Thursday, August 27, 2009

It’s B.A.N.A.N.A.S.


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  1. unacceptable

  2. like

  3. I get the joke, but who’s the guy just standing in the background when this is being taken…I would not want to be in this picture.

  4. This is just so wacky! These people must be MAD! LOL!!!!11!

    What a pair of douchebags.

  5. Pretty soon Lola will be posting about how all men have loser geans and wondering why they don’t respect her and only want her for one thing…

  6. if i were them i would slap katie in the face. hard.

  7. Why are people so vulgar?

  8. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    What the fuck is on the cabinet doors behind Lola?


  9. They have a nice kitchen. And I like her glittery top.

    Those are the only positives I can come up with re: this photo. I can only assume they were very, very drunk.

  10. Oh this is all class

  11. Classy.

  12. Posting drunk pictures on the internet always seems like a good idea at the time…

  13. This isn’t lame.

  14. Something tells me she’s put far worse things in her mouth.

  15. How pale is she?! At first I thought someone had just stuck some hair & a dress to the dishwasher behind her.

  16. i wonder if she’s facebook friends with her kids…

  17. It just kept hitting me in the face, like when you’re eating a banana and the peel just keeps hitting you in the face like flap…flap…flap…flap.

  18. OMG she is eating a banana from a mans crotch??? Cant wait to party with that crazy mo-fo, life must never be boring.

  19. Oooh, ooh, look at me! I’m pretending this banana is his dick, and I’m going to pretend to suck it! I’m so sexy and dirty. Does everyone see how sexy and dirty I am?

  20. What’s sprayed all up the cabinet doors?
    Not banana milk I hope :(

  21. I worry more about the person who would want to take this pic and post it on their facebook page than the people in the pic. They’re all pretty much trash though.

    If this is what you need to go to to have ‘fun’ and get a laugh, it’s time to start over.

  22. Classy.
    Lola is an idiot.
    they both are.

  23. File this under “Photos that should NOT be tagged”

  24. @ 5. Just fucking LOL!

    She even has a porn star name!

    I`ll let her eat my banana

  25. His banana is growing over his belly button!

  26. Her name was Lola…

  27. Awful small banana…

  28. But did she swallow?

  29. lola is wearing a halter top with a regular bra, which tells you everything you need to know about lola. in case the banana/dick thing didn’t give you enough of a clue.

  30. lola+banana=classy picture

  31. Ok, maybe she`s trashy and has a lame name, but she sucks for sure!

  32. seriously could u imagine the build up to this picture??

    alex: “wouldn’t it.. huh huh huh.. wouldn’t it be funny…. huh huh huh… if you pretended to suck… huh huh huh… my…. huh huh huh…. BANANAAAAA… GEDDIT! ITS SORT OF LOOKS LIKE A PENIS! GEDDIT..!”
    Lola: “OH MY GOD YEEEAAA!” *promptly drops to her knees.

  33. Her friends now call her Lolanana.

  34. She IS a hollerback girl…

  35. I need help.

    I think I’m developing a crush on Lola. At first I was all like WTF but then I was like OMG and now I’m sort of Yeah.

  36. Those people are fun.

  37. that’s the epitome of class right there

  38. The banana is a metaphor for his penis. There’s my two cents.

  39. “well I left home just a week before
    and Id never ever kissed a woman before
    but lola smiled and took me by the hand
    and said dear boy Im gonna make you a man”

    thank you kinks.

  40. So thats what it takes to get Boz attention…..mmhhhhhhhh

  41. @Flip That’s not the only thing! Seriously though, if anyone can find out who this is and drop the dox, I will totally send her a message and ask her out. I’ll do it. I have no ego about this at all.

    The challenge is upon you all.

  42. @ Boz…I want you for myself so I’ll pass on that challenge, but update me on the feedback….this will be interesting.

  43. It’s not at all classy, but I think it’s awesome, in a trashy, family guy-ish raunch sort of way. I’m all for wild pictures, because this shows they have a good sense of humor. However, posting this on the internet……. out of control.

  44. is there a romanance brewing b/w flip and boz right here?
    could u imagine…
    “where did you guys meet?”
    “oh we fell in love over sarcastic comments about a picture of a random girl pretending to such off a banana.”
    ahhhh sweet romance of the 21st century…hahahah

  45. hmmm i meant romance… and suck… oops

  46. @Flip So far, the feedback is nil. The bad news is that I’m a guy. And now I’ve read that I realise I’ve assumed you’re a guy too. Whatever. Meh.

    Feedback so far: zero. Disappointing. I’m serious about this guys! If anyone can track down any contact details for her, I’ll pursue her romantically and publish the results on here.

  47. laughing hysterically

    I would so do what Lola did! haha. awsum fuckin sauce.

  48. Yes. I did it. I jacked off to this photo.

  49. Alex come back with a slay of wit when he cries, “eat my banana”.

    Boz, Lola looks like a blow up doll, despite being pixelated. You can do better than her. Although she’s probably a step up from Crystal.

  50. @Mandizzle. Of course I can do better than her. That’s not the issue. The issue is that I’ve set myself a goal, and if I get the dox, I will achieve that goal.

    Then, once she’s fallen madly in love with me, I’ll drop her into the gutter like a sack of potatoes. She’ll crawl back, clinging to my leg like a weeping barnacle, crying and begging for me to take her back. I’ll look her right in her tired, vulnerable eyes and know that she is completely broken.

    Only then can sex occur.

  51. is that a banana in your pants or you just happy to see me??

  52. Arf The Crime Dog

    “Weekends, good times”
    how enthusiastic.

  53. Not sure why there’s so much hate here…

    Just looks like a few friends having a laugh after drinks.

    I’m sure we’ve all done some dodgy things in the name of (drunk) fun.

  54. seriously wtf is this place all full up of puritans?

  55. Stay classy

  56. OK last chance before I get bored and wander off.

    Anyone – drop the dox and Operation Banana is go!

    You have 24 hours.

  57. And in 5 years time they’d look back and remember this

    Alex : Hey honey, remember that time when we did that blowjob pic with a banana?

    Lola : Oh yeah!

    Alex : Well can we do it again but this time make it real?

    Lola : Errrr. i think i’d better check with my banana

  58. y do ppl think sex is vulgar anyway? but srsly this is a WTF picture.

  59. Lola should be spending less time mucking around with boys and bananas and more time cleaning that goddamn kitchen.

  60. Lola should stop mucking around with men and bananas and start cleaning that god damn kitchen.

  61. ^ Lol, wtf?

  62. yeah, “week ends, good times”… Hope they never breed.

  63. it’s lame that this is supposed to be lame.

    lame paradox.


  64. Love Dad in the background.

  65. i think im starting to hate everyone on lamebook. i love half the lame posts i think this is a great pic and isnt lame at all and im not ashamed to say it…or type it…grammatically incorrect as well!

  66. They could have found a bigger banana… this is just sad

  67. Hi mom!

  68. awww here’s one to make mom proud : D

  69. My brother did this to our dog the other day. I have to admit, it was hilarious. You should have seen the eagerness my dog went at it with.

  70. Anyone else find it funny that her name is Lola??

  71. Actually the most surprising thing about this picture is that I haven’t seen one like it before. How are these idiots the first to figure this out? It’s really funny.

  72. it’s ok to take such photos for fun, but to post them on facebook? I think it is not such a good idea!!!

  73. That girl must be a super whore…can I get her number?

  74. likes how there is someone else in the background, top left, you can see their arm

  75. I’m pretty sure she’s doing something wrong.

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