Tuesday, July 28, 2009

JD, you have a way with words.


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  1. hahaha that is hilarious.

  2. it would be funnier if he hadn’t have submitted it to LB himself. Besides, I’d like to see Theresa’s reaction.

  3. The original status is the lame part. Like “calls you back when you hang up on him.”
    How about you just don’t hang up on guys, cause thats just being a bitch and if you expect him to keep talking to you, then you never should’ve hung up in the first place.

  4. yeah he waited all of two seconds to take a screen capture of it….do you think he left it up or immediately erased it.

    If he left it up, then props

  5. JD is an uberdouche.
    what a bitchtit.

  6. girls are dumb.

  7. Hoo-ray for JD. I loathe those idiotic “Deep Thoughts”-style bits of so-called dating wisdom. Her “dream guy” quite frankly sounds like he’d be a simpering faggot.

  8. Sgt Hulka you are a douchebag. Just because other guys are sweet doesn’t make them faggots. Grow up.

  9. You know that if theresa ever found a guy like that she would cheat on him in 5 seconds with the first tattooed bad boy who treats her like shit

  10. Charlie, you know that isn’t true. Not all girls are whores that desire an abusive asshole for a significant other.

  11. Ignorant language like “faggot” aside – I agree with the Sgt. That description Theresa gives sounds like the weakest guy I can imagine. Not only that, but you will fraking wait until you are dead to find that guy. And nottrue, come on: not all girls are whores, true, but this gal sounds like a frikin moron who would fit that (well founded) stereotype that Charlie was talking about.


  12. It’s not weak to love someone unconditionally..

    And Mike, she isn’t a moron for wishing she had a guy like that. Sure it may be unrealistic (I don’t think any guy would be that sweet, because most of you guys are real jerks from my experience…and that’s exactly why that quote is there to begin with), but the girl can dream.

  13. exactly. every girl who’s been brainwashed by sex and the city says she wants this hypothetical nice guy crybaby crap. but anyone who’s ever attended a public high school can tell you, she will completely blow off this ‘nice guy’ for the first asshole football player with a camaro that slaps her ass and calls her a slut in public.

  14. C then you obviously haven’t met me and my friends…I couldn’t give 2 shits what a guy drives, owns, and if he ever called me a slut he better start running bc I’d kick him in the balls in 3 seconds flat. Not all girls are such bitches…contrary to popular belief some of us DO want nice guys and wouldn’t give them up if we found them.

  15. I don’t care if he posted this himself or not, JD is a fricking legend. I cannot stand all that whiney “I want a boy who treats me like a soft widdle kitten” bullshit. I do not want a guy who will kiss me on the forehead and call me princess; I have my Dad for that. I know from unfortunate experience that what you think you want is not always the same as what works in practice, and like so many others have said, when you get a guy who is that much of a clingey wimp, you’ll tire of him in about 30 seconds. Always the way and always will be.

  16. JD is a douchebag. HUR HURRRRR guys I think I’m so funny. I just couldn’t wait more than 2 seconds to take this screenshot!
    Of course he deleted it right afterwards.

  17. All JD did was to contrast the typical fantasy of gals with that of guys. I think it’s hilarious.

  18. Ms_Scarlett I am a female and I know what I want…and what I want is a sweet guy and I have been dating the same sweet guy for many years now. The the guy Theresa described doesn’t sound like a wimp, he sounds sweet. Maybe you are the type that uses sweet guys and then drops them as soon as a “bad boy” comes along, but don’t generalize and suggest that all girls are as pathetic as you.

  19. Ms_Scarlett I am a woman and I know what I want. What I want is a sweet guy, and I have had the same sweet guy for a few years now. The guy that Theresa describes in her post does not sound like a “clingy wimp”, he sounds sweet. Don’t generalize and say that all females would dump sweet guys as soon as a bad boy comes along; you might always do that but not every female is as pathetic as you.

  20. Sorry, I thought my first post didn’t work.

  21. Hey Wow, want to grab a drink sometime?

  22. Oh, dear, LORD!

  23. While I do think that there’s nothing wrong with wanting a sweet, sensitive guy, I agree with Matt on the “calls you back when you hang up on him” part. That just sounds really bitchy and immature, and basically implies, “Oh, I get to sit around and be a bitch and not contribute anything to the relationship while you do all the work, teehee!” And that just ain’t cool, yo.

  24. You know, C, a lot of people stop dating high school students eventually. I’m sure the police in your town have mentioned this to you before.

  25. Ian- I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or serious (it’s so hard to tell online sometimes). But as you can see in my past comments I already have a bf (if that’s what you meant about getting drinks), but I have some very sweet friends that could go for drinks with you :) Haha of course depending on where you live and all.

    Yeah, I agree with TyBat there. Hanging up on people is just plain rude.

  26. The smiley faces on this site are creepy.

  27. xoxo MileyCyrusRox xoxo

    JD is a fucking legend. I got a boner reading his comment.

  28. lol TMI

  29. apparently this post hit a soft spot. I’d look deeply into the reason why it’s so necessary to prove sides here. Insecure much?

    Agreed with Suryo.

    And frankly, if you have the right to defend the man that will leak with love for you to the point of leaving stains, who overwhelmingly showers you with affection even when you deserve to be facing a corner alone for a few minutes, then dudes have EVERY right to defend the woman who builds shrines around their filthy balls and willingly thinks about the Matrix during blowjobs.

    Everyone can dream. Don’t knock others if they’re not allowed to knock down yours.

    Sometimes I hate the internet.

  30. Wow – I can share. Is your boyfriend into guys at all?

  31. haha sorry, don’t think he’s up for sharing and he’s definitely not into guys (no offense!)

  32. Q: Which girls want the “sweet guy” who will kiss their foreheads?

    A: Ugly or fat girls who can’t attract the bad boys in the first place.

    As soon as an ugly or fat girl drops the weight or gets a makeover, the first thing she does is go find herself a bad boy who treats her like crap. Then she feels bad about herself, lets herself go and ends up unable to attract a bad boy any longer. So she says, “Sniffle, sniffle, I’m better off with sweet guys who see me for what I really am anyway, sniffle.”

    Then they fantasize about the bad boy while in bed with their pansies, knowing deep down that they had to settle.

  33. i love you jay

  34. Mike, grow up. You’re not worth wasting a breath on.

  35. I love you all. You’re all invited to my party.

  36. Wow, are you and your friends hot?

  37. Ian I don’t think I’m hot…but I’m not ugly either, just average and that’s fine by me. My friends are pretty, and I’m sure others would think they are hot.

  38. ian,
    can i buy you a drink? i promise to understand your sarcastic wit if you promise to “show me off when i’m in my sweats”

    and all my friends are hot and real friendly..if you know what i mean..

  39. Wow – Sorry, not into average chicks.

    Elena – Where do I sign?

  40. lol

  41. ian- give me your number. i’ll call you and hang up so then you must call me so i know that you care.
    and don’t forget, i look really pretty without makeup. and you HAVE to introduce me to your friends as “her”

  42. 203-867-5309

    I can’t wait to hear from you!

  43. if you don’t pick up after the 1st ring, it’s automatically over. got it, babe?

  44. Call now my phone is in my lap with vibrate on.

    So I can’t promise I’ll pick up after the first ring…

  45. i called. you failed to pick up after the 1st ring. sorry, ian. guess you’ll have to settle for average…

  46. Hahah whatever it was funny! Who cares if he posted it himself, Theresa sounds like an insecure teenage lame ass.

  47. I miss you already Elena. It was good while it lasted.

  48. I apologize if I offended anyone with my use of the word “faggot”. Perhaps “queer” would have been a more apt choice.

    The posters above are correct. If she ever actually finds this “dream guy” she will quickly dump him for being too desperate and needy. Which will be true if he was hard-up enough to tolerate her in the first place, but I digress.

  49. Small point: the Mike who posted second (post #32) is i=no the same Mike who posted earlier. The earlier post was me.

    I think men need to be more respectful to women (over all), but also think that men should not stop being men.

  50. Sorry for the confusion Mike.

    I’m convinced I’m right about this in the majority of cases. I’ve seen it time and time again. A fat girl goes on a crazy diet/exercise kick, loses about 60 pounds and starts hitting the clubs like a slut. Next thing you know, she’s got some jackass sniffing around. Since her self-esteem is already fragile from being fat and unwanted most of her life, she’s really flattered by the attention and doesn’t know how to handle it. Then booyah! The jackass has control and can treat her like crap.

    Her newfound self-esteem evaporates. How does she cope? She eats. She gets fat again. The bad boy drops her. Then the only way she can avoid complete meltdown is to pretend that she really wanted a nice guy all along.

    Once upon a time, I was a nice guy. But you know what? We nice guys can tell when you fat ugly girls have settled for us and are fantasizing about some jackass when we’re being so sweet and attentive. Personally, I’ve had enough of that. Life is so much simpler when you man up and let the bad boy loose a little, and damned if the girls don’t treat you MUCH better when you do.

  51. The majority of my friends are like the girls some of you have described above. They say they want a nice guy and complain that all the men they meet are jerks. But they let the jerks treat them like crap and don’t give the nice guys a second look. It all boils down to one thing…daddy issues.

  52. Ah, the state of gender relations today. It’s a wonder anyone has heterosexual sex anymore.

  53. Women are soft to touch.

  54. I lmao at WoW Ian and Elena.

  55. :)

  56. Candy Blackmail

    So basically she wants a nutless desperate man?

  57. Dudes: You can be sweet and loving without letting someone walk all over you. Try it some time.

  58. But as an addendum to that, only treat a girl that way if you actually mean it, otherwise yes, you are being weak.

  59. Goddammit I am so sick of wusses saying, “Oh, it’s just so hard for me because I treat women like they DESERVE but they always want the ‘bad boys.’”

    Biggest, whiniest excuse for not getting a girl that has ever existed. As a woman I am telling you that nothing makes me less interested in a guy than that kind of crap. It almost always means that the guy acted like a desperate doormat and she went somewhere else to be with a less pathetic human being. Once in a while, the guy actually WAS a nice, normal boyfriend and the girl was a psycho with a thing for ex-prisoners and child rapists–but bitching about it (and making insulting generalizations about women) is still unbelievably lame.

  60. LOL it must have been JD who submitted this because it says 2 seconds ago under his comment

  61. no shit jawshy.

  62. Google “ladder theory” and follow the link. It is the freaking gospel.

  63. Based on the “2 seconds” thing… I would guess he posted it and then deleted it :/

  64. Sarah July 29th, 2009 at 11:29 pm

    “The majority of my friends are like the girls some of you have described above. They say they want a nice guy and complain that all the men they meet are jerks. But they let the jerks treat them like crap and don’t give the nice guys a second look. It all boils down to one thing…daddy issues.”

    To be honest though, I’ve seen just as many guys with “bad girls” or bitches that claim they just want a good girl to chill with. Maybe they have mommy issues?

    I think EVERYONE (guys and girls) want a gentleman or lady in the street, but a freak in the bed (sorry for being cliche, but it’s true)

  65. That’s her, guys! The one in dirty sweats, no makeup and really bad breath! See how she’s pretending she hasn’t seen me? I tell you, it’s the real thing this time!

  66. Can one shower for four days without washing their balls, or does it have to be no showering? And oh yeah my boyfriend always tells me to wear sweats so he can show me off to the world.

  67. My hubby is alot like this girl describes, that’s not all there is to him (he is fucking hopeless in many ways) but is anything but a ‘bad boy’. I’ve never wanted or allowed a man to treat me like shit & don’t really get why anyone would. Hope she finds what she is looking for… They are out there. Jay’s comment was awsome!

  68. +++JD ftw!

  69. +++++ JD FTW!


  71. JD is the man.

  72. Luv it JD!!

    Tho, I wouldn’t mind a man like Theresa described… With abit more ‘man’ in him, though.
    Aaaahh… to find a romantic guy = bliss!!

  73. Maybe this has already been discussed, but I think JD commented this, and then deleted it. JD took the screen shot a few seconds after comment was made………I’m just sayin….

  74. JD, here’s my number. I don’t want to change you, but you must wash your balls if you want me to throw you orgies. They’re not that easy to arrange, and we’ll need the repeat attendees.

  75. JD you are unbelievably awesome!

  76. From mafia to jason… all fake accounts. You think JD isn’t stalking this thread trying to make himself look better?

    I agree this would be funnier if he didn’t send it in himself. 2 seconds after it was posted. I can just picture him… trolling the feed… lookin for his shot at 15 mins of fame.

    where’s the eye-roll smiley?

  77. JD for the EPIC win.

  78. Jd is not win he doesn’t wash his balls eww

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