Friday, January 29, 2010

It’s FANtastic Friday

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  1. ben

  2. Second

  3. These people are silly. But I love the kitchen one.

  4. Oh, some of these are pretty good. I’ll say nothing about Ed’s group (oh man, a woman/kitchen joke? that’s some fucking groundbreaking comedy right there), but Maddi’s made me laugh.

    The Pokemon one makes me laugh yet asks way too many questions. Who the hell talks like that, for one. Wonder why she’s still with him if she thinks he’s a fucking loser. That or it’s a joke, and I’m being all uptight. Giggle.
    Oh, and way to go Lamebook comment people for flicking on a switch inside me that now makes me mad whenever anyone uses your/you’re wrong. Also it’s they’re, damn it. Maybe Jordan and Jenny deserve each other, to live their lives spelling your wrong.
    Thanks a lot, Lamebook.

    Wait, I just noticed something… are Ed and Ed the same person? Because they’re both fucking idiots.

  5. Why are most of these only one group or page? The ones that make it here should be funny for a different reason. And not so obviously joined together simply to post on here. Maybe I’m asking for too much, but…

  6. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    I guess Jenny’s not THAT ashamed seeing as how she announced it to the world.

  7. Jenny has a sore bum.And is ashamed of it.

  8. you know what i wish my penis maybe a lightsaber sound everytime i swung it and just to scare people i wish i could mkae a laser come out of it. btw i luv number 5.

  9. Jenny really needs to get over herself and Rebekah clearly doesn’t understand the concept of feeling better about yourself after being tossed aside. But if that’s how Jordan feels, why is his ex still on his page?

  10. Kerry’s two groups actually go together pretty well if you call the prayers group by its full name: “Prayers for people in Haiti, because they sure as hell aren’t getting any of my fuckin’ money.”

  11. i kinda like jenny’s input

  12. If penises made lightsaber sounds, what would sex sound like?

  13. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    if rebekah was the one who dumped maddi, that would make this 10 times better.

  14. haha classic contradictons with Ed and Kerry. And Toni with an “I” should not be swinging a penis

  15. oops i meant to say made instead of maybe

  16. cpt brown sauce sandwich

    The Jordan and Jenny one had me in stitches. I think they might need some relationship counseling if shes being that…er…passive regarding their sex

  17. If I was a girl, I’d probably start using the phrase ‘I’m ashamed your penis enters me’ anytime my boyfriend did something stupid… but first I’d have to get a boyfriend. True story.

  18. OMG I’m cracking up at the Pokemon one. I don’t know why I find that hilarious.

  19. lostintranslation

    My guess is Jordan’s now suffering a sex embargo. At least, that’s what I’d do if my boyfriend was joining facebook groups about pokemon.

  20. jenny FTW.

    @cursormortis it would sound like “I am your father”

  21. oh what LOLs

  22. Maybe Kerry joined the second group to tell everyone in it how stupid they are. I have friends that join groups they don’t agree with for a short time just to argue with them.

  23. The Haiti one is obviously fake. The photo quality doesn’t even match both entries, and they’re not aligned.

  24. i think the pokemon one is hilarious

  25. Jenny from the block??

  26. Maybe I will say something about the Ed joke… uhm… have they just stopped trying to be funny now? I’m not even going to brign sexism into this. But ‘I noticed women spelled backwards is kitchen.’
    What? That’s the joke? I checked the group out, and there’s all these people going ‘Genius’ and ‘props to the creator’.
    WHAT? Why? It doesn’t even make sense as a joke!

    Man, the internet used to be somewhere you could go to get away from these people. Now they’re all on Facebook.

  27. Kerry’s entry looks shopped. And women spelled backwards is kitchen, best joke ever.

  28. Two comments from the page:

    ‘This is made of so much win. Everybody who joins this is made of so much win.

    Even the women.’

    ‘This totally made my day. My life has been given meaning thanks to this group!’

    Come on. Really?

  29. Ha ha Toni! Do you wish you had a Darth Vader helmet too? I hope the force is with you.

  30. The Pokemon one is freaking brilliant.
    A round of applause to the one who came up with that.

  31. Pokemon AND Starwars references…mmhmm. I love it when guys talk nerdy to me.

  32. I’m certainly going to join the cop car one. I want to see the picture, it’ll make me smile :)

  33. Maddi wish someone would swing their down-graded lightsaber in her house

    @ danica I predict that the force will be strong inside you some day…

  34. @Sensible Madness #10, I am lmfao! :D

  35. worst_episode_ever

    kerry is the biggest loser ever, LAME!!! the only one that actually made me lol is the pokemon one. genius.

  36. I thought Jenny and Rebekah’s comments were quite funny myself.

  37. Toni also joined the group “My boyfriend makes Wookie sounds during sex”.

  38. @Spanka: I just had a really bad mental image!

  39. I’m joining the kitchen group

  40. @rosinbackrider: haha! ben=first. and so it begins.

  41. I want to see him shit on a cop car! I’m joining!

  42. It always irritates me when people say “you’re in our country so learn our language” because I only ever hear it from people in the United States. Aren’t we supposed to be a melting pot of cultures and languages?

  43. Yup… not to mention the fact that when white Europeans first came here, they didn’t abandon English (and French, Spanish, Dutch…) to start speaking the native language.

  44. Okay I don’t care what you say that is Jenny all the way FTW!!!

  45. If you actually believed that.. why are you still speaking english?

  46. @BritishHobo “Man, the internet used to be somewhere you could go to get away from these people. Now they’re all on Facebook.”
    This is so true. I don’t know whether to blame Microsoft or AOL.

  47. Nos omnis condico. Inquam multi lingua malus. Plebis indico singuli vulariter lingua.

  48. @Wednesday: AOL. It was all downhill after September, 1993.

  49. Constat, Nashntth. Iuppiter salvet nos plebibus.

  50. Quantum materiae materietur marmota monax si marmota monax materiam possit materiari?

  51. Jenny FTW, clearly

  52. People mess up “your” and “you’re” quite a bit…

    …but this is the first “there / they are” mix-up I’ve seen in a while. It’s refreshing.


  54. The Toni joke is a bit so-so, as in northern Europe Toni is a common man’s name.

  55. @Sima Ehhmm, no it’s not a common name in northern europe!
    You gotta go more south for that name !

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