Thursday, July 29, 2010

It Runs in the Family

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  1. Bennifer!!!

  2. Why must people insist on smoking when they are preggos? WT winner there

  3. well leesa, don’t call your fucking kid RAYDON then. unless the next kid’s going to be called behryum-oxaid. then they’ll make quite a cute pair.

    also, baby shower bar crawl! i was stumped for ideas of what to do for my 80th (i also had given up hope of trumping my 70th, which i celebrated with a balloon tour of prisons of the south east of england), but now i need look no further!

  4. Raydon?? Isn’t that some sort of toxic gas or something? Parenting fail.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Radon chem symbol Rn I think it’s number 86.

  6. Raydon, most gender-confused God ever.

  7. Radon is an inert gas… one of the nobles

  8. and fuck that jen bitch… smoking while prego… that is beyond lame… someone needs to slap the shit out of that dumb bitch

  9. Look likes she dropped her ice cream cone.

  10. Hey, shut up, even [your favourite comedian] has off days.

  11. Raydon sounds the like the name of vibrator ummm I’m just saying

  12. Sydney’s name wasn’t covered up well. You’d have thought the Twitter name would have been blurred out too :L

  13. Way to go on blocking the Twitter name. I’m sure she’ll be easy to find.

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @lissydoll at least we all know what’s on your mind now.

  15. A suburu hat? Really? Is that cool nowadays?

  16. Jen is an asshole. And is that Jen’s lesbian lover draping a beer can over her shoulder? That doesn’t look like a male from here…

  17. Hi Dennis, just a quick hi, love luck and laughter. Now fuck off and mind your own business, there’s a good boy.

  18. fuck you leequette… i am normally all about staying out of peoples biz, but that unborn child needs someone to stand up on its behalf… good for dennis

  19. lol that pink shirt girl family is on some crack shit

  20. I Love Dumb Bastards

    Raydon Wins! Flawless Victory!!! Fatality!

  21. @dukey yup lol they should patent that name :)

  22. Haha – nice job blocking out Sydney’s twitter name…I just sent her a message!

  23. and who the hell really uses the pirate language setting??

  24. SomeRandomChick

    This is a whole new side of you slimjayz. I feel like I entered the twilight zone or something. lol ;)

  25. Judging by the pic…I’m sure that isn’t the only thing that ran….

    Baby shower bar crawl? Sounds fun….

  26. I can’t see her twitter name.
    Anyone want to tell me it?

  27. @starrlite (#23) People who want to be original even in a stupidly unoriginal way who are too dumb to know an actual foreign language, but at the same time aren’t quite douchey enough to go for the Leet Speak setting. Arr, back to the port o’Twitter with ye.

  28. You just gave me a very good idea for a sexual position teo…Thanks;)

  29. I Love Dumb Bastards FTW!!!!! Finish him!! HAHAHAHA

  30. @defectiveuser – You’re welcome. One more thing, if you’re doing the port o’Twitter correctly then your Davy Jones’ Locker will be very sore the next morning. Totally worth it, though.

  31. Is that guy in the red hat the father? I hope not. He looks about 15.

  32. Oh don’t worry…I can’t swim deep enough to reach Davy Jones’ Locker.

  33. That’s a shame, hopefully you can at least do a reasonable job of swabbing the poop deck.

  34. I have swabbed the dirtiest decks and plundered the finest booty. I have been through the motion of the oceans enough to keep from getting sea sick to early. My peg leg has yet to fail me.

  35. @EmKitteh could be the less talented fourth Jonas brother, who lashed out against the family after being left out of the band by dumping the purity ring and banging every stripper in a 50-mile radius until he succeeded in impregnating one of them. Now they’re living in a tent down by the river, but at least they can still afford cigarettes, Budweiser, and crooked baseball caps.

  36. Don’t forget the throw-away camera they were using!

  37. also the ‘Horizontally Striped Heart’ graphic set for MS Paint.

  38. When I’m talking to my facebook friends I just type normally then when I want to say something to somebody in real life but I don’t know how I just type it at the end in caps. FUCK YOU BILL! YOU ARE THE WORST NEIGHBOUR EVER! I CANT BELIEVE YOU MOWED MY CAT. I HOPE YOU DIE AND I FUCKED YOUR WIFE MANY TIMES WHILE YOU WERE PLAYING GOLF.

  39. Lamebook needs to do a better job of blurring out names…

  40. Paranoid Android

    You’re a proper fucking bad-ass Subaru dude, fo real. The rest, meh.

    In other news, this is now my new favourite joke I saw in internet land:-

    How do you stop a clown laughing? Rape his kids.

    I realise I may be behind the times but couldn’t give a hoot.

  41. lol@ I love Dumb Bastards and Cabbitch. I’m happy not to be alone here haha

  42. The Pregnant Smoking and the Drinking of Inferior Beer don’t really come close to Awful Photoshop Job as the worst things about #2. “hi LOve luck & Laughter” comes in fourth place.

  43. I’m the one who submitted the pregnant lady smoking. I’m not sure why, but LB edited out her reply to Denis.

    She basically just says that she knows she has to quit…(wait for it)… because it’s so expensive.
    Only her grammar was much worse and random letters were capitalized.

  44. Dawn of the Dan

    Raydon. Skorpian. Sub-Ziero. Sonia Blayde. Johnnie Caige.

  45. Bahaha. Fatality. Raydon wins.

  46. Why would Lamebook edit that out? Didn’t they get the joke?

  47. Hobo: It’s no joke, them bitches are expensive . . .

    Oh wait, because she’s preggers and doesn’t get THAT is why she should quit. Yea, ok. I got it.

  48. x-x-vallium-x-x

    Rayden is a pet not a person
    why would she need to register her childs sex?

  49. umm to get your child’s birth certificate you need to register the child’s info including the gender

  50. we don’t know she smokes, she could just be holding the cigarette for the cameraman.

    yes, i’m aware my name is like “rimjob” with the letters switched around

  51. Just wanted to say that sometimes quitting smoking while pregnant causes miscarriages. I’m only here because my mom kept smoking while she was pregnant with me, she lost two babies from quitting. And I’m cool and what not :P Not sayin’ that’ll happen everytime or that women should keep smoking while pregnant, just saying she COULD have had a previous miscarriage from quitting last time.

    Now the beer is another matter. And props to whoever made Raydon be a boy. Cause no girl should ever have to live with at stupidass name like that.

  52. ^@ say whatnaow. That is a common misconception that it is worse to quit due to stress etc. You should never smoke while pregnant and there are no extenuating circumstances to that. If you want to get pregnant, quit before trying it is as simple as that.

  53. @ lilnaks I can still smoke rock though right?

  54. Radon is chemically inert, but it’s radioactive. Long-term exposure to radon seeping from the soil int a house can cause cancer.

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