Saturday, December 19, 2009

It’s Party Time!



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  1. this one just makes me sad

  2. second.

  3. This is so fucking fake I can’t even stand it. Would be better off in McSweeney’s.

  4. this one just make me laugh

  5. I seriously would punch that douchebag, but I love how everyone took his stuff and got free beer. Awesome!

  6. I like how the name of the party is “Frederick’s Fantastic Finals Farty.” See, it all starts with “F”, and that isn’t how you spell “party” at all, but it has a “fart” so that’s kind of fun. What a cheeky monkey.

    I’d certainly iron my party pants for this shindig.

  7. Awesome party dude!!! *clashes beer cans*

  8. *Freddy’s

  9. wtf this was on here a few months ago and it was shit then

  10. Oh the poor sod. When is his next partay? I want an invite! :o )

  11. i don’t know who i love more – the fredmeister or the fredinator, maybe even the f-bomb? seriously, i can’t decide.

  12. I like turtles.

  13. LOL — all that planning, and he gets shit stolen from him!
    Then, he’s expecting people who didn’t donate to hit him up via PayPal…riiighht. I’m sure he’s out a laptop and the deposit for that keg.
    Wonder if he tried the ‘deer cum’ or ‘Freddy’s pussy juice’.

  14. I have no doubt that Google Document looked a lot like The Thanksgiving Letter.

  15. I normally get really irritated with the folks who call fake on every entry, but this time I have to say it… SO FAKE. Until someone who knows the Fredmeister himself comes in here and confirms its authenticity, I refuse to believe this actually took place.

    Peace out party buds,

  16. I can just picture the douches casually making a mess in his house stealing anything they thought would be useful for their own party, then leaving after 10 minutes of “friendly” mockery of the poor Fredinator.

  17. This was a parody article on College Humor a couple of months ago, so yes it is a fake. The real problem is why it was posted

  18. Haha :D

    This is one of my all-time favourite Lamebook entries.

  19. Very obviously a parody. I like Lamebook for the real stuff…if I want to read College Humor, I’ll read College Humor.

  20. stop clogging lamebook with fake crap.

  21. @ Spinach dip, Tammy

    I totally agree. This is Lamebook, i want to see genuine people making absolute tits of themselves. If i want to see funny people being funny on purpose i’ll go somewhere else.

  22. I’m actually kind of relieved that this is fake. It wouldn’t be funny even if it’s real.

  23. why even post this? You can smell its fakeness from a mile away…

  24. chickens dont clap

    Agreed, anduin1… I am the last person to call fake, usually I’m all for suspending disbelief and enjoying the lols, but this has collegehumor written all over it. Though I do know one or two people on facebook who would be douchey enough to write these messages, so I guess there is a slim chance that it’s genuine.

  25. All you people saying it’s from College Humor…
    Here you go:

  26. Here ya go… 11/2 on collegehumor

  27. Lamebook, delete this entry if you have any dignity!

  28. el fako baby

  29. They should delete this.

  30. Surprised there isn’t more cross-over between people that read this site and those that read CH. Seems like the same target audience.

  31. Wow… I totally read that entire thing in the voice of Andy from the office?

  32. @athousandtimesno:
    Ha, I could actually see that happenning XD

  33. im kinda suprised he never actually realised how bad it was when people didnt respond then continued even after the pussy juice comments etc lol

  34. I am going to comment like this is real.

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Fred drop the Bible and pick up a real book! If you weren’t so fucking stupid ‘F-Bomb’ you would be able to see that no-one likes you and everyone takes advantage of you! But what do I know, I’m only agnostic.

  35. I, too, recognized it was fake right away. Am in agreement that it should be deleted. Thanks to those who gave the CH link.

    WTF, Lamebook

  36. That is textbook fakeness, a scenario pulled right out of an 80s teen movie.

    I like how Insane just can’t quite reconcile the fakeness with the urge to give ‘Fred’ his comeuppance.

  37. @9 yeah i thought i saw it up here before.

  38. I like skeezers.

  39. Poor bastard, I genuinely feel sorry for him.

  40. FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Even if it is fake, it’s still LAME for making it and you know it.

  42. Thanks Anitalaff — we only mentioned that like 5+ hours ago.

  43. I like Zombie Kid

  44. … aww.

  45. I can’t believe I’m the first one to realize this is a fake! You people need to get on the ball!

  46. @ 46

    You’re kidding, right? I just want to be sure.

  47. There are people like this on my Facebook. I never did RSVP that party…heard cops were involved. Oh well.

  48. I’m actually quite glad this is fake. I’d be a sad panda otherwise.

  49. The sheer obliviousness to how pathetic he is reminds me of Amir from Jake&Amir. :P

  50. @37 Dee-Lite: I know it’s fake. But if you comment like it’s fake there are little laughs to be had. If you ‘pretend’ that it is real and comment accordingly then there are more laughs to be had. We are here to laugh, not to be detectives!

  51. ^ couldn’t have said it better myself:

    I don’t troll the internet all day, I only have time to check a few websites and lamebook does the trick for me.

  52. Whether this is fake or not is irrelevant, surely we can all agree that the F-erminator deserves to be anally banged to the edge of death before being subjagated to an intense fisting.

    If its fake then he would have served his comeuppance for defiling these pages, if he’s genuine then he deserves if for being a cunt.

    So in conclusion Anal banging / Fisting.

  53. @Imamofo

    That can be done after we send someone to infiltrate his home, marry him, take half of everything and then the subsequent anal banging / Fisting can continue.

    :D *insert evil grin here* :D

  54. its too bad he cant walk around with the lamebook blurry face all the time.. that way people wouldnt recognize his lameness

  55. @Svetlana: That is truly evil!

    Poor old F-urassic Park has already suffered loss and damage to property following his party, then we bottom him out and now you suggest we return to fake marry the twat and finish him off!?

    Fuck it I’m in, can’t see him accepting my proposal though, you up for it?

  56. Hell yeah! Imamofo, pass me the vodka, Svetlana is suiting up in her leathers! Nastrovia!

  57. BWAHAHAHAHA! You guys are evil! I love it!! I cannot wait to see the end result of your Anal banging/fisting of F-doosh here on lamebook’s hall of fame!

  58. @ Insane – Keep an eye out for the special edition on Jerry Springer : Douchefest.

    :D *insert evil grin here* :D

  59. This one tries WAY to hard, he’s that guy who every one uses and he’s clueless.

  60. Man I feel sorry for him…letting ppl run all over him.

  61. Damn.. so sad..

  62. This is from

    Fake, but funny.

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