Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It’s Uncomplicated


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  1. A way to a girl’s heart is through her arse – that’s new…

  2. Dave’s a hero

  3. this is golden.

  4. Winbook

  5. Fake entry

  6. Dave is my hero

  7. amazing!

  8. Fake my arse!

  9. lindsay’s comment is fake also

  10. Well, he didn’t go from “in a complicated relationship” to “single” immediately after the comment, so my bet is that Jessica secretly wants to uncomplicate the relationship whether she admits it or not.

  11. Gabriela Sabatini

    This was good, but not as good as my win over Martina Navratilova at the 1991 Pan Pacific tournament in Tokyo. I overcame my opponent’s formidable accuracy by acing her opening serve on the second set, and won the next three games!

  12. favorite*

  13. So the two of them submitted this? Look at the delete option.

  14. Dave did. You can delete any post on your own wall

  15. I see, but what’s the point of submitting stuff that you said on fb? Lame.

  16. omg lindsay, everybody is enjoying this but you. just let us enjoy it.

  17. @Gabriela Sabatini, 1991? Holly shit, what are you, like 80?

  18. Lindsay, lets keep it uncomplicated, ok!?

  19. Boz is in a lameplicated relationship with Flip.C

  20. I think Lindsay wants it up the arse.

  21. Martina Navratilova

    Gabriela Sabatini I let you win because I felt bad for you
    you have gross hair

  22. Everyone seems to have misread Lindsay’s initial comment as on observation on the integrity of the image.

    I’m not so sure however that it’s not a suggestion for Jessica.

    Perhaps she speaks from experience…?

  23. ditto lindsay

  24. Gabriela Sabatini

    Martina, you think you’re badass because you fled Czechoslovakia but guess what you’re just like everybody else! a regular person and a tennis player

    P.S. your Subaru Forester is lame

  25. Anyone like to buy a nickname?

  26. Sometimes I really think that some of the replies on here should be posted as a separate item. Why rip off facebook when there are so many ‘tards already here?

  27. Nothing ventured…

  28. What is it with guys and doing girls up the arse? They have a perfectly serviceable hole just around the corner.

  29. Martina Navratilova

    I want you Gabriela, lets have a lesbian orgy!

  30. @ 26 – cos they need someting to go after?

  31. Nah, it’s ‘coz they’re the sort of people who make Stool Babies.

  32. Which means we MUST go after them!


    Jasons deleted entry, yay!

  34. Go Nick! Spam much?

    I am distracted from a stellar pwnage by Dave by the tennis warfare erupting around me.

  35. Mandizzle, read the link; it says it’s a lamebook entry in the address. I don’t think spam takes you from one part to another part of the same website.

  36. I find this post f’ing hilarious… NEVER SETTLE DAVE, NEVER SETTLE!

  37. @Boz: Seriously. What is the fascination? “Gee, this restrictively tight, non-lubricated, e. coli-coated hole is soooooooooo much more enticing!” Is that about right, guys? Did I miss anything?

    [No offense to the gays, of course.]

  38. Yeah Mandizzle, I’m just making available recently deleted entries for your reading pleasure, since even lamebook apparently censors its self. Google cached link.

    Jasons deleted entry, yay!

  39. Me no spam, have shame Mandizzle.

    Jason’s Monster Fail.

  40. Tennis puns…. Gold!

  41. Hey Martina and Gabriela! It’s me Andre! You know, you’re fellow 90′s tennis superstar. Can I come to the orgy and bring my wife Steffi Graf?

  42. Gabriela, the only way you beat Martina is the f$%kload of steroids you took! ;->


  44. That’s not me ^ but I appreciate the compliment implied in your adoption of my chosen pseudonym.

    @CT Well, it’s not an issue for gays, for whom the options are limited by biology. But if you’re a heterosexual man, how is the regular sexy sex not infinitely superior? I’ve been with girls who told me that EVERY single man they’ve date before me either asked her if they could have anal sex, or tried to put it in her ass without asking.

    Maybe I’m a dying breed.

  45. I blame porn. I really do.

    Wtf is up with these linked word things?

    Nick, sorry didn’t mean to offend, it’s just that it’s on EVERY page and seriously… it’s still on facebook in the fan page so you don’t have to do it.

    But thanks – it’s still rad no matter how many times I read it.

  46. @Boz: Keep the faith, brother. Those girls are definitely not exaggerating.

  47. Nick….never got to finish the lasts posts on Jason’s monster fail….he thinks he can bullying by threatening litigation…..damn it gets better and better

  48. Nick, thanks for keeping Jasons Monster Fail alive

  49. @Mandizzle Porn? I don’t know – I have watched a LOT of porn in my time, and I still don’t want to do it.

  50. @Boz What’s the fascination?, I guess it’s more exciting only because it’s humiliating to women…

  51. Martina Navratilova

    hey andre! that sounds so fun
    def bring stef!

  52. @HeadlessMonkey Well, I don’t mind a bit of that. When my girl is on the sofa eating ice cream I just say, “Should I call PETA to push you back in?”

  53. hahaha Gabriella Sabatini!!! i dont remember that match!! but what the hell!!

    hahah yeah ride her up the a$$– go hard brotehr FOX!

  54. Yeah, you’re right Mandizzle, I’ll stop now.
    Btw, can you point me in the direction of this fan page on facebook?



  55. Still Lamefatuated with Boz

  56. Hi Andre, Gabriella and Martina!

    Can I come too?

  57. come on EVERBODY knows when a girl says no she really means yes!

  58. Chris Evertt LLoyd Norman

    Hi Gabriella, Martina, Andre & Pat. Is it Ok if I participate in your orgy, I will bring my ex-husband John Lloyd & my present husband “ex-golfer” Greg Norman. Greg has taught me some different strokes.

  59. @WTAOfficial: Like Martina didn’t take those fuck+ng steroids.
    Martina, Gabby, Arantxa, Monica EVERYBODY took steroids (except me).

  60. fail.

  61. The lame thing about this is dave posted it himself!

  62. kind funny.. but why are everyone so obsessed with anal now a days? I don’t get it.. do you enjoy getting shit on your dick? find a girl who is tight in the right place instead.

  63. A girl who knows.

    “shit on your dick” … that level of ignorance simply shows you know nothing about anal or how to perform it.. and your implication that it’s all to do with tightness suggests that you’re unaware that some lasses LOVE the feeling of anal sex.

    Until you actually know something about explorative sex, I reckon you should abstain from commenting on it.

  64. @#2 Jess: It’s not ‘Golden’, It’s ‘Brown.’ You’re thinking of something completely different.

  65. Thought this could have been my friend Jess….but I re-read the text again and realised it couldnt be her…the response on this picture would never leave her lips.

  66. GOLD!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Wicked!!! She should let him ride her ass its great lol

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