Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jeepers Creepers!

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  1. WoopWoop

  2. 2nd and 3rd …. way way to creepy.

  3. Haha @ Billy.

  4. Ben.

  5. Joe is putting way too much work into that botty call

  6. Morgan is crazy!

  7. Sounds like Joe needs a place to stay while he’s in CA.

  8. Morgan is hilarious. I actually lol’ed at that ( I never lol). I think I might do that to some of my fb acuaintances as a joke. I wonder if my sense of humour is weird.

  9. I actually have a friends mom who if you make a album of partying pictures or whatnot with the people she knows well, she will like almost every single picture, but she’s a pretty dope mom, so it’s all good, i think Morgan might be going a little overboard though.

  10. I think Morgan did this on purpose just to annoy someone with all the email notifications and text notifications. One of my friends did this to me and my phone went off all day. This happened to me on April Fools day. I think it’s a probably a pretty harmless prank. If not, she is trying way too hard. LOL

    2nd and 3rd are Creepy McCreepertons!

  11. err, I mean 1st and 3rd! Stupid lamebook and it’s lack of an edit key. :P

  12. I doubt morgan actually likes all that stuff, she is probably just being annoying

  13. Wow, Joe, if you’re as bold with your musical career as you are with your “Hey, it’s been a while. Let’s f*ck.” then you can look forward to a pretty short and embarrassing plummet into failure. Whatever happens, I look forward to reading about it on Lamebook when you send your “So I’m going to prison in CA for some things I’m not too proud of, and always thought you were the bees knees…” email.

  14. dude, what’s joe’s number again???

  15. Meh. I’ve done what Morgan did…to a good friend of mine. It’s funny, no? What?

  16. A friend did a Morgan on me… he got banned for 48 hours! :D

  17. I’d take Joe up on his offer. Unless he’s ugly.

  18. Joe kind of turned me on…

  19. YorkshirebornNBread

    Phew, a comments page without cali4 & Wendy…thought those two were going to grill & eat LB. Gotta love Joe’s sales pitch. Subtle, understated, with just the right amount of desperation and hope. “gonna be a rockstar, wanna be my first groupie?” niiice…

  20. Joe’s message started out sexy, but took a sharp left into crazy town. Would have been super hot with a previous history of almost-sexing, though I’m getting that there isn’t one there.

    If he’d stopped at “…make it happen”, then picked up again at “You drive me wild…” he’d probably have some stank on his hang-low right now, instead of a spot on Lamebook.

  21. The last one reminds me of some past (and most likely future) lamebook comments conversations

  22. Psh, that’s nothin. My friend Tyler liked 186 things of mine as a joke. I was so pissed.

  23. liketotallycool

    Joe is probably going to get signed soon and move out of town.
    So a Facebook ban for harrassment, being called a stalker on the streets or hell, even a lawsuit wouldn’t bother him (we all know lawsuits are good for publicity) and so he has finally got the courage to not only ask out the girl he liked but to directly ask her to f#$k which is not only courageous but also shows some rockstar mentality.

  24. liketotallycool

    We might just see Joe in the spotlight soon and of course there’s a chance of seeing Billy in jail.

  25. Christ on a cracker

    Aw come on!! All Joe wants is a FAREWELL fuck. Totally understandable.

  26. @Miss Shegas: Nasty but v funny

  27. @Miss Shegas LOL at “stank on his hang-low.” That phrase needs to be used more.

  28. bollywood_rocks83

    Am I the only one who thought Billy was/is the baby daddy and can’t wait till 18 so he can stop getting shafted for child support?

  29. ThinkingInPictures

    Hahaha, right liketotallycool, because soooooo many bands who move out to LA to make it get signed within months of being there. Oh wait…

    There’s nothing courageous about “hey, I’m leaving town wanna f*&k?” Soldiers, sailors, marines, etc. have been pulling that one for ages… at least they have the sense to add “I may get hurt or die out there and will always remember that you were my last!” If you want a chance for it to work, nothing like making it the chick’s patriotic duty ;)

  30. Um, “shafted for child support” ? Sorry, if it’s his kid then he needs to pay child support. If you stick your dick in someone, you shoulder the responsibility if a baby comes out 9 months later. End of story.

  31. If this was a baseball movie, Joe would be rounding third and headed for home in slow motion, with the orchestra swelling around him… bits of grass kicked up behind him floating in the breeze as he starts to realize, holy shit, this may actually work… and then he trips over a shoelace and falls flat on his face about halfway down the base line.

    “E” for effort, though. Get ‘em next time, slugger.

  32. bollywood_rocks83

    Not going to get into this argument again but I feel a woman should be responsible for birth control because IT IS HER BODY: 9 months of carrying the baby, 18 months of schlepping the kid to and from school along with the stress, staying home/quitting work until the baby gets bigger etc.

    I am female FYI and I practice what I just preached so to speak because I know I’m not financially ready for a mini-me. Having the baby and then expecting a guy to pay for it is just selfish because I LET the guy stick his dick in me.

  33. Phew, when I saw that last post I thought I got caught in the middle of an abortion debate.

  34. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    bolly? are you okay? what does having a baby have to do with any of the posts above?

  35. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    I know I didn’t use caps in anything I wrote above…Sue me! *goes crying to a corner*

  36. LaPopeArmadillo

    Here’s a Morgan
    There’s a Morgan
    And a little fuzzy Morgan
    Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan
    Morgan, Morgan

  37. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    aww Morgan has a little crush, ain’t love sweet? Wait, Morgan what are you doing with that rabbit and a cook pot…?

  38. Billy, you have a very bright future ahead of you on Watchdog!

    Alright, Morgan is bat shit crazy!

    But man! Joe! I know he’s coming on way too strong, but holy hell that was hot! I hope the she took him up on the offer, because he was going to worship the hell out of her body! He may be bat shit crazy just like Morgan, but I’m kinda rooting for him!

  39. @28 bollywood_rocks83

    I hadn’t considered that. Nice work. That is some outside the tiny little box thinking.

  40. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    “…18 months of schlepping the kid to and from school along with the stress, staying home/quitting work…”

    Your idea of parenting is 18 months of schooling…?
    Don’t let any more guys stick their dick in you. Thanks

  41. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    @ee: It seems like any ol’ shmo can write anything (to you) and get you hot. Jokes…

    p.s. If you came to Australia “Rooting” for him would take on a whole new flavour ;)

  42. prolefeedprocessor

    Am I the only one who thinks Joe’s was pretty hot? If someone sent me that message, I’d be very turned on.

  43. Divne, I’m all for hot smoking sex. That however was some serious love making, and hot to bat!

    prolefeedprocessor, NO!

  44. I think all of the single girls here can agree they’d take Joe up on his offer. I wonder if Elizabeth replied?

  45. I’m with you, ladies.

  46. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    If you wonder why a personal message ends up on lamebook, it’s ’cause that is Liz’s reply. Shaming his advances publicly.

    Joe could have said that in person perhaps, post growing a set of balls.

    C’mon, he describes kissing her neck, titties etc etc, but brings nothing new to the table. For me, I’m annoyed that he continually shifts from past to present tense while describing something that hasn’t happened yet.
    He talks of feeling himself thrust himself, I think what we have here is a minutes of someones wank… :-/

    Open invite for any foxy lady that thought that’s hot, email me and without promising too much, I’ll at least promise my pen and the sword it describes will blow Joe’s little monologue out of the water… (Feelin’ frisky today ;) )

  47. Whoa Divine, I’d say you are feeling frisky!

  48. @Bollywood-
    I was thinking that he was her dad and wanting her to be 18 to get her out of the house. I think 10-13 is when girls start being evil.

  49. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    @ ee, well I’ve been away for a little while and I come back to find other folks stealin’ my riding crop shtick!!! Haha…

    Oh, and malteaser says whole sentences… WTF ?!?

    And now you’re getting all wet under the gills over some stalker’s pissy Mills and Boon plagiarism… It’s like I’ve let you down somehow ;)

    Point is, it’s like my browser has redirected me to bizzarrolamebook.com.

    p.s. and that open invite was mainly directed at you, and a certain someone else with whom I’d like to conduct some unfinished e-business… ;)
    As you seem to have taken quite the shine to him, maybe I’ll quote the heart throb of the day:
    “you drive me absolutely wild and always have” hahahahaha

  50. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Yea that’s right, now I’m THAT guy…

  51. Aww Divine, you touch my heart.

    It has been a while, and the riding crop will live long in lamebook history. word and I just recently had a little reminiscing about that!

    As much as I’d like to indulge in our lusty business, I fear it is too late in the evening for me to truly enjoy our time. It’s well after 1am here and it is a work day (sadly), but I can promise that one day we can relive that satisfying and scandalous evening together!

  52. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    I touch your heart? You spelt …. wrong.

    I didn’t mean now, but yes, some day in the not too distant future fine maiden…

  53. bollywood, I might be missing something, (I seem to be of late) but what the fuck??

    You killed the buzz I had going there after reading good ol’ Joe’s seduction routine.

  54. Oh, and hey Divinemonkey, been a long time buddy, do hope you’ve been keeping well.

  55. Miss Shegas, love love love your comment.

    That has made my whole day and evening girlfriend, thanks.

  56. what I find odd … is that I have a Morgan on my friends list that’s a little ‘like button’ happy.

    I also noticed a ‘Jake’ had commented … which also is odd, because that’s my brothers name.

    I recently told my 15 year old sister about Lamebook … and also taught her how to do screenshots … oh dear GOD ! WHAT HAVE I DONE !

  57. Joe would get it, even though the fantasy was a bit vanilla and predictable, he offered oral which can never be turned down.

  58. It’s really, really distubing to see a comments page full of your name (Morgan.) Thankfully, i’ve never done that.

  59. I’ve done it

  60. Awww at least Billy is holding off until she is of age. How sweet and considerate. :P
    Liking everything is nothing… my little sister and her friend bombed her friend’s ex-boyfriend’s page with comment after comment from each of their accounts until the entire visible page was from them (obviously if you’d clicked the “show older posts” point it wouldn’t have all been from them). Very immature but I found it hilarious.
    Joe… care to change that career chase to Australia? I can drive you absolutely wild.

  61. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    I can almost guarantee that Joe’s band ain’t gonna make it.

  62. Paranoid Android

    I have nothing to add save some ‘buzz’ words:- WIN, Fail, Epic Fail, FTW, FML, Ben, Frodo, Does not have a pool.

    Delete where appropriate.

  63. bollywood_rocks83

    DIVINEMONKEYTRIGGER,it was a typo. I meant years.People are allowed to make mistakes,ok? Pendejo!
    wordpervert, I was replying to misslaurarae.

  64. hitmewith, you got that right.

    bolly, fair enough.

  65. Wow. Joe, calm it down a little. My pants are wet.

  66. hi guys. long time lurker, first time poster.

    what bothers me about joe’s post is that the HTML formatting looks suspiciously more like a wall post than a personal message. does anyone else get the same impression? because that little difference would turn the whole thing from a fairly run-of-the-mill booty call request into ABSOLUTELY EPIC HILARITY.

  67. Father Sha Likes wordperverts comment
    Father Sha likes eenerbls comment
    Father Sha likes Paranoid Androids name
    Father Sha Likes Hitmewithyourrhytmvic cynical approach
    Father Sha likes Walter Sbobchacks sense of humour
    Father Sha Likes the return of divinemonkey
    Father Sha Likes the way Miss Shegas thinks
    Father Sha Likes to welcome schooltakeover
    Father Sha Likes Morgan
    Father sha Likes 18 yr old girls
    Father Sha Likes all of you

  68. I would consider Joe’s offer, he might be a super hot future rock star, that turns me on ;]

  69. @sarahmargeurite #44 -
    and a few of the married ones, too…

  70. Who's That Girl?

    Joe put a tingle in my vagina and a blushing smile on my face. Where are the Joe’s in my life???

  71. I wonder if that acutally worked for Joe

  72. Who's That Girl?

    Would have worked on me. My panties would have melted right off.

  73. Alen001 needs to stop advertising his pathetic site here, pass it on.

    Joe needs to learn that you only get laid when you are a successful musician. Living in a one bedroom apartment with more condiments than food doesn’t excite the ladies.

  74. Alen001, you do realize that people purposefully don’t visit your sad little wannabe web site specifically because you pimp it here and on TFLN, right? If you didn’t know that, allow me to enlighten you: You are a douche.

  75. The worst part is I went to the site and it is so completely unfunny, that there are no words to quantify its lameness. The sad part is that his efforts are probably paying off to some extent.

  76. I think I blushed straight through that post… He should have cut the first part out and just started with “I might be absolutely crazy…” Yes, yes you might be. Oh Morgan, you little nutty fiend.

  77. i think the gals that say they would take joe up on his offer arent considering the context… First she already knows this guy and has an opinion of him… second he has probably been semi-stocking her and has made a couple lame attempts at moves… ladies… think of that guy on your friends list that seems to go out of his way to comment on your posts, has been mking lame attempts to get you to notice him for years and as of yet has been nothing but creepy… now imagine he sent the letter

    if the panties are still melting off, i have some emails to send

  78. yikes

  79. lol at the second one O.O

  80. I would say no to Joe solely based on the fact that he would put his tongue ‘deep inside’ me. My fun parts are on the outside.

  81. Geeze I’ll be wrapped up in the heat of the moment with joe!

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