Friday, December 24, 2010

It’s a Lamebook Christmas: PhoDohs!

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  1. First?!

    I want a bacon barn…justsaiyan

  2. ‘Lic Santa Sack’

    Fuck you.

  3. There’s so much going on in the second picture that you have to look for what’s dirty about it. You know they were going for something, but there’s too much red and green to have it really stand out.

  4. I dont get the 3rd one….”Apparently the store manager wasn’t a history major”…

    please someone explain….

  5. @ belle – the “Star of David” shaped tags on the clothing for a Christmas display.

  6. belle, I believe it’s because the Star of David badges the mannequins are wearing are like the badges the Nazis made the Jews wear during the Holocaust. Took me a minute to figure it out, too.

  7. That’s what I thought at first, too, beaver, but that’s not really a Christmas display, is it? I mean, it’s Christmastime, but nothing about that display says Christmas…

  8. How is Santa coming on a snowman NOT Christmas? XD wasn’t that part in the Rudolph song?

  9. The lame stars can only be explained by a holiday. Since they surely can’t be for a Hanukkah sale, they must be Stars of Bethlehem for Christmas

  10. Oh wait…ignore that! I thought you were talking about picture two.

    *shots self in the face*

    But anyway, yes. It’s because the Holocaust.

  11. yes the star of david badges are pieces of flare that the Nazis made the Jews wear…..and the Sacrilicious comment is quality!!

  12. ^made of fail today


    And I don’t know who they put the star of David thing in the Christmas post…since it’s not for Christmas or even Hannukah.

  13. I’d really like to think that you people are joking about not understanding the third picture, but I have a feeling you’re not. You should probably take a history class…or at least pick up a book…or watch the History Channel…or something.

  14. 1. Cute….in a retarded way. They love meat more than I do, I’m ashamed.

    2. It IS better to give than receive. ;)
    3. I’m with some of the others. The star of David has no relation to Christmas…maybe to Hanukkah since it’s the Jewish equivalent.
    4. No thank you. He drags it on the ground all the damn time, through yards, roofs, chimneys…ugh, it’s got to be so chafed and full of bacteria by now.

  15. @13
    I’d Really like to think you aren’t pretentious enough to assume you are superior enough to post a wiki-picture link because ‘us people’ (the one person down there, belle) don’t know what the third one is about. I’d really like to think that, but it’s obvious you are just here to act smug about having knowledge that everyone living outside of Iran already has.

  16. Um…thanks, slculo, but at least three people have already reached that conclusion.

  17. Also, buzzkillington
    what else is going on in that picture to distract you from the gingerbread man santa with a penis spewing over the gingerbread woman snowman with boobs? The adorable mint road in the back?
    Is there a tiny grammar mistake in that picture that’s distracting all your attention away from the middle? Because it seemed to stick out pretty well to me.

  18. didn’t realize it was a penis when i glanced at the pic… i thought it was a hand rubbing a pregnant man/womans stomach? idk why. clearly that wasn’t it

  19. Hitler killed all the Jews on Christmas day in 1941 – that’s why it’s offensive.

  20. DukeGuy, not just on Christmas day in 1941, that genozide lasted for much longer than that.

    But I agree, anyone with some basic history knowledge should have noticed that the window display is definitely offensive.

  21. its genocide…

  22. How is three offensive? Nothing about it even vaguely suggests it was taken at Christmas, and even if it was how is it religiously insensitive to use a six pointed geometric shape in a window display? I’m totally all for not killing Jews and I think most sane people would agree with that, but there’s nothing particularly lame about this picture.

  23. Well, Christmas or not, I think it should be considered offensive at any time of the year to put up window displays with such a historical connotation. And those star-shaped cutouts placed on the chest of the clothes look very similar to the Star of David Jews were forced to wear in Nazi Germany. So yes, it is offensive, even if it’s not explicitly Christmas-themed.
    I’m guessing lamebook put it up because it was a Christmas display? I don’t know. But seasonal or not, I do think it’s very offensive. Or just plain inconsiderate, which would be even worse.

  24. @herenow thats the lols of it that the shopowner is obv stupid enough to do that and that it is offensive, but he obv doesnt realise? i dont understand your problem, if u jus said “this is offensive” then yeh fair enough, fair point. but all that other shit about it not being a christmas display or whatever is irrelevant

  25. Yes, but the Star of David involves interlinked triangles which this clearly doesn’t, so the Semitic (anti- or otherwise) aspect doesn’t even really apply here. Stars are pretty and I don’t see that anything else was meant here.
    Maybe Europe just has a slightly more forgiving attitude than the US, hardly anyone involved in those heinous genocidal atrocities is alive any more so we assume people don’t mean that :|

  26. Aubergine, the stars are the exact same shape as the ones that the Nazis forced the Jews to wear during the Holocaust. It’s the six points, not the interlinking, that defines it.

  27. i was baffled by number 3 as well, until i saw the knitwear in the right of the picture. so 2007 – you don’t need to be a history major to know that.

    the jew stars are a nice twist on the holocaust trend which is really big on the catwalks this season, but i would have definitely matched them with some fabulous stripey pyjamas.

  28. Fun fact: I’m too drunk to do anything but copy and paste now:

    In Kabbalah, the two triangles represent the dichotomies inherent in man: good vs. evil, spiritual vs. physical, etc. The two triangles may also represent the reciprocal relationship between the Jewish people and God. The triangle pointing “up” symbolizes our good deeds which go up to heaven, and then activate a flow of goodness back down to the world, symbolized by the triangle pointing down.

    My point being; Google is awesome. Being unnecessarily sensitive about things the supposed target group are unlikely to even care about is not.

  29. @anonisgayisgay, I was referring to the poster above my post who asked how it was offensive, and said that nothing suggested it was taken at Christmas at all. That’s what I was referring to, probably should have made that clear.

  30. You could just say “I was refering to aubergine” instead of putting it in a ridiculously long winded way. I won’t cry or anything. It’s not even my real name.

  31. aubergine

    I’m the “supposed target group.” Female, 18-35. The major shopping demographic. I’m also Jewish, and that display is insensitive as fuck. Do me and the rest of the Jewish population a favor, stfd and stfu. We don’t need you to tell us what is and isn’t offensive.

  32. @herenow ah ok bro sorry and merry christmas

  33. /me sings…I shot the sheriff…But I didn’t shoot no deputy, oh no! Oh!

    Merry Xmas to all!

  34. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lamebookers conference and have an official battle royal?
    I think it would be pretty entertaining. Everyone would have to dress up in costumes that represent their usernames.

    Yep, it’s Christmas and I’m not sure if I’m drunk or hungover! Cheers all!

  35. I still think it’s within the realm of possibility that those aren’t the Star of David. They look like Sherrif stars to me. Or they could just be a fucking six-pointed star. Do the Jews have that trademarked or something?

  36. It’s Christmas morning and pic #1 is making my day: I’d never stopped to think why “to eat” in French is “manger.”
    Have a carnivorous Christmas, everyone … and a cautiously optimistic New Year!

  37. aw, I wish people could stop being so ignorant..

    NO, the third picture aint holiday related. Its because jews were marked during WW2 with stars of davids just because they were jews, in the same way those mannequins are marked with stars, thus making them look like jews during ww2. (= very bad taste)

  38. aw,I wish I wasn’t so incredibly superior and more intelligent then all of you (dramatic ‘…’)

    Now let me tell all of you something you all obviously know except one person, Jeez what a pain it is for me to constantly have to tell you ignorant fools my vastly superior knowledge, if only you could all be as elite and smart as me.

    Just to let you know combat, this was directed at you. Please read the comments before you just jump right in with ‘I wish people could stop being so ignorant’ and then spitting out some obvious knowledge that has been said about 3000 times here alone.

  39. i think it was put up here because the manager of whatever store put this up was a dumbarse enough to think it would make a nice christmas display, what with all the pretty stars and junk. So it doesnt necessarily make it christmassy, but it IS a christmas display (albeit a shitty one), it was taken at christmas, and its lame as hell, thus its presence here.

    If any of this was said before, well bust my buttons i dont care. I said it too.

  40. Are you serious? Picture 3 is so offensive. As a 20-something Jewish lady, I’m offended. My in-laws are holocaust survivors (who lost their parents, their land and businesses during the Nazi occupation) so this makes me feel sick. We haven’t trademarked the Magen David (star of David) but take a look at a history book once in a while and you’ll see how grossly ignorant this store owner has been. Also have you seen the Israeli Flag? Check out the six point star on it. Christmas or not, to put a star on the lapels of coats etc. Is really anti-semetic.

  41. Bek, I understand what you are trying to say, and I understand you may be less informed than you seem to think as well. The 6 pointed star has been used at Christmas since well before the holocaust.

    More than likely the store clerk or manager did not think of the connotations behind the star. We all know what went on but I highly doubt that putting these stars up was intended to offend.

    So please, suck it up. I see things every day that i can twist (in this case it doesn’t take much twisting) that could offend me if i wanted to let it. However I see little gain in going all Key Board Warrior as a result.

    End Rant

  42. Pretty sure if you guys that are bashing the Jews that take offence, were to be Jewish yourselves, or just not be an arse, then you would understand. Sadly, that will never happen.

    Now, it is true that the 6 pointed star is used in Christmas. I’ve seen many a tree be adorned at the top with a star instead of an angel. It’s just an alternative to the “top of the tree” decoration of one’s personal choosing.

    See, I said it without being a bitch, and no, I’m not a Jew. I’m just a nice person. :) Suck my ovaries, you Scrooges.

  43. Keona my comments were aimed squarely at a particular person.

    I completely understand why she is saying what she is saying, however I think she is being overly sensitive and looking for a problem where one does not exist. Additionally the tone of her comment does not lend itself to being responded to gently.

    And does adding ‘Suck my ovaries’ not contradict the comment about being nice?

    I may come across as a Srooge, but I just don’t suffer fools.

  44. lol, Suck my ovaries was obviously sarcastic. How could that phrase possibly be interpreted as “mean”? It’s not nice, but it’s not mean, either. If anything, it can be interpreted as stupid, or funny, depending on the person.

    Hey, you’re looking for a problem where none is! I know you are! Oh, wait, you’re seriously offended? Sorry, I’m just being paranoid again… but I’m sure that you’re just trying to stir up Jew troubles again..” *rabble rabble*

    I’m being serious, yet trolling and fucking with you because I don’t like your type. If you keep responding, so will I, until I bore of it. Trolling can actually be fun, I’ve found out.

  45. as a survivor of the fashion holocaust that was the late 1990s, i just wanted to confirm that yes, i do take offence to the shop window display. i mean, that grey fleece basically tears down everything my people have been fighting for since stonewall.

    i know our motives are different, but i just wanted to let my jewish brothers and sisters know that we stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the fight against antisemitism and bad couture.

  46. /me breaks out in song!

    Only jews can make this world seem right
    Only jews can make the darkness bright
    Only jews and jews alone
    can thrill me like jews do
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  47. lolz

  48. saunkhogben, a manger is called a manger (i.e., “to eat” in French) because it’s a trough that livestock eat out of.

    james, the stars of David aren’t offensive because they’re in a Christmas display. They’re offensive because he put star of David badges on the mannequins like the Nazis did. How are you missing that? It has nothint to do with whether it’s a Christmas display. Therefore bek is not “less informed” than you. You are, in fact, the moron, as you can’t figure out the deal with this picture.

  49. Please Keona. Please. Do I need to beg? The idea of sucking your ovaries… I can’t tell you what that does to me, even if you meant it as an insult or joke. Just a little sign baby. That’s all I need to move into the new year with hope. You complete me.

  50. The meaty manger and the hideous clothing in that store are nauseating enough, but it’s comment #49 that has really succeeded in making me feel ill.

  51. @14, Hanukkah is not Jewish Christmas. It’s not even a high holy day.

    And yes, the star of David is a six pointed star. The cross is just two lines crossed. I’m sure plenty of Christians would be a little upset if their religious symbol was used in an offensive way. The fact is that Jews were made to wear the star on their clothing during the holocaust, the shopkeep was out of his mind when he put that display together.

  52. Troll away Keona, your comments serve only to entertain me.

    I’m sure we would be upset but we are used to it sojewtastic. I just ignore stupidity like that, and certainly don’t get upset when it is relativley clear it was not intended.

  53. I’m bored of reading through these comments. Jesus though, it’s just a pretty shape on some shitty clothes. The whole Jew anti-semetic thing is probably just a stupid coincidence! Do we need to debate about it all crapping day? No

  54. A coincidence? The entire store? hmmm… and btw, if your whole day is spent crapping, wiffles, maybe you should turn to the Old Testament. Should’ve stayed away from the pork~

  55. Yeah, that shop owner is stupid. Let’s throw bricks through his shop windows…oh wait…

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