profile pic’ comment.. dont get why that’s so hard to understand really.

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