Monday, June 18, 2012

It is that Simple…

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  1. From what I can tell she’s not that bad looking. Now, her opinion is ugly and therefore it wouldn’t be a big leap for me to assume her personality is a tad on the ugly side.

  2. Ewwwww!

  3. *Talking about the female friend who commented

  4. Deviantnicole, this is a fake. Do not worry yourself.

  5. It looks like the commentator is uglier than she is…

  6. Whoosh.

  7. They don’t like you dear, they just want to fuck you.

  8. stop pixelating the fucking names, lamebook @dmin. I wish to address these young ladies directly.
    oh, who am i fucking kidding, right? their names are probably cunting britany and fucking jordan.

  9. this whole post should have been pixilated

  10. MsAnneThrope is very clever and witty because he says ‘fucking’ and ‘cunting’.

  11. fucking and cunting ???
    am i now classified as clever?

  12. ^there is much better criteria to describe ‘witty’ and ‘clever’.
    unfortunately for poor, fat Olinda, she’s too fucking stupid to get the cunting point, and prolly wouldn’t even understand the bastard thing, anyway, as she’s too busy crying like a bitch because I said some naughty words.
    the stupid cunt.

  13. MsAnneThrope is sexually frustrated, 50 something, lonely and unattractive?

  14. ^if that makes you feel better about me kicking your poorly educated, imagination-free ass..?
    sure, pal. sure.

  15. Would you like us to believe that the better criteria, and more imaginative choice of language to describe “witty and clever” is the wording you choose repetitively, MsAnne? Really in the whole of the English language, and colourful words one could use, I dare say it seems that you habitually choose the language that the poorly educated use.
    Just an observation, since you’re calling names and all.

  16. Hey anne! I couldn’t help but notice your life still revolves around these comment sections, no wonder you’re getting angrier. keep on saying interesting things that people enjoy.

  17. @Chick in OP, no see, it’s not that only ugly people approach you, it’s that you’re just a bitch and the nice guys don’t waste their time on drains on society like you.

  18. “^if that makes you feel better about me kicking your poorly educated, imagination-free ass..?
    sure, pal. sure.”

    Explain how you will kick my ass – presumably you are a woman? Or how you are qualified to assert that I have no imagination? Also, you are more likely to be uneducated than me. You spend your sad life angrily commenting on all these pages, suggesting the rest of your life is worthless. If you had made achievements in other areas of your life you surely would have pursued them by now, instead of embarrassing yourself here.

  19. hey teeko. suck my cock you boring sack of granny shit.

  20. #17 :)

  21. Hey MsAnne. I prefer not to really do anything in person with the poorly educated. Don’t take it personally.

  22. MsAnne is such a masochist. He keeps coming back and commenting on a site where it’s pretty obvious no one likes him.

  23. I love it when people try to prove their superior intellect, and then mess it all up.

  24. renketsuwarrior

    Well said, destructor. Well said Sir.

    And as for #22, I think MsAnneThrope is one of the best things of Lamebook. Ascerbic wit laced with intelligence – it’s just a shame some of it goes way over people’s heads.

    Beatusmongus and the Cap’n are a close second and third these days, mind.

  25. I happen to enjoy the witty repertoire from MsAnne. Also, I know that Evilcow is probably 1/2 to 3/4 of the commentors on this post, because she can’t even think for half a second to disguise her grammar and language even one bit (#10, very obviously so – especially the way she puts “he” in there when referring to MsAnne, when speaking of someone who is quite obviously a woman – I mean, to the educated, that is).

    Speaking of pathetic, waste of space half-wits! :-D

  26. Hey it’s not glaringly obvious that MsAnne is a female. Most females don’t say “suck my cock.” Be that as it may, that is the best part of the internet in that a person can be whatever they like. MsAnne could be your child’s female teacher, or your deacon, or the police or that annoying little shit down the street who keeps playing on your grass.
    ~shakes fist~
    I might even be old.

  27. ^you’re definitely old, you creaky cunt.
    you have developed that laughable sense of entitlement that old people get – for no real fucking reason, mind – just for surviving.

    and, #22? wildpigg? hah. bet you feel like EVEN MORE of a fucking loser now.

  28. MsAnne. You know I think you are 34ish and starting to bald. You have a job you went to school for and you work at it and flirt with the women there, but secretly you are insecure and have poor body image. Your two older brothers are weight lifters and you are on the pudgy side, and your wife is frigid. You watch porn most nights and think you are flirting with women, but secretly they just find you annoying. You daydream about calling a ‘working girl’ to do some stripping for you in your hotel room as you work out of town some weeks.

    In the end you order pizza and dream of all the things you’ll never do and then come here and try to get people spitting mad because you called them fat, which, is really old and no one cares.

    And your first name is Peter.

  29. ^nope. completely wrong. nice effort, though, granny.

  30. (by ‘nice effort’ I really mean – is that all you got? fucking SLUG tried harder than that weakass shit, and look how well he’s doing these days…)

  31. Damn, Teeko, you almost perfectly described ME!

    Except I only have one brother.

  32. ^That you know of ;)

  33. #28: Hilariously written teeko, and possibly very accurate!

  34. ^translation;- “yeah. she hurt my feels, too. teeko. let’s be bffs?”

  35. beatus, I refuse to believe that your wife is frigid. Or that your name is Peter.

  36. @Anne: Oh that’s a nice story Anne, keep it up and you could have a novel one dau!

    Be prepared to take some criticism though, even the best authors have their detractors, and if I’m totally honest you’re not the most eloquent writer I’ve come across! Perhaps English wasn’t your best subject back in school all those decades ago?

    Not to worry, if there’s a big word you’re struggling with, you can always ask!

  37. ^what was that? was that supposed to be some sort of insult…or what?
    I don’t get it, herpes, what has got your undies so bunched, love?
    is it because you have the mentality of a packet of stale biscuits and you find my verbal abuse of you so terribly intimidating and humiliating?
    Is this your ‘rebel yell’?

  38. I’m so incredibly in awe of your linguistic prowess and charm that I have been reduced to a bumbling fool. Please do accept my reparations, I simply cannot be composed in your presence.

  39. how’s about just shutting the fuck up?

  40. Well I could do, but actually I’d rather make that decision as and when. Thanks for the suggestion though!

    Moving on, how many years has it been since you last had a cock up your crusty old vagina Anne? I’m guessing a LOT right?

  41. #40 When’s the last time you had a cock in your mouth?…cuz I’m itchin’ for a stickin’ and you’re lookin’ awful purdy right now! “Open wide dear, here comes the pennnis!”

  42. I have to say it’s not something I’ve ever experienced Capn. You see, I’m a heterosexual male, so it’s never been an issue really. Though if you’re that indiscriminate about sexual partners then might I suggest a local homeless person? After all ‘beggars can’t be choosers’, am I right?

  43. Homeless people aren’t any fun…they don’t have any teeth to scrape my shaft…god that feels good…I don’t hear you objecting lovely, so, there’s a first time for everything, right? Please don’t stop Herp, the more lip you give me the closer I cum to blowing my load…

  44. I’m a heterosexual male, so it’s never been an issue

    I can smell your denial.

  45. #43: Oh that’s a shame, maybe see if one of your siblings is interested? Or better still, do what you always end up doing which is to masturbate yourself while crying at how lonely and unfulfilled you are? Then drown your sorrows in cheap beer and blame everyone else for your shit life.

    #44: Anne, all I know is clearly you are way too fucking old and crusty for any sane human to want to fuck you. But the rest of us aren’t quite so unfortunate, why not pair up with Capn here? I’m sure with his tiny dick and your rotten vagina you can work something out.

  46. No, motherfucker, you gonna keep sucking, and you’re gonna fucking like it, got me? Now tell me how bad you’ve been so I can punish you!

  47. #42 BULLSHIT

  48. Oh dear, I think we stumbled into one of Capn’s unholy, trauma induced fantasies inspired by events from his sad childhood. Let’s all just quietly walk away and let him be. *Tiptoes away*

    Not you Mutley, you can stay and get fucked up. By the way is your dad also your brother? Aha, and your mum is a circus animal? Yeah, thought so.

  49. ^not really sure what persona you are aiming for here, ‘Giant Bitchfaced Tool’ has been taken, although you are quite good at it, if you can call it ‘good’.

  50. I was kinda hoping for a new deck boy….but fuck…this guy’s either too shy and not man enough to handle it, or too much of a pussy and would rather spend all his time in the mess hall with all the other bitches.

  51. only a suggestion.
    Buy a Playboy and a Playgirl and after a month or so; see which one is still in your house.

  52. May I interject here? If I may, isn’t *that* what the internet is for Mutley? deviant pornography? Kinda makes me want to break out in song and dance, but I’ll spare you the horror :D

  53. You’re right, Bacchante. Actually, the age is about right, and that’s it.

  54. Oh dear… I hate to say it, but I do think MsAnne’s detractors are quite right – whilst intelligent people do not shy away from rude words, they tend to avoid such unnecessary and frequent repetition. As someone who has given up attempts to not swear in front of elders, parents, professors etc, I am no stranger to frequent cussing. However, I can recognise gratuitous and unnecessary swearing when I see it – that’s when you deliberately use words in an attempt to get a reaction, (as opposed to them just slipping out because they are ingrained in your vocabulary) which clearly works, but is not all that smart.

    Once upon a time your comments may have been clever, now after god knows how long on this site (do you actually comment on everything? I know it seems that way!) your comments are little more than angry witless rants.

    My suggestion MsAnne, is that you take a break, of at least a month, preferably longer, in an attempt to gain some new words and to escape the trap of constant rehashing of the same tired old comments that you seem to have fallen into.

    Incidentally, calling someone fat when you cant actually see them is never clever, nor are any other appearance related insults.

  55. ^drowning out the signal with 4 paragraphs of your unnecessary fucking noise is unlikely to win friends nor influence any cunt.

    just sayin’.

  56. ^Maya’s a fatty, Ms. All the signs are there.

  57. My Mom wants to have you all over for dinner. Who’s in?

  58. Count me in.

  59. @57 What time? I miss her.

  60. Mom is pretty much always ready for company. You all seem so nice and caring, figured getting everyone together would be a great idea. @Nails, Mom just queefed….so, I guess she sends her love?

  61. Fine, i’ll say it in two lines:

    You do not come across as funny anymore, just angry and bitter. Stop coming on every day, it is not good for your health.

    P.s. Pretty sure that is a grammatically incorrect use of nor.

  62. ^I’ll make it even fucking briefer.

  63. yo, hackshit? I’m in. Love your mum, she’s fucking awesome. Shall I bring anything? Tell her I just picked up 6 bottles of The Grange last week.

  64. I hope your Dad doesn’t feel neglected, hackinyoshit.
    All this attention for your Mom, you know…

    Tell him I still have that mark on my areola, and I think of him often xox

  65. You got fucking owned msanne. I hope you take your bleeding asshole the fuck out of here.

  66. ^really? if you say so?
    what is the emoticon for utter, utter contempt?

  67. Holy shit. Did anyone else skim the comments?

  68. MsAnne, I hope you learnt something here?

  69. not really. it was already painfully obvious that you’re a stupid cunt. and that sometimes other stupid cunts stray in here, too.

    big fucking surprise, asshole.

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